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Archive for December, 2006

Book Review – A Godward Life and Taste & See

Posted on: December 19th, 2006 by Craig Rairdin 4 Comments
A Godward Life and Taste and See
Timeless Truths on the Contemporary Christian Life

We are releasing two new devotionals for the beginning of the new year. I’m excited about these because they are two of my recent favorite devotionals. Both A Godward Life and Taste and See are written by John Piper. Unlike most of the devotionals that we publish, these are not 365 day devotionals. A Godward Life is 120 readings and Taste and See is 140. Together they get you most of the way through the year.

A word of warning: don’t read these devotionals if you are comfortable being comfortable. One of my favorite most annoying reads was another book by John Piper titled Don’t Waste Your Life. Piper has a penchant for challenging me most where I least wish to be challenged. These two devotionals are more of the same, only in smaller, daily doses.

From day one Piper presents the premise which runs through every devotional, “God is most glorified in me when I am most satisfied in Him.”   

In two to five minutes Piper will challenge you toward a Godward life. From “abortion” to “zeal” every aspect of your walk with God will be challenged. How much of the world have you accepted into your daily life? Are you bothered by the sin that you see around you? If so, what are you doing to show a gracious Savior to those with whom you come in contact? Does it bother you that there are an estimated 12 million homeless children on the streets of Brazil? Are you prepared to be challenged to do something about it? If not, don’t read these devotionals.

Piper overlays timeless truths on contemporary issues in a way that makes you sit up and take notice…and hopefully ask yourself what you can do. Piper doesn’t just present you with injustices brought into the world by sin, but confronts you with practical opportunities for believers.

He also shows by various examples what we as believers in 2007 can do to take a stand for the Savior who took the cross for us. Piper looks honestly at some of the hardships that we face from children being still-born to the challenges of not having prayers answered. From struggling to stay pure before marriage to struggling to not become grumpy as we get older. All with Biblical foundations.

Each devotional is like reading a blog by one of the most thoughtful practical theologians of our day. Not since My Utmost for His Highest have I read a devotional that so challenged me to rethink my perspective on a daily basis. I encourage you to pick these devotionals up and prepare to make 2007 a year during which you are challenged to live a more Godward life.

To purchase either of these titles or to find out more information, click the appropriate link: Godward Life (Palm|PocketPC) or Taste and See (Palm|PocketPC).

BookBuilder Tech Tips: More Common Tagging Errors

Posted on: December 17th, 2006 by Craig Rairdin No Comments

The HTML parsing engine we use in BookBuilder is more sensitive to HTML syntax errors than your typical Web browser. We continue our article from a couple months ago regarding some common tagging habits that may cause errors when you try to build your book.

Using Your Bible Resources – PocketBible 3 Devotionals and Reading Plans

Posted on: December 15th, 2006 by Michelle Stramel 4 Comments

Last week I talked about using DailyReader for the Palm operating system. Click here if you’re a Palm OS user who would like more information on using DailyReader.  This week I’m covering the use of devotionals and reading plans with PocketBible 3 on a Pocket PC.  Understanding how to use the various tools available to you in PocketBible 3 can enhance the time you spend working with your devotional or reading plan. (more…)

Updated: PocketBible, Pocket PC Edition

Posted on: December 12th, 2006 by Craig Rairdin 7 Comments

The Pocket PC edition of PocketBiblehas been updated to version 3.045. The book reader engine remains 1.059. This is a free update for registered PocketBible 3 for Pocket PC owners. (more…)

Using Your Bible Resources – DailyReader for Palm OS

Posted on: December 8th, 2006 by Michelle Stramel 2 Comments

As the year is coming to a close we start to look back on what we’ve accomplished or learned in the past year and we begin to think about what we can do better in the future.  One of the areas that we should analyze is our spiritual life.  Am I growing spiritually?  Have I digressed?  Am I just “going with the flow”?  Where am I currently and where do I want to be?  What improvements do I need to make? (more…)

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