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Archive for March, 2008

Displaying Bible Verses During Sermons

Posted on: March 24th, 2008 by Craig Rairdin 2 Comments

I just had a customer write to ask how to solve a problem. His pastor speaks very extemporaneously and as a result, the computer operator/projectionist is scrambling to look up every verse he mentions in a printed Bible, type each into PowerPoint, and display it on the screen.

At a minimum, running PocketBible for Windows and cutting/pasting into PowerPoint would be a good idea.

But better yet:

  1. Turn off the toolbar (View > Toolbar)
  2. Set the size of the Bible text to 72 points (Edit > Options > Appearance, make sure “Bible” is selected next to “Set”, then change Font Size to 72)
  3. While you’re there, choose pleasing foreground and background colors
  4. OK to close the Options dialog
  5. Zoom the Bible window (using the zoom button or View > Zoom Window)

Now your Bible will appear in very large type. On Sunday morning, all you need to do is type the reference into PocketBible. Remember, with its instant “type-n-go” feature all you do is type the reference while the Bible is selected. So to go to John 3:16 there’s no need to select Search > Go To or press Ctrl+G. Just type J O H N [space] 3 : 16 [enter] and the Bible will go there. Assuming PocketBible is running on the monitor that you’re projecting, you’ll instantly see the referenced verse on the big screen.

(In case you’ve wondered, this is why we gave you the ability to set the point size up to some outrageously large number.)

PocketBible Screenshot - John 3:16

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