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Archive for June, 2009

MotionApps and Palm Updates Address Pre Issues

Posted on: June 30th, 2009 by Craig Rairdin 26 Comments

Class CertifiedMotionApps and Palm have both released updates for the Pre to address compatibility issues. Further details can be found here: Classic v1.1 release is now complete.

Laridian’s MyBible 5, DailyReader, Memorize! and CountEm are all Classic Certified.

And the winner is…

Posted on: June 10th, 2009 by Craig Rairdin 3 Comments

Actually, it should be “And the winners are….” We had so many great responses that we decided to choose three winners from each site. If you are one of the winners please let us know if you would like your library on CD or USB (both include the ability to download the files from the web site). Also, please make sure that we have your correct mailing address on your account (you’ll need to log into your account on our web site to make sure we have all your information).

The winner in each category will receive the Gold Library, the runner up, the Silver Library and the second runner up the Bronze Library.

Thanks to everyone who submitted an entry letting us know how you use PocketBible. This was a lot of fun to read and a great encouragement to all of us here at Laridian!

So…on to the winners!

Laridian, Classic and Palm Pre

Posted on: June 5th, 2009 by Craig Rairdin 46 Comments

Class CertifiedHere on the eve of the launch of the Palm Pre, we are pleased to announce that all four of our Palm OS programs have been Classic Certified by MotionApps. MyBible 5, DailyReader, Memorize! and CountEm are all Classic Certified. The Classic Certified Logo serves as a seal of approval letting you know that you can use the Classic Certified application with confidence.

While we have worked with MotionApps to obtain Classic Certification, we have not yet seen a Pre or experienced our products running in Classic. While we expect most of our product features to “just work”, there may be some differences or issues.
For instance, since the Pre does not use the familiar Palm HotSync, installation to the Pre for use within Classic is different. Likewise, data synchronization with PocketBible for Windows may not be supported or may require some extra effort on your part.

Since these products are designed for the Palm Operating System, some issues related to using our products under Classic may not be addressed.

In order to support installation to the Pre, we are now¬† providing our Palm OS products in “.zip” format, in addition to the Windows Setup program and “.sit” formats that we have previously supplied. The .zip format allows anyone easy access to the Palm “.prc” and “.pdb” files that are installed to a device. (In fact, Windows power users may prefer the zip file and manual install when installing to an older Palm OS device as well.)

MyBible, DailyReader, Memorize! and CountEm were all updated earlier this afternoon to include the Classic certification. If you’ve previously downloaded our programs, you may want to download the updated versions made available earlier this afternoon.

Over the next few days, we’ll be updating our Web site with additional information on using and installing our programs with the Pre. Watch for details. And who knows, we may write another blog article or two.

Registered owners of MyBible 5, DailyReader, Memorize! and CountEm may download the updated, Classic Certified versions without cost. If you enjoy these programs in Classic, please consider buying additional Laridian content to use on your Pre.

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