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A good Bible dictionary

Posted on: July 28th, 2009 by Michelle Stramel 3 Comments

A good Bible dictionary is a foundational tool in every Bible study library. But how do you know a good Bible dictionary when you see one?

If your idea of good is thorough, detailed articles, that may lead to a different conclusion than someone who prefers a dictionary that is brief and to-the-point. There is also publication date to consider in choosing a dictionary. Because of recent archaeological discoveries, “older” is not always “better” when it comes to Bible dictionaries.

Laridian offers five Bible dictionaries ranging in price from free to $39.99. Here is some key information on each to help you in choosing the dictionary that is right for you:


Book Review: The One Year Walk with God

Posted on: July 8th, 2009 by Michelle Stramel 3 Comments

One Year Walk with God CoverI’ve read through the entire Bible in a year (more than once, in case you’re wondering ☺). It is a life-changing habit. But sometimes I feel rushed. I want depth. God’s Word is so rich, I’ve often thought of picking out a verse and pondering it for a long time…like a year. That’s the idea of The One Year Walk with God Devotional. Author Chris Tiegreen focuses in on Romans 12:2 where Paul challenges us to “be transformed by the renewing of our mind.” And then uses other key passages of Scripture to encourage us to want to be transformed and to show us how.

Tiegreen suggests that “being transformed” requires that we leave behind our faulty human reasoning – how we naturally think, feel and make decisions. And learn to think God’s way. It is a process. A process that is expedited with a daily dose of God’s Word: to remind us of the results of trying to do things our way and to encourage us to seek and follow the wisdom of God instead. That’s where The One Year Walk with God excels.


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