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Archive for February, 2011

PocketBible 1.4.7 at App Store

Posted on: February 13th, 2011 by Craig Rairdin 33 Comments

Apple just approved this latest update to PocketBible for the iPhone/iPad. iPad users can now hide the Toolbox when in landscape orientation! (Yes, we do pay attention to your requests.) :-)

Follow up (2/16/2011): For the Android users who have been posting sometimes nasty comments implying that we’re wasting time on useless features for iPad while they sit on their thrones making demands of how we (specifically I, Craig) should be spending our time, let me first say I’ve deleted your comments. As far as the time involved, let me explain how this works. As we get bug reports, we fix the problems in the code. We may not stop and do a release immediately because often the bugs are cosmetic or more of an annoyance than a real problem. We don’t want to take the time to jump through the App Store hoops and have everyone download a new version of the app just to discover there’s no real changes for most people. Instead, we accumulate a few of those changes until we run into one that is particularly bad.

That’s what happened this time. One whole feature of searching was unavailable on the iPad due to a recent iOS update from Apple. The actual fix to that problem was done by Jeff between chemo/radiation treatments. And since we were going to be doing an update anyway, I pulled out the suggestion list to see if there was anything I could do relatively quickly to add a new feature. The ability to hide the Toolbox in landscape mode on the iPad involved changing about four lines of code and had very little risk. I also looked at one other feature but it was taking too much time so I just left it on the list for later.

We know that we have customers waiting for an Android version of PocketBible. There’s no need to reply to every single Facebook post and every single blog post with snarky comments about how you wish we were announcing the Android product instead. Believe it or not, it doesn’t make it go faster nor does it change our priorities, which are already heavily tilted toward Android.

Update on Simple Bible Pro for webOS

Posted on: February 6th, 2011 by Craig Rairdin 2 Comments

We just got an update from Bits of God Software regarding their progress on Simple Bible Pro, their webOS BIble program that is going to be compatible with Bibles and other content from Laridian. With this announcement from them and the upcoming announcement on February 9 of new products from HP/Palm, this is an exciting time if you’re a fan of webOS.

Here’s the news from Bits of God Software:

As it stands we have a working beta. Simple Bible Pro can accept your Laridian customer account, login, download your purchased Bible content from Laridian, and present it for reading. We are currently working on the layout as well as tweaking some of the features such has highlighting, notes, bookmarks and search. As many of you have hoped, we are keeping the layout as similar to Simple Bible as we can.

So, you have all this Laridian content, you’re a fan of Simple Bible and you are wondering when Simple Bible Pro will be released. It’s always tricky to speculate on release dates in the software business. We never know what roadblocks life or the software may hand us, thus messing up our timetables. With that in mind, we’d like you to know that we are planning a beta test of Simple Bible Pro starting in March.

We have a short list of people who have requested to be beta testers. However we are currently accepting applications for more. If you are interested in participating in the Simple Bible Pro beta test, please send us an email at Tell us a little about yourself. Be sure to include information about your technical savvy, what webOS device you are currently using and your history with webOS, Simple Bible and Laridian Products. We don’t plan to invite more than a couple dozen users to the beta test. Please don’t be upset if you are not contacted to participate.

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