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PrayerPartner 1.2.1 Update Available

Posted on: April 25th, 2011 by Craig Rairdin 20 Comments

An update of PrayerPartner is now available in the Apple App Store. This update provides two new features.

See prayer requests in random order. PrayerPartner typically shows your prayer request in calendar order, either oldest to newest or newest to oldest, depending upon your preferences. As you consistently and repeatedly work through the various requests in the same order, you’ll find that you’ll recall the requests more and more, even during times when you aren’t using PrayerPartner. However, this same consistent presentation may result in an unintended staleness, as the requests never seem to change. If you find this happening to you, you can now choose to review your requests in random order. The requests will be randomized daily, so the order will be consistent on any given day.

Use iTunes Document Sharing to backup or move your requests to another iOS device. One consistent misunderstanding revealed in customer comments in the App Store is that PrayerPartner doesn’t backup its requests. In fact, iTunes performs backups every time that you synchronize, without PrayerPartner needing to do anything special. However, for those that like more control, or that want to directly move their PrayerPartner database to another device, PrayerPartner now supports iTunes File Sharing. This allows you to use iTunes to copy the PrayerPartner database from the iOS device to your host computer, and then copy it back to the same or another device. Note that this is a direct copy (not a merge), so the copied file will replace any existing data that is present. You should also be sure to exit PrayerPartner before copying data. For those that like to get under the hood, this new feature will allow some additional flexibility.

I hope that PrayerPartner users will find these new features helpful!

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