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New for PocketBible and MyBible: Dictionary of Bible Themes

Posted on: August 27th, 2011 by Michelle Stramel 1 Comment

Laridian has released the Dictionary of Bible Themes for use with MyBible and PocketBible. The Dictionary of Bible Themes starts with 9 key themes or topics of the Bible and breaks them down into 1,400 topics and 80,000 sub-topics with links to over 80,000 cross-references in the Bible. The 9 topics are God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, Creation, Humanity, Sin and Salvation, God’s People, the Life of the Believer and Last Things.

The Dictionary of Bible Themes does not provide definitions but rather leads you to verses that provide information on the topics and sub-topics so you are finding out what God’s Word says on these themes. These may be verses that would not show up if you did a search on a specific word. For example, if you wanted to explore Jesus’ humanity it would be hard to find the right verses by searching in PocketBible for that phrase. That’s where the dictionary comes in because you can look for the topic of Jesus’ humanity to find the verses that explain this.

The Dictionary of Bible Themes is like a systematic theology in that it covers major themes of the Bible. It can also be compared to Naves Topical Bible because it categorizes the verses in the Bible by topic.

The Dictionary of Bible Themes is actually two books in one. In addition to the alphabetical index described above, a Scripture index is a PocketBible commentary that works alongside your Bible as you read, giving you links to the themes that are related to each verse in the Bible. Approximately 40,000 passages provide over 100,000 links into the Dictionary of Bible Themes.

The Dictionary of Bible Themes sells for $14.99 and is available for use with PocketBible for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch, Windows PC, and Windows Mobile and MyBible for Palm OS.

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