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Archive for January, 2017

Laridian Blog Update

Posted on: January 8th, 2017 by Craig Rairdin 1 Comment

Last week we had a problem with our blog. It appeared that a hacker was able to corrupt some of the articles in the blog with links to a site that we can only assume distributes some kind of malware. The problem was detected right away and the blog was taken offline until it could be resolved.

Unfortunately when we restored the blog, the Google service that notifies people about updates to our blog thought every article in the blog was brand new, and notified subscribers accordingly. That was probably confusing. Sorry about that!

No user information was compromised in this incident. The blog is on an entirely different server at an entirely different hosting company than Laridian’s Web and database servers, which themselves do not contain any personal financial data, such as credit card numbers. But that is irrelevant, as that was not the purpose of this breach.

Again, we apologize for the notification you received. Hopefully you won’t mind getting another one when this article goes live. 🙂

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