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Posted on: July 17th, 2008 by Craig Rairdin 15 Comments

As you may have heard, Tyndale recently announced their plans to publish the NLT Study Bible based on the New Living Translation (second edition). The study Bible will have almost 26,000 notes on various verses. It will include maps, charts, illustrations and a built in word-study system. It also has introduction notes on ten major sections of the Bible, personality profiles and more in-depth articles on places and topics.

Laridian is happy to announce that we have been chosen by Tyndale to be one of the first Bible software companies releasing the electronic version of the study Bible simultaneously with the release of the print edition (slated for the fall of 2008). The collection will include the NLT(se), NLT Study Bible Notes and cross references, two volumes of the Cornerstone Biblical Commentary Series (Matthew/Mark & Romans/Galatians), the Tyndale Concise Bible Commentary, the Tyndale Bible Dictionary, the One Year Bible and One Year Bible Companion, One Year with Jesus and One Year Walk with God devotionals. Tyndale will be placing this bundle in Christian retail outlets. Laridian will be adding all these titles (and some others) to our existing product line.

These titles will be available for PocketBible for Windows, PocketBible 4 for Windows Mobile, iPocketBible for iPhone and iPod Touch, MyBible for Palm and the NLT(se) for the Noah reader for Blackberry (already available).

Bookstore representatives attending the ICRS convention in Orlando this past week were treated to a pre-release copy of the NLT Study Bible collection.

Laridian and Tyndale have enjoyed a close relationship over the past ten years of Laridian’s existence and we at Laridian are extremely excited to be working so closely with Tyndale on this project.

Stay tuned for this release in the Fall. Also, stay tuned for some other exciting news about additional titles being released over the next month or so. We’ve been working hard and it’s been hard to keep it all quiet. You’re going to really like what we’ve been working on!

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  1. John Kroeze says:

    I’m impressed, and I’m in, but…

    how about the NRSV for Palm? and of course, Mac users patiently await your conversion!

  2. Karla says:

    I was introduced to One Year Walk With God through Laridian and have purchased hard copies as gifts. It is one of the best. Adding “At His Feet” would be a great follow-up if it isn’t already on your list.

    Thanks for sharing the exciting plans.

  3. Lawson Culver says:

    Thanks for the news, Jim. I’m sure anything from Laridian will be first class. 🙂

  4. John Budde says:

    I currently use NIV Study notes on my iphone. I look forward to thye NLT notes, but are you planning to release the NIV notes for Windows PC?

  5. Jim VanDuzer says:

    @John…The decision to restrict the NIV Study Bible Notes from PocketBible for Windows rests solely with the publisher. At this point there is nothing we can do. Sorry.

  6. Richard Myerscough says:

    @Jim & @John – I don’t get it – I have PocketBible for Windows and I have my NIV Study Bible notes on it. Am I missing something? (Well, clearly not since I have the notes….:)

  7. Bruce Gilliland says:

    I already have most of the books listed as part of the NLT Study Bible, including the NLT(se) Bible. I also have the Life Application Bible (LAB) Study Bible that came with the first edition of the NLT. How will the new NLT Study Bible differ from the LAB notes (other than the addition of the maps)? Will the books be available ala-carte?

  8. Dale says:

    I have the NIV Study Bible Notes for Windows. Was this decision made after the first release of PocketBible for Windows? I have noticed that it is not available for sale. I never paid attention if it was when PB for Windows first became available.

  9. The NIV Study Bible Notes were available for a short time for the desktop version of PocketBible. We had to create installation programs for all our books and just did that one without looking closely at the contract language. When we realized the issue we contacted Zondervan and they asked us to take it down. So some people have it and some don’t.

    Bruce, the new content in that particular collection is the Cornerstone Commentaries (which you don’t have) and the NLT Study Bible Notes. The latter is not the same as the Life Application Study Bible notes.

    We’ll probably offer the same bundle of products that Tyndale takes to the Christian retail market, but we will also offer them a la carte. There will also be additional volumes of the commentary series that will be available a la carte.

  10. Ed Hansberry says:

    I am hoping some of the updates are a few of the final books in the IPVNTC. Looking forward to the rest of the updates as well.

  11. Keith Williams says:

    The distinctives of the NLT Study Bible materials are discussed briefly on the NLT Stuby Bible blog:

  12. Bruce Gilliland says:

    After posting my comment on 7/21, I went to the Tyndale website and saw the information about the NLT SB. After comparing the Genesis notes with the LAB notes, it is clear that Tyndale has produced a totally new study Bible. It has a more “scholarly” feel to it, although I like the LAB approach as well. I also checked the blogs that Keith referenced. They provide good information about Tyndale’s intent.

    I will be interested to see how the Laridian staff integrates the themes and topics interspersed with the Bible text, not to mention the maps and charts. The LAB notes omitted the maps, and charts, profiles, etc., had to be accessed separately from the beginning of each book’s notes or from the main LAB table of contents. Links within the text, at appropriate places, to these items would be nice.

  13. Bruce Gilliland says:

    After spending a couple of hours with the NLT Study Bible I would like to commend Laridian for bringing this project out so soon. I want to see how it looks on the desktop version. I am pleased to see that you got the maps (and other graphics!) into the notes sections, generally in line with where they are in the printed version. Forgive me for nit-picking but I wish you could have included links in each book to the themes as you did for the personality profiles. Also, I noticed that the outline, epigraphs and the timeline are missing from Genesis but are in Exodus and later books. I assume that if these are fixable, there will be an update some time in the future.

  14. Bruce Gilliland says:

    This thread is old, but my comment fits your comment about “additional titles.”

    I saw that QuickVerse is including the New Oxford Annotated Bible in its 2009 release (platinum edition). I assume this is the third or latest edition. Any chances we might see the NOAB in Pocket Bible? Oxford Press released a program a number of years ago that contained the NOAB and the “Oxford Companion to the Bible.” However, they did not update the program. It does not work with Vista and runs in XP only in Safe Mode. It is possible to port the data over to other programs that have compilers, but there is the copyright issue. It could not be released without Oxford Press’ permission.

    I know you do not discuss un-released books, but I wanted to bring up this book that is being released in electronic form.

  15. jim james says:

    Great blog

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