PocketBible for iOS users: What can Advanced Features do for you?

Posted on: September 11th, 2012 by Michelle Stramel 8 Comments

If you are using PocketBible 2 or later for iOS, here are some good reasons to upgrade to Advanced Features and how to do it.

Why upgrade?

The Advanced Features available for PocketBible on the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch offer some handy additions to the basic features of PocketBible.

You can watch an overview of the Advanced Feature Set below:

Tabs (or tabbed panes) are especially wonderful on the iPad. I keep 5 tabs open on my iPad and each tab contains a specific type of book so the headings display category of book (i.e. Bibles, Commentaries) rather than book abbreviation. When you mix different types of books within a pane, PocketBible shows the abbreviation for the top book instead of the category. Tabs make it fast and easy to move from my Bible to a commentary or other type of book and get the information I need to understand what the Bible is saying.

Autostudy is very useful to me because I often compare Bible translations when I read the Bible. If I particularly like or, conversely, don’t understand a verse, I want to see how it is translated elsewhere. Autostudy will put that together in seconds–all on one page. It will do the same for information from other types of books as well – commentaries, dictionaries, etc.. You can get more details on this feature in our article: Have you discovered Autostudy?

Would you like to have the program read the Bible to you? The Advanced Feature Set adds the ability to do this but you will need to make one more purchase of a voice (at $1.99 each) to take advantage of that ability. PocketBible voices are synthesized which means they are electronic and therefore won’t take up as much space on your device as an “audio Bible”. I have found this feature extremely handy for keeping up with my Bible reading in the car, as I clean the house, on a run — time that might otherwise be wasted can be reclaimed for a good purpose.

If you like to copy passages from your reference or other type books, you’ll want the Advanced Features as they allow you to do just that. And if your printer supports AirPrint, you’ll be able to print from the program.

Advanced Features were enhanced with the release of PocketBible 3 and now offers these additional capabilities!

  • A new Journal feature lets you add comments to PocketBible that are not connected to a specific book.
  • You can now rename your highlights colors. For example, you could change the label for salmon to love and use your highlights as categories for specific types of verses.
  • Change the behavior of the touch zone nagivation. The most common customization is to use swipe up and down for page changes instead of swiping left and right. Other customizations are possible.

How to upgrade

If you are already using PocketBible 2 or later on your iDevice, adding these new features is straight-forward:

  1. Purchase the Advanced Features at our web site for $4.99 (it is also available in-app for $1.00 more). Add a Voice at the same time if you think you want to use that feature. I prefer Tracy but our best-selling voices are Heather and Ryan.
  2. Go into PocketBible on your iOS device and choose the Menu button and Buy/Apply Upgrade (if you’ve already purchased at our website, you’ll just be applying). Choose Add/Remove Voices to download a Voice if you’ve purchased one.

You’re all set!

If you are still using PocketBible 1.4.7 (or earlier) for iOS, follow our 3 Steps to Move from PocketBible 1 to PocketBible 3 on your iOS device.

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8 Responses

  1. Tom Cucuzza says:

    I have tried many Bible apps on my iPad and, in my opinion, nothing comes close to PocketBible for IOS. It is tightly integrated and once you understand the features of the app, it is amazing how powerful a tool it is. I use it every day. The advanced features are worth every penny of the $5.00.

    The two features I love the most about this app are the tabs and the navigation from one chapter to another. Outstanding!

    I have recommended it to many in our church and also many of my “pastor friends”. They all have bought the app and love it. Keep up the good work!


  2. Charles Yip says:

    I’ve installed the advance features on both my IPad and IPhone. On the IPhone I can set up the five tabs though I don’t know how to rename each (the heading) to category of book (i.e. Bibles, Commentaries). Can you enlighten me.

    As to the IPad the progamme closed or should I say crashed when I try to open a book under each tab/heading (i.e. after changing the setting to 5 tabs). I tried a dozen times and the problem just won’t go away.


    • Charles, you can’t name the tabs. The program does that for you. If you have books of only one type in a tab, the tab will display the type of book (i.e. Bibles, Commentary). If you have mixed your books in a tab – for example, you have a Bible and commentary open in the same tab, the program will display the abbreviation for the top book that is open.

      As to the iPad issue, I’ve not seen that before. I would suggest emailing our support group at support@laridian.com and they can help you work through that issue and figure out what is going on.


  3. Tom Cucuzza says:

    I don’t know if this will help the crashing issue or not, but about 1 1/2 years ago I had PocketBible crashing on my iPhone. The problem was that I had too many apps running at the same time.

    Each day I try to look at how many apps are opened, for they do not really close on their own. It is common to have around 20 or more open at one time and not know it. If I have a lot of apps open, I close most of them.

    Since I have been keeping a watch (about once a day, usually in the evening) I have never had PocketBible crash.

    It’s worth a try.


    • Tom, thanks for the reminder about that. The Apple iOS handles memory management and I can attest that closing apps or rebooting the device can solve weird app behavior. I usually have the issue with my 10K app rather than PocketBible but the solution is the same.


  4. Henry says:

    How do I make a ” Tab with Mixed Books” into a “Tab with single book? I know the program with add the heading correctly, but I have five tabs and they have mixed books in each tab. I see no way of “clearing/ deleting” the various books out of the tab to create a “single” book Tab. Such is the life of newbie becoming a Pro 🙂

  5. Henry A Panniell says:

    I found the answer to my question about “Tabs” and “Books”. I wante to know how to make a Tab consist of one type of book, discovered it in the “Menu” “Open All Book”. I think that should be mention in the tutorial if it is not already. Thanks – Henry

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