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Now Available: MyBible 5!

Posted on: November 11th, 2008 by Craig Rairdin 18 Comments

MyBible 5 is now available.

For additional information, see:

Upgrading from MyBible 3 or 4?

  • Simply purchase and install the new MyBible 5 program.
  • You don’t need to remove or delete your previous version of MyBible before upgrading to MyBible 5. (In fact, if you do delete the prior version of MyBible, you’ll also erase your notes and bookmarks and highlights, too.)
  • You don’t need to re-purchase, re-download, or re-install your current MyBible Bibles and books; these will work just fine with MyBible 5.
  • You won’t lose your notes, bookmarks or highlights when you upgrade to MyBible 5. MyBible 5 will automatically convert your notes and bookmarks to the new format used in MyBible 5.

18 Responses

  1. Grey says:

    Will there be a discount for MyBible 4 owners?

  2. Jeff Wheeler says:

    Grey, thanks for your interest. Yes, current customers are eligible for upgrade pricing. In fact, an upgrade announcement has been already been sent to all active, registered MyBible customers.

    If you are a registered MyBible owner and did not receive an upgrade announcement, then one of three things probably happened.

    • We sent the email, but you didn’t receive it due to junk mail filtering. Check your junk mail folders, then make sure that your mail provider (usually your ISP) and your email client (such as Outlook or Outlook Express) pass through all mail from
    • We didn’t send you an email because you’ve rolled off our our email list due to inactivity (that is, not shopping with us for quite a while).
    • We didn’t send you an email because you previously asked us not to.

    If you can’t find the upgrade announcement and think you should have received one, send both your Laridian Customer ID and your email address, along with a note that you’d like the MyBible 5 upgrade announcement, to We’ll then verify that you are eligible for the discount and either resend the announcement to you or let you know how to receive the discount.

  3. Rich says:

    It doesn’t mention in the e-mail or on the website whether or not you can search for Strong’s Numbers in MyBible 5. Is this feature now added? Or is it still only for Pocket PC owners? (it won’t be a dealbreaker, but it would be nice) Thanks for all the great work. Looking forward to the new version!

  4. Jeff Wheeler says:

    Rich, we haven’t made any changes related to Strong’s numbers. I think you’ll still enjoy version 5!

  5. Mike Todd says:

    Well, congratulations on your new version of MyBible! I pretty much figured your Palm OS market had evaporated. I like the new zoomed view a lot. And I downloaded the ‘I Never Knew that was in the Bible’ book to play with. At 25mb it puts a hurting on my T2’s processor. [Would it be possible to not show graphics or create a nongraphic version of books this big?]

    There’s still room for improvement with the graphics. I have a T2 and a T3. The T3 has no problems with book graphics, but, the T2 initially displays them and soon gives me a Reset error. Is there a way to increase the heap size on a T2? I don’t have anything extra running on it.

    On one Palm, the Bookmarks dropdown doesn’t show Add Bookmark, just listing existing ones. I’m not sure what is causing that. The Autoscroll feature should be more adjustable (i.e. like in BibleReader, BibleWithYou or the free PalmBiblePlus). For me, on the T2 it’s either too slow or too fast. On the T3 I can get it set at the right speed for me. Smooth scroll would also be much nicer when possible.

    I suppose not having a way to list highlights or easily navigate through them keeps this platform from competing too much with PocketBible. To be honest, if I can’t list my highlights so I can quickly go back through them, it’s not of much use to me.

    MyBible 5 is a great product. I am just hoping for a few more improvements in the future.

  6. Jeff Wheeler says:

    Mike, thanks for your comments and suggestions.

    The bookmark icon is now used only to see the bookmarks that you’ve already added. To add a bookmark, use the Bible’s popup menu. By the way, this is the one feature that “moved” in the menus, and is mentioned in the MyBible User Guide. If you haven’t looked at it yet, there is a section there for people who are upgrading to MyBible 5.

    My experience has been that bitmaps will load faster when you have the “scale images to screen” option turned on. However, large images still can take a while to process, and this will be more noticeable on the older, slower handhelds.

    There is not a way (that I know of, at least) to increase the heap size on Palm handhelds.

    We’ll consider an option to turn off images. I can see how that would be convenient at times.

    P.S. Reminder to our readers: technical support questions should be sent to our Help Desk.

  7. Al says:

    At the risk of mixing subjects here, seems like a good place to ask this question.

    Since Crossway has just made this announcement that the ESV Study Bible will be available on digital platforms soon, when might we expect to see the Laridian version?

    Of course, I’m thinking the obvious – upgrade to MyBible 5, use the corresponding discount on the ESV SB at the same time…haha.


  8. Jim VanDuzer says:

    @Al…Thanks for your interest in MyBible 5 and the ESV Study Bible. As you mentioned, Crossway is publishing the ESV Study Bible in the Laridian format. They expect it to be ready to ship near the beginning of December. Since they are producing the work I don’t have any idea how realistic that target date is. I may not know what the actual ship date is until the day before. Keep watching this blog site and your email for the announcement. I’m sure it will be offered at an “introductory” price so you don’t need to wait to upgrade to MyBible 5. Thanks!

  9. Greg Huber says:

    I love the zoom view interface. Love it! It’s similar to Olivetree’s interface, but MUCH faster — instant switch, even when books are on your flash card. And I love that you can pick whatever books you want on each tab.

    I also love the new bookmark features — something I’ve submitted as a request a couple of times in past years and since forgot about. Thanks for not abandoning new Palm development! With the recent integration of an affordable (and loaded with features) Window’s application, MyBible is by far the best study tool out there.

    I can’t wait to see what you do on the iPhone native application….you’ve set the bar pretty high for yourself, and I don’t think you’ll disappoint the faithful Laridian fans. I’ll deal with my frustations on lack of info on the iPhone app on another blog topic :-)

  10. Greg Huber says:

    Are you considering an update to the daily reader? I’d like to have that integrated with MyBible 5 so I can easily get to study aids while doing my daily reading.

    And a way to use my favorite daily reading plan would be great. You have a lot out there, but sometimes (like me) you are pretty attached to using the same plan year over year or your church goes on an all-church plan. Only thing missing from MyBible that I can see.

  11. Jeff Wheeler says:

    I haven’t yet figured out why Jim adds @ to your name when he replies (as in @Jim. Is this some cool blog thing that I haven’t learned yet? Anyway:

    Greg: glad to hear that you are liking the new MyBible 5, with zooming and categorized bookmarks.

    Regarding DailyReader, we aren’t opposed to working on an update. However, as you might surmise from this blog, we receive many more requests to work on iPhone products than for DailyReader for Palm products. However, one of our beta testers was very much in favor of DailyReader integration into MyBible as well.

    Did you know that you can use our BookBuilder product to create your own book for MyBible? You could use it, for instance, to create a book with the Bible verses that you’d like to read at certain times. Since it works in MyBible (not DailyReader) it won’t work quite the same. For instance, you wouldn’t get reading progress tracking. But you’d be able to setup your own links of what to read and when to read them. I’m not sure if it will do what you are looking for, but wanted to suggest it as a possibility.

  12. Femi says:

    Is there ever going to be pockebible for the symbian platform as the symbian market gets bigger and bigger by the day?

  13. Greg Huber says:

    Thanks for the quick reply. The focus on the iPhone is one of the reasons I was surprised to find the Palm update — that, and the fact that Palm has abandoned all new hardware that doesn’t have a tiny screen with a cell phone.

    If you are implementing full functionality of the Palm platform into the iPhone native app, PLEASE feel free to modify my request to include an integrated daily reader on that platform. I own an iPhone 3G which I use now at church, but still do my daily reading and study on my Palm as it’s much more functional than what’s available for the iPhone today. If you had a full featured product like MyBible 5 with an integrated daily reader I think it’s safe to say my battery would forever discharge on my Palm T/X.

    I looked into Bookbuilder years ago for exactly this purpose and don’t remember why I didn’t think it would work for me at the time. I’m spoiled and lazy (at least that’s what my wife says:-) — I like having the automation of a reading plan that directs me to the text, and a check box to check as I go.

  14. Dennis Griess says:

    OK, So by now you’ve seen the announcement of the PRE running a new OS. I’ll be waiting for Daily Reader and MyBible before even thinking about changing. My Treo is getting long in the tooth, but it’s comfortable and it works.

  15. Barry says:

    Could you give the status of the ESV Study Bible. Olive Tree just released their version. Also, do you ever plan on putting the NET bible with notes into your format? Thanks

  16. Jim VanDuzer says:

    Barry…the ESV Study Bible is currently in “production.” Crossway is having the conversion work done themselves. I’ve seen a copy of it mostly completed. It still needs work, but I’m hoping we’ll get it shortly.

    The NET Bible is a different story. The files we got from the publisher needed a lot of work and that has gotten pushed back much further than we would like. I don’t have any estimate for that release.

    Sorry I don’t have more definitive answers for you!

  17. Rudy says:

    It is possible you dear folks have been maneuvered into weakening a perfectly wonderful bible program! If at all possible, I may need to back out MB5

    I teach Sunday school and we are nearing the end of The Revelation of John. Over the months, I’ve added a great volume of notes from J Vernon McGee and others expositors to your delightful MYBible 4.007 for Palm755. In class, it is my goal to rapidly work the chapter-of-the-hour, on the fly, stepping up and down through the bible notes or through the bible text. In the big bible-window I use the monster text and in the tiny note window the smaller text works just fine.

    I have thought of writing to you about being able to toggle the note window from normal-tiny to near-full screen, but, all in all, MB4 handles my entire process with aplomb.

    Enter MB5.

    Some probably meaningless, but odd behavior caused me to ponder design limits on the number and volume of notes in MB4. A search verified that, yes, there WERE upper limits on the number of bible notes per book as well as on word count. Oops! After some file identification, pasting and clean up (for a precautionary printout), MS Wordpad said I had entered 5,696 words between Rev1:1 and Rev20:2. (Most verses had some sort of note.)

    So, I looked for a technical sheet that would nail down the upper bound and list any known work-arounds, with no success. But, lo and behold, right there on the programmer’s website sat his new MyBible5 with no limit on bible notes, and for the cost of a lunch! Sold!!

    Well, the newest version doesn’t work as well as the previous for my purposes. I can’t see enough notes at a glance to teach from them, and laddering up and down through other notes in the same chapter is too slow.

    I have two Palm Treos. It would be better for me use the quick and agile MB4 and split up my notes, if you can see that we are near the note limit(s). I do love your new MB5 hyperlinks that automatically appeared on all bible verses listed in each of my notes. Right now we get by with all applicable quotes on paper, and that assigned to a class member to read at the proper time.

    It also occurs to me that MB5 might not have these visibility and speed limitations in another platform beside the Treo. If true, please recommend that too.

    Thanks for a GREAT program! I can easily spend an hour a day in your powerful search function, cross stitching my bible knowledge. v/r Rudy,

  18. Jeff Wheeler says:

    Rudy — MyBible 5 removes the artificial limits on notes, improves the scrolling between verses with notes, and provides html formatting, including automatically hyperlinked verses. The cost of these new, improved features is that it takes a little more time to process your notes. Most find the little bit of extra time acceptable. For your uses, they may not be.

    Also, in MyBible 5, you have the same screen space assigned to the note as in MyBible 4. Plus, if your Palm model has the collapsible Graffiti, you can expand the form to see even more of the note than in MyBible 4.

    Thanks for your comments.

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