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Posted on: August 1st, 2006 by Craig Rairdin 24 Comments

A recent blog comment brought this subject to mind. The comment was actually a tech support question. This caused me to think about all the different ways people try to communicate with us, and made me think I should let you know what works best.

First, no insult intended, but posting your tech support question as a blog comment is kind of inefficient. We don’t monitor these comments as frequently as we monitor tech support emails and trouble tickets. And we don’t have any full-time staff whose job it is to monitor blog comments, but we do have full-time staff covering tech support trouble tickets.

Another common mistake is to use the BizRate survey to submit your tech support questions. BizRate sends a follow-up email to everyone who fills out the survey after placing an order on our site. Quite a few people every week use the BizRate survey to ask tech support questions. The problem with this is that it takes several days before your comment filters through BizRate and gets to us. Then someone has to copy and paste it into a tech support ticket. Needless to say this isn’t a high-priority task. It can take a week or more before you hear from us if you choose this indirect method of support.

Not to mention the problem that results when you do a great job of describing the difficulty you’re having, then choose to submit the BizRate survey anonymously. It’s a little tough to reply when we don’t have your email address.

A lot of people reply to our email newsletters and marketing pieces with tech support questions. The problem here is that your message can be very easily missed in the flood of email bounce messages we get back in response to those mailings. It’s pretty easy for your question to get lost. Of course if we see them we forward them to tech support, but again you’re adding time delays to getting your question answered, and you’re risking it will get lost in the shuffle.

My favorite is when I receive a letter in the mail (or a fax) describing a problem. The letter almost always includes an email address. One wonders why the customer didn’t just send an email in the first place. We will almost always respond to letters and faxes by email if we can figure out an email address for you. In the almost eight years we’ve been running Laridian, I’ve yet to send a written letter to a customer. (It’s an interesting comment on our changing communications preferences. When I was at Parsons Technology I spent several hours each week dictating letters, 1950’s style, to customers. We just don’t get that many written letters any more.)

The best (and only) way to get tech support is to go to our Web site at, select your platform, then select Help Desk from the menu. Go through the process of searching for an answer to your question and if you don’t see an answer, submit a trouble ticket. We monitor these closely and you’ll almost always get an answer within hours (sometimes minutes) during business hours. The beauty of this system is that even when our tech support person is on vacation, we still answer these trouble tickets. And when it gets busy we can easily add more people to handle this type of support.

With respect to the trouble ticket system, here are some tips: First, always search the Knowledgebase for an answer to your question. You can save a lot of time because a huge percentage of the problems we encounter are already answered there.

Second, going into the trouble ticket system is better than sending an email to Trouble tickets are sorted by platform so it allows us to put a Palm OS specialist on the MyBible queue and a Pocket PC specialist on the PocketBible queue when necessary. Emails to the general support address are handled after these queues are empty, and emails to the address are handled last.

Finally, give us as much specific details as you can about your problem. We waste a lot of time with customers who say “it doesn’t work” but don’t tell us what product they’re using or what they’re doing when they encounter the problem.

Hope this helps you navigate our tech support area more efficiently.

24 Responses

  1. Toby Getsch says:

    TMI. Splat me with a URL or email address to use for tech support. Further, all blogs should always be responded to promply. If not, you are not going to have an effective blog.

    I didn’t read all your post becaue it was simply too long. Again, all you have to do is say:

    For tech support, please go to this url or email here.

    Simple. Done.

  2. Toby: I didn’t read the rest of your comment because it was too long.

  3. Ed Hansberry says:

    I’ll try to make this short so it isn’t too long for someone to read. 😉 I am also trying to conserve electrons because we only have so many.

    The email address for support is super easy for Pocket PC users to use support right off the device, which is handy for reporting typos or minor glitches where you can capture a screen print from the device and send it from there.

    Good to know how it is handled though and for priority help, the support site is the way to go.

  4. Scott Showalter says:

    Thanks for the detailed explanation. The only time I ever had to request support, I used your trouble ticket procedure. I totally disagree about this post being “To Much Information”.

    A blog is meant to be verbose. If this was something on your “Contact Us” web page, I might agree that it was TMI, but not here.

    BTW, it’s not too hard to scan the post for the URL, after all it is a “Link” which makes it easy to see. The email address is also pretty easy to see as it contains an @ symbol. It’s also pretty easy to type a CTRL-F and search for an @ symbol.

  5. Dale says:

    I have a Dell X50 PDA that I use the Pocket Bible on. I have no idea why but every so often I am out on the road and can not acces my Bible program. The icon is showing but it won’t connect. When I get back to my desktop to download the set-up file it “says” it is already there. I reload and it works. Can you tell me what might be happening?

    Thanks Dale

  6. Yes, Dale, I can tell you exactly what’s happening: You’ve posted a comment to a blog article instead of reading it. 🙂

  7. Ken Chin says:

    Is there any possibility of Laridian developing a MyBible version for Symbian? I have not been able to fine a good bonafied Bible program (as good as Laridian’s) developed for the Symbian OS platform.

  8. Ken: See my blog article at: While this article deals specifically with Nokia, the implications for all Symbian devices are similar.

  9. Mike Welch says:

    Wow… I wonder how many folks caught “email sent to are handled last”..! (^o^)

    How refreshing to hear of service outranking sales. Thank you.

  10. James Chang says:

    I have a Samsung i700 and lardian pocket PC Bible 3.0. When I go into the page to select bibles or commentaries, the pocket pc locks up everytime. When i take the battery out to reboot, it still is frozen. Please help!
    James Chang

  11. It might be a good idea to contact Tech Support via the Tech Support Help Desk on our site.

  12. Al Donoho says:

    I recently replaced my 650 Treo with a 755p Treo. I think the My Bible files transferred to the phone (I am not sure how to check), but I can’t get any of the Bible’s or Daily Devotionals to tranfer to the new memory card in the new phone. They were on the memory card of the old phone. Can you help me?

  13. Absolutely we can!

  14. David Houck says:

    Dear Craig,


    Sometime ago I purchased the Ancient Christian Commentary Series at a substantial cost but have not received them all yet??? I think I have been with you “since the beginning” but have been concerned as to why I have not received more commentaries on this series? I paid over $200??? and only have a handful of the books of the bible? Can you please let me know what is going on? Thanks…

    Kindest Regards,

    David Houck

  15. We are publishing that series and the IVP series as quickly as we get them from the publisher and can get them through the tagging process. I haven’t checked this lately myself but if you look arouned you’ll probably find the print editions aren’t available either.

    It’s also the case that you got a good price on the volumes you purchased.

    So the summary is we haven’t forgotten about you but can’t publish books that the publisher hasn’t made available to us. We will let you know when additional titles are ready.

  16. James McKay says:


    FYI I am trying Style Tap on my Nokia E71, as suggested by your support. As you know, this app allows software not written for the Symbian S60 platform to work. So far, other than about a 3-4 second delay in opening the MyBible app (not bad — the PocketLingo app takes about 12-15 seconds), it works okay. Your support mentioned that i might let you know how it works.

    James McKay

  17. Richard says:

    I have a LG Incite Touchscreen phone with Windows Mobil 6.1. When I use Pocket Bible three in portrait mode-it works great. However, when I move it to Landscape mode, the text on the screen looks like it all gets squished together in a diagonal line. But when it goes back to portrait, everything is fine. I need some help in figuring this out! Thanks!

  18. The answer to your question can be found in the blog post on which you’re commenting.

  19. James McKay says:

    MyBible is hands down the best Bible software. But I switched from Palm to Nokia. Please, please, please, develop a version for the Nokia E71 phone, Symbian S60 platform. AT&T is offering the E71 now, and there should be a growing number of users. I use Style tap to run MyBible on my phone but many of the neat features don’t transfer over. Please? Thanks.

  20. Wes Schellenberg says:

    I too switched from Palm to Nokia and really like the E71. I tried Style Tap to run MyBible but it was really clumsy to use so I gave up. I then bought another Bible Program for my E71. It is fine for reading but doesn’t hold a candle to the features feature rich MyBible. I second the vote for MyBible on the Symbian S60 platform.

  21. Cliff Cole says:

    I would like to purchase the search engine for the eBible from Nelson electronics which they told me I could get it from you.

    Also, Pleae help me select the prper KJV with strongs for the HP model 111 pocket pc pda.

    thank you

    Pastor Cole

  22. Bill says:


    Is there a way of highlighting individual words instead of entire verses?



  23. Ray Findley says:

    I have pocket bible and several books on my ipad. how do I download them on to my laptop using Windows 7 ?

    • Ray, you first need to add PocketBible for Windows to your account if you haven’t already. Then login at our website and choose the download link at the top of the page to download the PocketBible for Windows program and any of your books (choose PocketBible for windows format). If you have any further questions, please contact us at


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