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First Ever “How Do You Use PocketBible” Contest

Posted on: May 4th, 2009 by Craig Rairdin 57 Comments

Laridian is announcing our first “How Do You Use PocketBible” contest. (If you use MyBible or iPocketBible or Noah…feel free to enter as well, it’s just easier to say “PocketBible” instead of “PocketBible, MyBible, iPocketBible and/or Noah.”) It’s simple to enter and you can enter three different places (but you can only win once).

Each winner will receive PocketBible for Windows Gold Edition on a USB drive. That’s a $199.99 prize! You can enter at all three places, but you can only win once.

Blog site: Leave a comment right here on this blog post (we will not read any entries sent via email). Laridian staff will go through and pick our favorite as the winner. We will only read the first entry from each person, so it will not help you to post more than once…just make your first post really good!

Facebook: Our fans on Facebook can leave a comment on our wall. The winner on Facebook will be the person with the most “Like” clicks on their comment (so get your friends to vote for your post). This one will be more difficult than the blog site as there is a restriction to the number of characters you may use (Facebook restriction, not a Laridian restriction). Again…only the first comment will count (if you don’t like your comment, delete it and comment again). You will not win if there is more than one comment from your account.
Facebook is not letting up click “Like” when people post to the fan page. Laridian staff will pick the winner for Facebook as well as for Twitter and the blog. Sorry for the confusion.
Update (6May09): Facebook is now allowing you to click the “Like” link under the wall post on the PocketBible fan site, so…for now…we are going back to the original idea. You pick the winner on Facebook by telling us who’s post you like. Click away!

Twitter: This will be the most difficult. Be creative! Twitter PocketBible with your 140 character description of how you use PocketBible. Laridian staff will pick our favorite. And like the blog site and Facebook, we will only read the first Tweet from each person…so make it good.

We’re excited to see the different ways that people are using PocketBible. So join the fun! You could win $199.99 worth of Bible software on a USB drive!

Enter by May 22, 2009. We will announce the winners at the end of May.

57 Responses

  1. Duane Purcell says:

    When a co-worker asks me about my faith I use MyBible to give an answer in a timely manner. MyBible enables me to give a bible based answer with reference and not just a by memory reference that may be wrong.

  2. Donald Stidwell says:

    Well, Pocket Bible is my on-the-go Bible study resource. I use it in church when I want to look up things in commentaries, I use the commentaries to help prepare my Bible Study lessons that I teach at church. I use it to read the Bible in bed, on planes, in the store – pretty much anywhere I don’t have access to my computer desktop. If I had to only put ONE program on my phone and PDA, Pocket Bible is the one I’d put. Nothing particularly creative, but PB is definitely something I have with me and use at all times.

  3. Andrew B. says:

    Because looking up references in PocketBible is much faster than flipping through a paper Bible, I can get to the right verse quickly and be ready to pay full attention when the pastor is ready to continue. This also means I can always read every verse the pastor mentions even when he says “you don’t need to turn to this now, but…”.

  4. Lawson Culver says:

    I use PocketBible because of the easy access to Strong’s numbers and the Greek/Hebrew dictionary. Sometimes the original English translation isn’t totally clear, and sometimes it really helps to understand the deeper meaning of a word used by checking out the original language (and how it is used in other parts of scripture.)

  5. Charlotte (Misegades) Griffin says:

    I use MyBible for reading and study. Someone asks a question and I pop into MyBible to find a biblical answer. I love using it during the pastor’s sermon. I generally keep to translations (NIV and MSG) and the LAB, but it he uses a different translation it is at my fingertips. To say I use it more than once a day is no stretch.

  6. Russ Clark says:

    I enjoy using PocketBible in my daily reading (Bible in a Year). Quick, easy, & small (I never forget to carry it with me either). Because I can have several bibles open at one time, I always have my daily reading available and I can also open another bible for small group or Sunday school and even make comparisons between different versions.

  7. Paul Burgess says:

    I use my PocketBible to follow the Bible Readings in church, and to follow the sermon, using the cross references to follow the reasoning, and looking up references that are also mentioned, and verifying the relevance, in my own mind. I also use it on the train and in the office for my quiet times, and the concordance assists me in understnading. I use it as a tool when discussing my faith, and when I want to make a point. I also use it when preparing for a Bible Study, so I am ready to expound the passage or section we are studying that night. I wouldn’t be without it.

  8. Dave Ford says:

    First Ever “How Do You Use PocketBible” Contest

    1. Since I have it with me all the time, I can quickly show someone a scripture that applies to their life.

    2. With the searching facility, I regularly amaze people when they ask something like, “Where’s that scripture that says ….?” (I can usually find the answer in seconds.)

    3. It replaced my analog (i.e. “paper-based”) Bible for looking up scripture during church services, morning quiet-times at the local coffee-house, and small-group studies. It’s faster to get to the desired passage, and I can easily copy the passage into my notes (which are also on the PDA). Plus, it is (of course) much lighter and less bulky to carry around.

    4. Since I read a new translation whenever I finish the previous one, PocketBible makes it easy to compare the current one to all the rest.

  9. Dale says:

    Working for a Chaplain in the Navy I have been able to use it some of the most austere places on Earth, like Trebil or Waleed, Iraq. I have it on my laptop and iPaq and would use it to quickly locate scripture for sermons or devotions. I’ve even used it to read through the complete NIV bible in 90 days (actually 88) using the 90 day plan from

  10. Jason Chamberlain says:

    I have used it to memorize James, Ephesians, 1 & 2 Peter, Philippians, and am working on Galatians. I love having multiple translations with me wherever I go since I always have my PDA. It’s great if I have a few minutes to work on my review. I also like the integration with Memorize! when I have to make a list of memory verses for seminary.

    I really like having the ESVSB and LAB notes with me wherever I go. Between the notes, the dictionaries, and the search feature I am never at a loss for a timely word when I need it.

    I also like taking sermon and lecture notes in it. I just wish I had an easy way to sync those notes with my PC…

  11. Chin Loon Chai says:

    I have been using PocketBible on WinMobile since the its first version on WinCE days as my only bible and daily devotion QT. It has followed me through 5 changes of PDAs and Phones and it is still my most used application on my current HTC Touch HD!

  12. Denise Barnhart says:

    PocketBible is my primary source for Bible study, due to its nice user-interface (best among WM software). Everything is where it should be, especially during Bible class where you need things quickly. Because PocketBible automatically links Laridian books with my own created books, I end up using PocketBible for a large amount of my detailed research (harmonies, hebrew/greek syntactic patterns, public-domain texts, and on and on). This is especially useful when I’m chatting with someone, who is questioning the validity of specific Bible text … I can quickly check it and see how likely the opposing theory is. I think PocketBible shows a lot of what future Bible study will be.

  13. John Hopkirk says:

    Out of five “bible programes” I have had on my Dell Axim 51v, Pocket bible is very definitly the best I have used in many ways. Every morning my wife and I have devotions with her reading from “hard copy” books and I follow along on PB. I,m enjoying reading FB meyers books at night with quick access to chapter and verses where required. The scrolling buttons are the best for any PPC programes. I also enjoy in-depth bible study with many books open on the screen at once plus it allows me to, with a press of a button, bring the chosen verse at full screen. Pocket Bible makes full use of My VGA screen also.
    I keep thinking of all the things that it can do over Esword, Online Pocket Bible, Olive tree, etc. Scripture memorizing, wttnessing with it the list goes on. Im excited about what Laridan has in stiore for the rest of the year.

  14. Chris Buri says:

    PocketBible has revolutionized my Bible study. I take the train to/from work each day and use the One Year Bible reading plan to keep me on track. If I have questions I can easily reference a commentary or bible dictionary to get quick answers. The shading of the daily text makes the reading easy to follow and marking off each day’s reading is motivational.

    I also use PocketBible during sermons at church and our Mens Bible studies. I use the HTML notes feature to duplicate the notes in the bulletin right in the passage that we’re studying.

    Best of all, when I’m at home or at work I can use my USB-based PocketBible for Windows to further study passages and the screen size makes longer studies a little easier visually. Laridian’s licensing model is amazing!

    The reality is that I constantly have access to a multi-volume library that would be impractical (impossible!) to haul around with me. But since my PocketPC is also my phone (HTC Mogul) I have it with me all the time. It is awesome.

    The product has so enhanced my spiritual walk that I have licensed PocketBible for my two oldest sons as well.

  15. Rick Totton says:

    Wow, where do I start? I really love the PocketBible and all that I can do with it. I used to carry a one version new testament in my pocket at all times, but now I have the complete ESV study Bible, NKJV, NIV, NASB, Life application notes, maps, word studies, commentaries, etc…, all in my phone! WOW. In fact, I don’t think of it as a phone with a Bible as much as a Bible with a phone.

    Having all this material in my pocket all the time allows me to very quickly dig deep into the Word of God and allows me to meditate in the Word much more frequently and effectively. I find myself reading the Word of God much more then I use to due to easy access and availability. But the power of the program does not just end in having so much available – I use many of the features of the PocketBible, for example:

    NOTES: I have the PocketBible for Windows on my home computer also, so all my notes are synchronized. I find adding a note to a verse using PocketBible is more effective then jotting it down on the back of the church bulletin, into a notebook, or trying to squeeze it into the column of my paper Bible. And whether I am at my computer at home or using my mobile device I always have all my notes with me. This is awesome and this one feature alone results in PocketBible for Windows being my main Bible application on my home PC and on my mobile device.

    HIGHLIGHTING: This is another way that I use PocketBible. The many highlighting options allow me to identify scriptures or portions of scriptures that have particular meaning to me. I will sometimes just read the highlighted verses in a particular book in order to get a quick scan of key verses in that book.

    SEARCH: The search feature is another way that I use PocketBible. This feature allows me to search out scriptures very quickly and accurately. I might be thinking of a verse but don’t know where it is – well out comes the PocketBible and walla!. I also use the search for word studies – to find all the places in the Bible where a particular word is used.

    MUTIPLE WINDOW SYNCRONIZATION: I also like to compare Bible versions using PocketBible and the program makes it very easy to do that. And not just multiple Bibles, but I also often have the ESV Bible Study Notes or another commentary window open at the same time as the Bible text window. The synchronization feature really makes this work nicely.

    DAILY DEVOTIONAL: I have two daily devotionals installed and, although I may not use this every day, many days I do. I find using the calendar very helpful in selecting my daily reading.

    MEMORIZE: Also from Laridian and highly integrated with PocketBible is a program called Memorize. Although a very useful memorization tool, I use this in a couple of “non standard” ways as well. One way is as a personal customized topical reference library. I have set up multiple collections that have topical names, such as peace, hope, forgiveness, praise, salvation, etc. As I am reading my PocketBible, whenever I come across a scripture that the Lord impresses upon me corresponding to a specific topic, I add it to the Memorize collection for that topic using the Memorize import feature. Later I can review all the scriptures that I have imported on a particular topic. This is great way to create a personalized topical Bible. The salvation topic helps with witnessing. The other way I will use Memorize and PocketBible is to set up collections corresponding to Bible Books. In these I place all my highlighted verses. This allows me to easily scan key verses in specific Bible books.

    PocketBible has now become my primary Bible – mobile version when I am away from home, and PC version when I’m at my computer at home, and has taken my Bible study to a new level…..Thank you Laridian.

  16. Jose Chaparro says:

    PocketBible has replaced my conventional printed Bible for several years now. I read it on my large VGA HP iPAQ screen. I use this Bible for all applications for which I would ordinarily carry a conventional printed Bible. If I had my PocketBible resources in paper, they might (or might not!) fit in a large catalog case. Instead, they fit in the palm of my hand in a pocket PC that weighs some 6 ounces and fits in my pocket. People many times will take curious glances at me as I “flip” through pages in my Bible on Sunday mornings or other times I am in Bible studies or fellowships, without the rustle of paper. Once in a while, curious onlookers will ask me about this Bible library that I can hold in the palm of one hand. Invariably, they are impressed at the technology and the immense usefulness of the electronic medium in which my PocketBible resides.

    To date, I have written hundreds of notes attached to Bible passages. As a student of Greek, I love the ability to add Greek words and phrases using the Laridian Greek fonts into my notes, courtesy of the handy copy and paste features that enable me to copy Greek text and definitions from the Strong’s Greek dictionaries.

    The ability to compare several Bible translations at a glance is of immense value, as well as looking up words in Bible dictionaries, looking up Scripture references in a variety of commentaries, and even comparing Bibles between English and Spanish, all on the fly. The latter will happen as soon as Laridian (hopefully) publishes the Reina Valera, which I will snatch up very fast(!)

    PocketBible has been invaluable and is one of my most used and prized software programs. It is one of the best ways to learn and grow in God’s wonderful word!

  17. james says:

    I am a missionary that travels around Africa training pastors in remote areas where they don’t have access to Bible training working primarily in refugee camps. For the sake of not whipping out an expensive computer or phone in front of those who lives on pennies a day I don’t bring those out, but when I am asked questions and need to do further study, I pop into my hut, pull out my phone and do studies on the parts that I need further research on. I have been so blessed by the ability to take so many resources with me to such remote areas of the globe. I have a battery charger for it so it can last for a lot of usage while away from electricity for a couple weeks at a time. I have done this all over Africa and Asia and would never go out to teach without this Pocket Bible in my pocket.

  18. Jonathan A. Bach says:

    First, when we were without a Pastor for a year, I used PocketBible and my commentaries and dictionaries to help research Scripture and quickly search out many cross references while preparing some sermons and lessons. I will “bookmark” and “highlight” and go back to those bookmarks later. Incredibly helpful tool – especially the new version that allows you to search ALL commentaries on a verse, or ALL dictionaries on a word or Strong’s number, or ALL Bible versions for a verse, etcetera. Wow, “sending” a personal research assistant to give you an excerpt from EVERY relevant text in your entire library – within seconds! A GREAT time saver – but way more than that … WHO could have possibly checked so many references so quickly prior to such a tool?

    Second, as lay worship leader/song leader, the pastor’s wife would give me a list of the songs/hymns when I arrived for Sunday School, and then I could often give a Hymn History for one of the Hymns at the beginning of the next hour’s Worship service. I found out later that the Pastor and his wife thought I had them all memorized! Yes, I was honest … I told them that I looked them up on my PocketBible Hymns devotional book (though I’m really not sure if I told him that I sometimes was looking up the hymns under the table during his Sunday School lesson though)!

    Third, I am stationed in Germany with the U.S. Army and can often enjoy a nice commute to work through the woods and hills — by train. What a wonderful time to read through the Bible in a year – and the new auto-scrolling text keeps me from day-dreaming too much out the window! Yet, I often find myself quite happy to stop the scrolling as I lift my head to talk to the Lord about what I’ve just read (no, not out loud while all the German folk are reading their papers, but just looking out the window and talking to God silently. What a blessing). There are also times I will pull out my actual paper “pocket” Bible as well, and it is interesting to see that people take notice. No comments or questions yet – we’ll see!

    Fourth, though not strictly PocketBible, I will also sometimes use that train commute to review my Scripture memory verses with Memorize!
    All in all, PocketBible 4 has gone way beyond the “Christian nerd” stage to truly be a sharp tool to get the Word of God in me, and washing through me, and ministering out of me. My Windows Mobile went “kaput” – and I went and bought another one JUST because of my desire to keep using PocketBible. Thanks so much Craig, Jim, Patty, and the entire team. God has truly used this tool you’ve provided in my life. And PRAISE to our Lord for the POWER in His word! May we each use PocketBible as a sharp tool to allow God to transform us by the renewing of our minds. – Jonathan

  19. Joshua Ramsey says:

    Well I have yet to be called to be a missionary or an evangelist, I am not a hotshot preacher. I am a hard working citizen of Christ. Everyone in my church knows me as the guy with the Bible on his cell phone. Having PocketBible and all the amazing features, like

    * Maximize Windows – Open multiple windows/books. Maximize any window for full screen reading.
    * Flick Gestures while Maximized – Swipe across the screen to switch to another open book (commentaries will stay synchronized with the Bible text). Swipe up or down in a book to go to the previous or next page.
    * Auto-Scroll – Set a book to auto-scroll for easier reading. Increase or decrease the speed of scrolling to match your reading speed. Great for public or devotional reading.
    * View in All – View a verse in all Bibles. View a reference in all commentaries. View a word in all dictionaries. Parallel study has never been easier!
    * Enhanced Searching – Keep your last 20 searches and easily perform the search again. Find looks first for the exact word and then for words staring with your search entry. Search for words “near” other words.
    * Customizable Toolbars – Sixty different functions available to be included on your toolbar. Put the features you use most, literally, at your fingertip. Choose “Large icons” never use the stylus again!
    * Save/Restore Layouts – Keep different layouts always ready to go. One layout for your devotional reading, one for performing word studies, another for a study Bible. Any number of layouts customized for the ways that work best for you!
    * Synchronize Notes, Bookmarks and Highlights with PocketBible for Windows (sold separately) – Make a note on the go. Flesh it out on your PC when you’re back home or in the office. Highlights and bookmarks keep track of themselves.
    Copied from Laridian site

    It just makes life a little easier. I have no excuse for not reading my bible daily. Thank you Laridian for your dedicated time and successful efforts in making The Word that much more accessible and affordable.

  20. Michael Krogstad says:

    Wow, there are a lot of great ideas on this site. I have used Laridian for nearly a decade now, whether on a Pocket PC or now my Smartphone, and have to say, it is the best out there. My usage is simple, but it is a powerful tool for me.

    *Church – I use it both at times during morning worship and sunday school to be able to do further study while others are teaching. Definately has the ability to magnify the passages in question.

    *At Home – I use it for times of study and reading while kids are going down to bed as well as for family scripture memorization times.

    *At Work – I use it for the start of my day for devotions, for times when discussions with individuals require clarification of theology and for general times of reading.

    Being that it is always with me, I am never without the Word and God always is providing times to read and study it where ever. Having it mobile and with me allows me to study in the moments of life, as I am going about my day.

  21. Gary Cantwell says:

    I have been an avid user of MyBible since 1998. I have never appreciated it more than a dark day in September 2001…

    My father-in-law died suddenly on September 22, 2001 – just 11 days after 9/11. I was out of town and had to fly back to meet my wife and kids who were driving to Grandma’s. The airport was eerily empty that Saturday night. I flew in a mostly vacant puddle-jumper airplane through a horrendous Texas thunderstorm. I had bought my mother-in-law a condolence card at the airport and during the flight I was looking in MyBible on my Palm device for an appropriate verse to share. Thinking of my father-in-law, I searched for the phrase “righteous man” in the NASB and God led me to use NLT translation of this verse:

    The righteous pass away;
    the godly often die before their time.
    And no one seems to care or wonder why.
    No one seems to understand that God is
    protecting them from the evil to come.
    For the godly who die will rest in peace.
    Isaiah 57:1-2 (NLT)

    I shared this passage in my eulogy at the funeral and heard from many there how God used it to comfort them – realizing that Grandpa was in Heaven now, and was protected “from the evil to come.”

  22. Dan Kandel says:

    I love my PocketBible and use it wherever I go but the most important place is when I minister in our local Juvenile Detention Center in which I am limited in what I can bring. Because I have everything on my PDA Phone I can get to information right away to answer questions that these kids might have. Thank you for providing this type of tool!

  23. Cecilia Webb says:

    My PocketBible is with me all the time, whither I go to the market or I’m on a missions trip. I use it for all the wonderful reasons others use it. It a great product and I been using it since it first came out. But what I love the most is late at night when I can’t sleep or the Lord wakes me up, I just reach over on the night stand and pick up my PDA and the Word is right there. There’s no better comfort then that. Thank you with providing us with the best.

  24. Joe Grimes says:

    No matter how thoroughly I prepare for Bible translation sessions in Huichol of Mexico and Pidgin of Hawai`i, questions often come up in the sessions that I haven’t prepared for. That’s where PocketBible pays off for me — the versions, commentaries, dictionaries that aren’t in the Wycliffe/United Bible Societies software on my laptop often give me the lead on an answer, right on the spot.

  25. Graham Williams says:

    I have been thrilled to use my Pocket Bible for many years now, promoting it wherever I can.

    As a Registered Paramedic I often find myself in situations where the support of scripture readily accesible is invaluable. I continue to use it to share thoughts with colleagues and patients wherever the opportunity is appropriate.

    Thank you for providing this resource, enabling me to underpin my witness.

  26. Paul Nunne says:

    I always have it with me
    I use it all the time
    I wouldn’t be without it
    I’m so glad it’s mine

    When I need an answer
    It always seems to help
    It just makes things easy
    When talking to a friend

    When I listen to our pastor
    I can turn real quick
    To find the bible passage
    Just takes a couple of clicks

    When reading through the bible
    Which I’m doing through the year
    I can read each passage quickly
    In lounge, in bed, in bath

    Pocketbible is the one
    I wouldn’t be without it
    I love to use it daily
    It really is the one

  27. Peter Joneleit says:

    I work as a missionary evangelist and, to save space and weight, use PocketBible as my main Bible for daily reading and sometimes even for preaching. For me, the best use though is always having a commentary set on hand to help me prep when I get last minute invitations to preach. This has been an awesome tool many times. It’s great traveling with a mini-library on my phone.

    I’m hoping for other Bible language options in the future.

  28. Chuck Johnson says:

    Having the bible available on my phone when I find a few extra minutes gives me the opportunity to stay in God’s word.

  29. Gary Litchfield says:

    I have it on my Palm Phone which I carry everywhere with me. I am a pastor and use it with people in my church to share verses and help in counseling. I am also a chaplain with the local police department. I use to in talking with the officers and with the folk in town we sometime have to deal with. Quoting scripture to folks in need – particularly when there has been a death as I did this week. It is so handy having different versions of the Bible with me. Some folks I meet are KJV only and Others NIV. I have 4 versions in all to meet the needs of all I come in contact with. I also use it for personal bible study when away from my computer. I love the note taking area and the ability to mark in color the text. It has become my most handy tool I have ever had.

  30. Dan Killebrew says:

    I have really enjoyed my Laridian Pocket Bible. My primary use of it is “on-the-go” when I recall a passage and I want a more accurate recollection, it is right here in my pocket. When I am in a worship or teaching setting and I want to compare other versions with The Message I usually carry. Or, when I am looking for a traditional commentary on a specific passage it is easy to find. My favorite use is when I want to find particular passages relevant to various situations for which God’s Word is the ultimate reference material and guide.

  31. Bob Stump says:

    It was 2008 and way past time for a change. I had been using Brand X version 4 Bible software for Windows 95 since 1996 – I think you know which one – because it was simple and intuitive. I had many updates beyond that version, and several other programs, but mostly they were like firing up your 747 to take the garbage out to the dumpster. So with the arrival of Vista on my new notebook I decided to look around for a simple and intuitive Bible program for the 21st Century. I looked at them all, and tried most, and wasn’t convinced until I found PocketBible for Windows. Now when I catch a train to Prague, or head out to Kosice on the EuroCity, I carry PocketBible on my notebook in my backpack. Plugging into a power outlet on the train, I can work for more than 4 hours with just a gentle clickety-click of the rails in the background – pasting Bible text into my PowerPoint and getting ready for a great time together with Christians in Slovakia, Czech Republic and Austria. I use the original language resources, commentaries, dictionaries, but the most fun is to play the mp3 version of the NIV I have on my computer while I follow along in PocketBible. That’s the way to do your daily Bible reading – even when you’re tired and you remember, “Oh yeah, I forgot to do my daily reading!” With the various Bible characters, a little background noise from the Bible period, and your PocketBible, the reading is done before you even notice the time. I feel like one of those people in Luke 19:48, “hanging on to every word” that Jesus says. My recommendation? You have your technology hanging all over the place – what are you waiting for? Put some spiritual software on that hardware, and let the Spirit fill your “wetware.” “Rise up; this matter is in your hands. We will support you, so take courage and do it!” (Ezra 10:4 NIV).

  32. Rodney Craggs says:

    I have been using PocketBible since the beginning when I purchased my first iPAQ Pocket PC over 8 years ago. My PocketBible Collection has grow over the years to not only contain serveral different versons of Scriptures, but the use of the dictionaries, commentaries, and devotionals as well. As a chaplain, I have replaced my hard bound Bibles with my PocketBible. I do not leave home without it. I have been know to have a Bible on me at all times. The PocketBible has given me the conviences of having several Translations available to be at a moment notice. I also have found other applications to be helpful in my ministry as well. I have used my PocketBible to write sermons, the easy copy and paste features allows me to add Scripture to my sermons, newsletters, other publications I write during the course of my ministry. I love the ability to read Scripture to my patients and families even in a darken room. I really appreciate being able to read from different translations especially since I minister to different faiths and denominations. So, I can read from the particular translation that is familiar to the particular patient I am visiting with at the time. I have found the Bible Study notes to be great in my personal Bible Study time. I even found the devotional books available to be valuable as well. For example, I have Morning and Evening Devotional Book by Charles Spurgeon. When I had a patient who had dementia, this was the one devotional book that she and her daughter read everyday. I would be able to read the Scripture passage for the daily devotional from my PocketBible and then easily switch to Morning and Evening to read the daily devotion. This was very meaningful time for my patient and her daughter especially as they found connection and growth in their relationship with God. I can go on and on, but PocketBible is a resource I perfer not to be without. It has been a great assess to my ministry and peronal spiritual growth. I like the ability to pull out my Pocket PC and dive into the Scriptures and when necessary have the Biblical resources of Study notes, Bible Dictionaries, and even the complete text of Robertson’s Word Pictures to assist myself and others in gaining a greater understanding of not only the Bible, but drawing us closer to a fuller relations to God through our savior Jesus Christ. Lastly, I have found the newer features with the ability to highlight, create notes, list, and underline to be very useful. My PocketBible is full of my personal notes, highlighted Scripture Passages and personal List that I can pull up for any particular moment to provide comfort, encouragement, and guidiance to those I come in contact with on a daily basis.

  33. Bob Schaefer says:

    I am leading a session of “The Bible in 90 Days” at our church, and am using Pocket Bible on my Touch Pro to do my reading. I always have my phone with me, and I’m already in the habit of reading news on the phone, so this makes much more sense than toting around two pounds of paper.

    I used Laridian’s book builder to create a 90-day “devotional” with links to the reading designated for each day. One tap, and the reading loads up. The highlight makes it clear when I come to the end of the day’s selection.

    Even better, setting the Bible to auto-scroll makes reading more comfortable, and helps me keep my focus – if my attention fades or I start gathering wool, I know right away!

    As a side benefit, the auto-scroll makes my reading time quite predictable, since each day’s chunk of scripture is very similar in length.

  34. Mike Kelly says:

    I have not carried an “analog” Bible with me for almost 5 years now. Sadly, my Windows Mobile SmartPhone is with me 24/7, but that means so is PocketBible. It’s main use is for my daily reading. I’ve read the Bible cover-to-cover four times using PocketBible; once with the Palm version, once on a Sone Clie’, and twice on my SmartPhone. Two years ago, I purchased Book Builder and started building creative ways to read through the Bible – Chronologically, backwards, forwards, etc. We almost always get away for Thanksgiving, and I spend the down time creating my reading plan for the next year. It gives me the feeling that I am planning how I will grow spiritually over the next year.

  35. BRAD BEELER says:

    MyBible has been very helpful to me by looking up scripture in different translations when I am out with a Bible study group. However, It is so handy to look up the scriptures I’ve been memorizing in the special section of the program. Now I am planning to replace my cell phone with a Palm Centro with Verizon. I’m hoping to transfer all of the MyBible programs to the new phone, so I can have it all in one instrument. Thanks for this program.

    Brad Beeler

  36. BRAD BEELER says:

    MyBible has been very helpful to me by looking up scripture in different translations when I am out with a Bible study group. However, It is so handy to look up the scriptures I’ve been memorizing in the special section of the program. Now I am planning to replace my cell phone with a Palm Centro with Verizon. I’m hoping to transfer all of the MyBible programs to the new phone, so I can have it all in one instrument. Thanks for this program.

    Brad Beeler

  37. Richard Wilkin says:

    One of the features I like about the PocketBible software is the ability to keep notes attached to any verse in the Bible.
    It would also be very helpful to have a feature for adding your own cross-references (without having to create them in a note); so that user-added cross-references display in-line with the text, just as permanent cross-references do in Bible books that have them.

  38. Tim Ooyman says:

    I quickly read through the entries so far and don’t think I saw many using the Bookmark/Categories. I do a lot of street witnessing and talk to people in the translation they know.

    I have 37 different categories for such as the JWs, Mormons, Jews, etc. I use the Blue Highlight for when speaking to Jews, Red for OT Adonai’s words, etc.

    I believe all should be evangelized. In fact, from my Strong’s references, I learned that “evangelical” is a contraction of “eu” (good) “angeleos” (SP? for “angel” or “messenger”). So, all Evangelicals are, by definition, messengers of “Good News” (The Gospel).

    From the Jewish New Testament Commentary (JNTC), I learned what “Tanak” means (it’s the acronym “TNK” for law, prophets, and writings…I’m going by memory so have grace). Our learned pastor (still loves the “analog” Bible) often says, “I didn’t know that.”

    Thank you, Laridian. I have been using your product for 1.5 hours a day for the last 7 or 8 years.

    To act justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with God (NIV, Mi 6:8)

  39. Gary Long says:

    Where don’t I use it. I am a missionary in Atlantic Canada which requires alot of travel. I use my PocketBible on my HTC Touch for study as I perpare for sermons, devotionals, and Children’s Meetings, and for personal Bible Reading. I use it most as a quick reference. I will be in a service somewhere or on the road and I hear a topic or a reference that causes me to open my PocketBible and look deeper. One of my favorite uses is for Children’s Meetings. I use it instaed of a printed Bible. Most, if not all of th echildren are into playing with their electronic devices and I want to show them that they can study God’s Word and use electronics. The first time they see me use it the reaction is “Wow, what’s that?” Almost as good as when I bring out my puppets.

  40. Andy Leininger says:

    I am a missionary in Siberia, yes you read it right, Siberia. I have been using PocketBible in various forms since 1999. I travel about 100,000 miles a year and bring PocketBible on my HTC Advantage or on my Windows PC everywhere I go. It is my primary bible and for the past 6 years I have only used a printed bible when I preach. (I have preached from my handheld a half a dozen times or so) I have 5 bible translations, 5 commentaries, several maps, devotionals and a bible reading plan. I have read through the entire bible using your plans each of the past 8 years on PocketBible. Each morning our family of five reads a chapter of the bible and discusses what it means and how we can apply the chapter to our lives. I use one of the commentaries or translations to clear up a point almost every day.

    As a missionary, I am constantly working in two languages: English and Russian. Having multiple English translations helps me clarify difficult verses in Russian and provides commentary and insight with the many people that I disciple. The pocket sized computing bible helps me prepare sermons on a train, look up commentaries 500 miles from home, and even find answers to sticky questions while teaching a seminary class. Many Russian brothers and sisters come to me now and ask: “Andy what does your computer bible say about….?” It has become a resource for me and many other people.

    I don’t plan on living life, following Jesus or training others without PocketBible. I can’t wait to have an offline version on my iPhone and one day, maybe just maybe we will have foreign language translations of the Bible.

    Finally, when my daughters head off to college I plan on cutting and pasting many of my bible notes that relate to them in a special document. It is my prayer that the notes, thoughts and prayers that I have written for them over the years will be comforting when they are 12 time zones away. I couldn’t do this without PocketBible.

    Gratefully: Andy

  41. greg llanes says:

    i love using pocketbible it helps me a lot viewing all different version in one page, finds verses fast and access bible quickly with daily reading devotional, references and dictionary.

  42. Scott Batdorf says:

    A couple of years ago I acquired an old second generation iPod Nano. It’s only 2GB so my iPocket Bible would not fit completely. So, I copied only the MP3 audio files to my iTunes folder on my computer and imported all the chapters of the bible to its own folder. Now, I can sync my Nano with whatever book I am ready to listen to and still have my favorite praise and worship music available.

    The iPocket Bible has been a real blessing to me because I’m not a good reader. But, I can comprehend so much better when I’m driving to work and back witch is two hours of drive time daily. Thank you for such a good product.

  43. Mark Pace says:

    I’ve been using Pocket Bible on my Windows Mobile device for years — it’s great having whatever translation the pastor is going to use (including local favorites NIV, AMP and KJV) al available in my shirt pocket…along with mp3 recorder, notepad and dictionary. The only problem is it takes coordination to move back and forth….
    So now I use Pocket Bible for Windows on a Windows XP widescreen netbook where I can have it visible next to my notes page. This works Great!!! I can make fonts any size I want (any Bible becomes large print edition), and I don’t have to worry about being able to read my handwriting!

  44. Kelly says:

    I use mine during my pastor’s sermons for looking up verses and taking notes. Its so much better than using the provided paper notes. I always wonder if other people think I’m texting – if only they knew!… they’d get themselves Laridian :)

  45. Tim Cappucci says:

    I use PocketBible devotionally. Most days when I read I check out some of the commentary and study notes.
    I use PocketBible sermonically. My PocketBible is usually with me at all times. This enables me to redeem unscheduled study time while waiting in line, traveling, etc. to read through the comments on the passage that I am currently preaching. If I find an unusually good quote I make a note and access the PocketBible for windows in order to copy to a document.
    I use PocketBible pastorally. The PocketBible is handy when making house or hospital visits. I have a choice of translations, and the backup light on my unit draws people’s attention to the text so that they can read along. Swiping the stylus across screen brings up any devotional comments that may prove beneficial.
    I use PocketBible studiously. When I am listening to others preach or reading a book I have the PocketBible with references to examine more closely. I do this whether in person or listening to an mp3.
    I use PocketBible seamlessly. Having the desktop version and the pocket pc version allows me to pick up reading where I left off whether I am sitting at my desk, standing in line, waiting in an office, etc. This allows me to study seamlessly no matter where I am.

  46. Eileen Childers says:

    I use my Pocket Bible with my children and the students in my Kingdom Kids class on Sundays. Whenever we study a certain story, our curriculum lists Bible verses that the children need to learn. I can look these up quickly, and explain the Bible stories in greater detail. I also use Pocket Bible at Bible Study and in our church service – I can search for verses with key words very quickly.

  47. Alan R. Bentley says:

    Having PocketBible available in such a compact and portable way has really opened many opportunities to witness to others and study God’s word in places that were difficult previously:

    – I send devotions and Scripture to my children and granddaughter using the clips from PocketBible in my daily e-mails to them.

    – I used this method in letters to my son during his Army basic training using U.S. Mail since he had no access to e-mail. Now I am doing it again since he was just deployed to Iraq and has no e-mail access yet.

    – I used it in my Systematic Theology class as a student for 3 years and it was invaluable both in the classroom and doing homework assignments without having to carry more books around. It is very fast!

    – I recently retired but previously commuted daily on the train to Chicago. PocketBible made it very easy to do my daily Bible study on the train and gave me many opportunities to witness to other commuters and co-workers.

    – I have used it daily to send Scripture passages to a close Missionary friend in Africa who has needed encouragement. He says it has been a real blessing.

    PocketBible is a great tool that everyone should have … and use!

  48. Scot A Schieferstein says:

    I use MyBible on my Palm T/X. It allows me to have a wealth of Bible resources available instantly. Whether reading for personal devotions, interacting with the Sunday sermon, or responding to my son’s Bible questions; MyBible strengthens my faith, sharpens my mind spiritually, and deepens my family relationships. MyBible helps me spend less time looking for life’s answers and focus on the One Who gives life!

  49. Edmonson Riddle says:

    Poem – How I Use My Pocket Bible

    I study intensely, the word of God
    Take time to digest it like food
    No longer do I need to have piles of twelve books
    Less expensive, more convenient – life is good.

    I’ve been using pocket Bible for over five years
    Can’t imagine my studies without it.
    I use the devotion, references – no pages no tears
    To me Pocket Bible is a hit!!

    Pocket Bible helps me to prepare sermons and notes,
    Nine translations I use to get meat.
    Four dictionaries, two commentaries, and so many quotes
    All help me to serve my church a Sunday treat.

    Endless functions make bible study so much fun
    I’m a gadget freak – ‘Add Notes’, ‘Categories’ and ‘Find’
    Make life simple – a light touch and it’s done
    Pocket Bible never leaves me in a bind.


  50. Randolf Keith says:

    Lest we forget PocketBible is Your Book I S H O U T Your magnificence!!!!

    Dear God, Your Book is GREAT!
    Thy Word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against Thee.
    I find feature rich Christian living at my fingertips in Your PocketBible.
    For the fruit of the Spirit is in all goodness and righteousness and truth.
    Your PocketBible is my constant companion everywhere I go.
    In the deepest, darkest pit of adversity Your PocketBible is a lamplight unto my feet.
    On the highest peak Your PocketBible reveals the glorious splendor of Your creation.
    All things were made by Him; and without Him was not any thing made that was made.
    Dear God, Your PocketBible is GREAT!!!

  51. Tim Engwer says:

    I have created some macros using Pen commander which is part of Calligrapher and a free program called MortScript. Each of these macros automates what can be done manually but happens much quicker and with the click of a button. With one of these macros I have automated the task of quickly switching from bible to bible, commentary to commentary, etc. For instance if I have a bible open to a certain verse and then open a commentary to that verse I just have to click a button and the next commentary opens, click again and the next one opens. THis way I can quickly see what each has to say. I find this better for me than the “view in all commentaries” option when I want to look at multiple sources quickly. This, of course, works for dictionaries as well.

    I also create a macro to change the background and forground colors used using a much fuller pallet of colors than what you get through the options dialogue. This macro accesses the registry to make these changes.

    Another macros I have allows me to open a resouce such as a devotional, search for a word or phrase and then cycle through each of the other resources with the click of a button to search for that same word or phrase.

  52. Craig Horlacher says:

    I customized my toolbar so that I have a button to show/hide the status bar and a button to show/hide the auto scroll bar. This gives me more screen space easily and let’s be use the auto-scroll just for when a large passage is read. I turn it off after going through the reading for more screen space during in depth study.

    I also love being able to compare a verse against all my installed Bibles with only a tap and hold, and one more tap. I also do the same with commentaries to get loads of insight on a verse instantly.

  53. Tim Wisner says:

    I’m a missionary in Japan and use MyBible on my Palm and PocketBible on the computer at home all the time. I get devotional time and train reading time on the palm throughout the day (and night); study time/sermon prep/bible study prep when I can sit down and study at home, and since everything is synced between the two, I can even do much more in-depth study if I need too when I’m away from home. Since the Japanese translation (paper version) and the English translations (currently have 9 for different reasons) vary fairly often, having Strongs and Vines has been a good, quick way to find out what might be going on in the original language. Just last night we were studying in Psalms in a mixed language setting and my new Vines dictionary was the key to unlock a puzzle on why the Japanese and English were so different on a certain verse.
    My English students love to listen to me reading from the NLT or Message while the have the Japanese in front of them. Often they comment that the English is easier to understand than the archaic Japanese they have. With highlights on key words, I can pass my Palm around the room and have different people read different colored sections or just highlight a critical connection for students to see. It’s a great tool to “sneak” more of the Word into English class.
    Right now my Palm TX is slowly dying and the major issue for me on my next palm sized machine is how well will my Bibles work on it. I can’t wait for the iphone version to come out. That would make this decision a snap.
    In any case, MyBible insures that I always have the right version(s) of the Bible for the situation I’m in, along with enough study resources to be confident that I am on tract when I preach and teach.

  54. Kevin Grady says:

    There are so many different ways I use PocketBible. First of all, I started off using it on my Hp ipaq, then ended up moving it to an HTC smartphone and now have a Palm Treo 750 and I love this software so much and use it so much that I have upgraded each time.
    I have many translations as well as commentaries and other notes on it and I use it
    1- On the radio. When I want to tie a song with a verse, I just look it up and find the best translation that I want to use it for. Can you imagine if I had to haul all of my Bible to the station to minister?
    2- I use it in church, as the pastor is teaching I am able to read not only what he is saying but add notes to the scripture as well as look up different translations.
    3- I use it when I am sharing my faith. I have my cell with me all the time, and any time In need to minister to people, either in witnessing or in ministering, I just show the verse I am sharing on the phone.
    I have also shared this great ministry tool, to other ministers and friends. It is a GREAT TOOL and just do not see me not having a phone/pda without it.

    Now my next struggle is to decide if I am going to switch to an iphone. LOL…
    Thanks guys for the great work you do.

  55. greg says:

    Any update on the winners of this competition. The end of May has come & gone :)


  56. Dale DeNeal says:

    PocketBible is a key component to my daily Christian experience. I use it for my morning devotions. For the past year I’ve been using the writings of Andrew Murray as the platform for my “morning watch” (what Murray calls morning devotions). Throughout the day I find myself draw to PocketBible by way of my Pocket PC to look up passages and reinforce scripture I’m memorizing. One of my favorite features is the Greek and Hebrew study tools which I refer to frequently as I prepare for my three Bible classes I teach weekly. During sermons I enjoy following along with the messages and linking quickly from one passage to another as well as using the commentaries and word study features. PocketBible truly enhances my time in the word of God and my spiritual growth.

  57. Graham Williams says:

    As well as using Pocket Bible extensively in my personal studies and devotional time, in our services to give insight to the message by allowing easy alternative translations to be compared, I find it an invaluable tool at work. I am in the emergency services and often find myself faced with challenging questions ‘why me, why this’ with the people I am called to, and perhaps even more in depth questioning from my colleagues; Pocket Bible provides me with the tools to underline my personal experience of a loving , living Saviour with solid gospel truths… I pray that it has made me more effective in my witness, I know it has in my personal studies.

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