8 Ways to Read through the Bible with PocketBible

Posted on: December 11th, 2012 by Michelle Stramel 14 Comments

My philosophy on Bible reading plans is similar to exercise: find what works for you and do it. We offer a variety of Bible reading plans you can use in PocketBible to get you in the Scriptures on a daily basis. And for those times when life interferes, PocketBible has easy-to-use tools to help you catch up, start over and keep going.

Which PocketBible Bible reading plan is best for you?

  1. M’Cheyne’s One Year Bible Reading Plan (free) was originally designed by the 19th century Scottish minister, Rev. Robert Murray M’Cheyne to encourage his congregation to read their Bibles. Each day offers two Family readings to be read during family devotions and two Secret readings to be read during personal devotions. At the end of 365 days, you’ll have gone through the New Testament and the Psalms twice and the rest of the Bible once. Since M’Cheyne recommends reading or singing through the Metrical Psalms at least once a year, we have published Scottish Metrical Psalms with Notes by John Brown for use with the reading plan (sold separately for $1.99).
  2. Professor Grant Horner’s Bible Reading System (free) is a unique Bible reading plan. Each day you will read one chapter from each of ten lists for a total of ten chapters per day from the Bible. Since the lists vary in length, the readings begin interweaving in constantly changing ways. You will NEVER read the same set of ten chapters together again and you will experience the Bible commenting on itself in constantly changing ways.
  3. Laridian Reading Plans (free) is a collection of 7 Bible reading plans. We often get requests for a plan that includes a selection from the Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs for each day. That type of plan is included in this set.
  4. The One Year Chronological Bible Reading Plan ($7.99) provides a reading plan for the entire Bible–books, chapters, and even verses–arranged in the order the events actually happened.
  5. One Year Through The Bible Devotional ($9.99) guides you through the entire Bible in a year with commentary. Each day includes a Bible passage to read with a practical and helpful devotional written by one of the authors of the Life Application Study Bible.
  6. The Daily Walk Devotional ($9.99) is a publication of Walk thru the Bible Ministries. It too is a reading plan plus devotional. Along with your assigned reading for the day you get a related overview, application and insight for the passage.
  7. One Year Bible Companion ($9.99) offers a daily reading assignment with verses taken from the Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs for each day. This plan offers variety in what you read plus key questions and answers to enhance your daily Bible reading.
  8. OT/NT in 3 Months (free) – tackle this 90 day Bible reading plan any time of the year. Each day offers a selection from the Old Testament and New Testament.

The Bible reading plans mentioned above simply list the verses you are to read each day. You can then link from the verses to any of your Bibles in PocketBible to read the assigned verses in a translation you like. The devotionals mentioned above offer similar verse links but add devotional comments to the verses you have been assigned to read for the day.

If you have a Bible reading plan but want to start over read our tips on Starting your Bible Reading Plan or Devotional Over for a New Year.

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14 Responses

  1. Steve says:

    My wife and I have both read through the Bible using the chronological plan for the past two years. It is an excellent way to gain some perspective on the OT, especially.

  2. Craig Horlacher says:

    The Laridian Reading Plans are great! It covers all the bases with a mix of OT, NT, Psalms, and Proverbs every day for a year as well as just reading the Bible from start to finish. There are lots of great options even for slow readers like me. I did the OT in one year and the NT in one year. It also has things like NT in 3 months and Psalms and Proverbs in one month.

    The Laridian Reading Plans doesn’t include Chronological Bible reading plan. My wife read one of those one year and really liked it. I think I’d like to try that some time. Laridian does offer that book/plan for $8. I may have to spring for it one of these times!

  3. Jeffrey W. Crowder says:

    @Craig Horlacher. Isn’t that just dandy, you talk about buying the chronological Bible and guess what Happens? Laridian sends out a promo code for 20% off!

  4. Traci Frogley says:

    I highly recommend Professor Grant Horner’s Bible Reading System. I’m on day 75 and l look forward to my time in the Word each day. There are a few errors in the plan (same chapter shown two days in a row, skipped chapters, etc) but Laridian is addressing the problems. Reading the Bible with this plan keeps me from getting bored in some books because I’m taking several small “bites” from different books each day. It’s amazing how they all weave together this way and it makes Bible reading fun,

    • Traci, thanks for your recommendation. We did release an update to Prof. Horner’s reading plan this past Monday. The errors should be fixed now.

      Thanks for your patience with us,

  5. There’s a glitch! I’m using the Mโ€™Cheyneโ€™s One Year Bible Reading Plan. I did not start until December, but it appears that leap year was not accounted for in this plan. My iPad version and my android phone both ended the yearly readings on December 30, 2012. Today, we begin what should be normally begin on January 1. If God continues to wait before sending Jesus to get us, in a couple decades, then we would be close to Christmas starting the plan over. I know it is a tiny little thing and these formats will likely have changed by then. However, I also know that Laridian products are top notch and usually do not contain even small issues. There is a modified February schedule available, but I do know what that entails to incorporate into the Lardian book as is it would only be used every four years. Thanks for the great work.

    • Jeffrey, thanks for letting us know. When you say there is a modified February schedule available, do you mean M’Cheyne had a modified schedule?

      With devotionals and published reading plans, the books sometimes include an extra reading (i.e. 366) to account for this. But in either case (with or without an extra reading), the PocketBible program will allow you to adjust for it as well. Or you can always take a day off ๐Ÿ™‚

      We’ll look into it,
      Michelle S.

    • Jeffrey,

      All our devotional books work the way you describe. Some have 365 readings, some have 366. Some have other numbers of readings, like 90 or 120. When all the features are implemented, you’ll be able to start a devotional book on any day of the year (like you currently do on you iPad) so they end when they run out of readings. If you start on August 10, you may finish on August 9, August 8, November 8, December 8 or some other date depending on how many readings are in the book.

  6. Ok, that answers my question on the extra day, I can adjust that. However, to answer Michelle’s question there is different February schedule available for the leap year. I do not know if it was created by M’Cheyne or by someone else later. It simply divides some of the days that have multiple chapters in one day into two days. On March 1, you are right back on schedule.

    I wanted to encourage people at church to do more Bible reading and went looking for a printable schedule and found the regular schedule and the modifed February schedule as downloadable .pdf files at a church website. Those were nice to be able to just download and print, but good eyesight is necessary to enjoy the printed papers. I try to promote the electronic Bible study, but there are only three of us doing that and only one of us that is doing it mobile.

    • Jeffrey,

      Re: M’Cheyne, I think you’re too hung up on the exactly one year thing. M’Cheyne has 365 readings. With PocketBible you can do the first reading in the plan on any day of the year, then PocketBible will schedule one reading a day for the next 364 days after that. If you miss a day, you can adjust the plan so the next unread reading is “today”. During leap years you could read half the Feb 28 reading on Feb 28, then the second half on Feb 29, then on March 1 you tell PocketBible to adjust the reading so the next unread reading (Feb 29) will fall on “today” (March 1).

      This will be less confusing once PocketBible for Android has all the devotional features as its counterparts for other platforms, though I would argue it’s not that confusing today. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Margaret says:

    Re: Professor Horner’s Bible Reading System

    I am so happy to see you’ve included Grant’s reading plan with Pocket Bible! Will you be adding a “catch up” option to sync date and reading completed?
    Thank you for Laridian – it’s the best!

    • Margaret, thanks for your comment. I’m not sure what version of PocketBible you are using (on what type device) but unless it’s Android, you should have a catch up option in the program. If you have any questions on how that might work on your device, you can email us at support@laridian.com.


  8. To add to Michelle’s comment: This feature is coming for Android. And as she said, it’s already available on our other platforms.

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