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PocketBible for iPhone Beta 1

Posted on: May 23rd, 2009 by Craig Rairdin 117 Comments

I posted the first beta version of PocketBible for our beta testers this afternoon. Hopefully it’s raining somewhere over this Memorial Day weekend so a few of them will get some testing done.

We don’t anticipate this to be a lengthy beta. We’re planning to ship with a short to-do list of features we’ll add in version 1.1 and 1.2 (and beyond). The important thing is to get the application out the door.

We’re currently planning to let you download PocketBible from the App Store at no charge. It will come with the KJV and the ability to create a download account at our site that will let you download all our free resources (ASV, DNT, YLT, etc. Bibles plus several commentaries and devotionals). And of course if you already have a download account at our site you’ll be able to download any existing titles you already own, even if you bought them for a different platform. So the cross-grade charge should be $0. We’re hoping you’ll be so thrilled with the price that you’ll buy more Bibles and reference books to help pay for the cost of development.

I hope to be able to post some quotes from the testers and some indication of our progress over the next few days as we prepare to submit the app to Apple for approval. Then we wait while they give it the once over. We’ll be letting everyone know by email and here at the blog when we see it at the App Store.

Thanks for your patience, and especially thanks to those of you who volunteered but who we had to turn away due to limits on the size of our beta testing group. We think you’re going to be pleased with the results.

117 Responses

  1. Terry says:

    Great news! I’ll go get some new Bibles right now so they’re all ready to download when PocketBible hits the App Store.

  2. Betsy says:

    Just wanted to know that it’s been raining in San Antonio today and there’s more expected. :)

    I’m very much looking forward to this!

  3. Eric S. Mueller says:

    Great news! You don’t know how happy I was to hear that. I loved PocketBible on Windows Mobile, but I got so fed up with Windows Mobile crashing all the time that I switched to the iPhone. I knew you’d be releasing PocketBible for iPhone eventually, but I’m very happy to hear that the crossgrade won’t cost. I had been planning for it though.

    Do you have plans to allow syncing of notes and highlights between the iPhone and Windows clients at some point? That was what originally sold me on PocketBible. Still, I’ll be happy to be able to use it on my iPhone.

  4. At some point, we’ll support syncing of notes and highlights between the iPhone and PocketBible for Windows. Most likely it will be through our server. So you’d first upload your notes etc. to the server then sync to the server using the existing sync provider. Or maybe not. Haven’t decided yet.

  5. james says:

    Can’t tell you how happy I am to hear this. I have been waiting quite a while for this and yesterday was about ready to buy the ESV study bible from a competitor after holding out for months & months waiting. Now I will be buying it from you guys and will use the 20 bucks saved on the program to buy a couple extra books as well. Has apple stated how long the approval process is likely to take? Thank you for your hard work at this. I just wish it had been a more pleasant experience for you with having all of the criticism and negative comments coming your way during the process. Know that most all your users are very grateful for all the effort you have been putting it.

  6. App approval takes from two weeks to six months.

  7. Mark Coppock says:

    Bravo! I have been so looking forward to this. The news about previously-purchased items being available on the iPhone is fantastic. I am indeed “so thrilled with the price that (I’ll) buy more Bibles and reference books to help pay for the cost of development.”

    Thank you so much for your work!

  8. Josh S says:

    Here’s another vote from a long time customer who will be buying additional books as soon as this is available! Thanks!

  9. Chris McLoughlin says:

    Oh no, did I miss the beta tester signup? Never thought I’d be sorry for having a long memorial day weekend :(

  10. We actually posted the call for testers on Wednesday or Thursday of last week. Sorry you missed it.

  11. Steve Augustine says:

    My PocketPC died, so I purchased an iPod Touch (or iTouch) as a replacement. I would like to try the beta version of the product, since I am in many situations where the Web is not available (no wireless access locations). I am a long time user of the PocketPC version and would love to see the new and improved version of the iPhone / iTouch.

    BTW, I should have my iTouch on Thursday.

    Steve Augustine

  12. James Andrews says:

    This is why I remain a loyal customer. You DO listen to your customers and with the cross-OS policy for books purchased, you have the best (not to mention most honest) products and ethics in the business!

  13. Steve: You and several hundred others. Unfortunately Apple limits the number of copies of the program we can distribute outside the app store. So the beta group is closed at this point.

  14. Chuck Allen says:

    This is great news! I have been eagerly waiting for this version to arrive and love the approach you are taking with pricing. I guess it’s time to go browsing for a new resource to add to my PocketBible collection.

  15. Josh says:

    Thanks for the update Craig, I know keeping us in the know causes a lot of headaches sometimes so I appreciate it. WOW! about the crossover price, that is amazing and I will be buying many more bibles on this platform.

  16. Chris McLoughlin says:

    Hey Craig,

    Sorry I missed it too… but am eagerly awaiting the GA version! I literally have an iPod Touch that I have sitting collecting dust. So far Laridian has followed me from my Treo 650, to the Treo 700P, to the HTC Mogul (Windows Mobile), and now back to the Palm Centro (Windows Mobile ran like a pig). Glad to see PocketBible will move with me to yet another platform.

    Here’s praying that it is indeed a short beta and kudos on making it free. I think that’s a very smart move on Laridian’s part and should give you excellent market penetration from your already existing customer base. I tend to buy a new title every few weeks and plan to keep that going

  17. Chris McLoughlin says:

    Oh, just to clarify I meant that Windows Mobile ran like a pig…. not PocketBible ;)

  18. Roland says:

    I, too, will buy a new book simply to support the development of this app. Thanks for all your work!

  19. Steve Augustine says:

    I too cannot wait for the GA. In the meantime I will sign up for the web version, so that I can start using my iTouch for my devotions. I will also buy other books when the native version is released.

  20. Brent says:

    Hope you can see that there is a long line of us waiting for this! Thanks for making cross-platform resources available. Love the way you treat your loyal customers. I will be buying more as soon as the iphone app is available. Unfortunately my Treo died. But this will be wonderful on iphone. Thanks again!

  21. Lino says:

    This is great news. The only thing holding me back in buying an iPhone is that it does not have a native version PocketBible. Thank you for the great work. Looking forward to it……

    Saudi Arabia

  22. Mike Sares says:

    Two weeks to six months for Apple app approval? Any friends in the business who can give a better estimate based on similar apps?

  23. Tim Wisner says:

    Just to add my own profound joy at this news. Craig, your integrity and commitment to providing the Word of God to others is a great example of what ministry is like. My father started using MyBible back in the dark ages and I don’t think I could survive without it. I got the iphone the other day, so I’m eagerly waiting for the chance to get this on it. You guys have been a great part of my ministry team by providing this resource at such affordable prices. God bless!!

  24. Mike: Apple’s approval process does not depend on apps being similar. It can vary widely even between two versions of the same app. It seems to depend on which person there reviews your program and how they interpret the rules. I’ve heard from developers who submit a free version and a paid version of the same app and have one version rejected because of some perceived problem, but the other version has the same feature and works the same way yet it is immediately approved.

    My guess is that a couple of weeks is closer to correct than a couple of months, but that’s just a guess.

  25. AtTheCross says:

    I’ve been waiting for this to happen ever since I got my iPod Touch!! Thank!!!

  26. Rev. Wendell Christopher, Sr. says:

    This is great news. I just love the iphone and I have been using Olive Tree bible softwear. It is very easy to use, however I found your softwear and I purchased a yearly sobscription and then brought the App. bundlle. I am hoping that the new system will be as easy to use as the Olivetree is as specially with iPhone coming out with an updated platform sometime this month.

    Keep up the good creations!!!!!

  27. Ken says:

    I am in Australia, and I am really looking forward to this release. I have been a happy user of your products in the past. This will allow me to read the bible uninterrupted on the train (our 3G coverage is very patchy). Please remember to release the app to the rest of the world (not just USA). Keep up the good work.

  28. Scott says:

    YAAAAA! It’s almost here! As for the price: nice. :)

    Be sure and post on the blog when you’ve submitted to Apple so we can all start crossing our fingers for a speedy approval. ;)

  29. Peter says:

    Another long time customer (WM/PPC) who is once again impressed with your commitment to your customers and to providing a great product! Can’t wait to download it from the App Store!

  30. Trentsongs says:

    I’ve used MyBible since way back on my Apple Newton (what it called “MyBible” then?), and then through several Palm models. I’ve always loved it. Unfortunately, I recently purchased Olivetree, not knowing when Laridian would be ready with a native iPhone app.

    I’m looking forward to you out-performing Olivetree, as before and justifying my inevitable switch back.

  31. Jay Leazott says:

    I too cannot wait until this hits the appstore…since switching from a PocketPC device the iPhone has done everything better except for one thing…my trusty PocketBible…I really miss having this in my pocket and will also purchase extra books to help defray the genius decision to make this free…I think it’s smart as many of the cheap/free apps have become wildly successful on the iPhone…then people can decide how much and how often they want to expand their collection…thanks again for all your hard work…

  32. Willy Widjaja says:

    AT LAST! GOD BLESS YOU LARIDIAN!!! i will get the ipod touch! bye bye pocket pc!

  33. Sherryl says:

    Waiting every day for this! I can’t wait! Wish I could test it too!

  34. Adrian says:

    As an owner of many iPhone apps, I can say that this is the one I have been waiting for.
    I am looking forward to only needing to charge the iPhone and not the Palm.

    Will be downloading as soon as possible.
    God Bless.

  35. Dale says:

    I’m with you Willy. The sole reason I’ve been holding back on switching to the iPod Touch is PocketBible (well, and money, but that isn’t hard for ME to fix). I’ve already purchased some extra bibles in anticipation of getting the Touch (and to help with those development costs, since Laridian is after all providing the new software free to existing customers!). I’ve been hanging on to my PPC for about five years now, and have been waiting on something truly exceptional to replace it with, which I believe the Touch will be. Now if only more people wanted a Mac version of the desktop application!!

  36. Paul Abell says:

    This is brilliant news. I’ve been wondering what to do now that I have an iPhone and here’s the answer! I’ve had Pocket Bible since I bought a HP 520 and thought I was really going to miss it so this is great. Now if we can just have a mac version please… What a great company. I’ll certainly be buying yet more books for the collection :-)

  37. Scott says:

    Like the others, I can hardly wait! I have had your app on several Palm PDAs I have owned, but the hardware just doesn’t seem to last more than a few months these days. I have held off buying more books because the Palm is almost unusable, I will definitely buy more for my ipod as soon as it comes out!

    Question, will there be support to transfer notes from the Palm to the ipod?

  38. Mary says:

    Craig and team members – Please add my name to the chorus of those who are deeply grateful for your perseverance. I am grieved that you received critical comments, that may have left you both offended and discouraged. The majority of your loyal customers, recognize this to have been an opportunity, for us all, to develop patience!! We trust the final product will be excellent, as that is what we have all enjoyed by means of your other platforms, in my case, WM/PCC.

    That you have also decided to make the download of the initial app free, is more than I dared hope for! In addition to my existing, and lengthy, download account, I already have at least one other Bible lined up for purchase, with a couple of devotionals under consideration. Your pricing choices, especially in these times, is what will make those purchases possible. I know I speak for many when I say, we are grateful for the care and consideration you’ve not only shown towards those of us already loyal to Laridian products, but also, by virtue of choosing that option, making it easier for each of us to operate as advocates for your product, when speaking to others interested in this type of application.

  39. Lionel Dyck says:

    Just ordered an iPhone based on this blog post. I *LOVE* PocketBible – have used it for years starting on my Palm and then PocketPC.

    Can’t wait for this to hit the app store (and of course for my new iPhone to arrive)

  40. Willy says:

    Hi Dale, yep it was my problem also, i always hold on to PPC all these years because of Pocket Bible, it seems it’s a problem to most of us :P…aah good..God always has the right people to spread His blessings! Go Laridian!

  41. NJW says:

    This is fantastic news. Since switching from Treo to iPhone, this is the app that I have not been able to replace.

  42. Trentsongs says:

    Just wanted to clarify, has it been submitted to Apple yet?

  43. No. We’ll post something here when it goes to Apple.

    The beta testers have raised some concerns they want us to address before it gets submitted to the AppStore. As a result it’s not going to be as short a test as we had planned.


  44. Chris McLoughlin says:

    Hey Craig,

    In brief, what were the major snags that were run into?

  45. Ralph says:

    Hmmm…I can’t decide if that is good or bad. :)

  46. Lionel Dyck says:

    Do you have any target date? You already have us salivating for it :-)

  47. Yeah we’re already past it.

  48. Mark Lackey says:

    I have used your Bible and devotionals for years with my HP Ipaq
    until it died and I went with the Apple Touch.
    Anxiously awaiting the release of your Apple product.
    M Lackey,?Somerset, KY

  49. Marlon says:

    Will the new version be compatible with iPhone 3.0 software?

  50. All new releases for the iPhone have been being tested against 3.0 for about a month now. And 3.0 runs all existing 2.2.1 software for the most part. We have beta testers with 3.0 and of course we have access to it ourselves.

  51. erik leisten says:

    I want to encourage Laridian to continue in thier efforts. Your diligence, ethics and products are excellent.
    I understand now that one may sync Palm textnotes to iPocketBible (web based app). I was VERY grateful to hear of this feature. It was a major reason why I switched to iPhone.
    To repeat the request of another Eric (May 23 posting), I am hopeful that you will develop a means to sync from Palm classic to PocketBible(native app)as well.
    Thank you.

  52. Paul Baggaley says:

    Perfect timing.
    I’m planning to switch to the new iPhone in the next few weeks.
    Thus far the lack of laridian Bible software for the iPhone has been one of the things holding me back from getting one.
    Glad I will be able to continue my long running use of Laridian software and use all my existing Bible/book purchases. Is everything that is on Windows Mobile going to be available for iPhone or will it be a subset of the books?



  53. At this point everything you can buy for Windows Mobile will be available for iPhone. Our Windows Mobile selection includes everything we publish. There are a few titles we don’t have for Windows desktop and a larger number we don’t have for Palm. For BlackBerry we only have Bibles. So that will make iPhone a primary platform for us along with Windows Mobile.

  54. William Arnold Taylor says:

    Like most others here I can hardly wait to get the IPhone app. I too have been a PocketBible user over multiple platforms and models over the years and love it! I have many bibles and other books and commentaries that I use for all my bible classes. I will also purchase other books to help support your development.

    God Bless,

  55. Willy says:

    i’ve just got my ipod touch yesterday, have it ready for editing office docs, file transfers etc..when Pocket Bible arrives, ipod touch will be my main pda, thank God for Laridian!

  56. Stevo says:

    I have been a customer for a long time, with the windows mobile stuff. You can count me as well as one who has waited to jump on the iphone bandwagon until I was sure there I could get this app and all my books and stuff transfer. Once I felt good that with that then it was waiting for the next cycle from Apple, which is upon us!

  57. Bret Deardorff says:

    At last my iPhone will be complete with the best bible software in the industry. I can’t wait!! I have been putting off buying one of the competitors because of the 9-10 year history I have with Laridian and am looking forward to getting the app installed as soon as it comes out. Thanks Laridian!

  58. erik leisten says:

    I didn’t yet get an answer to the question I posed on the 10th so I thought I would try again. (and actually ask the question this time ;]
    …will Laridian develop a means to sync textnotes from Palm classic to PocketBible(native app), just as you already have done from Palm classic to iPocketBible?

    Thank you

  59. The plan is to integrate the native iPhone app into the synchronization system somehow. It won’t be in 1.0 but should be in 1-point-something.

  60. Mark Cole says:

    Do you have a date set for the release of the pocketbible to the Itunes store?

  61. Michele Johnson says:

    Wow! Thank you for so kindly offering a FREE App.! I look forward to buying a new Laridian book for my iphone, as well. My Second Graders were really impressed with hearing Scripture from my pocketPC NIV last Sunday! -Michele

  62. James says:

    As others mentioned, I’d planned on a cost for the App, so I’ll definitely be supporting Laridian by using the same amount of money to purchase new Bibles and books. Hopefully you all get a significant increase in purchases as a result of the free App!

  63. T-Will says:

    Wow, that’s awesome to hear! Can’t wait for Apple to give their “ok”! :-)

  64. Kim says:

    I love love love Lardian Pocket Bible! Much like many of your users – I’m holding onto my phone booth as it is lovingly called until I could catch a glimmer of hope that it would even work on the iphone. Thank you as you Glorify God and allow those of us who can’t carry every study bible that we like for fear of breaking out backs – until you provided this service. Thank you so much for your efforts and your work. Just wanted you to know how much your work is appreciated.

  65. Roy says:

    I had the memory verse program in windows – I can’t find it on the iphone.
    Will it be available?

  66. Morgan says:

    Thanks! I’ll happily buy a book or two for all your work!

  67. Cindy Smith says:

    I just got my iPhone and can’t wait for y’all to finish testing. I have had Laridian products on my Palm in the past and loved them! I am trying to be patient as I wait for this new product. I want the bible in NLT and Experiencing God devotional. Fabulous! I am in Texas and waiting.

  68. Josh says:

    Is Beta 1 over and we are just waiting on Apple now?

  69. There will be multiple beta versions. We had a big gap since beta 1 because I’ve been tackling some particularly difficult issues brought up by the testers. I hope to send beta 2 out next week. It will not be a release candidate. Beta 3 will be the first one that has the possibility of being the version we ultimately send to Apple.

    I’ll post a blog article when we deliver the app to Apple. In the meantime there’s a short video at YouTube demonstrating what I’ve been working on as it relates to scrolling the text in beta 2. Do a search for laridianinc on YouTube and you’ll find our channel.

  70. Scott says:

    Craig just curious – did the software improvements in 3.0 help any with the rendering speed for pages in PB? I know they made Safari render web pages faster and i *think* you guys are rendering web like data… no biggie just wondering.


    BTW the new page scroll does look better in the video

  71. Richard says:

    Hi there

    I have been using Pocketbible on my old IPAQ 2210 for years and am glad to hear of this news. When will it be available?

    To the team working on this, keep up the good work

  72. Scott: We don’t use Safari to render our pages.

    Richard: As stated above, we’ll let you know when we submit it to Apple.

  73. Lionel Dyck says:

    For beta 2 or 3 will you be accepting additional testers (beg – grovel – plead) ?


    Keep up the great work – I’ve enjoyed your products for years and know that your work brings Glory to our Lord.

    Soli Deo Gloria

  74. george says:

    thanks so much for all your time and effort working on this. i have been a long time customer

    i have used mybible and pocketbible for as far as i can remember. waiting for the iphone pocketbible turns out even more unbearable than waiting for a new iphone model or new iphone firmware. haha. God bless everyone at Laridian and your families.

    The youtube videos looked great. i was wondering if we will be able to split the screen to view 2 diff bible translations at the same time in comparison mode.

    in addition, there’s one super awesome feature I find in MyBible for Palm that I really like but cannot find elsewhere. every time I switch to a different book within the same bible version, when I return to that particular book, without putting in the chapter and verse #, it takes me back immediately to the same chapter and verse I was at the very last time I visited that particular book. This helps me remember the last place I read in that book to keep track of my progress instead of losing my place after I happen to move to read other books. It also helps when the speaker is jumping back and forth between two places on diff books to be able to jump right back without having to input the chapter and verse number constantly. or if there’s a BACK or FORWARD option that would help a lot too. it would be great if it’s possible for this to feature to make it into the iphone PB.

    thanks again for all your hard work.

  75. Rudy Cabrera says:

    I cannot afford an iPhone. This should also work with iPod Touch, i suppose. My Palm if really getting old.

  76. John Cooper says:

    I am in the UK and have been a Palm user of MyBible for many years and handset versions, up to a Treo 680. I have been thinking about waiting for the launch of the Palm Pre to continue to use MyBible, but with the news of the native version of the iPhone PocketBible I am seriously considering moving from Palm to Apple! Only Laridian has this power!! :) I also use PocketBible for Windows and so would love see the synchronisation facility at some stage.

    Looking forward to the launch of the new app, and thanks to you for all your hard work over the years to produce such excellent Bible software. I would echo George’s comments about the Bible remembering the last location would be highly useful. The videos look great.

  77. Rick Lerch says:

    Okay, okay, I’ll be patient. I really do NOT like iPocketBible for iPhone (iTouch for me), and was considering jumping ship. I still have my Palm Tungsten and that works well. You can count on another coupla purchases from me, as well.


  78. Mike Procter says:


    Yet another long term Mybible/Pocketbible user here. Really looking forward to having the iphone version to run my my nice new iPhone 3G S. I miss having the bible on my phone.

    Any news yet on when it is being sent to apple?

    If you want another beta tester, just ask me. Thanks. Keep up the Go(o)d work.


  79. Chaz says:


    I loved Pocketbible for the Microsoft Mobile OS, but when I got my iphone I was disappointed in the ipocketbible demo and never subscribed. I was wondering if the new ipocketbible native version will have many of the same features of Pocketbible 4. My favorite was when I had my NIV study bible on split screen. The scholar’s study notes were in sync with the verses. I also liked being able to flip back and forth between the two and they stayed in sync. I would love to buy the ESV study bible if this is the case with ipocketbible.

  80. Dave Nelson says:


    I have been one of the last two holdouts at our company keeping my treo 650 as the rest of the world has been forced to migrate to the blackberry. The only reason I was able to hold out was that the other holdout was our CEO. I think he just generally didn’t want to change. I didn’t want to change because of MyBible and all the notes that I’ve taken in it over the past 3-4 years.

    Now I’m having to switch because the CEO has quit holding out — but the good news is, the I-phone has become an option instead of just the blackberry. Is there any prayer that I’ll be able to somehow save/port my highlights, bookmarks and/or most especially my notes from MyBible ove into the Iphone app when it’s available?

    Thanks so much for all your company does — and for your personal engagement in this blog.

  81. Chaz: The native iPhone version is based on a lot of the code in the Windows Mobile version. Features will be similar. Not all features will be in version 1, but if you look at Windows Mobile you’ll get an idea of what features will be in PocketBible for iPhone.

    Dave: There is, in fact, a prayer that you’ll be able to somehow save/port your highlights, bookmarks, and/or your notes from MyBible into the iPhone app.

  82. Don G says:

    I was wondering, with the offer of the iphone application being free, for those who recently purchased the 12 month ipocketbible subscription, will there be a credit back of unused months when it comes out? Thanks for the great product!

  83. Philip Janz says:

    Also looking forward to the Native Version! I have been a long-time “mybible” user on my palm. Being a very recent convert to the iPhone platform, I would also like to echo the comments related to the ability to port over years worth of “highlights” within my 7, or so, different bible translations. In my mind, it would make sense to make sure that your first release would include this feature, as it greatly aids in famIliar navigation for those of us that study and/or teach.

  84. Gerwin Pol says:

    This is great news. Although I own a iPhone since November last year and really love it. Before that used a Blackberry and Nokia Communicator. Still I have been holding on to my iPAQ 2210 for two main reasons: Turn by Turn Navigation and PocketBible. The first one is recently been solved. With PocketBible released on iPhone I finally put the iPaq to rest.

    Any sight on the beta testing and release timeline?


  85. Ron C says:


    Is there any way for users to contact someone at APPLE to let them know of the intense desire to have this program? Maybe that can put a little fire under the one sitting on the beta help them to realize that there is profitability in getting it out to the public.

    Just a thought because I look for it “everyday” to be added to the APP Store.

    Thanks for all of your efforts!

  86. There’s nobody at Apple holding anything up.

    There’s no need to check the app store every day until we tell you it’s been submitted.

  87. Mike F says:

    Thank you for your patience and your replies. No question, just wanted to show my appreciation for your effort. I too have been checking the APP store daily; I’ll check here instead and try to stay patient.

    BTW: I just thought of a question that was previously asked by another poster. It is about memory verse; that is my wife’s favorite. Any plans for it to be ported over to iPhone as well?

  88. Kathy Harrell says:

    Please put me on the list for notification of the native app! I SO miss Memorize! and Hymns. Can’t wait to move my already-purchased library and begin to add to it!

  89. glen urquhart says:

    Based on the May 23rd information that “it won’t be a long beta” I went ahead and bought the iphone.
    I had been using several Bible versions + Greek words up on 4 split screens at a time, many times a day for a couple years on my Treo Palm. Have not found a way to do this via the very limited Safari web based approach. Going back and forth is VERY SLOW and VERY frustrating; you just can’t get much done.
    Please “getr done” and release some level of iphone APP that provides some usability!
    What is the hold up and when will you release the APP so we can use the hundreds of dollars of materials we’ve bought from Laridian?

  90. glen urquhart says:

    ps please also put me on the list for notification of the native APP release.

  91. First, there is no such list. We will notify our customers and post something here when the application is submitted to Apple.

    The beta has been held up by two issues: First is that the version 3.0 OS from Apple dramatically changed how certain messages are passed to our program and completely broke the way our text is scrolled and displayed. It introduced some positive things, too, but the things it broke were show stoppers.

    Second, Apple used to allow us to have 100 developers and 100 beta testers and to distribute to those outside the App Store for development and testing purposes. Somewhere in the last few months they changed that to only 100 total, then they changed to to only 100 EVER. So when someone upgraded from original iPhone to iPhone 3G, that counted as TWO devices even if they sold or destroyed the original device. Then when they upgraded to 3GS, that counted as yet another device.

    So in a weird twist of ironic fate, our beta testing team has been decimated by its best testers upgrading to the new 3GS phone. They can no longer test our product and they’ve consumed a “slot” in our 100 devices that we can never ever get back. Furthermore, neither Jeff nor I can upgrade our devices to 3GS (we can buy a 3GS — and we have — but we can’t deploy our app to it).

    This situation is creating a huge flame war against Apple by its developers but so far Apple is not listening.

    So we haven’t distributed Beta 2 yet because of the problems with OS3 and once we do our supply of testers will have been cut by about 1/3. Needless to say we’re upset about the whole mess.

    Never had this problem with Windows Mobile.


  92. Don G says:

    Thank you for the updates Craig. I am sure you have considered shutting down these comments and halting further feedback until it is released like what happened a few months back after all the criticism. Just want to let you know, we appreciate your work. It sounds like it has been a very frustrating process, thanks for persevering. God bless you in your work, and I apologize on behalf of all those who impatiently criticize. Praying that god gives you wisdom as you code.

  93. Matt says:

    For $99 you could start a “new company” and get a new cert to distribute with. That will get you an additional 100 phones you can distribute to. On the renewal date of your old $99 membership you will get a new one year cert and can distribute to a different set of 100 phones. As far as upgrading, yes, when people replace their equipment with a new phone they actually get a new device that has a new hardware id. If the $99 is a deal breaker I’ll be happy to pony up the $99 if I can be a tester.

    So its $99/year for adhoc distribution to 100 devices. There isn’t a limit to the total, just the number you can do with each “company.”

  94. I’ve been thinking about that solution but the problem is that there are reports that it’s not possible to have two developer certificates on the same machine. So we’d each have to dedicate a Mac to each company. (And issue new security certificates with the same names so that builds would work for either “company” etc.)

    It is NOT the case that renewing gives you 100 more phones. That’s part of what has people upset. It’s 100 UDIDs for the life of your company and once you mess it up by having more than a few beta testers who upgrade to 3G then to 3GS, you’re stuck.

    The correct solution to this is not for developers to go get a bunch of new MacBooks and a bunch of $99 developer accounts, but rather for Apple to remove their crania from their recta and simply fix their broken Web site and developer-abusive policy.

  95. Matt says:

    Actually, its 100 UUID’s for the life of the cert which is 1 year from issuance. Each year you get a new cert and a clean reset of your 100 UUID’s. It isn’t 100 UUIDs for the life of your company, its for the life of a particular cert and that’s one year.

    As for the problem of having more than one developer cert installed on a host. It certainly isn’t going to require a second computer. Its either manual cert management. Creating a second user account on the same computer to handle the second “company” cert. Or in a total worst case, a second HD to install a complete OS and toolchain. Its not going to require a complete second computer.

    Anyway, those are just some workaround solutions to avoiding a problem with Apple Developer Tool Chain issues and the lack of communication your are getting from them. I only offered the second “company” as a quick solution to your testing problem. If you want to wait for Apple to fix the underlying problem with their DTS service. History says you will be waiting a long time.

  96. To repeat, one of the current bugs in the iPhone Dev Portal is that renewing your developer certificate does not reset your 100 UDIDs. In effect, the 100-UDID limit is for the life of your company. That’s the problem. We all agree it shouldn’t work that way, but it does. And Apple says it doesn’t work that way, but its developers who have renewed their developer license are saying otherwise.

    For lurkers who aren’t following Matt’s suggestions, while they’re good they point out the complete absurdity of Apple’s security system for developers. He’s suggesting paying the annual registration fee ($99) a second time, installing a second hard drive containing not just a second copy of the compiler but a second copy of the OPERATING SYSTEM. This is a brilliant solution to the utter lack of competence at Apple, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

    Anyway as I said before this isn’t what’s holding up beta 2 except to the extent that we can’t add our own 3GS device to our own account, so we can’t install our own program onto our own new devices.

    Meanwhile I’ve never bought a Windows Mobile device onto which I couldn’t install PocketBible.

  97. Paul Meiklejohn says:

    Craig, I do appreciate that these kind of posts can take up your precious time, but just to say that your explanation really did help me appreciate the complexities and therefore makes the wait a little bit easier. I hope and pray you can find a way forward.

  98. Ron Felder says:

    I really LOVE Pocket Bbible and was happy to hear that you were porting it to the iPhone. I’m sorry to hear that Apple is giving you a hard time with the beta testing UUIDs, and I hope the problems will be resolved.

    Thanks for making such a great product!

  99. Denis Lee says:

    I am a newbie to the Laridian world. Waiting also for the native iPhone app. I pray for patience and offer encouragement. I’ve been in the Apple world a long time. They do a lot of things right. But not everything. The iPhone remains an amazing opportunity and an amazing device. But it’s the new kid on the block. There may be a lack of experience in this arena on the part of Apple. But they will get it right in the end.

    There are many new eyes being introduced to the power of mobile computing for the first time. The hurdles may exist, but there is excitement in this device for a lot of folks. Many of them will find it delightful to carry the Laridian products as a native app. Many of us may be a bit anxious at the moment and the tone may even appear demanding. Thank you for your efforts. I hope the discouragement hasn’t harmed your desire.

    This post has remained pretty active in comments. It seems to me that you have folks who are very loyal to your product. I’m impressed.

    Maybe we could send candy bars or sodas ?? Thanks for the effort.

  100. Mary says:

    Dear Craig — Reluctantly, we’re all having our patience developed, through this process! I so wish this process wasn’t proving to be so tedious, for y’all. Count me as part of the group that ‘checks every day’, although, I’ve been checking the front page of your blog, rather than the App store.

    Craig, could you please clarify where, exactly, on your website, you will post the app having been sent to Apple for approval? Will it be on the front page of the blog, or will it be inside the comments of this particular blog entry subject?

    At this moment, I have placed a link to the front page of your blog, onto my Home Screen, as an immediate/linked icon, so as to check on any updates. If I have chosen the wrong ‘page’, as a link, and should link to this particular comment page, instead, please advise.

    Deep, and continuing, gratitude to you, and the entire team, working to reward the patience of us all. I hope the success of the app, for Laridian’s sake, will reap, for y’all, countless blessings–sufficient to turning a nightmare of a process, into a dream of a successful product. Lord bless…

  101. Once the app goes to Apple we’ll post an article here on the blog (as a new article, not buried in the comments).

    We’ll post an update once beta 2 goes out. I’ll use that opportunity to explain what all is going on and maybe help folks understand the delay.

    There will probably be a beta 3. Can’t say how many more betas beyond that.

  102. Scott says:

    Wow only Apple could devise a policy that punishes both their developers and people buy more products from them at the same time. They do some things extremely well but it almost seems like they strive to balance out the good with bad with some of their decisions.

    Well fight the good fight Craig… run the race with perseverance… and any other appropriate quotation… :D

    Looking forward to 1.0

  103. Leonard Wee says:

    Better late than never. This whole relationship with customers vis-a-vis their request for an iPhone app could have been managed better. Thanks!

  104. Hey Leonard, thanks for the vague insult! Like you, I always find it best to toss statements like that over the wall with no support or explanation. It makes it more likely I won’t be backed into a corner in a public forum.

  105. T-Will says:

    Looking forward to it also! It can be a little embarrassing while in a Bible study and you have a flaky data connection and can’t get to the book/chapter in a timely manner. It’ll be great to have a local, no data connection required, Bible. :-)


  106. Timothy says:

    Keep up the good work Craig. I am patiently waiting. God bless…


  107. Dug McAlpine says:

    Is it possible to get a copy of the Beta version. I have beta tested other software.

    Do you know when the app will be available? I can’t wait. I am thrilled that as I move from my Palm to my Iphone I don’t have to buy all the Bibles again. Incredible good news.

  108. Robin says:

    I’m confused by the term “Native”. Does that mean a program like your original ones that do not require the WiFi connection?
    (If so, YAY!! I don’t want to have to deal with finding WiFi connections to pull up scripture!)

    I’m getting my iTouch by Monday, so I’m excited to hear more about what Laridian has to offer us.

    Thank you. :-)

  109. Dug: Apple limits the number of copies we can distribute outside the App Store. We’re maxed out on the number of beta testers we can support. We don’t have a release date in mind. I’m going to post an update here on the blog before the end of the week or maybe this weekend.

    Robin: Native apps are like MyBible on the Palm or PocketBible on Windows Mobile that run directly on the device. Our program for iPhone is a Web-based app that requires a connection to the Internet to run. We’re working on a native version for the iPhone, so it will not require an Internet connection once you install it.

  110. glen urquhart says:

    Craig: Looking forward to the update. Thanks for all your hard work.

  111. Jack says:

    Do you expect that comments, notes and bighlights from the Ipocket version will port to the native version or will they need to be manually reinput into the native version when it becomes available.

  112. Jack,

    It is our plan to integrate PocketBible for iPhone into our note/highlight/bookmark synchronization scheme in some way. It won’t be in version 1.0.0 on day one, but will follow in an update that will come out soon after the initial program is released.

    At this point that’s about all I can say. Our intention is to get the first version out the door then follow it with fairly rapid updates as we add new features. We could be updating as frequently as every week or two for a while. More likely once a month for several months. One of those updates will contain the data synchronization feature.

  113. Tom Law says:


    I feel your frustration with Apple. Is there something some of us, your customers, could help out with on this 100 cert issue? Otherwise I will do what I have been doing is to pray for your team.

    God’s Peace,

  114. We were able to reset our device count when our program membership renewed earlier this week. We’ve cut our beta tester list in half so we don’t risk running out next year. Apple has repetitively promised to do something about this. They need to loosen up a bit.

    They’re hearing from their developers. I think that’s sufficient. We appreciate your prayers, though.

    I hope to post an update to the main blog so you don’t have to filter through these comments to see the status. Hopefully that will happen today; maybe tomorrow.

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