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Laridian, Classic and Palm Pre

Posted on: June 5th, 2009 by Craig Rairdin 46 Comments

Class CertifiedHere on the eve of the launch of the Palm Pre, we are pleased to announce that all four of our Palm OS programs have been Classic Certified by MotionApps. MyBible 5, DailyReader, Memorize! and CountEm are all Classic Certified. The Classic Certified Logo serves as a seal of approval letting you know that you can use the Classic Certified application with confidence.

While we have worked with MotionApps to obtain Classic Certification, we have not yet seen a Pre or experienced our products running in Classic. While we expect most of our product features to “just work”, there may be some differences or issues.
For instance, since the Pre does not use the familiar Palm HotSync, installation to the Pre for use within Classic is different. Likewise, data synchronization with PocketBible for Windows may not be supported or may require some extra effort on your part.

Since these products are designed for the Palm Operating System, some issues related to using our products under Classic may not be addressed.

In order to support installation to the Pre, we are now  providing our Palm OS products in “.zip” format, in addition to the Windows Setup program and “.sit” formats that we have previously supplied. The .zip format allows anyone easy access to the Palm “.prc” and “.pdb” files that are installed to a device. (In fact, Windows power users may prefer the zip file and manual install when installing to an older Palm OS device as well.)

MyBible, DailyReader, Memorize! and CountEm were all updated earlier this afternoon to include the Classic certification. If you’ve previously downloaded our programs, you may want to download the updated versions made available earlier this afternoon.

Over the next few days, we’ll be updating our Web site with additional information on using and installing our programs with the Pre. Watch for details. And who knows, we may write another blog article or two.

Registered owners of MyBible 5, DailyReader, Memorize! and CountEm may download the updated, Classic Certified versions without cost. If you enjoy these programs in Classic, please consider buying additional Laridian content to use on your Pre.

46 Responses

  1. Pre-bound says:

    Are you planning to do a webOS-native version of your applications?

  2. Jeff Wheeler says:

    We haven’t announced any plans regarding a webOS version of our software.

  3. Matthew says:

    I would love it if you would add the Pre, as I just purchased one about an hour ago – I have MyBible 4 as of now, but would love to get a version designed for a full-screen Pre.

  4. Matthew says:

    I would love it if you would add the Pre, as I just purchased one about an hour ago – I have MyBible 4 as of now, but would love to get a version designed for a full-screen Pre.

  5. tn_friend says:

    Put me down for hoping that you release a native WEB OS for the PRE as well. I also purchase one today, with the hesitation that I will greatly miss my pocketbible

  6. Caroyl says:

    I hope you develop a WebOS version of all your software, but especially MyBible. I have read that WebOS is SUPPOSED to be easy to develop applications for, but you will have to judge that now that the Pre is out. Good luck and may God bless you in your efforts!

  7. Robert says:

    I purchased the MotionApps software and am now running MyBible on my Pre with no problems. It would still be nice to have a full screen version, however. I would definitely pay for that in a new bundle if it were available. Thanks for the really excellent work you do!

  8. levimarshall says:

    Please come up with a MyBible on WebOS. Please.

  9. Tim says:

    I purchased the Palm Pre on the June 6th and immediately loaded MyBible into a trial Classic. I had purchased a large bundle of MyBible add-ons and couldn’t get them to work until I added them a few at a time instead of porting them over all at one time. Nevertheless, PLEASE make a version of MyBible for Palm’s webOS. I’ll be praying that God give you the wisdom on how to execute it to be an outstanding platform for the webOS…..oooooh…can’t wait?

  10. Reid S. Monaghan says:

    Put me down as a new Pre owner who would gladly pay to have webOS native version of MyBible and associated resources. I know you guys won’t announce or say anything – but I would buy it today and get all my friends with Pre(s) to buy as well.

  11. Rita says:

    I have a Palm LifeDrive and purchased the full system for 99.00. I love the product, BUT, because of the LifeDrive not being able to download extremely large files, I am only able to use a very small portion of the product. I’ve not been able to “get” any of the commentaries or dictionaries. IS there a SOLUCTION for this??????


  12. Jeff Wheeler says:

    Rita – yes, there is a solution, documented in our Knowledge Base.

  13. Buck says:

    +1 for Palm Pre WebOS support. We’re ready, are you?

  14. Corey Colman says:

    Count me as another huge fan of MyBible that will most gladly pay for a WebOS version. Once I have it my boss surely will too. Hope you’re receiving many more feedback that a WebOS version will be supported by your existing customers.

  15. Mike Berg says:

    I’m going to a men’s bible study this morning without Mybible 4. Please get the WebOS version going. I’m ready!

  16. Paul Irvin says:

    I am using your bible on pre using classic. In 2 words, not acceptable. I hope you come up with a version spacificly for pre before someone else does.

  17. Tom Armistead says:

    I’m running MyBible 5 under the Classic production on my Pre. The initial try at adding the bible databases didn’t work as I tried to load several of them all at one time. I went back and added them 1 product at a time and it’s working well now.

    I’ve been using MyBible for 10 years (I’m a loyal fan). What I have now (with Classic) is acceptable, but I would really like to see a native Pre version and will gladly pay for the upgrade when it’s available.

  18. Melissa says:

    Please keep us updated. We would really like too know if you are working on a native ver for the pre. Thank you.

  19. Brett Quam says:

    If you are having issues loading files into Classic, you should reference the FAQs that MotionApps have created at their site. If you are having trouble actually using MyBible or any of the Laridian software, please open a ticket from our support site and we will work with you to resolve the issue.

  20. Ken says:

    I am waiting for anyone to develop a version of the ESV preferable the new Study ESV on the Pre. The one that does will get my business. It may or may not be Laridian, the clock is ticking and the other Bible software companies may win the race. For me the Classic option is not a realistic option for this phone.

  21. Dan Toulan says:

    What needs to be done to port over your notes and highlights from MyBible 4 on a Palm Treo 700p, to MyBible 5 on the Palm Pre

  22. Jeff Wheeler says:

    Dan, moving from MyBible 5 to MyBible 5 is easy. Just move your notes, bookmark, categories and highlight databases from your Treo to your Pre. If you still have MyBible 4 on your Treo, you’ll need to update it to MyBible 5, run it on the Treo to convert your data, then copy the files. If you need assistance, look at the “backup” articles in our knowledge base, or contact support.

  23. Gil says:

    Purchased MyBible based on the understanding that previously purchased bibles could be used under license, but it appears as though my main Bibles (NRSV and NAB) are not even available on the Palm platform. Have been using pocketbible 4, but switched dumped WinMobile to move to WebOS/Pre. Can’t even get MyBible to install in Classic environment 1.1.05; BSOD anytime I attempt to boot classic. Disappointing. May have to look at Olive Tree. When will Laridian issue a firm position on WebOS development and what’s the deal with all of the missing bibles on the MyBible side of the house?

  24. Jeff Wheeler says:


    These kinds of questions are best sent to our support department, rather than posted on our blog. There are many advantages to contacting our support team, such as talking to the support experts and getting faster turn-around. However, I’ll try to help out.

    1. All books that you purchase are licensed for use on any compatible platform. Not all books and Bibles are compatible with or available for all platforms. In general, Windows Mobile and iPhone have the most choices, Palm OS (MyBible) has less, and Blackberry (Noah) has even less. Due to variations in features between the platforms and programs, not all books are available everywhere. You are encouraged to check the order form to see what is available.

    2. Regarding your BSOD with Classic, I’d encourage you to contact MobileApps.

    3. Regarding WebOS development, we do have a firm position. Our company policy is to not pre-announce what we may or may not be working on. If and when there is a product for WebOS, Android, Symbian, etc., we will announce it. We’ve learned through experience (both recent and longstanding) that it is best not to make promises or public predictions.

  25. Angela says:

    I too am interested in My Bible for the Pre. I happily loaded it into Motion Apps Classic until I found out that program is another $30!!! Please develop one soon!

  26. Tommyjaw says:

    I too have been a loyal supporter of MyBible over the last 10-12 years. I have almost every translation of the bible you offer. I have 20+ devotions, many commentaries, several dictionaries, daily readers, you name it. I have also switched to the pre and love the functionality of the device. One of the factors I consider every time I purchase a new device is whether or not I will be able to use MyBible. I saw classic and it sealed the deal but now with some new updates your program although “classic certified” does not work on classic.

    Here is the response from Motion apps:

    We have been informed by Palm that the recent ROM Update (1.0.3) was incomplete whereas some of the critical Classic files were omitted. This in turn can cause problems when running Classic after 1.0.3 update is applied.
    Being aware of this situation now, we are recommending the following steps as the best course of action until this issue is resolved in the upcoming update from Palm.
    We are sorry that you have been affected with this issue and we are working with Palm to provide the complete update as soon as possible.
    To resolve this issue quickly, please do the following:
    1. Connect your Palm Pre via USB cable to the computer
    2. Select USB Drive mode on Pre’s screen
    4. Disconnect the Pre from USB cable and start Classic.
    After this, make sure to install PRC and PDB files in Classic as described at
    We hope this response answered your question.

    I have tried what they suggested and more, it did not work. I hope that your company continues to develop new platforms. I am extremely disappointed with Motion apps.

    I hope that there is something better such as a web os native app in the plans. I am not asking for that information as I have seen and read your position on the subject, but I will still hold out hope as I have been a very loyal client for many years.

  27. Dennis Griess says:

    I have to concur with Tommyjaw. I am very disappointed with MotionApps. I have tried everything they recommend (multiple times, just to make sure I didn’t mess up) and have yet to get Classic to recognize anything from Laridian.

    I will keep trying because I love the device. That MyBible and DailyReader worked before the 1.0.3 update from Palm, I have to believe they will eventually work this out. I would recommend anyone interested in pursuing this wait until the early adopters tell you it’s fixed.

  28. Caroyl says:

    Please hurry and develop a WebOS version of MyBible. I’m carrying around my TREO until I can buy the apps I really want/need, and my purse is heavier than it needs to be ;-) MyBible is on my short list! Thanks!!

  29. Jeff Wheeler says:

    Tommyjaw and Dennis,

    Thanks for passing on this news regarding MotionApps and the recent Pre update. It sounds like both MotionApps and Palm are aware of the problem. Based on what Tommyjaw said, it appears that MotionApps Classic was broke not because of MotionApps, but because of a Pre update from Palm. This is no doubt frustrating to both MotionApps and to Palm, and particularly to MotionApps as they are the ones getting the “bum rap” and “bad publicity” about a problem not of their own making.

    I don’t have any special insider information about either Palm or MotionApps, but I’d encourage you to be patient with MotionApps regarding this problem. If it really was caused by an OS update that is missing some files that Classic relies upon, then MotionApps cannot correct the problem but must wait for Palm to address it. You can imagine how frustrating this would be to the folks at MotionApps, as they are both powerless to correct the problem and (I suspect) taking hits from their customers because of it.

  30. Quiller says:

    Just another long time user to add to the list of those who will gladly pay for an upgrade to run native on the Palm Pre.

  31. Donnieval says:

    My Bible worked on the free version of Classic but not on the purchased copy. Workaround didn’t help. When will you have a Web OS for My Bible. I will be the first to purchase the upgrade.

  32. MyBible is Classic Certified and works on both the free and purchased versions of Classic. If it doesn’t work for you the way it’s working for others, contact Motion Apps for support.

  33. Reid says:


    I know you guys are following the Pre developments but it looks like there could be 1 million devices moved by the end of the year.

    The Pre community contains many long time Palm OS users and MyBible fans. This is a market in which it could pay for getting there first as the app catalog is fairly empty and will likely grow in the coming months.

    I am not buying classic as the Palm OS is a thing of the past – I will be using online mobile versions of Bibles until something hits the App Catalog.

    Hoping you guys jump in as the webOS moves forward…

  34. Ed Hansberry says:

    …could be 1 million devices moved by the end of the year

    or not.

    All of these projections should be viewed closely. Laridian should tread carefully before devoting resources to a single-device/single-platform, especially when via the Classic app, there is an alternative. Whether or not WebOS is here to stay it is WAY too early to tell. It has only been out a few weeks, and already demand seems to be trickling off. Even if they sold 500,000 devices, I doubt that would be enough to develop an app like PocketBible for. How many of those half-million users are Christians, and how many are dedicated enough to want to read the bible on their device. Even in my house, three of us have WinMo phones, yet only one wants PB on the device – me. The other two want paper.

  35. C Le says:

    I would buy MyBible for WebOS on the Pre unless I don’t have the patience to wait.

  36. Tino Ojeda says:

    My version of CLASSIC (it’s the lates) says My Bible is not CLASSIC CERTIFIED. Oh please Laridian guys, your product is just so convenient on my Palm TX what a sweet thing to have the WORD with me all the time. Now I have to switch to the Palm Pre and the CLASSIC program is just so clunky. I long to see the beloved MY BIBLE logo in my Palm Pre, is there any plans to go that route in the future.

  37. Make sure you’re running the latest version of MyBible (5.0). It’s the only version that’s actually certified.

    We haven’t announced our plans for a native program for the Pre.

  38. Jeff Wheeler says:

    And, to further clarify, make sure that you are running the latest revision of the latest version of MyBible 5.

  39. Robert says:

    Well the classic aps thing is getting old. I just don’t like having so much of the screen wasted. Please, tell us you’re working on a Web-Os version! Please!

  40. Michael Cooke says:

    I recently purchased a Palm Pre and loaded myBible software with the Motions App. I am very disappointed. I would suggest that Laridian get a WebOS version on the market quick before you begin to lose market share.

  41. Camil says:

    I have used MyBible on several Treos over the years. I have held off commenting while waiting anxiously for a WebOS version of the software. In the meantime, I have found that I don’t like Classic for MyBible — or anything else. (I spent much more money on games than I ever spent on MyBible so I have an incentive to like it; I just don’t.) So, now I’m chiming in: Whatever you’re doing to produce a WebOS version of MyBible, you should not be comforted by the fact that your customers have Classic to tide them over.

  42. Cheryl says:

    I LOVE all my Laridian software on my Palm Treo. I finally got my new Palm Pre Plus, very excited to have the update for Palm. Very disappointed in Motion Apps Classic as a go-between. It seems to cause my Pre to run slower and hang up, and I was unable to download any of my Laridian files. I will have to carry my old Palm just to have my Bible! PLEASE, I would spend much more to update my new Palm with the same versions of software as are on my old one…if they were only available!!!! I’ll wait…(praying for patience!)!

  43. David says:

    I finally move MyBible to my laptop to get the full functionality of the software. The program components did not really interact on the Palm platform in the first place (you can’t see the NIV notes or make notes and bookmarks using the Daily Reader) and using the program in Classic was just worse. I’m sorry that we are now a year out from the release of the Pre and we don’t have any MyBible software native to webOS. I still love the software, I just wish I could use it on my Pre+.

  44. David says:

    No discussion here since my post in August. It appears that Classic will not work on any of our webOS phones with the upgrade to webOS 2. I am still hoping that there will be a solution for us before the release of webOS 2.

  45. Click on the “Palm Pre” category in the list on the left to see more recent information about the status of this project. This particular post is rather old.

  46. David says:

    Thank you. I have been using PocketBible on my new iPod and I love it.

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