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PocketBible for iPhone Video Demos

Posted on: August 10th, 2009 by Craig Rairdin 10 Comments

I put a link to these videos in my last post but some of you may have missed it since I edited an existing blog article.

I’ve posted some videos of PocketBible for the iPhone in action on our YouTube channel. You can view those videos here.

These videos were created while running the program in the iPhone Simulator on the Mac. It makes for a nice video but the program runs faster on a Mac than it does on the actual device.

10 Responses

  1. Romuald says:


    I just saw the four videos of PocketBible Beta 4 (I had to search for them on YouTube page, as the links from this blog did not work for me). I must say it is VERY impressive. I can see that you and Jeff put a lot of thought and work into planning and programming this version of PocketBible. It looks that it will be very easy to use, quick to navigate and extremely powerful at the same time.

    I tried some other Bible readers on my iPod Touch, but none comes even close to what I saw in these videos. Cannot wait to get my hands on a copy!

  2. John says:

    I echo Romuald’s comments. I have been using another product with the free KJV and though it is useful, it pales in comparison to PBIP. I can also see that its updates have reached the law of diminishing returns and they are as far as they can go. That is the fate of the quick and dirty approaches. I don’t mean to be unthanful but a exchanging a YGO for a BMW is a big step up. It has been a long wait but it seems like we are almost there. I bet we will all be glad we waited. Thanks Craig for having enough toughness to persever until you got something you could put your name on. Your pride of workmanship seemed to come through in the videos even though you tried to be contained. Are you excited about the way the product is shaping up?

  3. John,

    Thanks for noticing some of the depth. I agree that it is easy to publish the KJV quickly and even do some flashy things. But then you quickly realize that your data format isn’t flexible enough to support more complex Bibles like the NRSV with Apocrypha, NVI (Spanish), Amplified Bible, the Message, and others that have very unique requirements. Or that it’s hard to add commentaries and dictionaries. Or atlases. Or Greek and Hebrew. Etc. I think that’s where our experience comes in — we basically haven’t needed to change our data format for ten years because we had ten years before that to perfect it. :-)

    I think the product is going to be good. Hopefully people will stick with us through the next few months as we do some updates to add the remaining features that are on our list.

    Thanks again for your comments.

  4. Ken Culp says:

    I haven’t used PocketBible for over a year now due to the outdated Microsoft WM platform and purchasing a iPod Touch. You really need to get this to market soon! A number of solutions have filled the gap and although the postings here are supportive, the fact is your customer base is erroding. I say this because I’ve been a customer for nearly 10 years.

    One problem I see in your videos is how the product handles my notes, how the existing note file that you asked us to backup is uploaded, and how we enter the new notes. But, my old ones and how these are integrated are really the only reason I will come back to Lairidan as a product. The subscription model never appealed to me and to be honest I am profoundly dissapointed that 2 years into the iPod Touch and 3 years into the iPhone market Laridian still has no native product. Doesn’t make sense and any further delay probably means I am moving on to other solutions regardless of my prior investment. Sorry to be frank, it is how I feel. Especially so after the videos as I don’t see anything about my 5 yrs of notes – the only real pull back to your product.

  5. Hi Ken. Thanks for your comments.

    Version 1.0.0 will not handle notes. This will be the first thing we work on once 1.0.0 ships. We’ll probably have it done by the time the first version is approved for the App Store. (The underlying database support is there; we just need a way to enter and display them.)

    We’re only TWO years into the iPhone market. Our Web-based solution shipped about 2 months after the first iPhone shipped. We had the first Bible application specifically designed for the iPhone. Remember this was before you could create native apps for the iPhone.

    It is NOT the case that we are two years into the iPhone market with respect to being able to ship native apps. It’s been just over ONE year since the SDK became available, enabling native apps. We said since the iPhone first came out that it would take us a year to do PocketBible for the iPhone once the SDK became available. And that’s about what it has taken.

    I’m not sure what impression we give to the public, but Laridian currently has only two full-time employees. We don’t have unlimited resources. We can’t just put a team of people on a project and have it done in a month. Yes, there are other products that were out there sooner, however all but maybe 2-3 of them are pretty lame. Had we been interested in getting something out in a week we could’ve done it but that wouldn’t have done anyone any good.

    The plan is to fully support all the same user-created data (notes, highlights, bookmarks, and reading progress) as you had on Windows Mobile. Data will be able to sync to in some way. Ultimately our cross-platform synchronization technology will move to the server instead of the Windows desktop. In the meantime there will be a way to get your existing data onto and off of the phone, just not in version 1.0.0 on day one.

    We expect several updates to follow 1.0.0 as rapidly as Apple will approve them. These will round out the feature set over a short period of time.

    We’ve said all along that if you feel you need to move to another solution you certainly should do so. We think there are reasons to wait for PocketBible for the iPhone but in the end your happiness with your Bible study solution is our goal. We’d rather have you happily using some other product than using ours and being upset about it for some reason. That’s been our philosophy for 20 years. We do the best we can and if it’s not good enough for you, you go find something that is. You’re happy, we’re happy. :-)

  6. Andrew Mitchell says:

    Guys – let’s try and keep this positive. Do you not realize how long it takes Graig to respond to a negative post? Time better spent iPhone programming!

    Craig – I was really excited to see the videos and can’t wait to ditch my Olivetree app.

  7. Jim Jacobs says:

    Now that the iPhone software is well launched, any thoughts about a Linux version? We are increasingly moving to various flavors of Linux in our family (especially Ubuntu). While we dual-boot to Vista on some machines, I find myself often living on Linux (and my (still) Windows Mobile Classic PDA).

    So is Linux in the Laridian near-future?

    Many thanks for a great family of software and well-package good reads.


  8. Bruce McNeil says:

    I’m excited to finally get back to my Laridian software! If you need any additional beta testers, please don’t hesitate to call on me.

    Do you have a planned release date yet? I can’t wait.

  9. Joel says:

    Windows Mobile is not “outdated” as one person has suggested. The iPhone and iPod Touch are great toys, but many of us are business users that need a device with strong business apps and strong Exchange capabilities. We want power, memory expansion and we can’t be forced into a slow and unreliable network.

    I’ll probably buy an iPhone or iPod Touch because that’s the direction PB appears to be heading, but it’ll be a bible device first and foremost and a toy second, but I highly doubt it’ll ever be able to replace a WM device entirely.

  10. We agree with your evaluation of Windows Mobile. iPhone is hot, for sure, but Windows Mobile is a nice OS. A little long in the tooth, but reliable and powerful.

    Expect to see us continue to actively develop for Windows Mobile in the future.

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