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PocketBible for iPhone Uploaded to App Store

Posted on: August 24th, 2009 by Craig Rairdin 42 Comments

PocketBible Splash ScreenThis afternoon I uploaded PocketBible for iPhone version 1.0.0 to the App Store.

Now we wait.

Apple says it will take about two weeks. We’ll see. I know that uploading took me only 15 minutes, but that was after spending hours trying to find the right combination of options NOT to choose and titles I was NOT allowed to use for the program. So I’m not going to be surprised if approval takes longer than two weeks.

In the meantime we have a lot of work to do on the Web site to get it ready for the release. We’re going to try to make some changes to the way our e-commerce works at the same time. Hopefully we won’t break anything important.

I previously posted several videos of PocketBible in action. So if you’re curious, take a look at those.

One of the last things to come together was the program icon. We went through three major themes before finding a last-minute idea with promise. Our first idea was to lift the Bible icon from our Windows Mobile app. But when we looked at the 60 or more Bible apps on the iPhone, it seems over half of them had the same idea. So we were afraid we’d get lost.

So then we went with a version of our company logo. That had some fans, but suffered from being not very scalable as we release new programs (i.e. we only have one company logo but we expect to have more than one iPhone app). Plus it was boring.

While this was going on we had an artist work on a “Bible in a pocket” icon. The beta testers weren’t crazy about that one.

One of our testers is a fellow developer. He turned us on to his icon designer, who had the idea to used stained glass as a theme. We weren’t crazy about this at first but then I found a stained glass artist in Minnesota who had done some very contemporary looking work for a Lutheran church that seemed like it might work. We contacted the artist (Nicholas Markell) and he was willing to work with us. There were some interesting copyright issues, but Nick was a very reasonable guy and was pretty knowledgeable on the topic and we were able to work through those very painlessly.

So the program icon and splash screen (shown here) are based on a stained glass window entitled “Baptism of Jesus”. While the baptism of Jesus has little to do with our program, a little creative reinterpretation makes it work well. The Holy Spirit, represented here as a dove, illuminates the Scriptures for the believer. The water represents the “living water” (John 4) of the Word of God that gives eternal life through the cross, which is in the background of the image. Across the surface of the water runs the “scarlet thread of redemption” that ties the Bible together from the first verse of Genesis to the last verse of Revelation.

In addition to the obvious symbolic significance of this particular work of art, there’s the bigger symbolism of stained glass in a Christian context. Beyond its obvious beauty, stained glass windows served a valuable purpose in churches: They taught the stories of the Bible to a largely illiterate population. For many people in medieval times, church windows were their Bibles.

We like the meta symbolism of the medium of stained glass representing the Bible, and the specific symbolism of this piece as it relates to studying the Bible with our program. And besides, it looks really nice on the iPhone.

It’s unlikely we’ll hear any good news until the program is approved. We’ll pass along any bad news we receive just to keep you informed. Until then we have plenty to do to get ready. We appreciate all your kind words and prayers.

42 Responses

  1. Ron Felder says:

    This is awesome news! The pain of waiting…..

  2. John says:

    Thank you very much Craig. The video clips show a program full of promise and utility. It sounds like you had your own iconoclastic controversy going internally. The LOGO is nice and last reason given is the most compelling to me. Thanks for a huge task nearly completed.

  3. Dick says:

    This is GREAT news! And the logo is a work of art. Congrats to the whole team.

  4. Paul Vreugdenhil says:

    Grats guys on all the hard work! Looking forward to it’s appearance in the app store.

  5. Dug McAlpine says:

    Having made some stained glass art, I am impressed. The design is artistic but current. I sure like it.

  6. Randy Rowlan says:

    I can’t wait. Like a watched pot not boiling time seems to be creeping by. I used this app so often on my Palm.

  7. Rich Franck says:

    As a long-time user of the Palm OS product who just switched to an iPhone, this is awesome news! Thanks!

  8. Lionel B Dyck says:

    Craig – thank you for your efforts to expand the availability of the Word to the iPhone in an application that is better than anything currently available.

  9. Chris McLoughlin says:

    Thank you for the description of the logo. Knowing the background of something always helps you appreciate it all the more. I didn’t know that background of the significance of stained glass art re: the largely illiterate population back in the middle ages. This is pretty obvious when you describe it and many here probably already know that, but I didn’t realize that. Thanks for that bit of a history lesson!

  10. Gary says:


    As another ex post facto rationale for the stained glass look, you should listen to a great song written many years ago by Keith Green: Stained Glass. You can find the lyrics here:

  11. T-Will says:

    Awesome Craig! I really like the program splash screen (aka the stained-glass). Can’t wait until PB is approved! :-)

  12. Larry Fjeldstrom says:

    Looks like the program WILL be like its icon — a work of art! I am excited for you and grateful for all your hard work on this important project.

  13. Sean says:

    Awesome news!! I just made the transition from Palm to iPhone about 3 months ago. I was so bummed that I was going to lose my favorite bible program and all my books! What a blessing to see that the program got a huge upgrade, and I get to keep using my library of great books from Laridian!

    Thank you Craig, and everyone on the team, for all the hard work! You’ve truly outdone yourselves! God bless you!

  14. Tim Mecklem says:

    I can’t wait to get it! I have the Windows Mobile version, but I just upgraded to an iPhone and the first thing I looked for was PocketBible. Great timing!

  15. James says:

    I have a lonely little empty spot on my first page of Apps just waiting for this download. I’m assuming we’ll get an email if we’re on the list, but I’ll be checking every day on iTunes for sure!

  16. We’ll DEFINITELY let EVERYONE know when the iPhone app goes live. You’ll get an email, we’ll post a blog article, we’ll light up the old iPhone lists, etc. We’re not going to be keeping it a secret.

  17. Nathan Youngman says:

    Congrats Craig & team. Looking forward to it.

  18. Edward Cook says:

    I’m ecstatic! I have several hundred dollars worth of Laridian titles just waiting to be downloaded on to my iPod Touch. It’s been a long wait but it’s going to be SO worth it! Thanks Craig and team.

  19. Sharron Kay Fires says:

    I’m so excited about this news! Thank you for your diligent work on this project. Once the app is available I’m be sure to share it with all my friends. I have several other Bibles loaded on my IPhone, but none of them are as user-friendly and complete as my old reliable Laridian Bible on my Palm Pilot. This project has been in my prayers and will continue to be at the top of the list until Apple approves the app. God bless you! The logo is perfect!

  20. Lee Cox says:

    I have been a fan of Laridian’s for several years and have used your products on other platforms with tremendous satisfaction. Have been checking this blog for several months charting the development of this program for the iphone.

    Congratulations to Craig and team for a major accomplishment.

    Looking forward to downloading to my iphone 3GS soon!

  21. Matthew says:

    One word: GREAT

  22. AtTheCross says:

    been waiting for this since the iPod Touch first came out! Glad we are so close, thx for all the effort!

  23. John says:

    Okay Craig we are all excited about this soon release. I suspect others are like me–that is we are making up a new shopping list of books we want to add. There is some pent up demand here that I’m sure will be welcome reward to the folks at Laridian who have worked so hard. I know that this is contrary to business as usual but can you give us some buying advice as it relates to timing? No one likes to buy something only to find that the item goes on sale the next day. There have been some references to a kick-off promo and some special sales. Could you be so kind to tell those of us who have been faithful to this blog this last year whether we should buy now or wait until the product clears App store vetting and is available for use? Thank you for candor on this subject. We are truly excited–so is my wife !!

  24. JPVann says:

    Beautiful Icon – Great Job (Again). And the eye-attracting icon will certainly make you stand out form all the other Bible programs in the app store – clearly shows the Laridian difference.

    Looking forward to being a part of the word of mouth campaign at launch. I am confident that the first release will satisfy us all, knowing this is just the beginning!

  25. MSisson says:

    Congratulations on seeing PocketBible for iPhone through to completion, Laridian. I hope your hard work is generously rewarded! MyBible for Palm has been a blessing to me for years, but I look forward to migrating to your new iPhone offering.

    Regarding the logo, I like the stained glass concept. Any stained glass design should should look good on iPhone screens.

  26. William Arnold Taylor says:

    Thank you so much for your explanation of the stained glass logo it is really great! Congratulations to you and your team for a terrific job and I will be so happy to see it available for my 3GS my third platform for Laridian Bible software. I have a Palm Treo for business and have Laridian on it but when I saw this coming I purchased the iPhone primarily for this software.

  27. John: We were just talking about this over lunch. There will be a site-wide discount sent out by email once we know that the app has been approved. Unless you have some other discount code you can use right now, it wouldn’t hurt to wait. The only small caveat might be server performance. We’re not sure what to expect.

  28. Steve Augustine says:

    I too am looking forward to the release from Apple. I keep checking the App Store, just in case. :-)

    We are blessed by all your hard work and pray that God richly rewards you with many jewels in your crowns in heaven and that he provides the finances you need now to keep up the great work.

    In His Love, Pastor Steve Augustine

  29. Px says:

    Hello from Australia.
    I am living proof that anyone can be saved
    If you told me 20 years ago that I would be hanging out for a bible program, I’d have laughed in your face
    Thankyou Laridian, your software has been an essential part of my walk with the Creator
    I, like everyone on this blog look forward to the blessings of your hard work

  30. Lionel says:

    Craig – great comment.

  31. Brad Rudkin says:

    Craig & team … now I feel guilty for doubting you. Greatly looking forward to getting back to my Laridian bibles and books. — BR

  32. Gary Lee says:

    Well done! Cannot wait to load this app and take advantage of having all my purchased material available to me on my iPhone.

  33. Steve says:

    Awesome news! As someone previously mentioned, I am going to go find a resource or two to buy to celebrate getting the software!

  34. Terry Norris says:

    Can’t wait for the iPhone app. I have used Pocket Bible for Windows Mobile for 5+ years and have a full library. Just switched to iPhone last month and tried the Pocket Bible internet product and found it hard to use and very slow since we don’t have the 3G internet here. So, the upcoming app will be a blessing. Keep up the great work. You guys are the best. God bless. By the way, I would not mind paying for the app as I know it costs a lot of $$$ to get it out there.

  35. André says:

    Craig, any possibility of creating a THANKYOU promotional code that adds $10.00 to the bill so some of us can reward you for the good work when we buy our next book? Thanks – AndrĂ©

  36. Richard Gliddon says:

    Congratulations to you and your team. All the hard work will be worth it. Looking forward to the release date.
    Any plans to release software for the Mac in the future, similar to the Windows desktop version?

  37. James says:

    I also would have no problem “donating” $ for this amazing free product. On the other hand, I can PROMISE that I will be purchasing way more downloads from Laridian immediately when that discount code is given when the app is approved. I already have a list of 5 items I was on the fence with purchasing (Robertson’s Word Pictures, Complete Word Study, Vine’s Expository, NIV Study Bible/Notes, Bible Maps)that I will be purchasing. It’s a “thank you” to Laridian for giving me a free product while also a great deal.

  38. Bret Deardorff says:

    YEA!!!! Like so many Laridian fans, I too have been waiting patiently for this new release. I have been a loyal customer for many years and that is why I have not invested in one of the other programs available. I know how GREAT Laridians customer service is and what great products they put their names on. Thanks again to everyone at your company for all the hard work and effort that I know has gone into this long awaited program. I pray for great success for your company and for spreading the word of God.

  39. Erik Leisten says:

    I too am waiting anxiously. I have used MyBible since it came out in its developmental stages and have as of late been without your product for some months now. In the meantime I have used some other Bible apps downloaded from the AppStore and have found them wanting in their functionality. From your past performance and customer service I expect that PocketBible will far excel the capabilities of any other similar iPhone/Touch product on the market. Furthermore Pocket Bible will be a project that I am more than willing to donate to, 1 Tim 5:18. Your reasonableness of making previously purchased programs available for free in this new OS goes not unnoticed.

  40. Lionel says:

    How will we convert our current account (pocketpc) to an iPhone device account?

  41. Jeff Roster says:

    Great idea for the THANKYOU promotional code. I just switched over to the iPhone and fully well realized I might need to buy some books again. That’s my issue for switching…not yours. But absent the promotional code I will definatly be buying more books. Counting down the days…….

  42. Simon says:

    Hi Craig, just wondered whether you had received any feedback on the app yet. I am on tenterhooks – as are a lot of people! Am spreading the word to all of my friends that we are almost there! Thanks, Simon (a devoted user for many years).

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