PocketBible for Android Now on Google Play!

Posted on: February 22nd, 2013 by Craig Rairdin 90 Comments

You can now download PocketBible for Android directly from Google Play. This has the advantage of giving you automatic update notifications and allows those users who cannot install third-party software outside Google Play to download the app. For those of you who have devices that do not have Google Play, you can still download the program directly from us by just entering LPB.cc/android into your Web browser on your Android device.

This doesn’t mean we’re done working on PocketBible for Android. We set a goal for ourselves of having certain features implemented prior to release on Google Play and once that goal was reached we uploaded the program. But we continue to add features. In particular, we need to get notes, highlights, and bookmarks working in the program, along with tracking of your devotional reading progress. These features will be enhanced as compared to our iOS (iPhone/iPad) version, as your data will be kept in continuous sync with “Laridian cloud” instead of requiring you to stop what you’re doing and perform a sync operation manually.

The released version of PocketBible for Android on the Google Play store should install over your “alpha” version. You shouldn’t have to delete the program before installing from Google Play, nor should you have to re-download your Bibles and books when you’re done.

The new version includes built-in help, so the old blog article that contained operating instructions will be retired soon.

We want to thank those of you who have been using the “alpha” versions of PocketBible from our site. We’ve been able to eliminate most of the major show-stopping bugs with your help.

Going forward, if you need help with PocketBible for Android, contact Technical Support through the “Help Desk” link on our website.

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90 Responses

  1. Bruce Gilliland says:

    So Craig, et. al. are passing us off to the Support desk. 🙁

    Well, it was a fun ride over the past year+, working on various versions and working with Craig and Jon.

    Aside from the planned enhancements mentioned in the main post, a number of users have suggested other enhancements in the posts. I hope a record of these has been maintained, even if they can’t be implemented immediately. The Google Play reviews make it clear that users want a better Exit method.

    Can’t wait to see PB Android 2.0.

  2. Julie says:

    Will this eventually also be added to the Amazon App store? Just wondering, as I’ve already sideloaded the most recent version to my Fire.

  3. Jon Grose says:


    I keep a master spreadsheet of all the features and redesign work still to be done. Worry not, your feedback has not been in vain!


  4. Jon Grose says:


    It is something we have discussed, but would be a ways off even if we did. Our top priority is getting the program in a “finished” state before we try porting to other app ecosystems.


  5. Bruce Gilliland says:

    One last observation and I will quit (I promise). In Google Play/Apps, when I search for Bible study, Bible, Bible apps, etc., Pocket Bible does not appear anywhere in the long lists of apps/books that display. I’m not sure how you move up in these search lists, although I assume you can tag the app with multiple categories. Your competitors compound the problem by listing each of their Bibles/books as separate entries even though they have only one “program.” So, they show up many times. We need for people to type in “Bible study” and see PB near the top of the list. When you take away the ash and the trash, as we used to say in the Army, there are only a handful of true Bible study programs.

  6. Steve Long says:

    Congratulations on reaching the 1.0.1 release milestone!

  7. Michael says:

    For the record, and in response to some earlier posts regarding issues with updates via Play Store. I installed a fresh copy of 1.01 on my Galaxy Note II and turned on auto updates. This morning, version 1.02 automatically updated perfectly fine.

  8. Brian says:

    Congratulations to Craig and team on releasing to Google Play. This is a great accomplishment. As you continue to work on and improve PocketBible, I have a “small” future feature request.
    Could we have some way of having saveable “desktops”. I use PocketBible on my Droid 3 with two windows, and it would be great if I could “easily” move from say, NIV Bible/NIVnotes, to NETBible/NETnotes to Laridian Map/Map Articles without having to go through the multi-step process.

    Thanks and congratulations again.

  9. Kay Kheng Tan says:

    Hi Craig

    I am using the Windows and Android versions of PocketBible. Will you be optimizing the Windows version for Windows 8 platform? Meanwhile, is it worth trying to use Bluestacks to emulate the Android platform?

    God bless.

  10. Ben Stanley says:

    Thanks for getting the Android release out the door!i have been waiting for this for some time.

    I recently bought the HCSB with strongs numbers. The numbers display fine, and the hyperlinks work fine. It is great for when you want to study. But for reading, the strongs numbers are terrible! Can you please add an option to control whether or not they are displayed? Or perhaps display them less intrusively?

    Thanks again for making the release to the market. The software is much improved since its initial release.

    Ben Stanley

  11. Andrew Steele says:

    I’ve switched over to Google Play successfully. Well done!

    Just noticed that now I have the NIV (1984 version) listed twice in my owned books. One version is 3455kB and the other is 7114kB.

    I cannot tell the difference. Any idea why?



  12. Andrew Steele says:

    Oh, and I should mention that your instructions above say that the Play version should install over the previous alpha version. Well Google Play was clever enough to notice that I had the alpha version installed and only offered to uninstall. Which I did and successfully moved up to v1.0.2

  13. xrosstrainer says:

    Thanks Craig for all the work. Will you be adding a copy verse/verses feature? It was a feature that I greatly missed especially when you want to copy Bible text and verses to notes. Hope it will be added soom. Thanks again.

  14. Pat Barnes says:

    Thanks for all the hard work getting pb to market. A warning to folks upgrading to the new version, Google Play recognized somehow that I already had it installed and indicated it was up to date.It won’t update automatically and I had to uninstall and reinstall, which deleted all my books. If there is a way around this, it will be most helpful if posted.

    Thanks again…any plans for Memorize for Android?

  15. Jon Grose says:


    I am currently working on the context menu and plan to implement the ability to copy and share selected verses.


  16. Jon Grose says:


    Some device can directly update to the Google Play version and some can’t, but it is totally device dependent. Two tricks I have heard for your situation:

    1) Go to Google Play in a web browser (instead of the Google Play app!!) and search for PocketBible, and be sure to be logged into your gmail account. You should see a menu option to install PocketBible onto your devices registered to that gmail account. Usually that works.

    2) A few people have had success by manually stopping the app by finding the “Running Apps” section of settings in your device (or using a task killer app) and force stopping PocketBible. Doing so has allowed some people to get the “update” button to appear inside of the Google Play app.

    Hope at least one of those helps,


  17. Some devices will also accept a download automatically. My Motorola Milestone X required my intervention. I went to update my wife’s Samsung Galaxy S only to find that it had automatically updated with out ANY intervention! How cool is that? Some programs I want to know before an update. Laridian products should be always allowed to just update automatically. Thanks for all the hard work and I am looking forward to the automatic sync with the Laridian server.

  18. Ivan Johnson says:

    As others have noted, updating from Play leaves much to be desired. I find it more convenient to periodically download directly from the laridian site. If there has been no update it simply reinstalls the current version. Play has too much claptrap for me.

  19. Craig Horlacher says:

    Ivan?!?!? I don’t think anyone has said updating from Play leaves much to be desired. There is nothing wrong with it.

    They APK download that Laridian continues to offer is mostly for people who don’t have access to Google Play. I’m not sure why you wouldn’t want to get it from Google Play if you have access to Google Play. At worst do one uninstall and one reinstall. You’ll be happy you did. It will save you some time.

  20. Michael says:

    I have a Samsung S Blaze 4G. I loaded and installed PB today. Everything worked fine. There were no issues with the installation. I am assuming that since I left the “Auto Update” box checked, I will receive your future updates.

    May I also assume that if the Bibles/books are updated I will receive those also?

    My greatest desire is that I could have installed PB and the Bibles solely on my SD card. I do not have that option for PB that I can see from the “Managing Applications” function on my phone. For other apps, I can do that.

    Thanks for all your great work. Keep it up.

  21. Michael says:

    I meant to also say that I installed PB from Google Plan with no issues.


  22. Guy says:

    Thanks, well worth the wait, loaded like a ream on my HTC desire and already used in anger (before sunset 🙂 )

    Well worth the wait

  23. Michael W says:

    Great work Craig and Jon.

    Is there a way that I could change add the settings options to allow PocketBible on Android to render in the 5 pane format? I have a 720p format phone and it could work well. You would need to allow settings to layout, ppi or large switches. Thank you for considering.


  24. Craig Horlacher says:

    Hey Everyone! There’s a new version out there that adds the unneeded yet often requested for some reason exit option. It also gives an option to hide Strong’s Numbers as well as a few other things.

    Thank you Jon and Craig for your continued work on this great product!

    +1 Michael on the ability to add more panes than two on Android phones. It’s rare these day’s to have an Android phone with a screen under 4.3″ and fairly common to have one that’s 4.7″ or more. Actually, In Windows Mobile I used 5 or 6 panes at 4″ and 480×640 and that worked fine.

    I have a suggestion for implementing the extra split screens if you see it as a possible issue based on device for some reason. How about you keep it set to two by default but add an option in settings that lets people toggle it to a mode that allows up to 5 panes? That should keep it very safe by default but give the option for more panes for those who want it.

    I can completely understand if you want to finish Notes, Highlights, and Bookmarks before adding more panes but figured I’d throw this out there anyway since I recently saw a reference to the iPhone version offering more panes:)

  25. Bruce Gilliland says:

    1.0.3 is another big step forward. Thanks for the Exit button. Being able to turn the Strongs Numbers on or off means I can keep only only copy of the KJV or the NASB instead of two – one for regular reading and one for the Strongs numbers.

    I may be stating the obvious, but I discovered that after selecting a second Bible in the active pane, I can use the back and Forward arrows (or menu for Forward) to quickly jump back and forth between Bible versions while still maintaining a notes or commentary in the second pane. Of course on my tablet, I can have 2-3-4 Bibles open at a time. But on the phone, with only two panes, this is an easy way to have more books open.

  26. Tom Sperl says:

    Hi. This is improving steadily – thank you. I have been using it since Palm through IPhone and now Android.

    It is very fast. I also notice however that it is quite battery intensive, easily the most of any of my apps (by screen time). Is that simply because of the constant pre-loading, syncing and cross-referencing etc? I am not a programmer so I don’t really know but I am concerned about battery usage like on an overseas flight.



    • It’s hard to comment without context and details. But I would argue that an app like PocketBible is going to use more battery than lots of other apps because it is something you interact with to use. It doesn’t do anything more than it should, and we go out of our way to make sure it doesn’t use battery life unnecessarily. It’s also hard to comment without knowing what you’re comparing against and what you’re doing with all your apps. And in the end, the whole reason you have a mobile device is to use up the battery. Otherwise, just leave it turned off — that’s your best way of conserving the battery. 🙂

  27. Craig Horlacher says:

    Tom, what Android device do you have? Many newer phones, unfortunately, have OLED (AMOLED, Super AMOLED, Super AMOLED Advanced, Super AMOLED Plus, Super AMOLED HD) screens. While they have a few advantages over LCD they take a lot of battery power because every pixel is lit individually. Because of the way they work, black actually takes no power and white takes the most power. By default the display in pocket Bible is mostly white (which I think is the way it should be). If you have an OLED display, which sounds like the case, you may want to try using white text on a black background. You can also use the dark color scheme to darken the rest of the PocketBible user interface. Thanks to the Chinese menu of color setting in PocketBible you should be able to make changes that will save a lot of power! The white on black and dark scheme is also easier on the eyes if you’re reading in the dark.

    Also most Android devices when set to “auto” brightness use a brighter setting than what is needed for indoor use. Try setting that off and something around 10-20% brightness instead. You’ll probably find this comfortable even though it will be dimmer and this will help your battery a lot as well. This applies to OLED or LCD – any Android device can most get improved battery life by adjusting this assuming it’s set to “auto”.

    I recommend using this widget:
    Brightness Level by CurveFish
    Which you can find on Google Play to easily change your brightness settings.

    I also use this widget:
    No Screen Off by Etienne de Closmadeuc
    as a very easy way to set your screen so it doesn’t go off while you’re reading.

  28. Chris Biddlecombe says:

    I really like PocketBible and it works well on my phone. One feature of the old iPaq version I used to use which I miss is the ability to move through the search results without going back to the list. On the android version I have to go back to the start of the list of references and scroll down again each time. Will that be coming soon?

    Keep up the good work.

  29. Tom Sperl says:

    Thank you to both Craigs. I am using a Note 2 and it works great. About the battery use, the more I use it the more it just seems that is it, like you said, simply because it is interacted with so often. If I am simply reading on a single screen (without syncing) and not cross-referencing much it seems on par with all other similar apps.

    I am always interested in tweaking for battery life (sort of a weird hobby!) so I do turn off auto-brightness inside and use the white on black screen on almost all my apps. I also avoid live wallpapers, etc. Recently I went back to traditional black on white (radical, I know) and prefer that look. I haven’t noticed any big jump in battery usage. And like you said, it’s meant to be used and it is not like a live on a deserted island without power.

    It’s a speedy app and I use it daily. Thank you. I don’t know what you have coming next but I would like to see a swipe or something to switch between open Bibles and/or commentaries without going through the menu system – similar to the iphone version. Also, I toggle for sync on the main page would be useful for me.


  30. Craig Horlacher says:

    Tom, although I have a Super AMOLED display as well I also prefer black text on a white background so that’s what I normally use as well:) Sometimes I do switch it if I’m reading in bed with the lights off because it’s easier on the eyes.

    I like the idea of swiping between open books as well but I’m torn because I do like the way swiping moves between chapters now. In the old Windows Mobile version there were a billion configuration options and I think you could define what you wanted the app to do for each action (tapping at different sides of the screen, swiping, etc). Maybe a future version will give us some of those options. I think they’ve mentioned that they’re working on a context menu too so that could provide quick access to a previous/next book/chapter as well. Maybe a two-finger tap menu since that’s faster (hey, don’t laugh) than tap and hold.

    I’m glad to see how far PocketBible for Android has come and I look forward to see where they go with it. I already love the book management (downloading, installing, buying) built into the app now which was never available for Windows Mobile.

  31. Rick says:


    New update today, what are the changes? 1.0.4 build 35

    The current version of your software is running flawlessly on Galaxy Note 10.1 OS 4.1.2 Android Jellybean

    Thanks for all of your hard work.


  32. Jon Grose says:


    The major new feature is a setting to allow users to select where their books get downloaded. In most cases the program is able to find any external/removable sd cards.


  33. John Hopkirk says:

    Jon with 1.0.4 I canot get into my books I own to remove them so I can redownload them onto my Ext SD card. The note comes up each time to say “Unfortunatly Pocketbible has stopped”

  34. Ivan Johnson says:

    Jon; When you first brought out ver 1.04 I tried it and after a few hicups PB was able to find my Samsung Tab 2 7 removable storage but I was unable to download a book to it. Even worse, PB stopped working completely and it was necessary to completely uninstall PB and then downllad 1.03. I have been reluctant to try again until I hear later reports of those using Tab 2 7 successfully. Any later news?

  35. After moving to Android from Windows Phone, I abandoned Pocketbible in its early stages of development. Now, it is a mature application that I can take with me anywhere on my Android phone and tablet. Thank you for all the work you have done to get this to this stage. God bless you as you continue his work.

  36. Rick (Indy) says:

    I’m pleased to see yet another Android PB update today! Like many, I’m wondering what new feature(s) is included, and I’d like to suggest that perhaps the “welcome” text that replaces my pane 1 book include the update history.

  37. Jon Grose says:


    1.0.5 was almost entirely bug fixes, but no real features were added. Anyone having trouble with previous versions might want to give it a shot.

    John & Ivan,

    Can you send me (jong@lardian.com) the error log from your devices. It should be at “/PocketBible/ErrorLog.log”. This whole SD-card business is really tricky stuff. It is impossible for me to test on all devices, so I cannot predict what happens in all scenarios. Your error logs would go a long way to help me understand what went wrong.



  38. Ivan Johnson says:

    Jon; I downloaded 1.05 and tried to download a book to my removable storage, but PB stops working. Even worse, I am unable to find the error log. You are dealing with an old fossil (me) so I am lost as help.

  39. Jon Grose says:


    Are you still able to download to other locations on the device?

    As for the log, if you connect the device to your computer using a USB cable, you can navigate the contents of the device through your computer’s file explorer program. If the error log is there it will be found in a folder called “PocketBible” located at the root of either the device memory or the external storage. The fill will be called “ErrorLog.log”. It is possible that there was an error writing out the log file as well, so it may not be there.

    Thanks anyway for trying Ivan. I hope we can get everything working for you soon.


  40. David A. Hale says:

    I have a couple of questions about book management.
    1) In my experience with PC PocketBible, I know that books are occasionally updated. How doe we get those book updates on our Android PocketBible? How are we notified of such updates?
    2) I have loaded most of of my books to the (unremoveable) internal SD storage and I want it on the removeable external SD card. Is there a way to move all my books at a time or do I remove and redownload everything manually?
    3) Suggestion: Can we have some more information on the “About this Book” page like file size, when it was loaded, etc?

  41. jodi says:

    Hi Jon I was wondering…on my galaxys3 …when in split screen and I decide to go to one screen it will only in large the top book, instead of the one I have open/highlighted. I like to have bible and commentary open most of time but I’m finding I can go to one screen (my case bible on top) and have more viewing area. ..then hit back button and it brings back split screen…Of which I’m finding very nice…but would love to do the same with bottom book (of which is my commentary or devotion)….I understand it is a get use to type thing but I guess I’m more use to my pda than I thought:) thank you for all u have done and continue to do.

  42. Craig Horlacher says:

    PB 1.0.5 has been fine so far on my Droid X and Droid Razr Maxx HD. I didn’t have any installation problems on either and haven’t used it much yet but I did do testing on the maxx HD to confirm that I can still download books and open/use them from all three of my storage locations without any problems.
    Great work Jon!

  43. Jon Grose says:


    Regarding your questions:

    1) Updates to books are few and infrequent, and are usually less to do with content updates and more to do with editing grammar, syntax, etc. Therefore, we do not usually notify users that books have been updated but silently update the downloadable version. So anytime you try to download a book it will always be the latest version.

    2) Sorry to say there is not a way to migrate previously downloaded files at the moment, though the feature has been requested. You can either remove all your books through add/remove books, or find them all through file explorer and delete them all from the file system on your device (not recommended unless you are confident you know what you are doing).

    3) Hadn’t thought of those options but will take them under consideration for a future release.

    Thanks for the input!


  44. Ernie says:

    Couldn’t you change the location by changing the path in “options” download one book to set the new path, then use file explorer to cut and paste them into the new location? Could even hook your usb cord to the phone and use windows explorer (or Umboto’s equivalent) to do the same thing, as you would mp3’s or movies and such.

  45. Jeremy says:

    Re: the above couple of posts: I was able to use my file manager app to move all of the book files from my phone’s internal storage to my SD Card (after first changing the library location to the SD Card in the app’s settings), and this worked perfectly. When I next started PocketBible, it recognised all the book files in the new location on the SD card and loaded them up just fine. This saved me having to delete and re-download them as per Jon’s suggestion above. 🙂

    However, it would be super great to have such a function built into the app – to select a new storage location and have the app move the files over itself in the background.


  46. kohjb says:

    Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!!! Laridian is the best yet! I have been downloading other free bibles on my Android and missing the fantastic experience I had with Pocketbible on my PocketPC. Lesser companies would have made me pay all over again for bibles on a new platform (which I probably would not have done since it would feel like a ripoff), so I really appreciate the fact that whatever we bought before is still available to us on the new platform. Most excellent! I am really thrilled!

  47. Fabio Paoli says:

    Hi, thank you for the work done on pocket bible for android so far, it is very much appreciated. Please, would you have an expected time when you’ll enable notes and highlights for android? It’s a feature I miss very much. Thank you!

  48. Jon Grose says:


    I have a basic implementation of highlights already working in house. There is a lot of work still to do, but it is looking like Bible highlights will be the next major feature to be released. I can’t give a specific timetable, but if everything keeps looking good then it wont be too long at all.

    Once highlights are done, it is much easier and quicker work to then do bookmarks and notes.


  49. robert lewellen says:

    Searching for a particular word yields a list of verses that contains the word in question. To see the text for a particular reference you must click on it and then repeat the process for each reference.

    Why not show the text for each reference in the list so we don’t have to click on each one to identify the one we are looking for?

  50. Jon Grose says:


    Couldn’t agree more. That is one of the planned features when we get around to improving/updating searching. Don’t know how soon you might see that, as we several major features we are adding before we might get to searching.


  51. Bill Bonnell says:

    Will you have a version in the Kindle store at some point. I downloaded from LPB.cc/android and installed manually over my usb connection.

    It would be good to get notified if there is a new version or have it install automatically. There are several things that crash the current version like clicking on the “more” menu for a selected word. I assume those feature have not yet been implemented. Right?

    • Jon Grose says:


      We do not have concrete plans for a Kindle version, but have given it some discussion. It is possible we may publish to it eventually, but are focused on improving our standard Android version for the moment.

      You are correct that touch and hold text selection is an OS dependent feature that we have no control over. We have the ability to prevent it, but cannot do anything else with it. For now it is allowed in the program so that those who can use it without crashing (which I think is most 4.2/4.1 versions and some 4.0 versions) are able to do so until we have a better, and more stable system we make ourselves. Eventually most of the functionality in that menu will be features provided by PocketBible, with a few extras as well.


  52. Terry says:

    This App is Awesome! Until today, I have still been using my antique PocketPC. I have one question however. How do I retrieve all my notes that I made over the years on my PPC?

    • Jon Grose says:


      We are working on that right now. Your notes still exist on the Laridian server (assuming you have synced your PPC with the Laridian server). As soon as we implement notes everything will automatically sync to and from the server. You won’t have to do anything. When PB starts up it will fetch all your notes and they will be available to you on your device. I am still actively doing Bible Highlights. When those are done we will be able to get bookmarks and notes done fairly quickly. I don’t have any time estimate for how soon, but notes are a feature at the top of our To-Do list.


  53. Terry says:

    I have the note file on my laptop (as a result of syncing with that), but I have never synced my PPC with the Laridian server. I looked at the FAQ’s on your site but did not find an answer there. How do I complete that sync?

  54. Craig Horlacher says:

    Mmmm, I can almost taste the goodness of the highlights, notes, and bookmarks. It makes my mouth water like the incredible waffles I just ate. Try this recipe to help hold you over for the new features coming to PocketBible!

    2 c flour
    1/4 c brown sugar (packed)
    1 tsp baking soda
    1 1/2 tsp baking powder
    1/2 tsp salt
    3 eggs
    2 c buttermilk
    1/2 c butter (melted)
    1 tsp vanilla

    It makes about 7 Belgian waffles! Enjoy!


  55. Bruce Gilliland says:

    Re Bill Bonnell’s question on April 16 about PB being available for the Amazon Kindle. While the Kindle is still somewhat limited to its own set of apps, Barnes and Noble announced today that its Nook HD and Nook HD+ tablets will have a software upgrade that will allow the Google Play Store and all its apps to be used. I will test it first with PB for Android this weekend and post a followup.

  56. Bruce Gilliland says:

    After upgrading my Nook HD+ to the latest OS version, I was able to download and install PB Android from the Google Play store. I was able to download a number of Bibles and books and run the program. So, if you have, or buy, a Nook HD (7 in) or Nook HD+ (9 in), you should be able to install and use PB Android after the OS upgrade. Note that this does NOT apply to the earlier Nook Tablet and Nook Color.

    Having up to five windows open, or a couple of really large ones, is nice. PB on a tablet is a good use of the program – more open books than a phone – but without the weight of a laptop.

    While PB worked fine, I will note that the OS upgrade was not totally successful for me. A couple of apps that work on my Nook when running in full Android mode (from a special SD card) would not install on the Nook OS. Another app I use daily did not even appear in the Google Play store even though a search from my phone and from my PC found it. Strange. But, if you have an Android phone, you probably can get close to that experience with the upgraded Nook HD/HD+. And the Nook HD+ weighs less than most Bibles.

    The main thing is is Craig and Jon do not have to do anything else, as far as I can tell, to have PB Android on a tablet that was previously locked down and restricted. The new Nooks are open enough for PocketBible.

  57. Craig Horlacher says:

    They have great displays too! I’ve used the Nook HD and it has a nice, bright, high resolution LCD screen. For comparison, the Nexus 7 and the Kindle HD are 1280×800 resolution. The Nook HD is 1440×900 resolution. You’ll get sharper text and you can adjust your font to see more on the screen if you want.

    If you’re curious, the iPad Mini isn’t even in the same ball park as the Nexus 7 or Nook HD. It has a resolution of only 1024×768 at a larger 7.8″ size.
    Nexus 7 – 215dpi
    Nook HD – 242dpi
    iPad Mini – 162dpi

  58. Ivan Johnson says:

    I regularly use PB on my Palm pda but am trying to convert solely to the Android version on my Samsung tablet. One thing available to me on the Palm and my PC is the NIV Study Bible with Study Bible notes. Is that version to be made available on the Android format? Can you estimate a date—months, years, or never?

    • Ivan, we do have the NIV Bible and NIV Study Notes available as two books for Android. You’ll find it works that same way in all other versions of PocketBible. The integration in MyBible for Palm OS of the NIV Bible text and study notes was a one time thing. That was the first “non-Bible” book we released for Palm OS. In order to release it with MyBible 3, at the time, we had to integrate the study notes as part of the Bible. We’ve never done another book that way and I’m sorry but we don’t have any plans to. It was actually done out of necessity. Now we separate out the Bible and notes so you can use the study notes with any Bible (not just the NIV).

      Michelle S.

  59. Mark VanOuse says:

    I have been on the Android platform since Feb 9th and since Feb 26th there has been absolutely no updates. When can we expect get the following basic functionality we have had for years on iOS, PC & Palm like notes, highlights, bookmarks, data sync and others? The SILENCE from Laridian is disturbing. You have a serious PR problem. You are letting down your long-time,faithful customers like me. Wake up and smell the coffee: Android is arguably the Number 1 mobile platform and you are evidentally passing it by. How sad.

    • Mark,

      Sorry it looks that way from the outside, where you really have no information on which to base a conclusion. We currently have more people working on Android than we have on any other platform. We are in the midst of implementing everything you mentioned. We’ve re-written data synchronization from the ground, up. It won’t work like it did on your Palm (sync through your PC) or even like it does on iOS (manual sync with the server). Instead, data will be continuously sync’ed as you create it. We’ve had to re-write all the server-side code, implement a new way of communicating with the server from the device, implement a way to select verses, and many other tasks that take time. You’ll see highlighting first, then bookmarks, notes, and devotional reading progress will follow quickly in turn. Each will have full synchronization support with the first release.

      We don’t update everyone continuously on what we’re working on. Sorry if it appears as if nothing is happening; most people understand that’s obviously not the case.

  60. Craig Horlacher says:

    Without reading the “official” reply to you Mark I’ll give an unofficial reply and say if you’re a long time customer you should know that Laridian said *NOTHING* about future releases for years. You should be very happy that they gave betas to everyone and gave out lots of information the whole way through the development of the Android version. We have a version that works with all our purchased content. I think that’s pretty excellent!

    • Thanks, Craig. Another suggestion for Mark would be to read these comments… we have, in fact, not been “silent” but rather Jon and I have given information describing exactly what we’re doing whenever we were asked.

      I completely understand how frustrating it is when your free software doesn’t do everything you demand from it, or when the development schedule doesn’t seem to meet your high standards. I experience the same thing with software I use. So we do try to let folks know what we’re doing when they ask. Anything to make the wait more pleasant.

      We have many, many balls in the air and it may look like we’re focussing on the “wrong” ones. In truth we’re focussing on them all, and probably also on some others we haven’t talked about yet. 🙂

  61. Mark VanOuse says:

    Craig, thanks for breaking the silence. Guys,you need to learn a lesson or two about PR. Of COURSE customers don’t need to learn trade secrets. But silence? The other comments are insulting. “High standards”? I’m simply asking for an idea when longtime basic Laridian functionality like notes,bookmarks, highlights and syncing will be available.Your competitors have that and more. Talk people, talk: it’s 2013, not 1983.

    • Mark,

      There was no silence to break. We talk all the time about what we’re doing. You asked and we told you. Other people asked and we told them. So I’m somewhat baffled by your inflamatory language and your taking of offense.

      Even though we’re under absolutely no obligation to tell you anything about what we’re doing, what our plans are, and what our schedule is, we’ve been very open about everything. We may not give you exactly the information YOU demand from us, but we’ve been a fount of information. So let me (again) address the particular features you raise.

      The next thing you’ll see on the Android front is highlighting. While on other platforms we’ve rolled out highlighting and followed it weeks or months later with server synchronization, this time you’ll see it all at the same time. So your highlights will be continuously sync’ed with the cloud (think Google Drive but with client-side caching so you don’t need an internet connection to make use of your data). You can turn this off if you want and revert to manual syncing. You should see a beta of these features in the very near future.

      Because of the fact that we’ve bitten off everything related to highlighting and synchronizing in one fell swoop (text selection, color selection, database, background synchronization, new comm protocol, and sync server) it has taken a little longer to roll out than you might’ve seen before. But what we’re hoping is that bookmarks and notes will follow more quickly since a lot of the groundwork will have already been laid.

      So let’s talk about dates: You and I have a different philosophy about announcing schedules. When I don’t give you a specific date it’s not because I’m hiding information. It’s because the information doesn’t exist. We simply don’t manage our software development process that way. I literally don’t have a schedule that lists features and when I anticipate they’ll be completed. You can make an argument from a software project management point of view (or even a general business management point of view) that this is a bad way to run a company, but you can’t make the argument that we’re withholding information. And further, I would argue that it’s not “bad” it’s just a characteristic of how I’ve come to manage my company. I’ve been doing this for over thirty years and I’ve learned some lessons along the way. Holding employees to unrealistic and unbending schedules based on arbitrary deadlines set by marketeers and accountants is how you lose good employees, destroy marriages, and create a bad reputation in the community. Been there, done that, not doing it again.

      So: Verse highlights coming soon. I know this because I’ve seen it working and we’re preparing for beta testers to look at it. Other user-created data coming after that. It won’t be as long as next year, but neither will it be next week.

      Hope this helps. Again, we’ve always (well, for the last five years or so) been willing to share this kind of information whenever anyone asks. It’s not necessary to rough us up verbally. Just ask. 🙂

      • Mark,

        Just to follow up, as a demonstration of our openness about what we’re doing, I’ve asked Michelle to write up a blog article describing what we’re doing right now on each of the readers and what’s coming up next with respect to books and Bibles. We’re going to try to keep this article up-to-date on at least a monthly basis if not a weekly basis.

  62. Karla says:

    I know you may not want to be put on record (understandably) but is there any time framework for the next feature(s)? Weeks? Months? Late 2013? 2014? It sounds like they are linked together and will all start showing up once the first domino is pushed (the code being totally rewritten). It might be easier to wait if we know how long it may take…unless it’s in the far distant future. 🙂 Will comparing a verse in translations/commentaries/dictionaries like PB4 for PPC 2003 be included in the next features?

    • Karla,

      See my comments to Mark regarding the schedule.

      We’ll have a feature similar to the PB4 “view in all commentaries” and “view in all dictionaries”. We need to get all the user-created data (notes, highlights, bookmarks, reading progress) out of the way first.

  63. Craig Horlacher says:

    It’s a tough call but I think my favorite feature from the WinMo version is the view in all commentaries|dictionaries|Bibles. That’s an incredibly powerful research tool!

    A close runner up for me would be the continuous scrolling. It’s so nice to be able to scroll up/down to see context around the beginning/end of a chapter without changing chapters. I’ve never seen another Bible program, at least for mobile devices, that does that. I’m glad we already have that on Android!

  64. Jodi says:

    Craig and Jon…thank you for your hard work…you guys having been moving right along to get us back to using pocketbible…Even if pocketbible would stay as is…is much better than other bible programs I have found (ok one came close but it keeps asking for me to log in all the time)..this one don’t need internet…its been 2 years or so I’ve been waiting and worth it….I go back and glance at comments to find the answers…please have patience. God be with you all.

  65. David P says:

    Thanks for the really helpful What’s in the Pipeline article on the blog home page, but as I go straight to the Android blog I didn’t see it until I read the comments, could there be a link to it or something please?

  66. Alan Meyer says:

    While I am waiting for the ability to add notes to the Android version of Pocketbible, I copy texts and make notes in Evernote and then add them later on my laptop running Pocketbible for Windows. A little labour intensive but the best workaround I’ve managed so far. However I am having difficulty selecting text in the Android version.The function seems “jumpy”.This doesn’t seem to happen in any other app, so I think the problem must be in Pocketbible rather than on my Galaxy S3 or simple “operator error”! Have others noticed this, and if so, is this on the list of improvements for a future update?

  67. Jon Grose says:


    Currently, PocketBible does nothing to allow or prevent text selection. This is a default OS behavior that will vary between devices and OS versions. Some devices do not allow it, and some devices implement it very poorly. We are working to eventually replace it to easily and correctly select text.


  68. Robert says:

    1. After a word search only the verse reference, i.e. Ro10:10 appears. Will the search function eventually return the whole verse?

    2. When will be able to search on a phrase rather than just a single word?

    Thanks for your work so far!!!!!!!!

  69. Alan Meyer says:

    Thanks for the respobse John! Appreciated. I was sure it must be Pocketbible because all my othrr programs seem to work ok.Obviously, I’ve got it wrong! Sorry!!

  70. Jon Grose says:


    After we get highlights, notes, bookmarks, etc. done then advanced Searching is one of our highest priorities. Eventually text will show instead of just the verse so you can see the verse in context. There is no time estimate I can give, but will let you know when we start work on it.


  71. Ivan Johnson says:

    Google play just automatically updated my Android tablet to ver 1.07 but I cannot find any info as to what has changed. Would it be possible when Play updates it could provide a link to “what’s new”?

    • The “What’s New” tab in Google Play describes the updates. It’s mostly bug fixes. If you haven’t been experiencing the bugs mentioned there, you won’t see any difference.

  72. Dan Leasia says:

    Android is getting better. On colors I miss purple highlight. Another need is the living bible paraphrase. Thanks again.

  73. Dan Leasia says:

    Voices would be another plus. Offline listening while driving is a real asset for those on the road.

  74. Ann Dunn says:

    I have the Laridian NIV study bible for Palm which uses the old version of the NIV bible and cross references with several other bibles(2005 copyright date). How does this compare with that? I do NOT want the new NIV bible. I have kept my old palm TX mostly for the bible.

    • Michelle Stramel says:

      Ann, you will still be able to use your 1984 edition of the NIV Bible and other Bibles you had on the Palm on this new version of our software.


      • Ann Dunn says:

        Thanks! (forgot to check back on this until today). That’s good news.Are there instructions on how to install the files into the software?

  75. Ann Dunn says:

    Addendum-if there are no instructions on how to install the .PRN files to the new software can you let me know how to do that? Also, will it install the older version of the NIV bible side by side with what comes with the software, or simple say thet the NIV is already installed? Thanks for your help!

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