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PocketBible Rejection #1

Posted on: September 1st, 2009 by Craig Rairdin 43 Comments

As I said before, I anticipated we’d have problems getting PocketBible for iPhone through the approval process at the App Store. It’s a complicated app for one thing, and Apple’s approval process has a bit of a checkered reputation for another.

Late last night we were notified that PocketBible was being rejected. The issue was a misunderstanding about how PocketBible works. We immediately submitted an explanation, added details on how they can access “help” from within the program, and resubmitted the application.

I don’t believe this puts us at the end of the approval queue, but even if it does it only took a week for them to look at the program.

So I’m expecting our next rejection within a week. :-)

43 Responses

  1. Danita Gaymon says:

    We are waiting for this so we know it will be approved soon.

    So excited for this release, keep up the great work.

    You all provide the best bible applications.

  2. Jeff Patrick says:

    Not having Laridian on the iPhone has been the #1 reason I haven’t gotten one. Now I’m really wondering about whether I should be supporting such a heavy-handed, “thugery” type of system that is in place by Apple. As much as I’m weary of Windows Mobile, at least one can write any app for it they like.

  3. Gary Lee says:

    Keep the faith. This is just a setback. Not a defeat!

  4. Lionel B Dyck says:

    Craig – the evil one is at work. This is to be expected as he does not want PocketBible, or any other tool that enhances the ability to access the Word of God, to be available. Have faith and trust that in His timing (which is rarely our timing) things will work out for His glory.

    Thanks for your perseverance and faith.

    (a bit of humor – the anti-spam word to validate this comment is ‘slow’)

  5. Px says:

    All good
    Won’t be long now praise God
    Ain’t patience wonderful ? :)

  6. Marcel says:

    That’s too bad. I don’t know what the criteria is over at the app store, but when they release absolutely dumb and useless apps(I don’t need to go into detail)and yet something that will be beneficial to all users gets rejected????? I don’t get it. Looking forward to Pocket Bible being accepted.

  7. Woodynlily says:

    Bummer. I can’t wait for this release. Are you going work on a memorize app for the iPhone or is it integrated in the PocketBible. I miss that Palm app.

    God bless, Woody (a very grateful and satisfied customer)

  8. JWTun says:

    I was hoping to send my dad to your itouch version on itunes but (unfortunately) it’s still not available. There is a reference to it but cannot purchase. Does this mean it won’t be re-reviewed by Apple? Any time frame given?

  9. Jeff: Let’s not mischaracterize the situation here. There’s nothing heavy-handed about Apple’s reason for rejection. They just misunderstood what they were looking at. If the program worked the way they thought it did, it would deserve to be rejected because it would be violating the rules. We explained it and re-submitted, and they replied and said they’d look at it again.

    Lionel: The good news is if the devil is at work in this, then he’s already losing big-time. There are over 60 different Bible software developers with Bible programs on the iPhone.

    Marcel: We weren’t rejected for being beneficial, we were rejected for violating the rules (rules we know and believe we’ve followed). They just didn’t understand what they were seeing.

    Woody: No announcement re Memorize yet.

    JW: The status of the app is “In Review”. No time frames are ever given. It goes live when it goes live.

    All: Once this process is complete I may share some details. But for now we’re just waiting patiently and not jumping to any conclusions about the competence or the motives of the reviewers at the App Store. In this particular case they correctly applied one of their rules, but IMHO misinterpreted what they were seeing on the screen. We explained the situation and re-submitted the same binary immediately. We got an immediate and polite response back saying they’d let us know if they had more questions. We’re taking this as just a part of the process. We suggest you use this as an opportunity to grow your patience. :-)

  10. Lionel Dyck says:

    Craig – the evil one is active and we see it everyday. We’ll never know the eternal reason for the delay but we know all things work together for good and that God is in control of everything so He allowed it. Perhaps it was to allow a different reviewer at Apple see your product and more importantly to see HIS Word.

  11. Mary says:

    If I didn’t know any better, Craig, I would think y’all were borrowing from the Apple playbook–doing all you can to build anticipation for the debut of a new product!! :-) I know the patience we’ve had to develop, over this process, I can only imagine how well developed the patience is, with respect to you and the team!

    One thing, for sure…there won’t be a single one of us, Craig, that will ever take for granted, the availability of such wonderful software. And…we’ll always remember, with appreciation, the tireless determination of the folks who made it possible.

    Thanks so much, for taking the time to ‘chat with us’, by means of posting updates on this blog. It helps us to ‘know’, and to pray. After all, whoever is charged with the responsibility for reviewing the application, will be exposed to the Word…who knows what seed might be planted. We (I) would do well to think beyond just our own need/want to have it in our own hands. :-)

    God bless…victory and approval, now only hours away!!

  12. Rodolfo Cabrera says:

    They will accept and approve it. HE will make the reviewers see the light. PocketBible is the best. We already waited patiently for a while, so what is another month or two of waiting? Let’s just pray that they will give their acceptance sooner.

  13. Irv says:

    Waiting patiently, Craig. Just hope they all went to Sunday School and know what the Bible is and how easy you’ve made it to use.

  14. Lionel Dyck says:

    I find it hilarious that when I do a search in the App Store for PocketBible it bring up Pocket Battle. Perhaps they aren’t too far off :-)

  15. Michael R says:

    This is like watching the kids around the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve! Be patient children, Christmas is coming… (Have to admit, I’m pretty excited about ripping the wrapping paper off Pocket Bible and playing with it!)

  16. Texaszman says:

    Re: Expectantly waiting like Kids at Christmas. Yeah! And we’re all up at 4 AM waiting to open Presents! :)

  17. Moe says:

    Ha ha ha, so true, um! Can’t wait to unwrap the presents! PocketBible looks pretty cool…

  18. H. James Gleaton says:

    Patiently awaiting the delivery of this long anticipated product. I really enjoyed using this on the Palm platform and couldn’t wait until it was moved to the iPhone platform. I’ve tried the iPocketBible (web based application) but was not impressed mainly because it required to be connected at all time.

  19. William Taylor says:

    Your comments are on the mark Craig and now is not the time to get impatient. Apple is providing all of us a wonderful platform that we can all be thankful for. The fact that they have rules for the apps will work for us all. I am just as anxious as everyone for this program and the primary reason I purchased the iPhone because I have a Blackberry Tour for work and personal use but doesn’t compare to the iPhone for what the iPhone promises for the iPocketBible. I see that in the web version. Keep the faith Craig I am sure God is as pleased with your work as we are.

  20. Paul Immanuel says:

    We need to continue to pray that this app will be accepted soon…. Thank you for your good work and your patience working with Apple.

  21. Wayne Scott says:

    Just a note to let you know that I’m holding out for PocketBible for my new iphone. I’ve used your products for about 10 years now and I have found it to be the best for PDA use. I’m praying that Apple will accept your newest application.

  22. Josh says:

    I am very excited. It has been almost 2 years since we started asking if you were developing for this platform. Your communication has always impressed me even though it was more headaches sometimes to let us know what is going on. I am sure it will be worth the wait.

    Grace and Peace.

  23. Lionel Dyck says:

    Now that the big day is over for Apple maybe they will approve and post iPocketBible. I just installed the iPhone OS 3.1 and had 5 app updates just today so things are rolling there.

  24. John says:

    Craig while we are waiting(Jeopardy jingle playing), can you give is some kind of idea related to the added features you are planning for the first update? I suspect by now you and your staff have some kind of goal list developed as we look forward. In addition is there anything in OS 3.1 that affects this product?

  25. We’re actually not thinking about the first update at all. There are a number of things we need to have done at our Web site to support the new product, and that’s what I’m working on.

    We didn’t want to launch into new features, then have to fix whatever Apple finds to complain about but not be able to resubmit the app due to being in some intermediate state. So we’re not touching the code right now. I’ve fixed 2-3 bugs that have been discovered since we submitted the program but that’s it.

    The nice thing is that new features should go quickly because the foundation is already laid. We’ll let you know when we can. In the meantime if you have suggestions feel from to email them to me at

  26. Lionel B Dyck says:

    Thanks for the update.

    How long does Apple tell you it typically takes for updates to be approved and posted?

  27. Steve Augustine says:

    Craig, do you know if Apple stops all testing once they hit an issue or do they go through the whole testing process and list all the issues they find? In other words is it a serial process they put you through (which could take a long time, if there are a number of issues)?

    Steve A.

  28. Lionel B Dyck says:

    Two weeks for a newly submitted app. Does an update to an already approved app have to go thru the same entire process?

  29. John I says:

    All I know is that if I spend as much time reading the Bible as I do checking the app store to see if PocketBible has been release, I should finish it in about 3 – 6 months. Every time I pick up my iPhone I check, I have almost become obsessed. (forgive me). Anyway I am very excited about it being close to being released and from what I have heard from Craig I think version 1.0 is going to be terrific.

    Wait let me check again…. nope ARG!

  30. Steve: I suspect that if there is an issue you go to the end of the line and start over. I also suspect as soon as they find one issue they tell you. I don’t know that for sure, but it’s what I suspect. As I said earlier, while they say it takes two weeks, it could take six months. It does for some people.

    Lionel: I don’t think they treat updates differently than new apps.

  31. Mike Hubbard says:

    I used to be a Palm user and liked the Palm OS (not sure why). The thing I like moat about my Palm was the Laridian software, but I just could not keep one running.

    I’ve had an iPod classic for three year and it has run flawlessly. I’ve been looking at the iTouch for a while now, but could not justify buying one until I saw Laridian was coming out with a stand alone software. When I saw that the software was in beta and close to going to the app store for approval, I went ahead and bought a 32GB model. It’s a great piece of hardware. I’m also impressed with the software. I think the reason it is so good is because it is close sourced and requires rigerous testing and approval.

    Personally, I can wait. Laridian, thanks for your hard work.

  32. Gary Cantwell says:

    Shouldn’t you categorize this entry also under “iPhone”?

    FYI, I’ve held off on purchasing an iPhone until now. Knowing that PocketBible is nearly ready to use on the iPhone now makes it a viable option for me.

  33. Scott says:

    Thanks for all the updates Craig!

  34. Steve says:

    I am very excited.
    I can not wait. God Bless you!

  35. Lionel B Dyck says:

    I’m excited too – I can wait but don’t want to :-)

  36. Kim Cary says:

    Finally gave up my treo 700p where I have your software and several bibles. My iPod died & I bit the bullet to get an iPhone.
    Thanks for your efforts to get this going for us that are making the palm to iphone jump.

  37. Melinda Lipe says:

    Craig, any updates yet? I, too, am a former Palm user with an iPhone and really miss my Laridian app.

  38. Like I said, we won’t know anything until it’s either approved or rejected. In either case we’ll post a blog article.

  39. Mike St. Ores says:

    Craig, thanks for all the work you’ve done through the years on Pocket Bible. I too have gone from the palm product, to pocket pc, to desktop pocket bible, and will definitely make the switch to ipod touch when it becomes available.

    I also would love to thank you for the fair use policies your company adheres to. This is refreshing to have witnessed a non greed driven, common sensed, godly way for a company to constrain itself! My commendations!

    I look forward to many years of using your products.

  40. JustJohn says:

    I’m really looking forward to this release!

    I’m a pastor who’s been a hard-core PocketPC user for years. Even when my buttons and D-Pad broke I stuck with it because I’d invested so much in the Laridian programs. It finally died and I reluctantly switched to the Touch, mainly because I read that you were working on this project. I can’t believe that my library will be available under this new platform–I hope I understand that correctly because it seems too good to be true!

    Apple will approve the app, and all this waiting will soon be just a memory. Until then…it is what it is.

    God bless you, Craig!

  41. Px says:

    Hallelujah it’s here.
    Thanks Laridian

  42. Mike Hubbard says:


    I have been waiting a couple of year to have a device that I could load the laridian bible on. We decided this week of all times to change service providers. The day of diconnextion drom the net the software was released. I’m sitting in front of a cafe loading my bible on my iTouch.

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