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PocketBible for iPhone Available on the App Store

Posted on: September 15th, 2009 by Craig Rairdin 124 Comments

We’ve been notified by Apple that PocketBible has been approved for sale in the App Store. It was fun hearing that it was available in different countries as each local App Store enabled it for their users around the world.

Now that it’s approved I can tell you what the original problem was. It seems the testers at Apple chose not to register the app and download the 39 free books that are included. As a result, when they went to the “Open Book” dialog to open a new book, they saw that only the “Bibles” and “Other Books” categories were active (the former contains the KJV and the latter the help files). They assumed that meant that PocketBible was a “lite” version that did not include the ability to view commentaries, dictionaries, and devotionals, because those categories were grayed out. If true, that would be a violation of the rules of the App Store. We explained that those categories were grayed out because they hadn’t downloaded any commentaries, dictionaries, or devotionals. That must’ve been sufficient because they later approved the app.

If you can give us some positive reviews at the App Store that would be great. If you can’t think of anything nice to say, send your negative comments to me by email so I can fix the program to your satisfaction.

It’s getting hard to pick out our answers to your questions in the comments below. It might be best to send them to Tech Support. Select the Help Desk link on our site.

124 Responses

  1. John Holme says:

    Excellent news Craig, now we have no excuse for not becoming the spiritual giants that the Lord expects us to be with all the resources available to us in this generation.

    Richest blessings

    John Holme

  2. Donald E. Stidwell says:

    Praise the Lord! I’m Snoopy dancing now. I’ve been waiting on pins and needles for this. PocketBible is the last thing I needed to be quit of Windows Mobile entirely. Thank you so much for getting this out. My gratitude is boundless! I’m looking forward to having all of my PB resources on a mobile platform again.

  3. Shane Stec says:

    So exciting! I’ve been using MyBible and/or PocketBible for years & have been waiting anxiously like so many others…. I know it will be worth the wait! So looking forward to purchasing ESV Study Bible and using PocketBible on my iPod Touch. Thanks for all of your hard work & the great communication!

  4. drkmstr says:


  5. Kirby says:

    *waits impatiently for tomorrow*


  6. Martin Han says:

    YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Laridian, thank you Craig, thank you Apple, and most of all, THANK YOU LORD!!

  7. Kevin Jackson says:

    Great news! I will be awaiting its arrival on my Touch with ‘bated breath and will review as soon as I can!

    Thanks for all your hard work and for the best portable Bible application on the planet!

  8. Larry Fjeldstrom says:

    GREAT ! ! !
    I can hardly wait to download the app tomorrow. Thanks so much for all your hard work. I’ve been telling all my friends with ipod touches/ iphones that it is coming. Now I can tell them that it is here. Thanks again!

  9. James says:

    Great to hear! The long wait is over. Thank you for all your hard work and for putting up with all your groupies over the last year or so. We are very grateful.

  10. John I says:

    Praise the Lord!!!!!
    Craig, I can only imagine how trying this whole process has been for you. I pray that God will reward you for your efforts and your diligence in providing His word to us that need it most.

    May God continue to bless you and your staff and you serve Him in this way

  11. Gary Lee says:

    Fantastic. I will download tomorrow and will also spread the good news!

    (and I have to laugh that the anti-spam word being presented for me to post this is………slow)

    Ha ha.

  12. Lionel B Dyck says:

    Woot !

  13. Ron says:

    Christmas in September!!! ;)
    The only reason I bought the iPhone originally was because I saw the online version of pocket bible was available and now…drum role…the offline version is here!! Take that Satan!! Now we are armed again for the battle!
    God bless you for your desire to make this happen Craig and your perseverance. Keep the faith. His truth is marching on!!
    All praises to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ!

  14. Matthew says:

    Brilliant. First used this on Windows mobile, so hoping it’d come to the iPhone, so glad you’ve made the app, chuffed for you that it has been approved. Well done.


  15. T-Will says:

    Awesome news!

  16. Bernie says:

    Criag – I am new to Laridian and was put on to this by my Bible study leader. He has been using your software for a long time and is very pleased. I look forward to trying the new software and hopefully I can download in time for my 6:30 AM Bible study.

    In Christ, Bernie

  17. Randy Magruder says:

    As a registered user of your software who has purchased for Windows, Palm, and Windows Mobile, I’m looking forward to tomorrow. The ONLY thing that would be sweeter would be finding out that you’re hard at work on your Android version for my G1. (I’m an iPod Touch user, not an iPhone user — my phone is the G1 and I love it!)

  18. Paul says:

    I am sooo excited as others are. To celebrate I have picked out at least one new book/Bible Dictionary to purchase. Thanks for all your hard work.

  19. george says:

    this is the biggest news of the day, or the week, or even the month, can’t believe it’s not showing up on CNN front page. a big hallelujah!

  20. Jake says:

    First thing to do in the morning!

  21. Ron Felder says:

    Woo hoo! And I’m getting a new iPhone tomorrow! This is wonderful news!

  22. Mark Coppock says:

    Congrats! Will download tomorrow; thank you, and thank you Lord!!

  23. Pastor Bobby Johnston says:

    Longest days of this year are the day before my vacation and this one… Praise Jesus! Pocket Bible has been a great tool in our staff meetings as we gear up for Sundays and Mid-weeks. The only thing that keeped me in my old Pocket pc was Pocket Bible… Blessings

  24. Josh says:

    Sweet Sweet Victory!

  25. Steve Potratz says:

    Fantastic! I’ll be up early tomorrow.

  26. Rich Franck says:

    Awesome! Have ESV Study Bible already purchased for the Palm – can’t wait to get it & the other titles I have up on my iPhone. Thanks!

  27. Steve Strickland says:

    Yahoo and hallelujah!!!!! Craig, thanks for everything.

  28. Nathan Youngman says:


  29. Robin Brenchley says:

    Woo woo woo!!!!!!!!!

  30. James Gleason says:

    Yes! Thank you for your amazing diligence in this process. I’m so excited!

  31. Chris McLoughlin says:


  32. Richard says:

    Congratulations. I will be interested to see the speed of look up. My current Bible application on the iTouch is very slow – though excellent everywhere else. Be warned there might be some glitches and download problems. It cannot go all smoothly. However, Craig based on past experience will have these problems sorted in sort time. The video’s show some really nice uniques features. Thanks Craig.

  33. Matt says:

    Downloaded at 7:30am Sydney

  34. Chaz says:

    I’ll give you an easy five stars based upon my past experience with your applications. I hope you sell many bibles and are blessed because of your good work. Congrats.

  35. Donna says:

    I’m just chuffed as chips!

    I’ve been diligently checking everyday for news! Thanks for keeping us all up to date!

  36. Ike says:

    Congratulations! I’ve been checking everyday for a news such as this. I can’t wait till tomorrow to download. May the Lord continue to bless you all for the excellent work you are doing. Keep up the good work!!

  37. Rudy Cabrera says:

    Praise the Lord. Our prayers were answered.

  38. Baggas says:

    Installing it on my iPhone right now. Thanks Craig!

  39. Dave Breen says:

    I currently have the Palm version & do I get some kind of discount? My 2nd Palm unit gave up the ghost & I went to the IPhone because I wanted to have something that would be more reliable. I love my Laridan Bibles & helps!!

  40. Yaabari says:

    It’s just past midnight in the UK and at 00:00 UK time Pocket bible was loaded to the App store. I have just downloaded and installed the app. I am now installing my already purchased books. I am very excited at this. I have been checking the App Store every day since the last 10 days.
    Thanks and God bless you Craig and Laridian Team.

  41. MJ says:

    I CAN’T WAIT to start using the PocketBible App! THANK YOU!

  42. george says:

    argh so envious! just checked still has not shown up in the US

  43. Neville Ridley-Smith says:

    Just downloaded it.
    Been a long-time user of MyBible on the palm.

  44. Bill says:


  45. Mickey Little says:

    That’s great. I’ve looked and it’s not in iTunes yet here in Mississippi. For those who have it how’s it looking?

  46. Paul Wentland says:

    I feel like a kid dying to open my Christmas presents! Can hardly wait until tomorrow. One question. For those of us who are subscribing to the monthly web based iPhone app, will that automatically stop when we upgrade to this long desired version? If not, how do we cancel that subscription?

  47. Michael Nelson says:

    It’s available in the Australian store now. I’m currently installing bibles. Probably shouldn’t have chosen to install the ESV study notes straight up cause now I have a long wait while it downloads 83MB of data! I wish I started playing before installing! Oh well, it’ll get there. Login failed first time, but if you use the wrong password I guess you should expect that ;) Will post a review as soon as I’ve tried it. Michael.

  48. Adam Keegan says:

    I HAVE IT!!!

    I’m in Australia and just downloaded from itunes! Launched on 3Gs & logged into my account. I dreaded the install process as I own so many Laridian books – but it is a breeze! Tap each one you want & then hit update it is currently downloading them all while I wait (and type this).

    AHHH – don’t touch anything while it is downloading your books – I just went to see if the program allowed use while downloading but it canceled ALL my queued books & have to select them all again – I wonder if this happens if you get a phone call while downloading too? I’m downloading 10 at a time now just in case.
    – I just tested an incoming phone call does NOT interrupt the process (thankfully)!

    IT’S GREAT!!
    Reading & changing books is a breeze. Thanks so much Craig & Team… off to download all my books & play :)

  49. Terry says:

    Excellent news. Since I had the blessing of testing, I’ve already been teasing at a couple of blogs I frequent. This is even better than most anyone thinks it is!!!

  50. Paul Baggaley says:

    It’s nice for once that we Australians get something before the US ;)
    Also perhaps helped me download all my books nice and fast before laridian’s servers get overloaded with all you Americans!

    Still can’t see the split-screen feature like in the old Pocket Bible and MyBible. Am I missing it or is it coming in a future version??

  51. JamesWalker says:

    Thanks for all the hard work. Planning to download, give a great review, then buy a lot more books and translations as a small way of saying thanks! I really appreciate that you provide free copies of the iPhone versions of all the books I already purchased. No upgrade fee or having to purchase the new reader is great! Gives me confidence to really expand my library! May our Lord richly bless you.

  52. John I says:

    I got it!!!! It looks great!!!! Thank you Craig!!!!

  53. Tom says:

    Just showed up here in the iTunes store in Iowa in the last 5 minutes!!

  54. Randy says:

    It’s available now in the eastern time zone of the US. Downloading books right now.

  55. thomcli says:

    Downloading in Texas @ 10pm. Installing my purchased books. Thanks Craig and team for a great product.

  56. Chaz says:

    It just let me download it a few hours early! I’m in the central timezone.

  57. John I says:


    I posted my review and I meant every word of it. Craig I wish the best for you and your team and may God continue to bless you and you bless others with your hard work.

    Thank you,
    John I (Jimbo336)

  58. Tim Taylor says:

    Praise God!! I have been praying for this to go through and have been checking the blog almost every day! Things were silent here on the blog for quite a while, and in cases like this, sometimes no news is good news! As an iPhone developer myself, I want to thank you for all the hard work you guys have put into this! I just downloaded it right now too!

  59. Ghauptli says:

    Wonderful news! thanks for your perservrence.

  60. Tony Patrón says:

    It’s there now and I already installed it. It’s more than I imagined it would be. Great job! Thank you so much for all you’ve done to God’s glory! Praise God!

  61. Jeff Stahl says:

    I am downloading now from the US store. Loved Laridian software on the Palm platform. Looking forward to it here on the iPhone. Thank you!!!

  62. James Bernsen says:

    Downloading now in the USA!

  63. Yvonne says:

    Yea! The wait is finally over! Downloaded the app, downloaded my books, love it, left a review – my first ever even though I have downloaded hundreds of apps in the past. Can’t wait to see what you do to enhance it.

  64. Kevin Ha says:

    It’s live, I just installed it and testing it out now. Thanks for hard work making this application.

  65. JustJohn says:

    Installing now at 10:58pm CST…

  66. Chris Gambill says:

    Thanks for doing this. It’s now available on the US iTunes store (from the computer app, not on the itouch), and am downloading it.

  67. JustJohn says:

    SOOOO easy–and fast–to install books from my library!

    I won’t keep spamming updates, but I’m really enjoying this already. Runs nice and fast, too.

  68. Steve says:

    Been a customer for many years, I have just downloaded it and some of my books and it looks great!!! I will be writing my review tomorrow and expanding my library. This is so wonderful, thanks!

  69. Tom Law says:

    I live in Marion, IA and this app just showed up shortly after 10:00 pm CDT.

    I downloaded it and all my bibles, commentaries, greek, hebrew, dictionaries, books in less than 15 minutes. I have it all customized to my preferences.

    This is way easier to navigate than my Palm MyBible app.

    Way to go guys! What can I say, I love it!!

  70. Tom Law says:

    Oh, P.S. I love the icon too! It makes the button seem raised. Cool !

  71. Mike Enriquez says:

    I just downloaded it from the app store. 9:40 pacific time.

  72. Paul B: Split screen in a future version. No date estimate at this point.

    Paul W: The subscription-based site has been free for the last month. We’re not charging for it any longer. No need to cancel your subscription. In fact you can keep using it if you want.

    ALL: It works best if you download a few books at a time. Otherwise you have a long wait before you can start having fun. Download a few Bibles and play with it a bit, then try some more.

    ALL: Let me know if you seem to be missing any books that you thought you owned. There could be a few we overlooked or which aren’t set up right. I can fix that here without you having to wait for a program update.

  73. erik says:

    Got it, installed it, love it, posted a rave review. And, as a thank you already went and bout $60 in new books. Thanks!!!!!

  74. JamesWalker says:

    Got it! Been playing with it for about an hour. It’s even better than I hoped. All I can say is Sham Wow! :-)

    Here is my 5 Star review on the Apps Store (it’s not showing up there yet):

    Finally, the best Bible software for the small screen comes to the iPhone as a well thought out app with the simplicity and feel you’d expect from an app designed from the ground up to take maximum advantage of the iPhone’s brilliant user interface. Powerful yet intuitive. Upgrading from Palm or Windows Mobile? All your previously purchased Bibles and reference books are already in your Laridian account ready to be automatically downloaded. The reader is FREE (including several free books) and there’s no “upgrade fee” for books you already purchased. If you love the Bible, this is the app you’ve been waiting for. Download immediately… You won’t be disappointed!  

  75. Steve Gore says:

    Finally!!! Awesome news.

  76. Adam Keegan says:

    Craig – are you going to start a suggestions blog or should we just use the email?

    I have one – we’re trying to pick a name for our 4th baby & Hitchcocks Bible names is very hard to navigate – it takes forever to scroll to the names – go to just makes it harder! But otherwise very happy!

  77. Justin says:

    Downloaded and reviewed (5 stars). Great app. Thank you!

  78. AtTheCross says:

    thank you soooo much!!! been using pocket bible since my hp jornada 600 WinCE 2.11 days!!! and have been without it from day 4 of the iPod Touch, now I have my beloved bible on my handheld again!! thanks you sooooo mcuh


  79. Richard Gliddon says:

    Well guys, it’s Sept 16th here in Oz & I am at the moment downloading all the stuff I had for my Windows mobile device onto my iPhone 3Gs. I am stoked, at last, after all the hard work Craig & staff have done.It will leave all the other Bible apps in it’s wake I think.
    Bless you guys.

  80. Robin Brenchley says:

    Well I’ve downloaded the program, installed my books and I think it’s absolutely great!

    Thank you all so much for this. Words fail to describe how happy with this I am!

    I have left a positive review via the on-phone app store, but it hasn’t appeared so far.

    One question (it may be something needed for a later version/update) but how do I go from the NIV to my NIVStudy Notes without having to page through all my open books? Going through the menu system seems a little long winded for this too? Not a complaint you understand!

  81. Josh says:

    Hi Craig my phone is syncing as I type and I am very excited. At one point you talked about having a version with a book that came with it on the itunes store for a cost, are you still planning on this at some time? I have a bunch of itunes gift cards I would love to spend on bibles.

  82. Ross says:

    Congrats on finally getting this out.

    I join with everyone in thinking that this is brilliant and I hugely appreciate your work in getting this developed and released…FOR FREE!!! I’ve bought a shiny new study bible from you to contribute to your work.

    I was initially slightly disappointed by the lack of nice scrolling. The iPhone/iPod touch user gets used to that little upwards-flick gesture and I found myself changing books accidentally! Of course, having read the blog I was expecting this and I know that you’ve had challenges getting scrolling to work. Is this something you’re still looking into?

    However, after using it a bit more I’m really impressed with the speed, quality and thoughtfulness that’s gone into the app…what more should we expect from you guys?!

    I specifically like:

    – Nice page turns/fades/transitions
    – Nice use of typefaces
    – Simple menus/interface
    – Brilliant search functionality
    – Simple set-up and download of books

    Don’t let the fact that there is room for improvement detract from how great I think this app is. Well done!

  83. Richard says:

    Great product – no complaints. A couple of suggestions if I may: Can we get a font between 18 and 24 ? I sound a bit like the baby bear in Goldilocks, but the 18 is just a little too small and the 24 is just a little too big. Also, with Strongs numbers, seeing the number is a pain. Can the word simply be highlighted or underlined or in a different colour ? Apologies if it does it already and I am missing the setting.

  84. Robert Mullen says:

    Congrats Craig ad Jeff. The fruit of much labor and may it be rewarded here and eternally.

  85. John Gilreath says:

    Stunning! Woke up at 3:30am PDT and just fired up the iPhone just to see by chance if PocketBible had been approved..downloaded my titles…read your Welcome and Help Guide. What an implementation! Fabulous! Enjoyed your MyBible on my Palm for many years and am thrilled to have this on my iPhone. Many thanks.

  86. Jim Barr says:

    On a fluke this morning, I typed “Laridian” into AppStore search, and voila, there it was!

    Previously purchased Bibles and books downloaded without issue. I can’t wait to put it through its paces.


  87. Adam: Hitchcock’s BIble Name Dictionary is tagged pretty “flat”. Sorry about that. It works fine if you’re looking up a name, but not well for browsing.

    Robin: Tap the title bar to bring up a list of open books. Select the book you want to go to. This is faster than scrolling through all of them or going to the Open Book dialog.

    Josh: We haven’t announced any plans for future App Store products. Not that there won’t be any; we just haven’t announced any plans.

    Richard: You can type any number between 8 and 72 in the font size. The presets are just that — presets. Just enter a different value in the top line.

    Strong’s numbers can be turned off. Tap and hold to bring up the context menu and de-select “Show Strong’s Numbers”.

    While you can’t select a number when the numbers are turned off, you can do Strong-based searches and view results. So a search for G26 with Strong’s numbers off will still show you all the verses in which “agapao” appears, and will highlight the English word in each case.

    TO ALL: It’s very difficult for you to find answers to your questions buried in blog comments. Send your questions to tech support and your suggestions and criticisms directly to me at That way they can be more quickly and easily addressed.

  88. Jim Barr says:

    I forgot to ask: I notice that the “continuous scrolling from one chapter to another” concept in early betas didn’t make the final cut. Instead, it’s page-by-page turning. I’m not yet used to this as almost every other Bible reader and document reader app uses scrolling at least within a chapter, but it is presented elegantly and smoothly.

  89. Jim Barr says:

    One other suggestion:

    I’m a sucker for glitz. How about providing a setting to let us apply the “curl” effect when turning from page to page like the effect used when moving from book to book? That would be very cool!

  90. Donald E. Stidwell says:

    To say this is a great version 1 effort is a gross understatement! Love the navigation and speed. Currently have 5 books open and no problem switching between them and moving through them. Scrolling definitely smoother than WM version.

    I know synching of notes and highlights is on the list as well as split screen so I’ll patiently wait for these features. As it is, the program exceeds every expectation that I had for a version 1 release and I am grateful for your efforts in putting out such an excellent program. Thank you and God bless!

  91. Jim, that’s actually not true. All the major ebook readers use a page-by-page method, not continuous scrolling. We looked at several before committing to this method, which was also strongly recommended by our beta testers. It requires significantly less interaction for reading the text.

  92. Duane says:

    Excellent… I’m installing my Bibles and books even now as I wipe a tear from my eye. Thanks for all the hard work you and the team did. God be praised.

  93. Adam says:

    Been using your product for years and so glad it’s now on the iphone. One question…a while back you talked about having a sale when it launched. Any news on that Craig?

  94. joseph bell says:

    when I log in it takes a long time then gets to a page that just says Customer ID (null) . how can I put my customer ID in?

  95. Peter says:

    My new favorite app… and it’s not close! I have only had this on my phone for a few minutes, and it already feels like the experience that I enjoyed in my WinMo phone for years and have so missed after moving to the iPhone. Thank you for taking the time to do it right! God’s blessings!

  96. Mark Dohring says:

    I have been waiting patiently for this application since Apple announced third party application development. I am overjoyed to see that it is here. It will be a great blessing when I am in those areas with weak wireless coverage.

    Thank you for all your hard work!

  97. Robin Brenchley says:

    Re the easy switch between books via the top menu bar.

    And I read that in the help file too! Sorry to have asked such a silly question. You guys are great and I think it’s safe to say that we are all so grateful. Am off to order the 2008 update of NIVBSN to celebrate.


  98. Robin Brenchley says:

    Ps I didn’t use the discount code by way of a (small) donation to your development costs of this new program.

    Thanks again.

  99. Paul says:

    Craig, thanks for getting this out to us. I have used your product since ’99. Quick question (sorry if this is the wrong forum) my Bible maps aren’t showing properly. Is there a way that I can adjust it, or is a fix needed. If you need any information from me, please advise. Again, thanks and God bless!

  100. george says:

    kudos on a well designed and implemented app for the iPhone.

    1. ease of switching btwn books is what sets this apart from other iphone bible apps, i do kinda miss the split-pane display for viewing two books at the same time
    2. having two diff “Go To” methods is great
    3. pocketbible has more configurable options than other iphone bible apps I’ve used, the full screen options are great
    4. bookmarking and highlighting very well done
    5. what? HOT PINK as one of the highlight colors?? =)

  101. Darick Yeo says:

    Just downloaded in SINGAPORE. The reader runs very fast and spiffy…and most of all – thank you for making it FREE!

    Praying for the team!

  102. Paul: The best way in my opinion to view the maps is to turn on “Shrink to Fit” then turn the device sideways for maximum width. It takes some getting used to when you have to swipe right to left to go DOWN on the map, but it can be done.

    This will be fixed in a future release. The program is usable as is but definitely needs some improvement in this area. As we’ve said before our goal was to get this out as soon as it was usable, then to issue frequent updates until everything was done.

  103. Todd says:

    Having switched to the iPhone from a Windows Mobile 5 device about 6 months ago, and totally missing my PocketBible and several books and translations that I had purchased, I can’t tell you how absolutely THRILLED I am to see that your team has completed a version for the iPhone. You guys rock! I’ve been checking often to see the status updates as to the Apple approval process and was ecstatic yesterday when I found it available in the app store.

    And talk about seamless; downloading all of my previous books was a breeze. Thank you all for your hard work and for giving me, once again, the chance to read my Bible anywhere.

    God bless you all!

  104. Jeff Treloar says:

    Love the app!

    One question…is there any way to copy text or a verse at this time? If not, what about adding a “Copy Verse” option to the verse menu? Would this be feasible?

    Keep up the great work.
    Amazing features; especially for a first release.


  105. Jeff: Copy will be in a future release.

  106. Bob Redcay says:

    Love the app! The splash screen that opens up when you first run the app is beautiful on the Iphone. Would love to have stained glass made of that for my front door! Question: When you have several books open in the app, is there a way to close (NOT remove the book out of the Iphone)but close the book so it’s not included in the open book list? I have not been able to find a tap or stroke gesture to be able to close a book. I would want to do this to be able to “toggle” between 2 or 3 books without having additional ones in the stack.

    Thank you for the great work you all are doing!!

  107. Keith says:

    Downloaded the app from the app store yesterday and am getting used to it (since I already own two other Bible apps on my iPod Touch). Thanks for bringing “myBible” (I’m an old Palm OS user) to the iPhone/iPod Touch. I look forward to using PocketBible on my new platform and FERVENTLY HOPE that at some point, you’ll port Laridian’s Memorize over to the Apple platform as well. I really miss Memorize.

    Thanks again,

  108. Randy Shaw says:

    Still not able to download from my account. Sometimes get null screen other times can get to items to download but always times out. Very frustrating! Please advise. Have latest version of ITOuch software.

  109. Bret Deardorff says:

    Craig, I can finally sleep at night knowing the PocketBible is now installed on my iPhone. Having been a loyal palm customer for 8-10 years I can say that without a doubt Laridian is the best software company I have ever dealt with. Heck it is the finest company period, that I have dealt with. The program is great!! All my previously purchased books downloaded flawlessly and much quicker than I would have thought. The help files are excellent and I love many of the new features that take advantage of the iPhone!! You are all to be congratulated for a great program. I will be surfing over to the store to buy a couple of new bibles to say thanks for all your work. God bless you all. I hope you become famously wealthy (financially and spirtually) for your efforts.

  110. Randy: Contact tech support. In the meantime try a different network connection. If you’re on WiFi try 3G. If that doesn’t work, try a different WiFi network.

    Bob: Tap and hold to bring up the context menu. Choose “Close Book”. Then go to Menu > Help and read the Help. Lots of good information there.

  111. Thomas Sperl says:

    Great work! Seamless and quick between Bibles and commentaries/dictionaries, etc. I like the speed and the one click access to commentaries. I’m also very glad to have access to my large collection from my Palm days.

    Wish list: History list, copy/paste

    Thanks a million and God bless.


  112. Randy Shaw says:

    Thanks Craig,
    I used another WiFi network and was able to download everything. Having a blast with my new “study bible”.
    Randy Shaw

  113. James Miller says:

    Hallelujah! This is the best bible app available, and it’s even free. I’ve been waiting for this day since I received an Ipod Touch last Christmas after my Palm Lifedrive bit the dust and Palm support went the same direction. MDM NIV Study Bible w/ MyBible 3.0 was my first software purchase 3 years ago and I am so glad to be able to use it again only now easier, better, and faster with much more future potential. Thank You Laridian it was worth the wait!

  114. Roland Kinsman says:

    What about WebOS?

    I know the subject here is iPhone, but I can’t seem to find the appropriate place to post this…

    Laridian has supported PalmOS for a long time, for years before the iPhone was even thought of. Now Palm has moved on to from PalmOS to WebOS. The first device running WebOS is the Palm Pre, with a new device, the Pixie due out before Christmas 2009.

    When Palm came out with the Pre, they included a third-party PalmOS emulator called Classic by Motionapps (

    It’s my understanding that Classic is meant to be a transition from PalmOS to WebOS, not a permanent platform. To that point, here is an excerpt from a post made by Classic in a PreCentral forum on July 15, 2009 (

    “Classic is this bridge that we are building so users of PalmOS apps can get across from Treo and Centro to Pre. But for some apps, we need them to build a landing on the other side, an on-ramp, a few feet over the water may be to meet us and close the gap so a user can cross over.”

    So my question is, what are Laridian’s plans to transition from PalmOS to WebOS? As a long-time Palm user and a long-time Laridian customer, I am very anxious to see Laridian port MyBible to WebOS.

  115. MyBible, DailyReader, Memorize! and CountEm are all Classic Certified. So your quote from Motion Apps concerning apps that don’t work in Classic doesn’t apply to us.

    We have not announced any plans one way or the other with respect to WebOS. However, I will add that there’s no such thing as “porting” a Palm OS app to WebOS. The programming language is different, the design model is different, the capabilities of the device and of apps running on the device are different. A “WebOS version” of MyBible would require us to start from a clean slate. Very little of what we have already done would be of much value on the new platform.

  116. Roland Kinsman says:

    Thank-you very much, Craig, for your thoughtful response. I do appreciate how quickly you got those products certified on Classic. My recollection is that they were certified on day 1, or very close to it. That was great.

    I also certainly do not have any illusions about porting applications from one OS to another, especially so radically different as Palm OS compared to WebOS.

    The way I see Classic is that it is a transition not an end-point, meant to ease the transition for Palm OS users to move to WebOS. So, while it’s great that Palm OS applications can run on devices WebOS, using Classic, I think most users hope that’s not the way it stays. I hope that eventually, all of the functionality that I had under Palm OS will be re-invented under WebOS, so that eventually, I no longer have a need for Classic. I think most Classic users would agree with this viewpoint.

    I suspect you may be delighted to find many of your loyal customers from Palm OS who have migrated to WebOS devices will be very pleased to try out and probably invest in a new Web OS bible application. If you check the homebrew applications on, you’ll find that “simple bible,” a simple KJV bible reader is one of the most popular downloads. I personally think there will be much demand for a full-featured bible and reference application similar to PocketBible or MyBible on the Web OS platform. The first one there is most likely to gain the most loyal following.

    I for one will be watching and waiting for any future developments.

  117. The question is whether or not a viable market exists for Pre. Sure, people are downloading whatever apps are available at this point. But consider that Palm might hit a million units total by the end of the year, where Apple sold that many iPhone 3Gs devices in the first weekend it was available.

    Like I said, we haven’t said we would not develop for the Pre, nor have we said we would.

  118. Jack says:

    I love the new Iphone application. I miss being able to add notes to a verse, am I not seeing how to do this or do you plan to offer note in the future?

  119. Roland Kinsman says:

    Thanks again, Craig. To respond to your comment…

    “The question is whether or not a viable market exists for Pre. Sure, people are downloading whatever apps are available at this point. But consider that Palm might hit a million units total by the end of the year, where Apple sold that many iPhone 3Gs devices in the first weekend it was available.”

    I say…

    Fair enough, thanks! Your experience in the handheld marketplace will guide you in when it is too soon to get in, and when it is too late. I would just hate to see someone grab that one before you do.

    I will say this, though, your content is superior to any I’ve seen, so even if someone comes up with a great UI for WebOS before you do, you’ll still be able to trump them there.

    I do have MyBible installed on Classic on my Pre, but prefer the iTouch.

    All that having been said, I really hope down the road to have everything I need for my personal devotions on the Palm Pre, so I can leave the iTouch in the bag.

  120. Curt says:

    Id like to throw in a request for Laridian on Android. There are over a dozen bible apps for android already, but none of them are as nice as your work.

    I had many of your translations on WM, but just love the android platform (except for the lack of a really good bible app)

  121. Steve says:

    I’d like to add my vote to those who are hoping you are working on an Android version. Fortunately, Olive Tree supports both iPhone and Android and is a good temporary solution until Laridian comes along. But I’d rather not invest too heavily in Olive Tree books if I’m going to be able to switch back to Laridian later.

  122. Karl says:

    The iTunes Store says PocketBible isn’t available in the US.

  123. Stupid Apple. I know what happened. Not sure how to fix it.

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