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Windows Phone: Call for Testers

Posted on: April 22nd, 2013 by Michelle Stramel No Comments

We have had a fantastic response to our initial PocketBible for Windows Phone release. Many customers have been asking when synchronization would be available. We are very pleased to tell you that we are ready to ask for some testers to help us with testing synchronization!

Synchronization is such an important part of the product that we would like more testers to make sure it is ready for a full release. Please consider joining our test group here. The need for testers is immediate.

In the meantime we’ll try and answer some questions that you might have:

When will the updated version of PocketBible be available in the Windows Phone store?
We are still working through the process of releasing the application and make sure that it is finished. Your testing will help us to decide when it is ready.

Are there other new features in this version?
The main new feature is synchronization, there are other exciting changes which we are not ready to publicly announce yet.

When will the beta be released?
It is available right now if you participate in the beta testing.

How will you take feedback?
We have set up a private mailing group that will allow you to give us feedback and discuss it with other testers. The developers will be reading this and will be able to interact with you to resolve any problems and take your feedback.

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