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Posted on: September 22nd, 2009 by Michelle Stramel 4 Comments

When I lived in Virginia, I was blessed to be in a church and under the tutelage of a man on fire for God. He remains to this day my favorite Pastor and as I have moved and traveled in the years since, I still miss being taught by him. His style of breaking down scripture, verse-by-verse and phrase-by-phrase—really dissecting God’s word and all its meaning helped me to grow more than I had before in my Christian walk. His style is a lot like that of pastor and author, John MacArthur. And though I can’t hear the pastor that I love, I can continue my study of the Bible in the same manner through MacArthur’s Study Bible Notes.

MacArthur’s verse-by-verse dissection of Scripture lets me study the Bible the way I want to—in-depth, serious study. From the beginning with an article on “How to Study Your Bible,” through the use of over 50 Bible maps, charts and diagrams, book introductions and outlines and, of course, MacArthur’s own words giving detailed descriptions and explanations of each verse in every book, I can truly dig deep and understand the context of God’s Word. To me, studying God’s word is much more than a morality speech, or a feel good sermon. To study God’s word is to truly seek out the meanings and truth behind it, to help me grow—closer to the Author of Scripture and stronger in my Christian walk. MacArthur’s Study Bible Notes is an excellent text that is everything needed to dig deep into God’s word in one complete volume and is probably (in my opinion) one of the best study Bibles out there.

Laridian offers nine study Bibles ranging in price from $14.99 to $39.99. Here is some key information on our top-selling study Bibles to help you in choosing the one that is right for you:

  MacArthur’s Study Bible Notes NIV Study Bible Notes ESV Study Bible Notes NLT Study Bible Notes Life Application Study Bible Notes
Number of Study Notes 20,000+ 20,000+ 20,000+ 25,000+ 10,000+
Additional Study Helps/Special Features
  • Consistency of 1 author
  • Introductions
  • Harmony of Gospels and OT Historical books
  • NIV Bible text
  • Introductions & Outlines
  • In-text Maps, Charts & Diagrams
  • Cross-references
  • ESV Bible text
  • 200 charts
  • 200 Full-color maps
  • 40 illustrations
  • 80,000 Cross-references
  • Section & Book Introductions
  • Theme articles and Person Profiles
  • 250 Charts
  • Greek & Hebrew Word Studies
  • Notes emphasize practical application
  • Book overviews
  • 250 Charts
  • 100 Personality Profiles
  • TouchPoints Topical Guide
Price $39.99 $29.99 $29.99 $14.99 $14.99
Print Publication Date 1997 2008 2008 2008 1996
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4 Responses

  1. Lowell Roggow says:

    The big difference between the MacArthur SB and the others on the chart is that MacArthur interprets scripture from a Dispensational, “two-people-of-God” view while the others are Non-Dispensational

  2. Andy O. says:

    I’m buying this for two reasons: I love J. Mac, and to support your hard work on writing code!

  3. Tkseng says:

    Could this be updated to the 2006 edition.

  4. Nelson creates their own books in our format. I assume this is the latest text they have.

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