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Call for Testers: PocketBible for Windows Store

Posted on: April 22nd, 2013 by Michelle Stramel 2 Comments

We’ve had a number of questions as to whether we are going to develop PocketBible for Windows Store. For those of you who are not aware, Windows Store is the built-in store in Windows 8 for full-screen touch enabled applications. These applications also work great with a mouse and a keyboard, so they are available to anyone who uses Windows 8.

We are very pleased to be able to tell you that we are very close to releasing PocketBible for Windows Store!

At the moment we are looking for people to help us test it, to ensure that it is ready for release. If you would like to do so please join our group here.

In the meantime we’ll try and answer some questions that you might have:

When will the product be available in the Windows Store?
We are still working through the process of releasing the application and make sure that it is finished. Your testing will help us to decide when it is ready.

Does it have the same features as the iPad version?
Mostly. We have tried to implement the features that people will use most often. There are a few minor features that are not expected to be available in this first release, but we will be working really hard to try and add them in as soon as possible. Your feedback will be helpful in deciding the priority order.

Does PocketBible for Windows Store include synchronization?
Yes. This is one of the things that we will appreciate feedback on.

Are there any major features that are not available?
Just one really, selection of text is not yet implemented.

What will it cost?
As with our other platforms, we anticipate PocketBible for Windows Store will be free. As with PocketBible for Windows Phone there will be an advanced feature set that will be available for a small fee, so some of the features you see may require payment.

When will the beta be released?
It’s available now!

Which devices will it work on?
PocketBible for Windows Store can run on any device running Windows 8 or Windows RT, including Surface!

How will you take feedback?
We have set up a private mailing group that will allow you to give us feedback and discuss it with other testers. The developers will be reading this and will be able to interact with you to resolve any problems and take your feedback.

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2 Responses

  1. David Scott says:

    I would like to join your beta-tester program for the Surface RT app that you are developing. I sent a request to join the Google group already. Let me know what else you need from me.
    Thank you!
    -David S

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