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PocketBible 1.0.1 Available on the App Store

Posted on: September 30th, 2009 by Craig Rairdin 10 Comments

Apple has approved the first maintenance release for PocketBible. You’ll be happy to see synchronization can actually be turned on and off now. When it’s turned off, you can synchronize all your open Bibles and commentaries to any verse by tapping-and-holding on the verse, then selecting “Sync To…” from the context menu. When it’s turned on (Menu > Settings > Synchronization), all your open Bibles and commentaries should track to the active Bible.

A related problem came up when you were using a Bible with Strong’s numbers. Going to the dictionary for a particular number would show you the correct entry in your preferred Strong’s dictionary, but if you had other Strong’s dictionaries open they would not move to the new entry. This is fixed now so you could have several Strong’s dictionaries open and they’ll all go to the right entry (as long as synchronization is turned on in the Settings menu.

After the nightmare of the first 24 hours after PocketBible shipped, we’ve updated the network error reporting to include more detail than the classic “(null) (null) Customer ID (null)” message that was so informative in the last version.

We’re currently working on the note feature. That will be the next update. I don’t have a time-frame yet but it’s coming along nicely. There are also a couple more little bug fixes that will be rolled into that version.

Fixes in 1.0.1

  • Synchronization was effectively always on. Fixed so it honors the setting in the menu.
  • Once zoomed for link disambiguation, it was possible to choose something from the menu or tap the title bar and confuse the app about the zoom state of the text. Fixed so that any interaction with the program resets the zoom state.
  • Following a link to a Strong’s number would display the preferred (or default) Strong’s dictionary, but other Strong’s dictionaries would not follow when synchronization was on. Fixed so all sync links to dictionaries result in proper synchronization.
  • Registering an email address containing a + (plus sign) failed. Probably other special characters would fail, too. Fixed to use proper URL encoding.
  • Significantly beefed up the error handling while communicating with the server to register new users, send login credentials, and download your books. Eliminated the now-famous “(null)(null) Customer ID (null)” message that was so informative.
  • Changing from “reference only” search results to one of the results with excerpts would result in a correct results list but some excerpts missing. Fixed to always check the selected results format and always reformat each result.
  • Fixed typos in Welcome and Help documents. (These are downloadable now using Add/Remove Books.)
  • Built with book reader engine 1.066 which contains support for a new Bible translation.

10 Responses

  1. Tom Law says:

    I actually downloaded this update late last night!

    I did see some of the fixes you mention above, and those that I can see look good now. Thanks to all those at Laridian for all you do for us!


  2. David says:

    Many thanks for iPhone app!! Loved it on Palm, learning the new format. There are times a search gives no matches. Not sure what I’m doin’ wrong. …still on a learning curve. Any pointers to get results?

  3. Gregg C says:

    “link disambiguation”? Really? Is that “techie” for “clarify a link”?

    eschew obfuscation.

    Seriously though, you guys are great. The app is great! After buying PB for Windows and getting him some bibles/books as a present, I set up my 60+ yr-old dad with PB iPhone and, although skeptical at first, he called me today to tell m how handy the app had proved – a library in his pocket.

    I really like how the search results work and the power of the search engine is AWESOME! I’ve bookmarked the Search section in IPHelp to refer back to in a moment’s notice. Really nice work!

  4. David: The most common reason people see no matches is they ask the program to search only certain highlight colors or only certain bookmark categories, but they have nothing highlighted and nothing bookmarked. Make sure you have nothing selected next to “Highlight” or “Bookmark”.

    Gregg: There’s no need to “clarify” the link. The user knows where they want to go, and they understand exactly what all the links on the page do. However, they have been ambiguous about which link they’re touching. In order to know which of several links they were trying to touch, we have to disambiguate their selection. Believe me, I thought of other ways to say it. :-)

  5. Kent says:

    Really glad to hear that notes is next on the runway.

    I have been a myBible user since first becoming a Christian in 2002 and it has become my primary bible. It has been such a blessing to have such ready access to God’s word and my study resources. After droping my Palm TX in church last week I had to get a new device, this works great on the iPod touch and I’m getting used to the different interface.

    Thanks for building this great software; God Bless!


  6. Philana Crouch says:

    love the app, cannot wait until the notes function is available, that is one thing I miss.

  7. John Budde says:

    I have been a PocketBible user since your first Palm app. I use both the native and the web app as well as the Windows desktop version. My chief concern is the ability to synchronize my iphone and my desktop. What are your plans for synchronization and what is the future of the webapp?

  8. Your iPhone data is backed up by iTunes. As long as you don’t remove the app entirely, your data is kept safe by Apple.

    As far as synchronizing with PocketBible for Windows, that’s on the list for a future version, as has been discussed in other blog posts and comments. We won’t tackle user data synchronization until we have all the user data (notes, highlights, bookmarks and daily reading progress) implemented. I’m working on notes now. Daily reading progress is next.

    The Web app ( will continue to operate as a free service for the foreseeable future.

  9. Ralph Hodous says:

    How can i print a copy of IPHELP? its hard to radit from cover to cover on an ipod or Ipad.

    • Ralph,

      Good question. If you’re patient and you have the Advanced Feature Set installed, you can drag through it to select it, then send it all directly to an AirPrint-capable printer. I had never thought of doing that so I’m trying it right now and it’s pretty cool. But an easier way is to go to our “Help Desk” page on our site and there you’ll find a link to an HTML version of the documentation, which you can print from your browser.

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