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What’s in the Pipeline?

Posted on: June 10th, 2015 by Craig Rairdin 158 Comments

We often get asked about what we are working on. While you can be sure we are always working, and that our work probably involves some version of PocketBible, we understand you may be interested in a more detailed explanation of what is going on behind the scenes. It is in that spirit that we are going to try something new with an occasional post on what’s in the pipeline for apps and books.

You’ll notice we don’t talk about release dates. We’ve been in this business for a long time and have learned that our best-laid plans often go awry. In fact, in the software business, that’s the rule rather than the exception. So we don’t spit into that wind nor tilt at those windmills. We’re pursuing the goals you see below at our best pace and will release new books and updates to our apps as soon as they’re ready.


  • PocketBible for Android – Version 1.4.4 is current. Includes support for upcoming BookBuilder improvements with respect to user-created Bibles.
  • PocketBible for iOS – Version 3.2.3 was released on June 1, 2015. We are currently working on some enhancements to the user interface and changing the way we do text-to-speech to make it easier to manage and less expensive.
  • PocketBible for Mac OS X – Version 1.1.5 with support for some upcoming BookBuilder improvements and minor new features was released on April 9, 2015.
  • PocketBible for Windows Phone – Send us your suggestions for enhancements.
  • PocketBible for Windows Store – Send us your suggestions for enhancements.
  • BookBuilder for Mac OS X – Version 1.0.0 was released on 3/6/15. Currently working on some in-house features and better support for user-created Bibles.
  • BookBuilder for Windows Desktop - Work is starting to refresh the Windows version to improve the user interface, improve the integration between the various tools that make up the Professional Edition, and bring it into feature parity with the Mac version.


Here’s what our editorial team has in the queue for you (not in any particular order):

  • Additional volumes of the Ancient Christian Commentary Series (IVP)
  • The Applied New Testament and Old Testament Commentary (Cook)
  • Wesley Study Bible (Abingdon)
  • NASB Bible text Updates
  • Add Words in red to KJV text
  • Tree of Life Version (TLV)
  • Adam Clarke Bible Commentary

Disclaimers: All this is subject to change in priority, feasibility, copyright licensing, etc. That means we reserve the right to never release these features or books. We are sharing with you the current plan which is written in sand, not stone. Also, just because something is not on this list doesn’t mean we are not considering it. Finally, we are open to your requests, suggestions and comments!

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158 Responses

  1. dr rob g says:

    thanks so much !! I often wonder what is being worked on so I appreciate this !! I run Pocketbible on my Android Phone and IPad, a truly Fantastic Feature in the IOS platform is being able to press down over a verse for a long second or so and then up comes a menu w/ options to ether do a particular study or a # of other options, can you tell me if this is in the works for the Android platform or would this be way in the future or perhaps not a consideration at this juncture ? thanks so mcuh

    • Jon Grose says:


      In android we are taking a slightly different approach to verse selection. You select a verse by tapping on it, then the Action Bar becomes a Contextual Action Bar with options (Highlighting, Notes, Bookmarks, Share, etc). We may add something like the long press where you can select individual words as the iOS version does, but much remains to be seen for that. For now selection will be focused on verses, then we see if we can roll out something that gives you a little more control. By default Android gives you the ability to copy/share text using a long press, but it is limited and does not work on all platform versions, so we would have to implement our own from scratch.


  2. Peter Schott says:

    Love the WP and Win8 versions of PocketBible. They’re excellent. The Win8 version has already replaced YouVersion because I can use it offline and have access to my main translations and resources. I miss the wide variety of devotions that YV offers, but not enough to go back. I appreciate you sharing what’s in the pipeline, even if there are no concrete dates. Those are harder to provide and can easily slip. Some of those IVP titles look interesting so will definitely keep an eye out for those.

  3. Karla McCormick says:

    Thank you so much! It helps, especially when we’re waiting for features we’ve previously been used to. I know Pocketbible is what you do and you are working hard to bring these to pass but it helps us to wait. I do hope the action bar will include looking up in all Bibles /commentaries/dictionaries. That is my favorite feature.

  4. Paul says:

    Enjoying the Windows Store version of PB, one direly needed improvement would be the ability to to select text for copying. Thanks.

  5. Susan says:

    Please clarify whether or not the future for Android development includes the ability to track devotional readings, and to “slide” dates (start date, catch up, etc.). Also, are plans in the works to be able to synchronize Android PocketBible, as is possible with other platforms (iPad, PC, Windows Mobile)? I currently have to remember to manually locate my position in my One Year Bible reading on Android (start date is NOT January 1, and I slide the date when I fall too far behind). This is one of two or three main reasons I’m still carrying a Pocket PC, as well as my Android phone, since I’m able to keep the PPC readings synchronized.

    • Susan, absolutely we plan to do devotional tracking similar to what we have on other versions of PocketBible. Yes also on synchronization with other platforms. The first thing you’ll be able to sync is highlighting. Then as we add other data types you’ll be able to sync those as well to other devices.


  6. Julie Steadman says:

    Really appreciate the email, great to know what you are doing. My husband is a programmer and I read out your email to him about targets, he luaghed!!
    Really pleased that hi-lighting is the option you are working on as that is at the top of my list along with the ability to copy a verse.
    I keep a journal and like to copy a verse when it particularly strikes me into that with my thoughts.

    Interestingly (or not ;-) ) I used to have laridian on a windows mobile and my huband had a palm (using different bible app). We have both ended up on android devices!

  7. Stefan says:


    Selection is definitely something that we are aware of in both the windows store and windows phone products. Hopefully customers will support the product by purchasing the advanced features to allow development of additional features like selection.


  8. Craig Horlacher says:

    Thanks for the post! It’s great to see what’s on the way!

    Here is a book I’d love to see in Pocket Bible. It’s called The Gospel Primer for Christians:

    It’s a great little book done in three parts/chapers. The first part talks about why the author wrote the book and how the author, while being a pastor was missing out on the importance and power of the Gospel. The second part is a prose reading, based on scripture with lots of Bible references, to remind us of the Gospel. The third section is basically the same as the second but in poetry form. I prefer the prose version.

    It’s a short but very powerful book and I think a great book for believers to read over and over again. It would be an especially good book for Pocket Bible because of the large number of Bible references in it. Every page in the second and third part is split with the book text on half and the Bible reference footnotes on the bottom.

  9. dr rob g says:

    thanks for the reply Jon – on the *Action Bar* it would be AWESOME if there is a button / option that would list All the Commentaries that one has on their book, I think it’s too tedious to open each commentary to study a passage, therefore the beauty of an electronic library – my 2 cents for a future commentary set would be by William Barclay – thanks for all you are ALL Doing !! :)

  10. Jon Grose says:


    That is a great idea, I will keep it in mind as we are adding features to the Contextual Action Bar.


  11. Bruce Gilliland says:

    To Dr. Rob – RE: William Barclay commentaries:

    I had mentioned this to Craig a few years ago.

    It appears that Westminster-John Knox has now released an updated electronic version of the series. It’s referred to as the New Daily Study Bible.

    I have an electronic version on my PC from another vendor of the original. It is based on the mid-’70s update of the printed version. However, Westminster-John Knox pulled the electronic version from Logos and WordSearch a few years ago. They then released an updated printed version, revised for more modern language and references. Barclay’s son was instrumental in the editing, I believe.

    So, I second your motion for trying to get Barclay’s series for Pocket Bible. My Sunday School class knows that when I teach, I will be quoting Barclay’s books.

  12. Paul says:

    Just another Android request:

    A “Keep screen on” option so that the program does not let the device go to sleep while PB is the active app.

    This would be quite handy while preaching and teaching.

    I know that this could be adjusted in the device settings, but having the app do it would be quite advantageous.

  13. Pastor Isaac says:

    I can’t find Memorize! for the iOs platform. Where can I find it, if it exists?

  14. Victor says:

    Is there any plan to upgrade Prayer Partner to iPad version?

  15. Paul says:

    I was reading through this post again, and I realized that I had totally missed the upcoming feature of “Journal Notes” for iOS.

    Thank-You, again and again.

  16. Steve Aubrey says:

    Since we’re creating our wish lists, I’ll toss in mine.

    I would like the Strong’s Numbers toggle to be a positive choice, instead of a negative choice. It is listed correctly, as “Hide Strong’s Numbers”. My preference would be to make it “Show Strong’s Numbers”. That way, a check mark means that it is turned on. The way it works right now, a check mark means that it won’t show up – counterintuitive.

    And my second Christmas present would be to bring that toggle to the front of the settings, like Split Screen, instead of being buried multiple levels deep. But I can wait for Christmas 2014 for that one.

    And even if I don’t get any of my choices, I very much enjoy PocketBible, and look forward to any enhancements that may or may not be coming at an indefinite time in the future.

    You all are doing good work.

  17. Fabio Paoli says:

    Oh how I miss my highlights and notes on Android. I pray that our Lord will give you perfect technical skill to complete that work for Android in the new cloud format mentioned, squashing all the bugs in record time and rejoicing in that work. Thank you for the work done so far, the Android Pocket Bible is great, so are the books you format and sell for it. Keep up the good work!

  18. John Hopkirk says:

    Hey Fabio what is this “cloud format” that you mentioned. Am I missing something here.

  19. John,

    Earlier this year we started working on a capability to synchronize notes, highlights, bookmarks, and other personal data to the Laridian server continuously instead of requiring you to manually sync that data. The initial implementation was in PocketBible for Windows Phone and Windows RT we just rolled out highlights for Android, and we’re working on changing PocketBible for iOS to also support the new format. It’s mentioned in the article above but not explained very well.

  20. Fabio Paoli says:

    Aha, just got v 1.0.6 auto updated on my tablet, with the highlights! Thank you, thank you for the hard work that went into getting that release out!

    A blessed day to all of you at Laridian,


  21. John Hopkirk says:

    Thanks Craig. I understand and have 1.0.6 now. Nice one

  22. Curious One says:

    Why would you require that users sync their notes and highlights to your Cloud. I understand why corporations would want this, as it will eventually be a commodity. But a lot of us would be perfectly happy syncing our notes and personal data only between our own devices, eg phone and laptop. Will you allow that?

    Thank you

    • Curious,

      We don’t gain anything from having your data on our server. It’s not a “commodity”. The color you chose to use to highlight Ezekiel 31:5 has no value to us nor to anyone but you. Hosting your data only costs us money.

      You don’t have to sync your data anywhere if you don’t want to.

      For the iPhone there is no direct connection to your PC to which we have access. The only way to get data from our app to your PC is by sync’ing both to a common server.

      Our original sync technology had the PC at the hub and everything sync’d to it and from there to other devices. The problem with this is that you had to connect to your PC, and you couldn’t sync one PC to another. Our server-based sync, which we’ve been doing for 6-7 years now, lets you sync any device with Internet access to any other device with Internet access.

      While you object to cloud sync and want to go phone to PC, others might object to cloud sync and want to go phone to phone. We’d have to invent ways to connect every device to every other device, and write the sync algorithms for every device. With our way, we have the sync algorithm in one place, and devices already come with the ability to connect to that place.


  23. Bruce Gilliland says:

    RE: Syncing to the “Cloud”

    I was once wary of the “cloud,” primarily because I could not always expect to have an internet connection. I still don’t assume I always will. However, I daily use tools such as Evernote, Dropbox and e-book readers which are on my work PC, my home PC, my smartphone and my Android tablet. I have access to the latest data in all locations.

    With this much simpler and easier method of data syncing, Laridian ensures that changes we make in one location are available in all other places we use PocketBible. If I highlight a verse on my phone and sync it, that verse will be highlighted in PB-Windows when I get home and sync it. It can’t get much easier than that.

    Now, Craig, if you could save my current book location like my Nook app does, we really will be cooking.

  24. Curious One says:


    Thank you for the explanation. I wasn’t intimating that Laridian was viewing the Cloud as a commodity, as some companies do and will. I just did not understand why a server-based methodology was required. Now I do. It’s still not for me but I can see why it would be viewed as ideal by many if not most others.
    I s’pose I got spoiled with Windows Mobile and the ability to sync between my desktop and my PDA/Phone. I don’t own an iPhone and never have. It sounds like “my” ideal setup will not be possible with Android, through no fault of Laridian.

    Thanks again

    • Curious,

      The only benefit of directly sync’ing between a phone and a PC is that your data never leaves your control. If you put confidential information about yourself and others in your notes, and if you identify yourself and others clearly and completely in your notes so that a third party could read your notes and learn specific, confidential information about others AND learn exactly who those others are so they could take nefarious advantage of that knowledge, then I can see where you would be concerned. I would argue, however, that very few people are doing that and, if they do, they are storing that information not as Bible verse notes in PocketBible but in some kind of password-protected database software.

      The benefits of sync’ing to the cloud are myriad, and include:

      1. Your data is stored off-site, so if you lose or damage your device, it can be recovered. If your data is stored on your PC and your house burns down, it’s possible that both your phone and your PC would be lost. If your data is stored on a laptop, chances are even greater that both copies of your data would be lost.
      2. As long as you have a connection to the Internet (which is virtually 100% of the time these days, either via cellular or WiFi), your most recently added data is backed up. When sync’ing with your PC, you could lose a day or more worth of work, depending on how frequently you plug your phone into your PC. Back in the old days of Windows Mobile, you did this frequently — as often as every night when you charged the device. Nowadays most people almost never plug their phone into their PC. Then when you do plug it in, you have to take an additional, manual step to synchronize your data with PocketBible.
      3. You can easily move your data between devices which don’t normally connect to each other. You can move your data from Android to iPhone, from Windows Phone to Android, from iPad to Surface tablet. Not all of these devices offer a way for PC apps to communicate with them.
      4. You can easily move your data between devices which don’t connect to your PC, or offer limited features to PC-based apps. Windows CE/Mobile actually allowed PC-based programs to make “remote procedure calls” across the connection with your device, so the PC didn’t have to know how to open and interpret PocketBible data files but instead could ask Windows CE/Mobile to read those files and report the results. While PocketBible for Windows could see and manipulate your Android database, it may or may not be able to open the file and manipulate the data inside, and no similar remote procedure call interface exists, to my knowledge. And PC apps simply cannot access iOS data across the connection the device makes to a PC.
      5. We can take advantage of the capabilities of the device to hide your data from other apps. In order for your data to be visible to a PC, it needs to be visible to ANY application running on your PC. On some devices it also needs to be visible to other apps running on the device itself. We keep your data more secure by putting it somewhere private (on your device), while at the same time giving you easy access to it on any of your other devices (through our server).

      I should clarify that “the cloud” in this case is not iCloud or Google Cloud or DropBox or any other large, public storage space, but rather our server. While this doesn’t necessarily make it more secure, it could be argued that the Laridian server offers less of an attraction for a hacker. There are definitely better places to break into than our server. If the contents of my Bible notes are typical, there is very little there of interest that would justify the time it would take to hack your way in. :-)


  25. Curious One says:

    Thank you for taking the time to provide such an informative reply Craig. Laridian is providing a service that is without a doubt, valuable to many people.

  26. John Roeder says:

    I have been using Laridian bibles since the old Palm Pilot days. Thanks for all the work. There is one problem with electronic books that is very frustrating. In print books, it is easy to flip back and forth between selections by simply sticking a finger between pages to hold your place while looking somewhere else in the book. So far I have not found an electronic finger. The ability to use a split screen helps somewhat but is slow and cumbersome. I may have overlooked this feature. The problem also exists in Kindle books. The answer seems to lie with tabs within a book. It is very easy to switch back and forth in a browser that uses tabs. That would be an excellent feature to develop and would be great for studying topics and for scripture comparisons.

    • John,

      I’m not sure which platform you’re on so I can’t comment specifically. There are a variety of ways to keep track of your position. Simply using the “Back” functionality to get back to where you were is one good way. Setting a bookmark might work for you, but frankly bookmarks work better in Bibles than reference books. Opening a second pane where you can browse through the book without losing your place in the original pane works, but you have just half the screen for your book. Tabs work, and we have those in PocketBible for iOS.

    • John, we do have that with the Advanced Features on our iOS version of PocketBible and it is called “tabs.” So it is within the realm of possibility that it would be considered for the Android version.


  27. Witold says:

    I’ve been using PB for years and really appreciate it. I first had it on my Palm device. My favourite feature was the ability to highlight individual words or phrases . . . I could see key points in a passage or the structure of it. I used to wish that my highlights would go into all of the different Bibles that I had but since the wording was different in each, that was impossible. Now you only allow full verses to be highlighted but they go across to every Bible. I prefer the way that it used to be . . . I find it far more helpful. Is it possible to go back to the older way where we can highlight specific words or phrases, or have it as another option?

    I think that it would be great to have a Hebrew OT and a Greek NT available for download . . . perhaps even interlinears like The NASB-NIV Parallel New Testament in Greek and English with Interlinear Translation by Alfred Marshall (Regency – Zondervan).

  28. Phil Wilcox says:

    One of my favorite features on the Windows Mobile platform was the ability to touch and hold the verse number to see the verse in all Bible versions. Sometimes it is very helpful to see how the verse was translated by different teams. Please make this available on Android and Windows Desktop versions.


  29. Jose Chaparro says:

    Thank uou for the updates for Android. I have lots of notes from my prior Windows Mobile days and look forward to getting those again. One thing I would like to see, which may be part of the plans anyway, is to be able to highlight individual words. Thanks again for your hard work on a great product.

  30. Bill McFarland says:

    Thank you for all your hard work. I use Pocket Bible on my desktop, my iPhone, and my Surface RT tablet and they are great. I love the auto syncing that RT does and look forward to that being brought to these other platforms.

  31. John Mann says:

    It’s great to have highlighting on Android at last – thanks for the good work! One useful feature you could add (and something I requested years ago while using PocketBible on my iPaq PocketPC) is the ability to replace the name of a highlight colour with a description of its use. So, for instance, ‘Aqua’ replaced by ‘Prayer’, ‘Pale Green’ by ‘Holy Spirit’, and so on. This makes it much easier to remember what the highlight means – when all the colours are in use it’s very hard to remember what they all stand for.
    It would also be useful to expand the search feature on Android to allow searching highlights, as you can on the Windows version.

    • John, thanks for your comments. We do have the renaming of highlights on Windows Phone and Store versions. And we do plan on enhancements to searching on Android.


  32. Dave Z says:

    I’ve been using Laridian products since the Palm days, first on a monochrome model I barely remember, to a T3, to a Centro phone and now onto a Galaxy S3. I love your stuff; it’s so nice to have the Android version coming along (looking forward to full verse display in search results). But I use the PC based program the most. I do hope there are some upgrades coming there too? I have the Win 8 version on my tablet. It’s really nice, but I still do most of my work on my Win 7 machine.

    So here are some hopeful requests for the PC platform:
    Copy and Paste – It’d be really nice to be able to select a section of text and C&P with the same attributes as when I use the Copy Passage command.
    Also, it’d be really nice to be able to supress the superscript links in the NET Bible.
    And some easy-to-access filters for the search function would be nice, even just OT/NT, without having to go into the “More” sub-window.
    Oh, and Spurgeon’s Treasury of David would be nice to have available on the various platforms.

    Thanks for your work.

  33. Richard Thompson says:

    Are you planning to release the bible called TNIV?

    • We were the first company to publish the TNIV when it came out. It is no longer published and we no longer have permission to distribute it. It has been replaced by the 2011 edition of the NIV.

  34. Britt Barnard says:

    Hopefully, the following will be electable or confirm before deleting OPTION.

    Better Management of Notes, Highlights, and Bookmarks. For example, deleting a bookmark category also deletes the bookmarks in that category instead of moving them to “uncategorized”.

    • Britt,

      When swiping to delete a category, you’ll get the normal red “Delete” button to confirm. Of course you can instead rename the category if that is your intent.

      The current PocketBible behavior of moving bookmarks to “uncategorized” when deleting the category makes it virtually impossible to delete bookmarks. Most people are surprised to find that after “deleting their bookmarks”, the bookmarks are still there and now they have to delete them one at a time. This is a glaring problem with PocketBible for iOS that will finally be fixed in the next release.

      The other change is the ability to swipe across a bookmark, note, or highlight to delete it. You’ll have the normal confirmation that you normally get with a swipe (red “Delete” button on the right side).

  35. Polli says:

    Thanks for the highlighting, I used that so much on my Palm, it’s so good to have it back! Any chance we can eventually highlight by word in upcoming updates? I often use multiples colors in one verse!

    Another request: When I return to a book in the Bible where I was doing my daily reading, it would be nice if the book would open to the same chapter and verse I left, rather than to the top of the book! Makes it easier to keep track of where I left off. . .

    Thanks again for all you are doing!

    • Polli, thanks for letting us know you are enjoying highlighting. We have addressed the word-based highlighting feature in comments on this post:

      We do still have plans to enhance the daily reading features but I am not sure in the situation you describe, what is going on. Is this after you exit the program and come back in? Or is it when you read the Bible passage assigned and then use the back button to go back to your previous place?


  36. Polli says:

    Hi, Michelle! I have been reading through 1Cor. But after I have used my phone to follow the teachings on Sunday, I come back to 1Cor and have to start by selecting chapter and verse, and I often forget which chapter I left off on. It would be nice if it would come back to a book at the place you left off reading, and then could select a different chapter and verse if you wanted to.

    Maybe bookmarks will eventually serve that function…


    • Polli, yes, that would probably be an ideal use of a bookmark. If you move away from your reading (i.e. 1 Cor), you may be able to backtrack using the back button but a bookmark would be a lot quicker.


  37. Paul says:

    Another feature request for both iOS and Android. It has to do with the upcoming “Journal Notes”, and that would be the ability to take notes in a split screen mode. So that while taking notes during a sermon or class, the Bible (or other book) could be referenced in the other pane.

    I would guess that there would need to be a “hide keyboard” button or swipe on smaller devices, but it would still be much more usable than having to go in and out of notes to see the Bible.

  38. Steve says:

    I just wanted to put in another plug for individual word or phrase highlighting vs highlighting a whole verse. (I did go to the referenced link above on this issue – but did not see any info. addressing it).

    Thanks for your product

  39. Craig Horlacher says:

    +1 Paul
    Great idea to have the note-taking and a Book visible at the same time. I don’t think that was even possible with the old Windows Mobile version. It would be cool for the note-taking to be manageable just like other books, to switch to/from it or close it easily, just like any other book. I would love that!

  40. roderick haithcock says:

    i would like to see sync of bible and comentaries to the particular verse i am studying,similar to the initial pocketbible, which attracted me to you site in the beginning. Our prayers continue to be with you

    • Roderick, all versions of PocketBible do this already. If you are using the Android version, you can turn this option on by going to the Menu | Settings | Program Settings and put a checkmark next to the option for Bible Synchronization.


  41. Timothy says:

    I have a number of books (commentaries & references) from the old days of using my Pocket PC (10+ yrs ago). I use to be able to highlight passages in those books and type a book and page number in the search box and go right to it. Will these features ever be added back to Pocket Bible? It would be great to be able to add notes to those books as well! Thanks!

    • Timothy,

      I don’t recall ever writing a version of PocketBible that let you go to a page number, since such a thing is pretty meaningless in an ebook. A number of years ago the Seventh Day Adventists published a collection of books in PocketBible format and invented a way to go to a specific book and page number by doing a dictionary lookup. Their method is not practical for other books.

      We gave up on highlighting individual words once we had to support multiple platforms and text rendering methods. We found we couldn’t consistently reproduce those highlights across platforms. As a result we currently only let you highlight Bible verses.

      You can add notes to reference books today, so I’m not sure what you’re referring to there.

  42. Simon Monckton says:

    I would love to be able to name colours rather than try to remember what each colour represents. I have been using Pocket Bible for many years now and think it is really wonderful. Do I have to upgrade or something for naming highlight colours? I am currently running Pocket Bible on an iPhone and iPad. I use this app to take notes during sermons, tying the note to the key verse. It works well as one can see the verses above the note section and move the text with taps as normal. It is a bit cumbersome at times but I enjoy having sermon notes keyed to verses. When I am preparing a sermon or bible study I can very easily see what others have picked up from the verses. Keep up the great work. Still my favourite app

  43. David says:

    Book suggestion.

    I have seen several people gain a better understanding and a greater interest in the Bible when they were exposed to The Living Bible. I realize this is a paraphrase instead of a translation but perhaps that is the very reason for a greater interest in the Bible.

    Is there any plan to include The Living Bible in Laridian’s Bible selection?

    David A. Hale

    • David,

      I don’t believe the Living Bible is available anymore. Tyndale phased it out when the New Living Translation came out. Even then (1990’s) it was beginning to sound dated. We offer The Message, which is also a paraphrase, that kind of took over the Living Bible’s position in the market. Thanks for the suggestion, though.

  44. Goodin says:

    Is there any chance that Memorize! is being developed for Android? I really liked using it on Palm.


  45. Paul says:

    Any news on Pocketbible 3? In this article you mentioned that you were hoping to publish it once apple’s developer site was back up and running again.


  46. Ken Philpott says:

    Still waiting with excited anticipation. I’ve been a Laridian user since 1995. “MyBible” I think it was called at the time on the Palm Pilot.
    Thanks for your work on Pocket Bible for the iPad/ipPhone.

  47. Ken Philpott says:

    I’d be keen to be a Beta test for PocketBible 3 for iPad/iPhone. How do I get involved. I was a Beta tester for MediaShout v3 & 4, so understand a bit of what’s required. I could set aside approx 30 minutes a day if required.

    • Ken, thank you for your interest in beta-testing PocketBible 3 for iOS. We usually post those opportunities here at the blog but there is usually a limited window of when you can join the group. While you missed that window this time, please keep watch for any further opportunities. We also sometimes post these on facebook and twitter and you may see those sooner if you are on those services.

      Thanks again,

  48. Tim Coalson says:

    For the Android, is there a plan to include parts of the verse that contain the search word in the Search Results? Today, all I get is a list of verses with no verse context which doesn’t provide much value. I believe the iPhone has this feature.

  49. Ivan Johnson says:

    Some of OLD folks prefer to read about what’s coming rather than trying to watch a video with inadequate sound volume on my tablet. When I hold my tablet close enough to hear, I can’t see the picture. When I see the picture, I can’t hear. Please also offer printed text descriptions.

  50. bibleboy says:

    Looks like more good things are coming our way. Will the PC version be updated to sync with the cloud, or are you only able to develop the W8 version going forward?

    • The Windows Desktop version of PocketBible already syncs with the cloud, it just doesn’t do it automatically. You have to manually sync from time to time.

      We don’t have any development plans for the Windows Desktop program right now. That doesn’t mean we’re done with it; it just means we’re busy. :-)

  51. Vincent Sim says:

    I’m glad I have Pocketbible on my Android Tablet. I hope to see tab option made available for Android like in the iOS. Instead of 5 panes, I could switch to 5 tabs. Thank you for your hard work.

    • Jon Grose says:


      Glad you enjoy the Android app. We do plan to add tabbed panes. We are working on finishing our “basic” list of features, and then jumping into our “advanced” features which will include tabbed panes.

  52. Rick (Indy) says:

    I use highlighting to mark the end of a OYCB passage. I would like to have the ability to show/hide all of those highlights.

  53. Dan Leasia says:

    I really do miss voice reading in the app. Offline is way more practical and does not require a web connect or data use. Will this also be available soon? Thanks.. it is getting much better with each upgrade!

    • Dan,

      I’m not sure what you’re asking about “voice reading”. PocketBible for iOS supports that feature, as does PocketBible for Windows Phone and PocketBible for Windows Store. And all of our apps operate “offline” and do not require an internet connection, so that’s available now.

  54. Robert Cohen says:

    Hi. I have used your product extensively over many years on many different devices. I love it!

    Is there any chance you could add the NIRV of the bible to your list?


  55. Bruce Maeda says:

    I have used, and loved, PocketBible for many years – going back to my PalmPilot.

    The two things that I have always wanted to see in PocketBible are
    1). Being able to highlight or underline a single word or phrase and not the entire verse
    2). An easier way to navigate within a book – going from John chapter 3 to John chapter 6.

    I like the new updates and have now gotten my children to use PocketBible.

    Thanks for all your hard work.

  56. Mark Reimers says:

    I would love to have the Jon Courson Application Commentary for the Old and New Testament available. Not sure anyone else has requested it but if one does not ask one will not receive…

  57. Bruce Gilliland says:

    From Bruce G. to Bruce M.

    With the Android version, and I suspect other new versions, I can quickly move from one chapter to the next by swiping from right to left to go ahead a chapter or from left to right to go back a chapter. For changing from chapter 3 to chapter 6 as you mention, this might be faster than using the Go To feature. Of course, going more than 4 or 5 chapters, the Go To feature might work better. I have a vague recollection that we once could choose the method of selecting which book-chapter-verse we wanted to go to. The problem is that the program has no way of knowing whether we want to stay in the same book or go to another book when we select Go To. So, we still have to select the same book. What we need is the roller method, or three dropdown lists, all on the same screen so that we could go straight to the chapter selector and not have to select the book if we don’t want to. Would a dropdown list or roller be faster than having all chapter numbers or verse numbers on the screen? I’m not sure about that.

    As for highlighting single words, Craig has addressed this several times earlier in this blog (I think) and in others where he describes the major technical problems to doing that.

  58. Joe Tanzola says:

    Christmas blessings,
    I have been a longtime user, since Servant Software and MyBible. Can you please add Ligonier Ministry’s (R.C. Sproul, Reformation Study Bible Notes? Others have it offered, but I want to keep my collection all within PocketBible. Please!
    Joe T

  59. Richard S says:

    I have used and loved Memorize! on my Palm OS, but no longer have a Palm device. Is there any hope for getting Memorize! for either android or IOS systems?
    Also I tried Memorize for PC but was told I needed Palm for Desktop in order to install it. I could not find that to download. Still available?

    • Richard, at this time we don’t have Memorize! available for current platforms (i.e. iOS, Android, Windows Phone/Store) but it is on our list of things we’d like to do when we have time and resources.


  60. Paul K says:

    Hi guys. Happy New Year.
    A few months ago I noticed the International standard Bible encyclopedia was in the list of books in the pipeline, now I see it’s gone! Is there a problem?

    • Michelle Stramel says:

      Paul, as we mentioned in our original post, things move up and down in priority. That one is still on the radar but not on the short list today (may change tomorrow). But thanks for letting us know you noticed and you’d like to see that book for PocketBible. Helps us prioritize :-)


  61. Drrobg says:

    Would love to see William Barclay commentary one day :)

  62. Margaret says:

    Any chance that Laridian might offer the MacArthur New Testament Commentaries?

  63. Paul says:

    Just a couple of questions:

    1. What kind of changes will we see in PocketBible 3.1 for iOS?

    2. Are there any plans to bring Pocketbible for Windows Desktop up to par with the features of the other platforms?


    • Craig Rairdin says:


      3.1 was driven by the need to fix some misbehaviors under iOS 7.1. The most obvious one is if you tap on a toolbar button on the iPad then tap another, the menu should be dismissed. iOS 7.1 ignores our request to dismiss the menu and instead reuses it to display the menu for whatever other button you pressed.

      While I was in there fixing those things, I added a couple features and fixed some other outstanding bugs. Here’s the “What’s New” text I submitted to the App Store with this update:

      New Features:
      * Users with the Advanced Feature Set can change the behavior of the “touch zones”. The most common customization is to use swipe up and down for page changes instead of swiping left and right. Other customizations are possible.
      * Added buttons for paragraphs, bold, italic, underline, ordered lists, unordered lists, and list items to the Note editor on the iPad.
      * Journal titles are now included in searches.

      Bug Fixes:
      * Fixed a crash when user has more than about 70-75 books open simultaneously.
      * Fixed a crash in the Note editor on the iPhone when inserting font size or font color tags.
      * Fixed the list of verses at the top of the Note editor so that it gets correctly updated, especially when the Lock button is turned on.
      * Fixed erroneous cursor position after inserting certain HTML tags in the Note editor. Confirmed in iOS 7; could still be incorrect in earlier versions.
      * Fixed a misbehavior of the pop-up “menu” view on the iPad under iOS 7.1 in which it was not getting properly dismissed when subsequent toolbar buttons were pressed.

      Minor Enhancements:
      * Changed the defaults for “Sync Bible/Commentaries” and “Highlight Linked Passage” to ON.
      * Reduced the height of the expanded Toolbox in “upside down portrait” orientation so there’s more room for the keyboard to pop up without obscuring Bible text.
      * Allow the horizontal rule tag to appear in notes without requiring the user to take responsibility for inserting paragraph tags.
      * Preserve the user’s customer ID and password when resetting program settings to their defaults. This should reduce the occurrence of users inadvertently invalidating their user data and books.
      * Removed the “launch recovery dialog” that is displayed on launch after a program crash. The program will always retry without giving the user the option of deleting all their settings, which can result in invalidation of user-created data and the need to delete and reinstall books.

      Regarding PocketBible for Windows Desktop: There is not any current development activity on that product. We occassionally release an update to fix bugs but haven’t added new features to that product for a while. Strategically, we’re waiting to see how the Windows Store/Windows Desktop schizophrenia resolves itself. If you have specific features you’d like to see implemented in PocketBible for Windows Desktop, send me an email at and I’ll add them to the list for future consideration.

  64. John Roeder says:

    I would like to have a good Greek/English interlinear translation for my tablet. I use Android.

    • Bruce Gilliland says:

      Ditto. But there is a problem with earlier versions of Android not displaying all Greek letters correctly. That is why the SBL Greek New Testament is not available for Android. As more people move to Android 4.4 and beyond, maybe we can get an interlinear Bible.

  65. Terry Roberts says:

    Aloha and good morning
    I have been using Pocket Bible since the MyBible/Palm OS days. I migrated from that to Windows Mobile. I am now on IOS and I am seriously considering a move to the Windows platform.
    So I am interested in what I would lose/lack by going to the Windows and Windows Phone platform versus Android and IOS.
    Would also like to see comments from those of you already on the Windows platforms. Especially if you are running a Surface Pro 2.

    Mahalo and God Bless

    • Michelle Stramel says:

      Hi Terry, iOS is our most mature product at this time (at Version 3.1). The Windows Platforms are not far behind. There are differences between the Advanced Feature sets for the iOS and Windows Platforms so you’ll want to look at those details. Also, notes, reading progress tracking and an Advanced Feature set is still to come on the Android version.

      I have not had the opportunity to use a Surface Pro 2 so hopefully we’ll get some comments from other users on those devices.


  66. Earle McCarty says:

    Have been a user since early palm (MyBible) days. Was delighted when you supported Android. Bought Galaxy s3 in August 2012 but have been disappointed that now it still is a long way from MyBible. Maybe there are not many users of PocketBible on Android. You have given so much for free, I for one would be more that willing to pay for upgrades if that meant better Android support. Boolean search logic, search limiting by bible sections, synced note to Windows Pocketbible are my high priorities.

    You spend a lot of time and effort on Apple products but Android is by far a larger potential market.

    • Craig Rairdin says:


      You’re mistaken regarding the amount of time we spend on iOS vs. Android. And while Android has more users, iOS users spend more money. I’ll send you an email with more info.

  67. Robert says:

    Any plans to include the Common English Bible?

    • Michelle Stramel says:

      Robert, we don’t currently have that in the queue but we do have it on our request list to look into.


  68. Trebor says:

    Any ETA on the next Android release? I know software schedules are unpredictable, especially when you have multiple products, but the complete lack of communication regarding the state of the Android app (no posts on Google+ since January) is geteing frustrating.

  69. Craig Rairdin says:

    The notes feature is currently in beta.

    Jon was our lead Android programmer and he left in January. It took some time to hire a replacement and get him up to speed, which we’re still doing. I thought we had said something about this on the Google+ page, but I see that we haven’t.

    As is usual with Android we’re running into problems with the note editor that are specific to one device, specific to one build of the OS, or a combination of both. We’re working through those issues but it takes time since we’re training a new person and Android is such a flakey OS.

    I’ll get something up on the Google+ page today.

  70. EdH says:

    Here are the top features I’d love to see come to the PB family:

    * Ability to sync reading progress on regular books (non-bibles/dictionaries/commentaries). It is difficult to read some of the normal books you offer when you have two devices and the reading progress doesn’t sync.
    * Ability to tag items. Goes way beyond bookmarks. We should be able to tag notes, journals, verses, etc. with tags.
    * Bring back the ability to show images in notes. I know this was an old Windows Mobile feature because it could access the file system, but it was really handy. Maybe an online link to an image?
    * Ability to put a hyperlink in a note/journal that would open a web browser and take you to the referenced page.

  71. Trebor Rude says:

    Praying for you guys, for the prblems to be solved, the obstacles to be cleared, and a new version to make it to the Play Store. >6 months without an update now, so I’ll help in what way I can.

  72. Bruce Gilliland says:

    To Trebor:

    Check Play Store again. I got the 1.2 update this morning (June 9). The main enhancement is the notes feature. I ran sync again and my notes appeared. The menu now contains a Notes option, and a notes icon appears next to verses where notes have been added.

    Now, I hope the word study functionality in the iOS advanced features (extra cost) eventually makes its way to Android.

  73. Keith Civval says:

    Any chance you could have a look at the stanzas and paragraph headings for Psalm 119 in the new NIV. For some reason there aren’t any which is strange. Generally the paragraphs are much better in the new NIV but for some reason on this one Psalm they seem to have gone AWOL.

    Many thanks

    • Michelle Stramel says:

      Keith, we’re looking into it. We do see them in the print edition and not sure why we don’t have them in the electronic.


  74. Tom N. says:

    Why isn’t highlighting an option for book types other than Bibles? I realize you can bookmark the other book types, but highlighting allows for much greater precision. Will highlighting be an option for all book types in the future?

  75. Rick says:

    I have the latest updates to Pocket bible on both my android phone (moto g) and my tablet (1st gen Nexus 7) both are running kit kat. the new search feature works great on my phone but will not work at all on my tablet. When I try to search on something, it exits search and goes to what I was doing before I tried to search. I have tried unloading and reloading the bible program. Search worked once and then stopped working.

    • Michelle Stramel says:

      Rick, are you using the 1984 Edition of the NIV Bible when this issue with search happens? Is so, please un-install and re-install the NIV Bible and that should fix it.


    • Craig Rairdin says:

      Michelle is correct that you may need to update your NIV, but that doesn’t sound like the symptoms you’re having. If you direct your technical questions to tech support at, we’ll be able to get you running right away and it will be much more efficient than writing comments on our blog. :-)

  76. Rick says:

    Michelle’s solution worked. Thanks.

  77. Rose says:

    Suggestion: the screen that presents the books of the bible. Could you put some space between the end of the Old and the beginning of the New Testament. I use android.

  78. Margaret says:

    My wish list :)

    Memorize! for ios/windows etc
    MacArthur’s NT Commentaries

    Love PocketBible! Thanks for your work!

  79. Kevin Whitehead says:

    Hey guys!
    Well, I’ve just reloaded my PocketBible program onto my iPad Air 2, which arrived today. It took a while to figure things out, but I was successful. Why is it, with each new iOS update, or every time I get a new device, that in spite on my syncing my device to my laptop, I still lose my collection? Again, I lose ALL my of my PocketBible books! Is there some way that I can have them saved onto my MacBook Pro, that I sync to, that’ll let me restore my books and not make me reload my entire collection?

    Also, and I know I’ve been a pain to constantly ask, but is there any update on when the Serendipity Bible will be coming out as an add-on to your collection?

    Thanks for all you folks do to produce such a fine product. I’ve been using your product, in several formats over the years, beginning with .myBible and the Palm OS. Nothing has come close to matching your products.

    Kindest regards and many blessings,


    • Craig Rairdin says:


      You don’t lose anything when you install PocketBible on a new device. It’s all in your cloud account right where you left it. Just download the books you want on the new device.

      The Serendipity Bible is on the suggestion list. Each book we publish (and haven’t published yet) has its own complications. It could be the copyright owner is a problem to work with. It could be the book isn’t available in an electronic format. It could be that you’re the only person interested in this title so we haven’t prioritized it. But if you’ve suggested it, it’s on the list. :-)


  80. Roger says:

    The number 1 thing i want in Pocket Bible is for it to remember where I am up to in every single book of the Bible.
    If the preacher says turn to Matthew 5:4 and then says turn to Phil 1:6 and then says turn to James 1;1 and then jumps back to Matthew I want to be able to choose Matthew and then say go to where i am in Matthew (because I wont remember where we were in Matthew). My Bible on my Palm T3 does this.
    If i then choose to go to say, Jonah I want to be able to go to where I was in Jonah last time I had Jonah open whether it was last week or 6 months ago.
    This should be pretty easy to implement. There are only 66 books to keep a pointer in to keep track of where you are up to.

    • Craig Rairdin says:

      We don’t get any/many requests for a feature that keeps track of where you are in each book of the Bible, but you can accomplish most of what you’re asking about by simply using the “Back” button.

      There are more than 66 books of the Bible to keep track of, and there is more than one Bible so we’d probably have to keep track of where you are in each translation of the Bible and in each book of those Bibles. Then we’d have to provide user interface that allows you to somehow select a) I want to go to Jonah but not to a particular verse, just to the last place I was reading, and b) I want to go to the last place I was reading in Jonah in one of the other 30 Bibles I have installed, not the Bible I have open, and c) I want to go to the last place I was reading in Jonah in the KJV, but I want to go there in the NIV, and d) show me a list of where I was reading in each book of the Bible in each of my Bibles.

      So, yeah, it’s more complicated than you think. :-)

      We didn’t write MyBible and I don’t remember how it worked.


      • Roger says:

        Thank you for your quick reply.

        Using the back button will only work
        In the current session
        And to go backwards.

        You cant then go forwards again.

        Laridian produced My Bible. I dont understand “We didn’t write My Bible”??

        The Olive Tree Bible app records your history, which, while not nearly as good as My Bible on the Palm, is a lot better than tring to use the back button.
        Unfortunately, the Olive Tree app is very slow to load whereas with the font made a little larger, Pocket Bible loads very quickly.

        I really find it incredible that in the 21st century, a smart device is not smart enough to do what a 10 year old Palm can still do (and much faster).

        • Craig Rairdin says:

          I’m not as familiar with our Android app as iOS, but there should be “forward” on the menu somewhere. And I’d be a little surprised if “back” only worked in the current session. Not too surprised; just a little surprised.

          MyBible was originally called Scripture and was written by David Fedor, who was an employee of Palm at the time. We contacted him back in 1999 and arranged to market his Scripture program as MyBible. His program was extremely simple, but that was the hallmark of a good Palm app. For example, it didn’t provide for any Bibles that contained the Apocrypha and it didn’t have any reference books — just Bibles. We didn’t take over development on MyBible until very late in its life. I think we might’ve had some code in MyBible 4 and certainly did in MyBible 5. But all the basic functionality of the program was written by David.

          Every Bible program is a little different. MyBible had a few features that we don’t support in our current apps, but then we have a lot of features in our newer apps that it can’t touch. It did highlighting differently — some would say better. But it didn’t sync with the cloud or with any other apps. Our searching is more sophisticated, our bookmarks and note-taking features are better, and our integration across your entire library is better. MyBible was a great little program, but it was a very simple program running on a very simple platform. We can do a lot more today.

          But the key take-away here is that every app is different. You’ll find that all of the PocketBible programs have similar features and philosophies because they all came from Jeff Wheeler and me. Jeff and I worked on Bible software together for 10 years before starting Laridian 16 years ago so we came to think alike with respect to Bible software. MyBible was different because it came from a different developer. Same can be said for the Noah app for Blackberry and Simple Bible Pro for webOS — we didn’t develop those either, but we did market them. It’s not that the things that are different are too hard to do on Android, but just that we look at the problem differently and some things might not fit well in one program and others won’t fit well in the other.

  81. Mark Richmond says:

    Please can I make suggestion for feature I would find very useful.
    I’d like to quickly navigate back to recently found references.
    I know that some list is held which I can go back to in order using teh ‘back’ key – but this is very detailed (i.e. if I scroll up within a passage then I have to revisit each time I stopped), and so if I want to go back to yesterdays reading, there may be a lot of intermediate steps.
    What I’d like would be a list of recently searched for & ‘go to’ verses that have been entered. I could select from the list, and jump back to, say, the main text in a sermon after we have looked at another passage.
    Do you think this ‘Recently Visited’ list would be generally useful? Maybe others are interested? Thanks, Mark Richmond

    • Michelle Stramel says:

      Mark, thanks for the feedback. That is something that is our our request list and I’ll add your vote to that.


  82. Christoph says:

    Hi Craig and team,

    Thanks for the constant improvements and additions to the SW and Library. I am missing though any bible in German. Maybe I am one of a few, but if you could look into including maybe a Luther- Text bible would be great and much qppreciated.

    Thanks and Blessed New Year 2015 Christoph

  83. Tim says:

    Windows Rocks – I have Win8.1 and WPHONE 8 and the app is terrific and syncs great between the two platforms.

    I would love to see an app for Xbox One – should not be too hard when Win10 comes out (since the OS will be cross platform). That will be great if you are having a small group meeting and then you can put the text, maps, etc. up on the big screen.

    Ever thought about pinning books, chapters, verses in Win8? I think you can pin just the Pocket Bible book.

    I would like to see some samples of content listed in the store or perhaps a 2-day trial mechanism. I’ve purchased some items that were not what I expected.

    Of course I’ll beta test!

    Thanks for a great product.

    • Michelle Stramel says:

      Tim, thanks for the feedback. We do have the pinning option on our request list for consideration.

      Keep in mind that we do have a 30-day money back guarantee on all purchases. If you find you don’t like a book you have purchased, remove it from any devices to which you’ve installed it and contact our support and we’ll process a refund for you. We also link to Amazon on each book page so you can sometimes look at their version of the book intro to see what it is about and check out comments from other readers. Hope that helps!


  84. Kelby says:

    The Windows Phone version is great… love it!! Would like to have more options on the type of voice when using the bible audio playback. I believe the ios version has an optional voice pack, this would be great for the Windows Phone Version. Thanks

    • Craig Rairdin says:

      When we did the iOS version, there was limited or no access to any built-in voice synthesis capability. So we went with a third-party system that required you to download voices in their proprietary format. On Windows Phone (and Mac and Android), we use the built-in speech synthesis features. So if there are any add-on voices or voice features for Windows Phone, they should work with PocketBible.

      • Kelby says:

        Okay, would like to make a request for the built-in speech synthesis to be Cortona as one of the default text to speech default options for Windows Phone. How about being able to tell Cortona which Book, Chapter or Verse I want and Cortona executing same. Cortona interacting with Pocketbible would be great.

  85. Victor Ong says:

    I’m using the iOS version. Is it possible to make Notes recognize a website URL and convert it to a hyperlink on future PocketBible upgrade?

    • Craig Rairdin says:

      It’s possible. We don’t currently do it because we can’t support links to websites on all our platforms. We may do this in the future.

  86. Steve says:

    A key improvement for the Windows Phone app is consistent “back” functionality. Usually hitting the back button takes you out of the app instead of back to where you just were (contrary to what I think the directions say). Thanks!

  87. K K Tan says:

    The Journal feature is really a great addition to the Android version. I would really appreciate it if the Journal feature can be added to the Windows Store version soon.

  88. I’m using the Android edition. I like using the Kindle Fire HD because of the split-screen feature so I can see my note next to the text. I like that I can create a category for bookmarks. I can use this to set up bookmarks specifically for a sermon or class that I’m teaching.

    One thing that would be helpful is the ability to create categories for notes (maybe you have this and I didn’t see it). This would let me write notes specifically for the sermon and I wouldn’t have to make headings within the notes (this part for ‘sermon name 1′, this part for ‘sermon name 2′, etc.



    • Craig Rairdin says:

      I’m not clear on what you’re doing with notes. If you are taking sermon notes that really don’t need to be attached to a verse, then you should be using the Journal Notes feature of the Advanced Feature Set. Let me know if that’s not what you’re looking for. It might be easier to correspond through instead of doing it here.

      • Hi Craig. I place the references that I’m preaching from in a custom list of bookmarks that are titled the same as my sermon. Then I place a note on each verse. I’ve written an article about it here: These are the notes that I use to preach from.

        When I use he same verse in more than one sermon I have to look through the note to see which portion of the note is for this specific sermon. I think it would be helpful to have categories for notes just like categories for bookmarks.

        Of course there is an advantage to having all of the notes together too. The Journal Notes might do what I need. I’ve already been planning to buy the advanced feature set. I’ll go ahead and get it.



      • The Journal was exactly what I was looking for! Thanks!

  89. I just bought the Advanced Feature Set for Android and Windows 8. Now I can use my notes on both devices and sync them. I love it!

  90. vtgant says:

    please add the study and navigational features to the Windows store version. I use this product every day and hope that you will continue to be enhance it as the other versions. In other word, please throw some more love Windows 8.1 way. :)

    • Craig Rairdin says:

      The Windows Store and Windows Phone versions of PocketBible were developed by a PocketBible user in New Zealand who happens to also be a talented Windows developer. We throw him as much love as we can. :-)

  91. Victor says:

    Do consider adding a prayer journal module within the PocketBible application for future upgrade, if possible. Thanks.

  92. Bruce Gilliland says:

    I see where another [unnamed] Bible software vendor is releasing William Barclay’s New Daily Study Bible series in electronic form. The books were revised a few years ago with updated language and illustrations. Westminster-John Know had pulled the electronic versions of the older (1975-76) editions several years ago. Any chance of getting them for Pocket Bible?

  93. Frank Fichtl says:

    I was wondering if Chromebook support was on your radar?

    Thanks for your wonderful software.

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