PocketBible 1.1.0 Available on App Store

Posted on: November 12th, 2009 by Craig Rairdin 4 Comments

Apple approved PocketBible 1.1.0 for iPhone earlier today. A list of new and improved features is here.

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  1. Tom Law says:

    Thanks again!!

    The notes with copy and paste is great. I have already used the copy and paste to create my old notes from my Palm.

    Also thanks for the “rotation lock”. I did not realize I needed this until it rotated on me, then I bring it back up to my face and then have to wait for the rotation again. This is a great feature, thanks!

    Keep up the good work and God’s Peace,

  2. Thomas Sperl says:

    Hi! I have been enjoying using Pocket Bible. Although I don’t use notes too much yet, it is nice to have. I use the copy verse/passage feature very much. It helps me transfer verses into my memorization program.

    There are many other aspects to PB that I appreciate/prefer, Here’s a few. Pagination, entire volumes open and at my fingertips, quick and easy switching between them, highlighted reference passages, great search function and more.

    I am looking forward to continued development. It is a super program.

    Thanks again. Now I just need to get people at church to believe I am reading the Bible and not texting during the sermon!

  3. Dale Eads says:


    I too have that problem! I’ve always got an old lady looking over her shoulder at me while I’m putting notes in PocketBible thinking I’m texting or playing a game (at least, when I was using the WM version and tapping with a stylus)!

  4. I’ve been carrying either a laptop or a PDA to church for almost 20 years. I was bringing a laptop starting in the late 80’s or early 90’s, then a Newton MessagePad in 1993-94.

    Some people come up to me afterwords and ask about it. I don’t worry about the people who just glare at me. I figure I could just as easily question their spirituality for spying on the people around them instead of paying attention to the sermon. 😉

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