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Coming Soon: PrayerPartner for the iPhone

Posted on: December 9th, 2009 by Craig Rairdin 10 Comments

PrayerPartner for the iPhone has completed beta testing and been submitted to the Apple App Store. We expect it to be available in the App Store “soon”.

PrayerPartner helps you manage an important spiritual discipline: prayer.

PrayerPartner helps you by maintaining lists of prayer requests, keeping track of which ones have been answered, which ones you’d like to pray for today, and which ones have already been prayed for today. Each request can be categorized, associated with a contact from your Contacts Address Book, and scheduled to be prayed for daily, on certain days of the week, or certain days of the month. Customizable email templates let you quickly mail a personal note of encouragement to a request’s contact. Plus, use the dated journal to record your thoughts as you pray.

When approved for sale in the App Store, PrayerPartner will be available with an introductory price of $1.99.

10 Responses

  1. Kevin Walker says:

    Is this an indication of the trend away from WM in favor of iPhone? This would have been a great app for my PocketPC…

  2. Jeff Wheeler says:

    No. This is not an indication of a trend away from WM in favor of iPhone.

  3. Kevin Walker says:

    Good to hear. Are there plans to release a similar app for us WM users?

  4. Justin says:

    This is a nice surprise. There are a bunch of prayer apps out there, but even from the screenshots I can tell this will trump them all in terms of features and ease-of-use. I’ll definitely be getting this. Thanks!

  5. Jeff Wheeler says:

    Kevin: and leave out the Android and Pre users? Seriously, though, as you probably already know, we don’t announce what we’re working on until it is available or nearly available.

  6. Kevin Purcell says:

    I really like this program. It is easy to use, helpful and really beats the other iPhone prayer apps. I was fortunate to be a beta tester and will be gladly paying for the final product.

  7. Donald Stidwell says:

    I had a program with the same name back in my Palm days (pre-Pre) that I believe I bought from Laridian. This is far better than that program & I look forward to its availability in the App Store. This is something I’ve desired for a long time and it’s better than the database program that I’m currently using for tracking prayers.

  8. Bob R. says:

    I have been using PrayerPartner with the Palm OS for years and I am thrilled that it is now available to the iPhone/iTouch platform. I am sure that it will be even more popular and useful with this platform.

    I have tried it and like it very much, it allows me to do away with scraps of paper and three by five file cards. I can update, file under different categories, it even reminds me to pray daily.

    I use it several times a day and it is one of the more useful apps I have and I think it will only get better as time goes on.

  9. David Housholder says:

    Jeff, you may recall I have been asking for years to have an updated tool that would be similar to the Palm PrayerPartner. I was delighted to see you were working on this app that serves us well in helping to keep prayer regular.

    I am considering changing one of the email templates so that the text is an adaptation of one of a biblical prayer in which the recipients name is included since that is a way I like to pray for people. The flexibility of the tools you have provided makes that sort of personalization of the tool possible. Thanks!

  10. Robin Brenchley says:

    It’s out in the UK App Store!

    Have got it an it’s looking real good so far. Could be just what I need to get on top of my prayer life.


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