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PrayerPartner for iPhone

Posted on: December 15th, 2009 by Craig Rairdin 24 Comments

PrayerPartner for the iPhone is now available on the Apple App Store. Search for “PrayerPartner” in the App Store, or try this link.

For only $1.99 (you may have paid more for a cup of coffee today), PrayerPartner helps you manage an important spiritual discipline: prayer.

PrayerPartner helps you by maintaining lists of prayer requests, keeping track of which ones have been answered, which ones you’d like to pray for today, and which ones have already been prayed for today. Each request can be categorized, associated with a contact from your Contacts Address Book, and scheduled to be prayed for daily, on certain days of the week, or certain days of the month. Customizable email templates let you quickly mail a personal note of encouragement to a request’s contact. Plus, use the dated journal to record your thoughts as you pray.

Not Excited Yet? Keep Reading

Many of our PocketBible beta testers jumped on board to help with final testing of PrayerPartner. One common comment from them went something like… well, let’s hear from a few directly.

“PrayerPartner has given me the push I need to stay on top of other people’s requests. How many times do people specifically ask for prayer, and we somehow forget to ever petition the Lord on their behalf? This app is helping me make sure that I take their requests seriously, and it makes it easier to follow up with them when their prayers are answered.”
— Lawson C.

“I have found PrayerPartner to be indispensable. I did not know I had a need for an app like this until I started using it, and now it is on my home screen with the applications I use all the time.”
— Paul W.

“I didn’t know how valuable PrayerPartner would be until I started using it. Now I use PrayerPartner every day!”
— Mike O.

It’s interesting that a common theme developed: “I wasn’t really interested in a prayer-related program, but I found that it’s been good for me.”

Sort of like eating vegetables and flossing, I guess. :-)

Seriously, though, I’ve found this to be true for me as well. Now that I’m through developing and testing, I’ve been adding my requests. Here’s what I’ve added so far.

  • a daily praise, different for every day of the month
  • a daily prayer for my children, a different topic every day of the month
  • some friends to be prayed for weekly (some on Monday, some on Tuesday, etc.); I make notes of special needs or stresses so that I can remember to pray for them
  • prayer for our pastor, church and its ministries

Like our beta testers, I’m finding that PrayerPartner is helping me be both more focused and disciplined.

Screen Shots

PrayerPartner Home Screen

Adding or Editing a Request

Picking a Category

Viewing the Full Request

Still To Come?

If PrayerPartner proves successful, we have ideas that would allow sharing requests with others, even (potentially) PrayerPartner users on other platforms.

24 Responses

  1. Ken Jeffrey says:

    Very Cool!!! I love the way I can add contacts from my address book.

  2. Ken Jeffrey says:

    Very Cool!!! I love the way I can add contacts from my address book.

  3. Chris Jones says:

    Very cool… I have purchased it. What about a way to incorporate alarms into it to remind us to pray at specific times (for those of us who sometimes need help). :)

  4. Lionel Dyck says:

    Cool – I haven’t used anything like this for many years and then it was in paper. I’ll download and give it a shot. I know my prayer life could use the help.

  5. Chris says:

    Can I easily create requests from emails? Most of my requests come in that way. Ideally I could forward them to an email address and have them show up in my lists… similar to how I do it now with Remember the Milk.

  6. Chris and Chris: Thanks for the suggestions. Encourage others to purchase PrayerPartner. Assuming it turns out to be a popular app we have great plans for it.

  7. Brent says:

    Love it! Used this in prayer meeting tonight. Not sure what the future plans are, but would love to be able to move from one request to another by swiping. Found myself having to look for the arrows at the bottom to move to the next one to share with the congregation. My minor request aside, this app is so great and useful. The screenshots don’t do it justice, the app is way better than the screenshots. Thanks guys.

  8. Wayne says:

    We’ve been asking for years for a programme like this for Windows Mobile. Is there anything in the pipeline for the rest of us?

  9. Jeff Wheeler says:

    Wayne, thanks for your interest. We haven’t announced any plans for bringing PrayerPartner to other platforms, such as Windows Mobile, Pre, or Android.

  10. Michael Ziegler says:

    PrayerPartner is Great. This is much better than a list. A Windows desk top version that syncs with the iPhone would be very helpful for typing and organizing large lists.

  11. Jim says:

    I like the request for alarms or push notifications. That would be a great feature add. I also second the request for a desktop version that syncs, too. Another feature add I’d like to see is the ability to password lock the application. Sometimes I share my iPhone with other family members to use a particular app or make a call, but I’d like to keep my prayer requests confidential.

  12. Jeff Wheeler says:

    I expect password support to be in version 1.0.1 or 1.0.2.

  13. Claudette Eskola says:

    Would be nice if Prayer Partner had security option to lock others out for privacy. media

  14. Jeff Wheeler says:

    Claudette, please see the comment immediately prior to yours. ;-)

  15. Paul says:

    Purchased it firstly because I believe in the work you are doing and the quality of your products. Now that I’ve been using it, it is simply awesome. Thanks for future work on password protection.

  16. Jeff Wheeler says:

    Paul (and others) – thanks for the positive comments. Be sure to tell your friends! (And a nice review on the App Store would be helpful, too!)

  17. RW says:

    I too am really liking PrayerPartner. The only thing I’d like to see is some way of viewing prayers by their schedule – i.e. what’s being prayed for on which day. I use PrayerPartner for lots of recurring prayers, and it would be really good to see which days are “busy” and which are “quiet” to help with scheduling requests.

    Great work though and another excellent and good-value Laridian product.

  18. Bill McKell says:

    I just purchased. I’ll add more comments after using it. I have been using web-based Echo Prayer and like a lot of it’s features including the random scheduling. Might consider incorporating some of their features into the app.

  19. Bill McKell says:

    I just purchased. I’ll add more comments after using it. I have been using web-based Echo Prayer and like a lot of it’s features including the random scheduling. Might consider incorporating some of their features into the app.

  20. Margaret says:

    I love this program!
    I have one request…I appreciate that I can show requests by category or contact. Is it possible to show requests by schedule (day of week, month)? I see this has been requested already…I second it (and the pc syncing and alarms are great idea).

  21. Jeff Wheeler says:

    Margaret – glad to hear that you are liking PrayerPartner, and thanks for the suggestions. Regarding those same suggestions, as noted in the article, we have great plans if PrayerPartner proves successful.

  22. Michelle says:

    Hi Jeff, great work on the Prayer Partner! I thought it was pretty good so I asked my friend to pick one for her ipod touch too!

    Anyway, I would like to have an option for my prayers to be organised in my prefered sequence apart from the current option for date entered, category only or contact only. I’ve so many prayers each day that it would be great if I could sort them out myself in terms of importance.

    Also, I would like a back up option.

    Lastly, on the pocket bible app, I hope that there is a way that I can sync my desktop notes to the iphone eventually. It’s been more than a year since I bought the app and I’m really underusing the app because I don’t have my notes (on my windows desktop) synced to the iphone.

    thanks, Michelle

  23. Marlon says:

    I have been using prayer partner for past several months on a regular basis and have found it an eye opener on how God is working and how He answers prayers. I was wondering if there is any possibility to either randomize the list view function. I find myself always praying the same group of people first. I think it would add an extra dimension to an already great program.

  24. Katheleen says:

    Thank you for this wonderful app! My prayer life is much more disciplined now, and I’ve started to realise the joy of reviewing the prayers that God has answered. Keep up the good work!

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