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PocketBible for Mac OS Stretch Goals and New Add-On Rewards

Posted on: July 10th, 2013 by Craig Rairdin 5 Comments

I was surprised to see that we reached our $28,500 funding goal for PocketBible for Mac OS on the morning of July 10! Thank you so much for your support!

We still have five days left before the Kickstarter project stops accepting pledges, so here’s what we’d like to do: We are announcing a “stretch goal” of $33,500. If we reach that funding level, we’ll include BookBuilder Pro for Mac in the project. And to help us get there, we’re adding some rewards to attract our non-Mac users (and Mac users) to pledge.

BookBuilder Pro is the tool we use in-house to create add-on reference books and Bibles for PocketBible. Right now it’s a Windows-only product. In our effort to make Mac a “first-class” platform for our company, we’d like to be able to offer all the same products we have for Windows on the Mac platform. If you’ll take us to $33,500 we’ll make sure that happens.

We also want to offer some new rewards, most of which would be attractive to all PocketBible users, not just those of you with Macs. We’re adding the following rewards:

  • John Gill’s Exposition of the Entire Bible: $20 ($29.99 value,
  • Barne’s Notes on the Bible: $35 ($49.99 value,
  • John Wesley’s Notes on the Bible: $17 ($24.99 value, not yet completed so no product page to link to)
  • Darby’s Synopsis of the Books of the Bible: $10 ($14.99 value,
  • Laridian Book of Classic Hymns: $9 ($12.99 value,
  • Laridian English Dictionary: $9 ($12.99 value,

We will fulfill these rewards as soon as the Kickstarter campaign is complete. They tell us it takes a couple weeks after the campaign closes before we’ll have a final list of backers. The rewards above will be fulfilled as soon as possible after we have that list.

Note that all of the books above are included in the five “PocketBible Library” collections offered as rewards already. So: If you have not pledged yet, you can choose one of these new rewards. If you’ve already pledged something less than $50 for the $50 reward, you can modify your pledge (increasing it if necessary) and choose one of these rewards. Or if you’re at the $25 level you can add to your pledge and at the end of the campaign we’ll contact you and you can tell us to use the excess in your pledge to get one of these rewards.

If we reach our stretch goal, we’ll give you the chance to add BookBuilder Pro, a $49.99 value, to your reward package for $35. If you’re interested in BookBuilder Pro, just go to Kickstarter and modify your pledge to add $35. At the end of the campaign we’ll contact you to find out how you want to allocate the extra funds. At that time you’ll be able to select BookBuilder Pro as an add-on reward, assuming we reach the stretch goal of $33,500.

In summary here’s what you should be thinking about depending on where you’re at with your pledge:

  • Best Value: The absolute best value in the list of rewards is the Exclusive Kickstarter Edition PocketBible Library. Most of the rewards are worth 3% to 30% more than the minimum pledge. The Kickstarter Edition is $900-$950 worth of products for $500. That’s almost twice the value of your pledge. Think of it this way: Your $300 pledge gets you the Platinum Edition Library and Advanced Feature Set, which you’ll be able to get for about $310 the day after PocketBible for Mac ships. But your $500 pledge gets you the Kickstarter Edition Library, which will cost you over $900 when PocketBible for Mac ships. Without a doubt, it is your best value.
  • Mac Users: Add $35 to your pledge. If we top $33,500 we’ll give you the opportunity to add BookBuilder Pro for Mac to your reward.
  • Mac Users pledging less than $50: Add $9 or more to your pledge. You can either select one of the new add-on book rewards if you haven’t selected a reward already, or you’ll be able to add one of those books to your existing $25 reward. We’ll contact you when the campaign is complete to find out what you want to do.
  • Windows/Non-Mac users: Consider helping your Mac-based brothers and sisters out by pledging as little as $9 and selecting one of the new add-on book rewards. We’ll fulfill these rewards as soon as Kickstarter provides us the final backer list.
  • Everyone: Add anything to your pledge to push us over our new stretch goal of $33,500!

5 Responses

  1. Craig Horlacher says:

    Congratulations Craig and Laridian! I was excited to see you met your initial funding goal. I’m also tempted by some of the new low cost rewards! Great idea!

  2. Bruce Gilliland says:

    I made a donation even though I don’t own a Mac, and I have all the books I would get as a reward. Why? Because I want Laridian to continue to be the best Bible study program. I have Logos, Wordsearch, and Quick Verse as well as PB. Aside from ease of use, the main reason I like PB is because it has the best and easiest method (Book Builder) for creating my own books. Having Book Builder for the Mac will open up new Bible study opportunities for those who use Macs.

    • Bruce,

      Thanks! And as one long-time Windows guy to another, I’ve really enjoyed my switch to Mac. I run Windows using Parallels and while it’s not perfect it’s good enough. (I run XP on my Mac Pro desktop box and Windows 8 on my MacBook.) I moved to Office for Mac and so the PC is there just for those programs that won’t run anywhere else (like our source code control system). I think one of the nicest things about the Mac is how easy it is to connect a new printer (or to discover one from my laptop when I’m on someone else’s WiFi), how easy it is to connect to the internet, and the high degree to which PDFs are integrated into everything. You can save literally any document that you can print as a PDF and easily manipulate PDFs.

      There are many things I don’t like. Disconnecting the menu from the program to which it belongs trips me up at least once a day. I’ll be looking at Word and choose File > Open from the menu and end up opening a document in Safari because I didn’t realize Word was not the focussed app. Apps like Photoshop that create a dozen little windows that are scattered all over the screen are nightmarish (Windows apps keep all their subwindows inside the bigger window that is the app). And the lack of common functionality between Finder (Windows Explorer) and the “Open File” dialog is annoying. That is, on Windows you can rename and move files while you’re opening them in an app because the “Open File” dialog is really just Windows Explorer in a dialog.

      So the good news is when you finally decide to give Mac a try, we’ll be there for you. :-)

  3. Susan says:

    I pledged at the $25 level, even though I am not a Mac user (my employer is firmly entrenched with PCs, so I have not tried a Mac at home). I opted to receive the Mac PocketBible Pro reward, just in case I ever did try a Mac. Is it possible to adjust my pledge to $35, so that I can get the Barnes Notes on the Bible reward? That’s the only reward product not already in my PocketBible library.

    Thanks for your efforts to support using PocketBible on so many platforms! I LOVE being able to switch almost seamlessly between my iPad and my Android phone (still waiting for tracking of devotional readings on Android, though), and the occasional use on my laptop.

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