New for PocketBible: The NET Bible

Posted on: January 6th, 2010 by Michelle Stramel 10 Comments

We have released the often-requested Bible translation: The NET BIBLE for use with PocketBible for iPhone/iPod Touch, Windows Mobile or Windows PC.

The NET BIBLE is a completely new translation of the Bible from the best currently available Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek texts. The translation has been optimized for readability and elegance and is accompanied by over 60,000 Translator Notes that provide additional accuracy and insight into the meaning of the original languages.

The NET BIBLE sells for $14.99. For more information, click on your desired platform:

iPhone/iPod Touch | Windows Mobile | Windows PC

10 Responses

  1. wayne says:

    palm os?

  2. Bruce Gilliland says:

    Thanks for adding the Net Bible. I have been impressed with the detailed notes. This makes a nice edition to the other more traditional Bible translations.

  3. Wayne, this translation is not available for Palm OS.

  4. Wayne says:

    Is this the beginning of the end for Palm OS releases?

  5. The fact that Palm abandoned the Palm OS last year is the real “beginning of the end”.

    We released five new devotionals for DailyReader last month. We released the Bible Knowledge Commentary for MyBible last September, along with the first four books in the “Raising Dragons” Christian fiction series. In all of 2009 we released about 30-40 new titles for MyBible.

    Obviously the fact that Palm has abandoned the Palm OS is a major issue for us and for their existing customers. We will continue to release new titles for MyBible as long as it is financially viable to do so. With certain exceptions, it’s fairly easy for us to build MyBible versions of our books along with the Windows, Windows Mobile, and iPhone versions. The NET Bible, unfortunately, presents challenges that are beyond our capacity to solve in return for the level of sales we could expect from our MyBible customers.

  6. wayne says:

    thanks for keeping us alive @ laridian!
    been there since early Quickverse on a pc.

  7. Scott Brickert says:

    Looking at the NET bible, and the ESV with all the info, I’m concerned about the small viewing window presented by the iPhone. Is there anything like a desktop application where I could dig in without a microscope?

  8. It’s not that bad on the iPhone. We do have a desktop version of PocketBible, though. Go to and select the “Windows-based Personal Computers” link. If you purchase PocketBible for Windows you can access all the same books and Bibles you own for our mobile platform at no additional cost.

  9. Mike says:

    Will the Net Bible with notes become available for Windows Phone 7?

    • If we do a WP7 port of PocketBible, the NET Bible will be available. The latter isn’t really the issue; the real question is if/when we’ll do a WP7 version.

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