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Posted on: July 16th, 2013 by Michelle Stramel 18 Comments

PocketBible for Android version 1.0.8 has been released on Google Play. If you downloaded the app from Google Play, you will be automatically updated. If you are using a Kindle Fire (or other non-Google Play device), you can download the latest version by browsing to http://lpb.cc/android while on your device.

The new feature in 1.0.8 is the ability to manage open books. Tap on the title bar where the book name is displayed – you’ll see a drop down list of all books you have open in that window or pane. Tap on the X next to a book name to close the book. Or choose the option at the bottom of the list to Open a New Book in that pane.

You can use this feature in a variety of ways in PocketBible. I like to split the screen and keep multiple Bibles open in one pane and my other type books (i.e. commentary, reading plan, dictionary) open in another pane. I have PocketBible set to keep books that are organized by verse on the same verse (Menu | Settings | Program Settings | Bible Synchronization). Then as I move through the Bible, I can tap on my second window to consult commentary or look at other books while I keep my Bibles open in the top pane. I can also easily compare variations of the same verse in the top pane by tapping on the title bar to move quickly to a different translation. Finally, I use the second pane to view my reading plan; then I can view the assigned passage in the top pane so I know where to start and stop.

If you are using PocketBible for iOS, Windows Phone or Windows Store – they all have similar capabilities.

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18 Responses

  1. Bruce Gilliland says:

    Well, I didn’t know that we had multiple “open” books in a pane. When did that come in? Before 1.08, how would we have accessed them – going to the Open New Book menu? This certainly makes switching between Bible versions faster.

  2. Shawna Wright says:

    Hi There! I am always excited to get updates from you. Thank you for continuing to work on this app. I love it!

    I had to manually download the last update, so hopefully this one will work automatically through Google Play.

    I keep meaning to ask about one thing, so I thought this would be as good as any place. It seems that in the long ago app when a search was done, there would be results like a concordence with a small bit of sample text along with the scripture. It would be so helpful in searching to have a clue to the verse content. Hope that is on the to do list.

    Thank you again!

    • Shawna, it should update automatically but it may be tomorrow before you receive it.

      Yes, that search feature (and other improvements to search) are on our list 🙂


  3. Bill says:

    I am using the latest version 1.08 on a Kindle Fire 7″ HD. There are several things that do not work correctly. The “more” menu when text is selected will cause a crash.

    When you copy selected text and try to paste that into the search input box, that does not work correctly. When you search for text and then click on a verse to view, the verse may not be on the page. The chapter is correct however. It would be helpful to show a snippet of the verse in the search results.

    I do appreciate the improvements that are being made but searching is my main concern. I realize that Kindle is a lower form of Android and you are working for the general case.



  4. Jon Grose says:


    The copy/paste text selection is totally out of our hands. This is something the phone does. We can do some things to prevent you from being able to select the text, but the feature does work for a portion of users.

    Our long term goal is to create our own text selection and copy/paste features, but that may take time as we have other things to finish before we get to it.

    For the problem with search results, does that happen in all Bibles, or just certain translations? I know the NET has trouble in particular, but have not found any others to show the symptoms you describe.


  5. Bill says:

    Regarding search results not being on the displayed page, I only use the KJV and KJVEC. It happens with both of those. It happens using 1 window or split in 2 screens.

  6. Mike says:

    THANK YOU for the update. Nice product!

    As others noted, I use search a LOT, and my hopes for the future are centered there.

    (1) Verse snippets in the search pane (this will help alleviate the annoyance addressed in (2) and (3)).

    (2) When returning to the results pane, leave the list where it was when it was last displayed (long list of results), or at least at a place that contains the last-selected verse. (Remembering which I selected last, and scrolling to it, is, umm, annoying and time-consuming.)

    (3) Alternate/addition to (2), (optionally) open the results list in a new pane above/below/beside the open Bible or text, so both are visible. (By comparison, another product I have displays the results below, and allows the results to be displayed/hidden.)

  7. Bruce Gilliland says:

    After installing version 1.0.8 on my Android tablet (9″ screen) and adding some more Bibles and books, I found a way to make the program more useful for me, thanks to the new 1.0.8 feature of selecting open books. This may be nothing new to others, but it really extended the program’s usefulness for me.

    With the tablet I can have up to 5 windows. In the first or main, I have several Bible translations “open.” In the second, I have a few study Bible notes. In the third I have a few commentaries. In the fourth, I have a few dictionaries. Also, in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th windows, I have one Bible translation different from the one I normally use in the 1st window. That way I can quickly select and see up to 4 translations at one time. (It’s not quite like the feature of selecting a verse and seeing it in all available translations, but it works for now.)

    The study notes and commentaries in the 2nd and 3rd windows scroll with the Bible in the 1st window. That is nothing new. If I change the open book in either window, it is synced with the Bible.

    I have a couple of topical resources open in the 5th window. But I keep it hidden most of the time.

    I discovered that once books are open in a window, the number of open windows can be reduced, say from 4 to 2. When I re-select 4 windows, the books are still there. I found this useful with maps, which I set up in the 1st window. By temporarily going from 4 windows to 1 or 2, I can see the maps much better. Then, I can return to 4 windows.

    If I have a Bible with Strong’s numbers open, and tap on a link, the Strong’s dictionary opens in the Bible window rather than the “dictionary” window. However, if I have the Strong’s dictionary in the dictionary window, the selected definition will appear there, even if it’s not the currently displayed dictionary.

    One feature still to come is the ability to select a word in a Bible or book and see the definition in an open dictionary. For me, I put this up there with highlight and note creation and syncing.

    I like having PB on my phone (I used it in Sunday School yesterday), but a 9-10″ tablet is a good size for Bible study. With the addition of a few more features that have been mentioned here, the Android version, running on a tablet, will be as useful as the PB Windows version, at least for me, and it will be a lot more flexible and easy to carry than my laptop.

    I have the Android mobile versions for a couple of other popular Bible apps. Both have a lot of books available, but both are restricted to only two windows and only one book per window as far as I can tell. So, all those extra resources are of little use if you have to go through extra steps and time to access them.

    That is why I think PB 1.0.8. is a major leap forward.

  8. Chris McLoughlin says:

    Thanks for all the work you guys have been doing on PocketBible for Android, its much appreciated. I’ve been having an issue with PocketBible where it takes forever to load anything. The app as a whole seems extremely slow. I have a Galaxy S3 running Android 4.1.1. I’m currently running the latest version of PocketBible, 1.0.8.

    It takes about 7 seconds from clicking the PocketBible icon to finally displaying the bible. About 4 seconds when going to select another translation of the bible. Two seconds to display after actually selecting an alternate bible. 2-3 seconds when trying to pick out another book of the bible. Is this a common thing? I’ve looked through the comments and saw someone else with an S3 having slowness problems going back to 1.0.6. Is this more of an S3 issue, do people across the board have these slowness issues, or is thisnmoreof a sporadic event?

    I should also note, I have data syncing turned off, so the issue shouldn’t be tied to that. Also, the 2-3 second lag in picking out another book of the bible and associated verse… the 2-3 seconds isn’t from hitting the arrow buttonnup top to pick out the book, chapter and verse and gettingnthe verse I picked. That 2-3 seconds is how long it takes before even getting the screen to start selecting the book of the bible.

    I’ve been using PocketBible continually since I’ve had my Treo, then onto iPhone, currently use it on my ipad gen 3 where itmfunctions beautifully. i have to say, using it on Android thusfar has been close to unbearable so far. All the bells and whistles that people are requesting are fine, but the main feature I’m looking for now is quickness! Everything else is just icing 😉

    • Jon Grose says:


      Thank you for reporting the issue. Needless to say, but the app should not be that slow. It is very counter intuitive, since the few reports we recently received were for newer devices with decent to great hardware specs. I am looking into the issue and will keep in contact if we have a solution for you to test.

      Was the app always this slow for you? If so what version did it start getting slower?

      Something to try: Does moving the location of your installed books make any difference? Go into Settings >> Program Settings >> Book Installation Location, for each available location try moving all your books to that location and then testing to see if the app responds any faster. Let me know if you see a difference or not.

  9. Roger Day says:

    I agree with Chris in that the S3 appears slow. I haven’t done it for a while, but I reset the Galaxy after an issue and reinstalled all my apps including PocketBible. After the reinstall everything was good but the more “books” I installed the slower it got. Perhaps that’s the issue, too many books installed. I could test it by removing all except the bare minimum to see if that fixes the problem.

  10. Craig Horlacher says:

    I have around 50 books installed on my Droid Razr Maxx HD – which has the same processor as the Galaxy S3 but only 1GB of RAM where the GS3 has 2GB of RAM (in the US at least). I would expect you to get better performance on the GS3 than on my Maxx HD and I don’t feel like it’s slow for me.

    There is a bug related to how Android deals with storage (I think it has to do with garbage collection) that can cause very significant performance degradation. The problem is fixed in Android 4.3. Hopefully we will all get that sometime in the not too distant future. If that is the problem, I think wiping your GS3 would do the same thing temporarily – as someone else recommended.

  11. Robert Lewellen says:

    When I do a word search all I get is a list of references such as Ro 10:10. It would be more helpful to actually see the verses in a list, not just the reference. Then I could select the one that I had in mind when I started the search.

    • Jon Grose says:


      Great suggestion! I am hoping to add this some time soon. If not in this next update then the one after I think. My first priority is getting Bookmark functionality out in the next release, but want to add verse text to search results shortly thereafter.

  12. Dale Willard says:

    I just downloaded and installed PocketBible 1.0.8 on my Galaxy S2 running Jelly Bean (Android 4.1.2). When I try to run the application I get the message “Unfortunately, PocketBible has stopped.”
    Help! The previous version worked fine.

    • Dale, I’m sorry for the issues you are having with running PocketBible 1.0.8. When it stops like that, it should create an error log. You will have to restart your phone to see the error log but you should find it in the PocketBible folder on your device. If you can send that (errorlog.log) to us at support@laridian.com, we’ll look through and see if we can figure out what is causing the app to stop.


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