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RomansRoad eTract Available for iPhone

Posted on: January 21st, 2010 by Craig Rairdin 10 Comments

A few weeks ago (around the turn of the year), I answered a technical support query about whether any of our eTracts for the Pocket PC had been published for the iPhone. They haven’t been, so it was an easy question to answer. However, that question planted a seed, which sprouted and leads to today’s announcement: our RomansRoad eTract is now available for the iPhone.

RomansRoad eTract is a Scripture-based discussion guide to help you share your Christian faith. Based upon the familiar “Romans Road” series of verses from the book of Romans, this witnessing tool uses a unique question and answer format to provide a framework to help you share your faith. As each new key verse is presented, probing questions and explanatory answers are also provided to help you both explain the Scripture and answer common questions that arise.

For example, Romans 3:23 states that all have sinned. Upon presenting this key verse, the RomansRoad eTract provides the following questions:

  • What is sin?
  • Who has sinned?
  • Does that include you and me?
  • Not convinced that you are a sinner?

Answers to these questions are provided using everyday language.

This format — presentation of a key verse with concise, clear commentary in a question and answer format — provides a framework allowing you to share your faith while personalizing your discussion. Since it is discussion-based, you are able to listen and respond to the questions you receive, and be sensitive to God’s leading.

An individual page or all pages can be emailed, facilitating both further consideration and follow-up at a later date.

If you find the RomansRoad eTract a helpful resource in sharing your faith, we’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment on this article and/or post a review on the App Store with your experiences.

Find It On the App Store

The RomansRoad eTract is available on the App Store for 99 cents. Click here to go to the iTunes App Store now.

The RomansRoad eTract is fully stand-alone. It does not require PocketBible nor any other Laridian product. So, even if you use some one else’s Bible software on your iPhone (though you should try PocketBible, it’s free!), you can still use the RomansRoad eTract.

Some More of the Backstory

I first wrote and published this eTract for use on the Pocket PC. Since then, the text has been revised and expanded several times. I’d estimate that this is really the fourth or fifth edition of the text. I’ve published previous editions in paper format as well.

Last week, I posted the RomansRoad eTract icon on our facebook “fan page” and invited guesses about the program. Several were close, and a few were exactly right!

If you follow me on Twitter, this is what I have been referring to as my “#newsecretiphoneproject”.

Screen Shots

Sample Screen



10 Responses

  1. Joel says:

    Great job Jeff!

  2. Manny Santiago says:

    Thank you for this tool(s)! I would like to ask if “Memorize” which is one of my most invaluably useful resource for memorizing scriptures be available for the iPhone. It would really be a blessing to have this app. for the iPhone/Touch. Thanks again for making these wonderful resources available to us.

    Grace and peace to you all!

  3. Paul Meiklejohn says:

    I put my vote to that – ‘Memorize’ is a well missed app.

  4. Allan Pole says:

    Since switching from my Palm device to the iPhone recently I have missed “Memorize”. I hope you develop it for the iPhone.

  5. Todd Baker says:

    How about a prayer module?

  6. Todd Baker says:

    for PPC?

  7. Dave Hildeband says:

    I’ll chime in on the need for ‘Memorize It’. Since I’ve left PPC format, I’ve really missed this app. Please consider adding it for the iPhone.

  8. Jeff Wheeler says:

    Manny, Paul, Allan, and Dave: Thanks for the positive feedback regarding “Memorize!” (which is the correct name, by the way). We agree that this would make a great app on the iPhone. I hope that you are already using our PocketBible, PrayerPartner and RomansRoad programs, and telling your iPhone-toting Christian friends about them.

    Todd: thanks for clarifying that you were talking about the PPC. I was concerned that you’d missed our announcements about PrayerPartner for the iPhone!

    You probably already know that we avoid talking about specifics regarding our ongoing work, so I won’t comment further. If you read the blog comments here, you know that there’s no shortage of requests for programs for the various available phones and platforms. So, it is helpful to hear from you.

  9. Paul Meiklejohn says:

    Jeff, I appreciate your policy about ongoing work.
    I guess we were just wanting to acknowledge the great applications that Laridian have produced (past and present) and to let you know that we would love to see ‘Memorize!’ cross over to iPhone.
    Thank you.

  10. AL says:

    Thank you very much for the tool! Would the app be available in other languages in future releases? It would be very helpful in our missionary trips if we could have it in Chinese (traditional and simplified).

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