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It’s iPad Ordering Day!

Posted on: March 12th, 2010 by Craig Rairdin 19 Comments

Apple started taking orders this morning (March 12) at 7:30AM CST for the new iPad. The WiFi version ships in time to arrive at your home on April 3, while the WiFi+3G version ships in late April.

You can place your order at The 16GB WiFi version is $499. 32GB is $599 and 64GB is $699. Add $130 to each of those prices if you want 3G. You’ll have to pay for a 3G data plan separately, of course.

As we’ve said before, we don’t talk about what may or may not be under development. But you can expect some new iPad-specific features in PocketBible that we think will make it an even more compelling application than it is on the iPhone and rival what we offer in PocketBible for Windows. We’ll get more details out as we get closer to a ship date.

And don’t worry about migrating your notes, highlights, bookmarks, and reading progress to the iPad. Before it arrives, we’ll have an update that will allow you to synchronize or backup your data to our server, then synchronize or restore it to PocketBible on your new iPad. Of course this feature will also let you move any user-created data you had on your old Palm or Windows Mobile phone to your iPhone assuming you have PocketBible for Windows running on your desktop or laptop. You’ll sync your Palm or WinMob phone to PocketBIble for Windows, then sync PocketBible for Windows with our server. Then sync your iPhone with the server and you’re done.

So if you want to be the first on your block to own an iPad, get your order placed as soon as you can. By the way, you can ignore the temptation to pay for expedited shipping. Your new iPad will be shipped in time to arrive on April 3 and the shipping is free. The 2-3 shipping option applies only to the accessories you order with your iPad, which will ship later.

19 Responses

  1. Erik P. Lessmann says:

    Pleaes forgive my ignorance, but how do you ‘sync to the server?’ My notes are all on pocketbible for pc, how do they get on my new iPhone?

  2. You can’t do it yet. You can get half-way. Go to, select the “Windows-based Personal Computer” link, then select the “Products” menu. You’ll see “Synchronization Providers” at the bottom of the menu. Follow the instructions to download and install the sync provider for This will allow you to sync from your PC to our server. You can log in at to view your notes, highlights, etc. on the server.

    Once we finish this next update, you’ll be able to take the next step, which is to sync from PocketBible for iPhone to the server. As soon as you do that, your notes from the server (which will be your notes from PocketBible for Windows) will be on your iPhone.

  3. Daniel Penny says:

    Is anyone from Laridian at Mix 10? Lot’s of good things being shown here about Windows Phone 7 Series.

  4. Don’t need to be there. Already know the good things about Windows Phone 7:

    1) Your existing Windows Mobile apps won’t run (think Palm OS vs. Palm Pre).

    2) Your existing phone can’t be upgraded.

    3) No clipboard.

    4) No “native” language APIs for third-party apps.

    5) No loading of apps/files outside of Microsoft’s controlled store (think iPhone).

    6) No removable storage.

    Glad to hear you’re having a good time. Microsoft always puts on a good show, especially if you swallow those blue pills they hand out in the welcome packet. :-)

  5. Joel says:

    I have no doubt the fine folks at XDA Developers will help us overcome a few of the limitations of v7, but I can’t for the life of me understand why some of these platforms are getting rid of removable storage. For those of us who have fairly large libraries of media content, it’s great to be able to carry a few extra cards along and have access to all of it without carrying my laptop around. An iPhone would never suit my needs because of this, 32gb is nothing now days. Now Microsoft wants to add the same limitation. It’s crazy and it prevents people from consolidating to one device. If the iPhone allowed for removable storage, I would probably switch to it and replace my HTC Touch Pro 2, my iPod classic, my iPod touch and my digital camera. Without removable storage, there’s no way I could consolidate them.

    I could, if I chose, consolidate everything on my HTC, but my biggest issues are there are more cool apps on the Apple and the WM developers continue to charge 20 to 30 times more for their WM products as they do for the identical product on Apple. I won’t mention any names, but I looked at one yesterday that is $0.99 on iTunes and $39.99 in the WM Marketplace…older version, less functionality and 40 times more. WM7 will fall flat on it’s face if the developers think the Microsoft community will fund their development of Apple or Google apps.

  6. John says:

    Craig, I just saw that Apple is accepting iPad apps for those vendors who wish to be ready for the kick off on April 3. Is there any possibility you will have this ready by then? Will the non-discloser agreement let you tell us? John

  7. I’ve laid out our plan in the article above.

  8. JPVann says:


    One thing I’ve really been frustrated by is the lack of being able to label my highlight colors and/or sync the labels to a particular category. I like to organize things but cannot remember what color I am using for what category or meaning.

    Would be nice if you could label a color like ‘salvation’ ‘holy spirit’ ‘favorite’ etc and have them sync directly to a category. Right now I have to put a verse in the bookmark category, then go right back and highlight. Quite a kludge :)

    Keep up the great work!

  9. Jim Hough says:

    Just got the email stating that you’re already in development for the iPad! That is GREAT news! Pocket Bible is a great app on the iPhone, can’t wait to be able to use in on the iPad. Great work as always!!

  10. Peter Collins says:

    I have not been seriously considering the iPad as a reader because I read that the battery life between charges is much less–substantially less–than that of, for example, a Kindle, which uses a different screen technology. (Not that I would buy a Kindle on account of its control of Amazon vis-a-vis the way I would like to use it for personal pdfs.)

    What is your understanding of battery life if the iPad is used as a reader?


  11. Alan Wong says:

    Is Laridian working on the bible program for Nexus (Google) phone?

    Keep up the good work. I bought Laridian bible readers for almost all platforms :-)


  12. Paul Davies says:

    What about the Mac users who had Windoze Mobile phones? Can we sync and save data as well. I lost all mine transferring to the iPhone, but it’d be great if I could get it back.

  13. Peter: I think I read the iPad would run for 10 hours between charges. I can’t say that I’ve ever read for 10 hours straight, just like I don’t read for a solid week on the Kindle. My problem with the Kindle is that I can’t keep track of the power cord because I use it so seldom. :-) And while the screen technology is cool, it’s monochromatic and will never do video.

    I’m anxious to see if iPad books are tagged better than those for the Kindle. I’ve been disappointed with the overall quality of proofreading that goes into Kindle books.

    Alan: We don’t talk about what may or may not be under development but we appreciate your suggestion that we do a reader for the Nexus phone.

    Paul: You’ll have to find a PC to sync with to rescue your Windows Mobile data. Going forward our new programs will sync directly with the server so the problem will be avoided.

  14. Trevor Casey says:

    Funny how there is stuff for ipad and yet those of us who want software for android are being kept waiting.
    In response to why Laridian dont anounce developments in software we are told that competitors will know what is beoing developed – well in case you hadnt noticed Olive Tree already have Android software that works!!
    come on Laridian do the right thing for those of us who have spent our hard earnd money on your products over the years

  15. Trevor: There’s no mystery about why there is software for iPad and not for Android. The iPad is a giant iPod Touch. Our software already runs on it as-is, though we’re making changes to take advantage of the larger screen. So for a small investment in time, we can run on the new device.

    As we’ve described before, Android is Java-based and our code is in C++. Android is a “start over from scratch” platform for us and iPad is a “start from where we’re at” platform. So even if we are working on it (and we might be) it’s not going to happen overnight.

    Thanks for your interest.

  16. MSisson says:

    My iPad is on order. However, after reading various Laridian support articles on syncing and migrating from one platform to another, it would seem I must resign myself to loosing the exquisite granularity of single word (and even letter) highlighting when migrating away from MyBible 5 on Palm.

    Is single word highlighting just not technically possible on PC/iPhone/iPad, or is simply a much more difficult development nut to crack, but may be a feature that appears in PocketBible as the product matures on those platforms?

  17. As you know, MyBible was written by an outside developer. We started out just marketing it for him and only recently took over development responsibilities.

    MyBible does letter-by-letter highlighting, and stores it as an offset from the start of the verse or the start of the Bible or something. Because the Bible format is different between MyBible and our other products, we can’t be certain that we can accurately reproduce the offsets as we move from one product to the other. So after looking at it for a while we decided we’d have to give up on the idea of sync’ing highlights between MyBible and our other products.

    PocketBible originally did word-by-word highlighting. The Windows Mobile version still has that option. Unfortunately several years ago we ran into consistent, non-duplicatable problems with the word-by-word highlighting. It would take off and start highlighting your whole Bible. We never saw this happen here in our development environment where we could track it down. It only happened to customers. That’s about the worse kind of problem you can have.

    After a lot of experimentation and research, we concluded that we just couldn’t find it unless we could get it to happen in-house. We didn’t want to continue to ship product to customers that had this bug, so when PocketBible for Windows came out we made it only do verse-by-verse highlighting. A later release of the Pocket PC version offered word-by-word as an option, but defaulted to verse-by-verse. Since doing that we’ve never had any trouble with highlighting.

    So someday it might come back. Until then, we can’t sync your letter-by-letter highlights for the reasons cited above — there’s not a way to accurately map it to our other products. We can’t sync word-by-word highlights because they’re not supported in all our products. Again, we might pick this up in the future — I’d like to do it. But for now that’s where we stand.

  18. Larry says:


    I am excited about the ipad for Bible study.

    A couple of questions.

    Are you planning on having access to the Greek and Hebrew?

    How hard is it going to be to input text?

    Are you going to consider parsing and tensing?

    Will we be able to have multiple windows open?

    Can’t wait to see what you have done


  19. Larry, those are some great questions. I can’t wait for you to find out the answers!

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