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Posted on: September 11th, 2013 by Craig Rairdin 4 Comments

I started a Google+ page all about the latest PocketBible for Android news and development. About every week or so I post what is being worked on now and what is up next.

You might ask: “You already have a blog. Why make another blog on Google, and only for Android stuff?” Two reasons:

1) We don’t have a huge Google+ presence right now, but a lot of our customers use it already. If you are like me, you might not even have a Facebook or Twitter account, so there are not social media outlets for you to connect with Laridian other than coming to this blog.

2) By having a Google+ page, we are able to promote PocketBible in Google Play in a much more organic way. Believe it or not, during a talk at the latest Google I/O conference, it was revealed that the search algorithm Google Play uses actually looks at your +1s, ratings, and even your friend’s +1s and ratings in Google+ to give you customized search results. In other words, the more we promote PocketBible on Google+ the more it will come up in search results in the Google Play.

So check us out, get the latest news, +1, share, link and tell all your friends about PocketBible for Android on Google+

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4 Responses

  1. Robert Lewellen says:

    Where can I find instructions to help me learn how to use the features in PocketBible for Android?

    • Jon Grose says:


      The best way to discover things is to just play around. 🙂

      But, if you are one of those more analytical types who likes to read documentation, then you would be interested in knowing every PocketBible program ships with a “Help” book. If you go to open a book in the Android app, select the “Other Books” category and open “APHELP: PocketBible User Guide”. This has explanations of all features in the app.

  2. lancemitrex says:

    When I first bought PocketBible for the Windows Mobile (phone?), Pocketbible had a bookmarks function.

    Do you have plans to add a bookmark function to the android version? Or maybe a text editor to take/save notes?

    thank you

    • Lance,

      This article links to our Google+ page for PocketBible for Android. The big thing we’ve been talking about there for the last couple weeks is bookmarks. There are screen shots and details there. Notes are coming soon. Again, details are on the site that this article is talking about.

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