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Posted on: June 9th, 2010 by Craig Rairdin 22 Comments

Good JobToday we uploaded version 1.012 of PocketBible for Windows, and version 1.002 of the Server Synchronization Provider (formerly known as the iPhone Sync Provider). These updates address three issues:

  1. Notes containing certain special characters could become corrupted in the synchronization process as those special characters were passed from platform to platform, each of which may have treated them differently.
  2. Because of differences in the way the PC and our server implemented the synchronization algorithm, “old” data from the PC could be deleted when syncing with existing data from an iPhone.
  3. Since we were making changes, we also changed the way the PC keeps track of the date/time of the last sync. The new method eliminates rare problems caused by differences in the system time between the server and your PC.

To get the latest version of PocketBible for Windows, simply log into your download account, download it, and install it.

To get the latest Server Sync Provider to replace your old iPhone Sync Provider, go to the PocketBible for Windows site ( and select “Synchronization Providers” from the Products menu at the top of the page. Follow the instructions near the bottom of the page to download and install the Sync Provider.

The previous version of PocketBible should refuse to work with the new sync provider, and the new sync provider will refuse to work with the old version of PocketBible. So if you don’t get them installed correctly the program will tell you.

An important new feature added to PocketBible for Windows is the ability to reset your sync history. This forces PocketBible to treat the next sync as if it is the first. If you ever have to restore your PocketBible for Windows user data database, you’ll want to reset the sync history or you risk confusing the sync algorithm. When it sees that you have old data in your database that is no longer on the server, it will delete the data you just restored from your backup (thinking that you deleted it from the server). If you reset your sync history, it may find duplicates and ask you about them, but it won’t delete anything.

iPhone/iPad Users: There will be an update to the iPhone/iPad version of PocketBible to make some adjustments to the way certain special characters are handled. We currently are planning to roll this into our “iPhone 4” update, which will be uploaded to Apple just as soon as we can.

Thanks for your patience while we worked on these updates.

22 Responses

  1. Daniel Schumm says:

    Well done! Thanks so much for the diligent and prompt effort!

  2. Ken says:

    The website is still downloading the old sync provider 1.0 for i PocketBible sync …. when will you upload that update?


  3. Ken: I just tested the download (again) and I got 1.002. Why do you believe you’re getting 1.0?

  4. Tom Green says:

    Craig et al,
    Thanks for getting this done, I’ve been missing not having my old PPC/PC bookmarks and highlights on the iPhone.
    However I still have a problem. I have 1.012 and 1.002 (which sort of validates my customer ID and password) and I can sync the iPhone, but when I try to sync the PC it says that my ID or password is invalid. I’ve tried both the ID # and the email. Is there something I’m missing? 🙁
    Blessings, Tom

  5. Lucas says:

    I think I too still got the old iPhoneProvider.exe file. I downloaded and installed the new version of PocketBible and iPhoneProvider but when I tried to sync, I got the following error message: “You are using an old version of the Synchronization Provider…”

  6. Tom: I’ll check into this, but the code that validates your password didn’t change.

    Lucas: If you get that error it can only mean that you didn’t get the new provider installed. Make sure you exit PocketBible before installing the new provider. Make sure you’re installing the file you downloaded and not an old copy that was previously on your hard drive.

  7. Lucas says:

    Craig, not sure what I could be doing wrong ? I just downloaded the file again under the Synchronization Provider link which points to, uninstalled and reinstalled both the DektopProvider and the iPhoneProvider and still got the same message. How do I tell which version of the iPhoneProvider I have installed ?

    Thanks !

  8. The way you can tell that you have the wrong one is that it gives you the message you’re getting. Also, go to Help > About in PocketBible and it will tell you the version numbers.

    You don’t have to do anything with the desktop provider.

    Try rebooting, then install the new provider. If that doesn’t work, reboot and try running without installing.

    The good news is this is working fine for others so once you figure it out it will work great. You might also want to move this discussion to tech support.

  9. Jim Kilcullen says:

    Excellent! You made my transition from PPC to iPhone a pleasant experience.

  10. Richard says:

    Mine worked” with the new software, but tonight it failed with the following error message: An error occured… Session not closed cleanly by provider… unable to connect (id4).

    I am using PocketBible for Windows on a Vista PC.

    Can you help ?

  11. We haven’t seen that particular error before. At this point it would be best to direct technical questions to technical support at

  12. Donald says:

    I am getting the same message as Richard. I too am using a Vista PC.

  13. The “unable to connect” message was a server issue and has been fixed.

  14. Jeffrey Gordon says:

    I just brought up the iphone (iPod touch actually) application, installed an update (to 1.3.4) from the store, and then installed an update to the ESV when prompted by the program.

    Now, it will no longer run (just exits).

  15. Jeffrey Gordon says:

    (follow up) I could try uninstalling and reinstalling it, but I would not want to have to download 30+ items again 1 at a time unless that’s absolutely necessary…

  16. Jeffrey: it would be best if you contact tech support.

  17. Richard says:

    Well as usual Laridian Tech Support were right onto it. For me, all I had to do was to tick the “passive ftp” box in the Sync Provider program in PocketBible for Windows.

    By the way I have the “big three” bible programs for the iPod Touch. Laridian has by far and away the best and most useful Notes sync tool of the lot.


  18. Ron Priest says:

    “By the way I have the “big three” bible programs for the iPod Touch. Laridian has by far and away the best and most useful Notes sync tool of the lot.”

    Amen to that Richard!

  19. Mike Quarles says:

    I guess I’m dense, but all the information on syncing with iPad seems to go through Windows PC. I have a Mac and a Treo 700 (Palm OS) with multiple bibles, dictionaries, commentaries, etc. on it from Laridian I have used for many years. I’ve ordered an iPad and would love to get then synced with it. What am I missing here?

  20. Mike: First, we’re talking about sync’ing the notes and bookmarks you have on your Treo to your iPad, not your Bibles and books. The latter you can easily install on your new iPad by simply following the instructions to register the program the first time you launch it.

    To get your notes and bookmarks from your Treo you need a Windows PC and a copy of PocketBible for Windows. This is the way sync’ing of PocketBible user data has always been done with Palm OS devices. You’ll sync with the PC, then sync the PC with our server. That will get everything on the server. Then when you sync your iPad with the server, all your notes and bookmarks will be on the iPad.

    If you don’t have any notes and bookmarks of consequence on the Treo, then don’t worry about going through the process. If you have lots of notes and bookmarks that would be hard to replace, then consider installing PocketBible for Windows and the Palm Hotsync software on a friend’s PC and do a one-time transfer of the data from the Treo to the PC and from the PC to the server. It’ll cost you $29.99 for the PocketBible software but if you have a lot of data to transfer that might be worthwhile.

    You can also run XP on your Mac under Parallels. I run both XP and Windows 7 on my MacBook. I don’t know if the HotSync software will work with Windows 7 but it should work with XP. PocketBible for Windows works fine in both.

    If you have further questions, it would be better to contact tech support rather than posting here.

  21. Dale Eads says:

    I like to use the Windows version on my work computer, however due to IT restrictions, I am unable to install the sync providers. What I do is sync with my desktop at home. Which files should I copy and bring back and forth to my work computer so I can manually sync when I need to? I don’t need to all that often, just once a week, so if it is only a few files that shouldn’t be a problem. All I really want synced are my notes, bookmarks, and highlights. I can do without the history and layouts being the same.

  22. Dale, contact tech support.

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