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Posted on: October 24th, 2013 by Craig Rairdin 18 Comments

PocketBible for Android version 1.1.0 has been released on the Google Play Store. If you downloaded the app from Google Play, you should be automatically updated. If you are using a Kindle Fire (or other non-Google Play device), you can download the latest version by browsing to http://lpb.cc/android while on your device.

There were a number of small changes, but the big features are being able to copy and share selected verses! If you select a verse, or verses, by tapping on them, just press the newly added share and copy buttons added to the contextual action bar at the top of the screen. Copying text will copy the selected text to the clipboard allowing you to paste it in other apps. Share will provide you a list of all the apps on your device that can receive the formatted text, like texting, email, facebook, twitter, etc. If you want to see that in action, you can watch the video below:

PocketBible makes it easier than ever to share God’s word!

To change how the selected text is formatted, go into Settings, then Copy/Share Settings and adjust things like showing verse numbers, including references, including translation names, and making each verse on its own line.

Download it today and share the Bible with someone you know!

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18 Responses

  1. Bill says:

    Copying verses may be the feature you want to write about but I find search results showing context the big improvement! Thanks!

    Now, going back to the search list where you left off, multiple search types, this book, NT, OT, Gospels, etc. selection (like MyBible) will make my day. Keep up the great work!

  2. Rebekah says:

    Wow… these changes are great. You also made changes to the search function. Thank you very much!

  3. Ben says:

    Hi! Is there any way to disable the verse sharing feature? I use PocketBible on my Nexus 7 2013 purely as a Bible or book reader, and it is jarring to enter into the verse sharing mode unintentionally, and then having the standard top toolbar replaced by the sharing toolbar, from which I have to exit every time. I also noticed that version 1.1.0 keeps on “Loading” the Bible text, notably when I do a finger scroll up/down, or even coming out of the Settings menu. Thanks.

    • Jon Grose says:


      There is no way to disable the contextual action bar from appearing when selecting verses. If you never use the features in the contextual action bar (highlight, bookmark, share, copy) I can understand why it would not have much of a purpose for you. However, for many they are the most integral features of the app.

      The way verse selection is setup is supposed to be very easy to discover (single tap), but not obtrusive if you don’t mean to do it. That is a very hard line to walk, but we haven’t found a better way to trigger verse selection on Android.

  4. Earle says:

    What you have done in the last year and a half is great but Boolean search (and limited as Bill’s comment Oct 25, 2013. I also was a MyBible uses for years.) Notes with date and categories are also a must. I for one would certainly be willing to pay. Android is now more popular than IOS.

    • Jon Grose says:


      Search and notes and devotional tracking are now at the top of the list of priorities. We will release another minor update with preferred books and highlighting management, then notes and searching are up next.

  5. Earle says:

    Font size must be set to 10 for accurate verse alignment. That is extremely small on a Samsung S3.

  6. Rick Lesueur says:

    A great product keeps getting better. This copy/paste option is very nice feature for my Android Samsung Galaxy Note as you can directly copy/paste into SNOTE program.

  7. David says:

    Agree with Bill, for me, a fully functional search is of far more value. Thanks for improvements to date.

  8. Will says:

    Just 2 more reasons why I’ve been with Laridian since the beginning, they are AWESOME! Thanks guys!

  9. Craig Horlacher says:


    I’m not sure what you’re referring to with the verse alignment problem but I’ve spent some time playing with settings and love the ways PocketBible lets you customize the display of text. Just for fun try these settings and see what you think:
    Font Size: 12
    Font Style: SansCondensed
    Line Height: 1
    Margins (Single Pane): 3, 1
    Margins (Multiple Pane): 3, 1

    These settings give me very legible text while letting me cram a lot on the screen. I haven’t noticed any problems with text alignment but maybe that issue is book specific or something.

    I have a Razr Maxx HD – which is the same resolution as your S3 but your display is one tenth of an inch larger. Mine is 720×1280 at 4.7″.


  10. Robert Lewellen says:

    Share worked the first time I tried it and it has not worked since. Any suggestions?

    P.S. the “share” icon has a little arrow pointing down and to the right.

    • Jon Grose says:


      What happens now? Are you able to see the list of apps to send text to when you press the share button? Or does the text just not get sent correctly to the app you select? Also, what kind of device do you have, and what version of Android are you running?

      Don’t know if this helps, but there is a bug in Android that if you only have one app installed that can receive your share action then the list will not show. Weird, right?

  11. Robert Lewellen says:


    I only have email as a vehicle to share Bible verses. I have a no name 10 inch tablet from China running android 4.0

    When I tap on a verse it becomes underlined and the tool bar appears (the highlite icon, the category icon, the share icon and the copy to clip board icon). Everything works except the share icon. As I mentioned earlier the share icon has a little arrow pointing down and to the right.

    P.S. Thanks for adding a line of text to search results. That is most helpful.

    • Jon Grose says:


      You may be experiencing a bug in Android. If you only have on app that can receive text then the list does not appear. If you have 2+ then you get the complete list. The Android team has known about this since they released the Share Action Provider framework in 4.0, but AFAIK there is not yet a fix for it 2 years later. This may or may not be what is causing your problems, but it is my best guess.

  12. Richard Wilkin says:

    It’s nice to know that the Android app is still being worked on. However, I would find the Notes and Categories features far more useful additions to the Android app.

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