Updated: Memorize! for Pocket PC

Posted on: August 17th, 2006 by Craig Rairdin 12 Comments

Memorize! for Pocket PC has been updated to version 1.501 and the book reader engine 1.058. This is a free update for registered Memorize! 1.5 for Pocket PC owners.

This version of Memorize provides support for the new Bibles for PocketBible, including the New American Bible (NAB) and the Nuevo VersiĆ³n Internacional (NVI).

To install the update:

  1. Exit Memorize!.
  2. Login to your personal download account at the Laridian Web site.
  3. Download the latest version of Memorize! for Pocket PC.
  4. Run the Memorize! setup program, downloaded in step 3, to guide you through the setup process.

For additional assistance, please visit the Help Desk.

12 Responses

  1. Jon says:

    Do you plan on having the Memorize program available for smartphones…it would be ideal…I have it for my pda but would be even better on the smartphone..

  2. Jeff Wheeler says:

    Jon, we haven’t announced any plans regarding Memorize! for other platforms. Thanks for letting us know of your interest.

  3. J Hollo says:

    Here ia another vote for MEMORIZE for smartphone. If I had done better research before changing phones, I would have chosen a phone that could use MEMORIZE – I really, really liked it!

  4. Steve K. says:

    Are you planning any major upgrades soon? I love the program, especially the self-test function. I would like to see options for sorting, exporting, and printing verses. I now have several hundred verses stored and need to organize them to facilitate review.

  5. Adam says:

    I love this program but now I have a nokia e61. I really hope you make this program available for my phone.

  6. Betsy Markman says:

    I love “Memorize!” (I use the Palm OS version). I thought you might like to know that I featured it today on my blog at http://justanotherclaypot.blogspot.com/2008/12/tips-for-memorizing-gods-word.html. “Memorize” is a very helpful program, and I’m thankful for it.

  7. Dan says:

    I LOVED this feature back in the days of pocketpc. Are ever going to get this as an app for iPhone? That would be amazingly helpful. Thanks.

  8. Brian Burkhart says:

    Even though it seems that not many are calling for this, I’ve got vote for this as well. I’ve missed this greatly since moving from my old Windows Mobile device. In fact, I bought that smartphone strictly for the Memorize program even though I knew that the platform would soon be obsolete. Now that I’ve had to move on to an Android, I’m thinking of firing up the old Palm device just to have it back.

    Memorizing God’s Word as I did with the old Nav TMS cards and subsequently with Memorize has been one of the most critical and impactful spiritual disciplines I have ever practiced.

    Hoping against hope, perhaps, but just had to let you know…

    • Michelle Stramel says:

      Brian, thank you for letting us know of your interest in Memorize! for Android OS. We still have this on our request list and have not forgotten that you all would like to have a Memorize! app for your current devices.


  9. David Sholl says:

    What is the most recent device that will run Memorize? My palm device went dead at the same time my computer (with which it was synced) died. It has been about 10 years since this happened, and I really miss the focus on the internalized Word that if facilitated. Please add my request to those others to develop software for Memorize that is compatible with iPhone and Android. Thanks!

    • Craig Rairdin says:

      Anything that runs Palm OS 4 or greater, but not the last “Palm” operating system, which was webOS.

  10. Jeff Vance says:

    Please bring back memorize for some kind of current device. I have thousands of scriptures saved on my IPAQ 211 Pocket PC and am trying to decide if I should buy a new one just for this software at this time.

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