PocketBible for Windows Store 2.2 – Support for Windows 8.1 and more

Posted on: October 26th, 2013 by Michelle Stramel 7 Comments

An update to PocketBible is now available on the Windows Store. This update provides support for the recently released Windows 8.1.

Enhancements to Version 2.2 include:

  • Windows 8.1 support. Uses the new controls, handles the new Windows 8.1 re-sizing features, and makes use of the efficiency changes in Windows 8.1.
  • Open Books menu now indicates which book is currently displayed by a checkmark
  • Option to turn off the display of verse numbers in Bibles
  • Zoom in using pinch to zoom on the content of a book

Advanced Features enhancements include:

  • View and edit notes directly from the notes pane or in a secondary window
  • Have any type of book read to you (not just Bibles)

Here is what the new note editor looks like (click on picture to view larger):

Download PocketBible for Windows Store for free!

NOTE: Some of the features mentioned above may require the purchase of the Advanced Feature Set for $6.99.

NOTE: There is a known issue in displaying images with Windows 8.1 that has been submitted to Microsoft (slows down app). Images are temporarily turned off in the program, however, there is an option in the program to turn images back on if you’d like.

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7 Responses

  1. Brad Miter says:

    I am running windows 8.0 with a non-touch monitor. In fact, I am running 8.0 in a 7.0 environment – don’t like the apps.
    Will this 2.2 version function for me and my mouse?

    • Yes the product has been designed to work with both keyboard and mouse as well as touch, although there are no changes in that regard since 2.1. As always, if you have feedback we love to hear from you!


  2. DW Lunt says:

    I just downloaded the version for Win 8.1 for my new computer. There are some nice features, particularly the Cloud Library. I use the program extensively for training material preparation. So far I have not been able to figure out how to resize the window so I can have my MS Word doc and PB open at the same time. And I am a bit sad that a program I have owned for so many years requires me to buy “additional features” in order to open more than 2 panes at a time. There must be something going on here I do not understand.

    • DW, thank you for your comments. The ability to resize the windows to include MS Word and PocketBible would not be a function of PocketBible itself but rather a function of the Windows OS. I don’t use a Windows 8 computer so don’t have any tips on that but you may be able to google that and see if you find any suggestions on how to have two programs running side-by-side in Windows 8.1.

      In order to support current and future development, we do offer a set of Advanced Features for some versions of PocketBible. Those features vary by PocketBible version and are each sold separately because all development is separate for each operating system. It is a bit of a change from the upgrade philosophy of the past in that these are available to all at the same price but are probably of most interest to those who want to actively use the App on a particular platform.


  3. David Parks says:

    Wow! I am amazed by what you have done with this version. I have used your program since version 1.1 for Windows CE. Remember that? I have spent a fortune on the Logos system. They have decided to stop developing their version for Windows Surface at the barely functional level. On this platform, your program is miles ahead of any competing program when it comes to features and functionality. I did have to turn off the tap zones because I kept taping the wrong zones while teaching and losing my place. I would like to suggest one change. When you tap the reference in the top right corner to get the drop down go to table of contents it opens to the verses for the chapter your already in. This is not helpful since you are already in that chapter. I think with would be better if the drop down table of contents opens in the root book listing. For example in you are in Mark 16 and you touch the reference in the top right you get a list of the verses in chapter 16 then you have to hit back which tokes you the the chapters in Mark. Then you have to back up again to get to the listing of Books of the Bible.
    You need to get the word out about this product.

  4. John Emery says:

    I was at Build 2015 and got my HP Spector with preview Windows 10. Installed my PocketBible and synced up. Works great.

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