PocketBible and PrayerPartner Updates Submitted to App Store

Posted on: June 25th, 2010 by Craig Rairdin 19 Comments

Today we submitted PocketBible 1.4.1 and PrayerPartner 1.1.0 to the App Store.

PrayerPartner has been updated for iOS 4. This is primarily related to making PrayerPartner aware of and compatible with multitasking. However, we are also taking advantage of a new feature of iOS 4 – a programmatic interface to the text messaging composition form. PrayerPartner has previously helped you send emails regarding requests on your prayer list. Now it can also help you send text messages.

We also took this opportunity to add some email and text messaging capability to PocketBible. While I ran into some problems that prevented me from including these features in our 1.4.0 update, those issues have been resolved. PocketBible now allows you to send Bible verses via email or text messaging to people in your contact list.

Note that the text messaging features are only available with iOS 4, and your device must be capable of sending text messages.

As always, we expect the approval process to take 2 to 10 days. When the updates are approved, iTunes will notify you that the updates are available.

19 Responses

  1. Andrew says:

    Is there going to be a future update for PrayerPartner that would allow transfer or sync between iPhone and iPad? I have a lot of journal enteries that I need to put on my iPad. Thanks!

  2. Michael Procter says:

    Thanks for all the updates. I have a problem with my iPhone 4. I close pocketbible using the fast app switcher in iOS4. Next time I restate pocketbible it says it didn’t shut down properly and how do I want to restart it. This happens every time. Apart from this it is all I could ask for (at the moment!)

  3. Jeff Wheeler says:

    Andrew – I don’t have any news on moving data from one iDevice to another.

    Michael – thanks for letting us know. We’ve heard other reports of the same, and can make it happen here, too. (It only happens when iOS 4 shuts down PocketBible while you aren’t looking at it.) I haven’t looked into it yet, but am thinking that it will be “easy” to fix. (“Easy” is in quotes, because it sometimes turns out that “easy” isn’t always easy.)

  4. Paul says:

    These updates look great. Can’t wait. Any chance we could send a verse via Facebook or Twitter? Forgive my ignorance on this – I’m very new to all of this. Thanks.

  5. Sue says:

    Is there any plans to allow photos to be used with Prayer Partner?
    When you pray for a lot of people, it would really help.

  6. Jeff Wheeler says:

    Sue: PrayerPartner doesn’t provide your contact’s picture. This feature is on a list for possible future enhancements. However, your contacts app lets you associate a picture with a contact. If you need a hint about the person while in PrayerPartner, you can “edit” the request and view the contact in your address book. Better yet, if you use iOS4, you can just start your contacts app and see the picture you assigned to the contact. Thanks for sending us your idea!

  7. Jeff Wheeler says:

    Paul: Sure, there’s a chance you could send a verse via Facebook or Twitter. We’ll consider this for a future update.

  8. Geoffrey Heaford says:

    On previous versions of prayer partner I used to be able to tap on one of the symbols in the bar at the bottom of the screen when I am in a prayer request and see all the dates I have used that prayer request. This doesn’t happen now.

    Using Iphone4 with latest versions of iOS4 pocket bible and prayer partner

  9. Jeff Wheeler says:

    Geoffrey, did you turn on (i.e. “check”) the “Journal Prayed and Answered” option in the Automation section of Settings? This is what will allow you to see a list of when you prayed when you look at the journal entries for a specific request.

  10. Geoffrey Heaford says:

    Thanks will try

  11. daniel says:

    Do you have any plans to do Prayer Partner for Android? I purchased it for my ipod, and love it, but I really use my Droid for daily activities.

  12. We haven’t announced any plans for a version of Prayer Partner for Android.

  13. Bryan Waggoner says:

    Thank you for this very helpful tool to enhance my prayer life! I’m really grateful! Is there any consideration to allow us to change the order of requests with a “drag and drop” style editing? That would be most helpful! BTW I like the email enhancements! Thanks for all you do!

  14. Elwin Eliazer says:

    Thank you for this app, still this one seems to be the best out there though the last update is a while ago. However looking for the following features soon:
    – being able to save and share requests with my other devices, PC and web.
    – being able to re-order and rearrange prayer requests. without this feature, it is not really a regularly usable application.
    – All prayer related Bible references
    – prayer suggestions/samples

  15. Tonya Evans says:

    I see a prayer partner version for android was made in 2010, is their any update to this ap being available for android users or a suggested android ap that is close to it?

    • We’ve never had a version of PrayerPartner for Android. The update you’re referring to was for our iPhone version.

      We haven’t announced any plans one way or another for a version of PrayerPartner for Android. I’m not familiar with other products like PrayerPartner for Android so I can’t make any recommendations.


  16. Tomi says:

    I have been using prayer partner since it was first release and I use it everyday.

    Will you be upgrading it with some extra features at some point? Like making it available in the cloud? I have a 2 iPads, an iPhone and macbook pro. It would be great to sync my prayers across all my devices.

    • Michelle Stramel says:

      Tomi, we are glad you are finding PrayerPartner to be of benefit in your daily life. We haven’t announced any plans for an upgrade/update but we do have that feature on our request list for consideration.


  17. Ruth Haslam says:

    I would like to concur with Tomi. Would be amazing to be able to use with iPad and sinc with iCloud!

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