PocketBible 1.4.3 Available on App Store

Posted on: July 25th, 2010 by Craig Rairdin 22 Comments

The first of four new PocketBible products is available on the App Store. “PocketBible FREE” was approved earlier this evening.

We’re still waiting for approval on the Life Application Study Bible Collection, the NIV Study Bible Collection, and the NIV Reference Collection. These are primarily targeted at new users of PocketBible, but depending on the state of your PocketBible Library, you might find them to be valuable as an existing customer.

The new version features a built-in link to the PocketBible Bookstore. The approval snuck up on me this evening and I’m not quite done with all the tweaks to the product catalog. If you find a problem with any of the product pages, send me an email at craigr@laridian.com. Please don’t post them here.

Note that when you purchase a book from the built-in bookstore, we’ll eventually be able to tell PocketBible to automatically download it when you go to Add/Remove Books. That feature requires some more work on the server, which I hoped to get done this weekend but it’s looking less and less likely. Soon.

This version should also fix any lingering task-switching problems for iPhone 4 owners.

22 Responses

  1. Mike Quarles says:

    I am a long time Laridian user with many bibles and books I had on my Treo. I purchased an iPad this week and downloaded all of them to it. My primary reason for buying the iPad was to use the bibles and books on PocketBible. It worked fine for a few days, but hardly works anymore. It has quit on me unexpectedly (it says) at least six times today and does so whenever I do a routine operation or two. I have tried all the things suggested such as resetting to default and resetting preferences, etc., but it keeps quitting on me. This is extremely frustrating. I went to tech support but when I logged in it tells me I have an invalid user name or password, which are the same ones I’ve used for about ten years. What is going on?!?! HELP!!!!!

  2. Mike,

    This is a very unusual problem and isn’t something being reported by other PocketBible iPad users. You need to get hooked up with tech tech support so we can start to help you.

    Your password for the help desk is not the same as your Laridian customer ID / password you use to download. You can just send an email to support@laridian.com and not log in. Or create a new account at the help desk.

  3. Mike Quarles says:

    I installed the update and it’s working fine now.

  4. John Coarsey says:

    I am running same on an ipad and it works flawlessly.

  5. David K says:

    Is there some way to keep devotional progress synchronized between the iPad and an iPhone/ iPod touch? I’m thinking of something similar to the way that the Kindle reader apps do.
    I generally read on my iPhone, but find reading on the iPad nice for a change!
    Btw, be blessed because your product is by far the best one! I trust God’s blessings rest on you!!

  6. David,

    That’s exactly what synchronization with our server is for. Start with the device you’ve been doing your most recent reading on and synchronize it with the server. Then sync the other device with the server and now they’ll both have the same reading progress data.

    If you’ve been reading on BOTH devices you need to sync one more time with the first device to pick up any changes from the second.

    You’ll find this feature in the menu under “Manage My Data”. Details are in the built-in help.

  7. Margaret says:

    Memorize! wouldn’t be one of the four new apps for iPhone??

  8. Margaret,

    The four new products are listed in the article above: PocketBible FREE, PocketBible Life Application Collection, PocketBible New International Version Study Bible Collection, and PocketBible NIV Reference Collection.

  9. David K says:


    Thanks for pointing this out! Loving this stuff!

  10. John Shaw says:

    I know you have your priority in light of the demand to keep up with ever changing technology, however, I am anxiously waiting for you to add scripture memorization to the PocketBible arsenal.

  11. John,

    Feel free to memorize any verse you see in PocketBible. 🙂

  12. Matt says:

    It should would be nice if the store knew what I already owned.

  13. Matt,

    It does. If you access the bookstore through PocketBible on your iPhone or iPad, it will tell you when you’re looking at a book you already own, even if that book was originally purchased for another platform or was part of a collection of books you bought. The “Add to Cart” link will change to “Buy Another Copy” and there will be a message below the title that says you already own this book.

    This feature is not yet integrated into our regular website at http://www.laridian.com — just the version of the store you reach through your phone.

  14. Daniel Tillotson says:

    I have used Laridian products, specifically the Daily Reader which came with the My Bible NIV for my Palm Centro. I found it convenient to be able to choose, for example, to start reading the Old Testament in one year. On a Nokia Nuron, I purchased another NIV from Olive Tree, and was not satisfied with its “bible reader” functionality. Now that I have an IPhone 4, I have downloaded the Pocket Bible, and purchased the One Year Bible, but again I am not satisfied with its “bible reader” functionality. While your website refers to a Laridian Reading Plans freebie, I have not been able to find how to get it, either from the website or from the Apps Store. How can I achieve the Daily Reader functionality on my Iphone 4.

  15. Daniel,

    PocketBible on your iPhone should have all the functionality you had with DailyReader on your Palm (and more).

    To get the free reading plans, simply select “Add/Remove Books” from the menu. Look for “Laridian Reading Plans…”. There are seven of them there.

    I suspect the program does what you want it to do, but you haven’t figured out how to do it yet. Try the built-in Help (question mark on the toolbar). If you have specific complaints or questions about how to do things, it is best to send them to tech support so you can get a personal response.

  16. Daniel Tillotson says:

    Thank you for your post of September 3, and for the followup help from tech support. I am now using the DailyReader to read the NIV on the iPhone.

    I have a followup suggestion to add one characteristic that of the Daily Reader on the Palm that does not seem to have carried over to the iPhone version. That is that the reading of the day come to an end when it is shown as ending. Now on the iPhone version, it starts the selection where it is supposed to start, but then the selection of the scripture continues, I presume through the end of the Bible. At least it would be good for there to be a marker at the end of the selection advising the reader that the selection of the day has been completed. The way it is now, the reader needs to remember the reference where the selection ends, and then stop his reading at this point. Thank you for your consideration.

  17. Daniel,

    If you go to Settings and make sure “Highlight Linked Passage” is checked, the program will work the way you want it to work.

    If it isn’t highlighting the right passage, tell me what devotional you’re using, what link you clicked on, what Bible you’re viewing, and where the highlighting starts/ends.

  18. Sheldon Crop says:


    I’ve been a pocket pc user for several years now and I’m so impressed with the iPhone product. I just got it two days ago and already have all my bibles on the iPhone and look forward to syncing my notes and making a total cutover to the iPhone.

    I really miss the “layout” feature that is on the PPC. I often have several studies going at once and it is SO convenient to be able to switch my study contexts.

    Is there a plan to add this feature to the iPhone version?

  19. Sheldon,

    We plan to continue to improve the iPhone version as time goes on. Our Pocket PC version was our previous “flagship” product. You can expect to see us move toward its features over time. (Remember, though, the last version of PocketBible for Pocket PC was 4.0 and came out almost 10 years after version 1.)

  20. Andrew says:

    Quick question: I have PocketBible for iPad set to sync my open books (not taking about syncing my data), but every so often it will become unchecked in the setting menu. It’s not really a problem, but is annoying. Any idea why this would happen?

  21. There’s nothing that un-checks it automatically for any reason. It would be especially odd if that was the only thing getting reset. That is, if ALL your settings got reset then I could see some OS glitch might be the cause. But for just one item to change is weird.

    I suspect you’re changing it and not remembering you did so. Keep an eye on it and see if you can figure out what you are doing right before it changes. Then contact tech support with any further information.

  22. Gordon says:

    I have used the Memorize! program for years and really love the way I can organize the verses. I anxiously await its availability for the iPad!

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