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Posted on: November 19th, 2013 by Craig Rairdin 33 Comments

PocketBible for Android version 1.1.1 has been released on the Google Play Store. If you downloaded the app from Google Play, you should be automatically updated. If you are using a Kindle Fire (or other non-Google Play device), you can download the latest version by browsing to http://lpb.cc/android while on your device. You can see the new features in action here:

The added features of this version include:

  • Improved navigation menu, now with icons for each screen
  • Preferred Bibles & dictionaries can be set in Settings >> Program Settings
  • Improved managing of bookmarks, now a simpler, cleaner UI.
  • Show & manage lists of highlights, similar to what bookmarks already had.
  • Initial Android 4.4/Kit Kat support.
  • Various bug fixes, mostly having to do with managing bookmarks and syncing.

This update is mostly about finishing up some recent features. Previously you had highlights but no way to manage them. As we added this ability, we saw some ways we could smooth things out for managing bookmarks. The ability to set Preferred Books was a frequent request and easy addition so we included that here as well.

If you are thinking: “Wait, what about notes? I thought notes were next?” That is still our next major feature to roll out and the work we have done on improving management of bookmarks and highlights will be of benefit there. I have already started working on it this week and things are moving right along!

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33 Responses

  1. Rafael Moreno says:

    I like the new PocketBible improvements, some which I had thought to suggest, but did not get around to doing so. Keep up the good work. GOD BLESS YOU (Numbers 6:24-26).

  2. Bruce Gilliland says:

    I like having the bookmarks and highlights items in the main menu on my phone. On my tablet they are in a little “pull tab” on the other side of the screen where they display in a new window. So, you are able to handle different screen sizes differently (phone vs. tablet). The verse snippets are great. Now, I know why I bookmarked them!

    I have set up my preferred Bible and dictionaries. But I am not sure how that comes into play. It’s not in the verse snippets that display in bookmarks. They default to whatever the current Bible is in the main (top or left) window. What are the uses or benefits of the preferred books? Once dictionary search is implemented, I assume the preferred dictionary will be used.

    Also, I have my second window, with notes, set up to sync with the Bible in the main window. I noticed that if I scroll fairly fast through the Bible, the notes do not keep up. I have to scroll relatively slowly – no more than a partial screen at a time. I now have an HTC One with Android 4.3. It is much faster than my old HTC Vivid which was 2 years old. So, the faster processor may be part of the issue.

    Looking forward to more enhancements.

    • Jon Grose says:


      Preferred Bibles are used when Bible links are clicked and there isn’t a Bible already displaying in one of your panes. This is especially useful when reading devotionals/reading plans and you want the links to open to your preferred Bible.

      Preferred Dictionaries work the same way, they open up links to the preferred dictionary if you don’t already have a dictionary open. Since we don’t have dictionary look up features yet, most people would use this when clicking on Strong’s numbers links. If they have multiple Greek/Hebrew dictionaries, it would be nice to open a specific one, not just have the first one in the list always open the links.

      Whenever you stop scrolling is when the screen updates it’s position, regardless of speed. This is true of the title bar, books in other panes, and even the side panel on tablets with highlights and bookmarks.

  3. Susan says:

    I updated to PB 1.1.1 on my Android phone (Samsung Galaxy S4). At some point in the past, I had changed the settings such that the PB icon does not appear on the screen when PB is open; I can’t figure out how to get to the settings menu. From the title bar, I can select from open books, or open a new book. From the menu key, I can turn split screen on/off, Forward (?), Sync My Data, and Exit. How do I get to the settings?

    I know this is on your list, I just wish it were higher priority: I really want tracking/synchornizing/”catch up” of reading (for my one-year Bible and devotionals).

    Thanks for your efforts to keep PB the best app on my phone!

  4. Susan says:

    Jon and Michelle, thank you for your responses. I may check out the video later, but Jon’s suggestion to double-tap the screen took care of the immediate issue for me. Thanks!

  5. Bruce Gilliland says:

    Thanks, Jon.

    I can see a bigger use for the preferred dictionaries, since I will just about always have a Bible open. The scrolling and syncing make sense. Also, depending on the commentary, there may not be a note for every verse. So I can stop on a verse and the commentary does not change because there is no corresponding note.

  6. Rick Lesueur says:


    A great program keeps getting better, Thank you.

    Can I ask for you to put on a “wish-list” a couple of features: Instead of naming the highlighting color Yellow, Gold, Perhaps allowing user to change highlight color labels

    I am spoiled using the Pocket Bible for windows in which commentaries can be highlighted and bookmarked. This feature does not appear to be enabled in Android.

    Again appreciate all of the wonderful updates. Let me know when I can PAY for the Android Version!

    For His Glory,


    • Rick,

      Being able to name highlight colors is on the list for a future update. We already support that in our Windows Store, Windows Phone, and iOS versions.

      I don’t think you’ve ever been able to highlight commentaries in PocketBible for Windows. You can set bookmarks in those books. Perhaps in a very old version of PocketBible for Windows Mobile… I don’t remember.

      You can pay for the Android version by buying some add-on books. 🙂


  7. John Wilson says:

    Wake me when you can let me transfer my notes into the PocketBible Android app.

  8. Paul Hoyle says:

    Hi can’t see how to manage highlights on my tablet – thanks for hard work

    • Jon Grose says:


      On the right hand side of the screen is a button to open the side panel. This has screens to manage your lists of highlights and bookmarks. To go between the two you just have to swipe on the panel to move between bookmarks and highlights. Once you are on the screen with the list of Highlights, just press the “Manage” button on the top right of the screen to remove highlights.

  9. Eddie Boyes says:

    I still love this program, and am so grateful for all you do. I just want to make a few comments. I’ve just had a computer crash (don’t ask) and had to download the many many books I’ve bought. I don’t know whether the download page could be organised a little differently? It’s cluttered in that I’m seeing possible downloads for platforms long gone for me (eg Windows CE etc). Could the ‘Show Only’ at the top have a list platforms? I only have PC and Android at the moment, so all I really want to see is the PC stuff (phone is sorted directly). Perhaps the books could also be sorted in categories (Bibles, Dictionaries, Commentaries etc). I’m also confused by all the NIV versions I have – but that’s another matter.

    I’m loving the Android version (on a Note 2), although I think it has some way still to go to be as good as my old PDA (nostalgia). One gripe: I haven’t really got to grips with tapping and double-tapping. I know the rules – but I often get one thing when I want the other. The worst of it (for me) is the verse highlighter (underliner). I’ve commented before that I would rather have had something that could highlight/colour *part* of a verse. I recognise that this wouldn’t go across Bible versions (where the verse highlighter scores), but that is a price that *I* would pay. I wonder what others think. I would rather you had used the press-hold-drag/ends to pick part of a verse to be highlighted. But I suppose you can’t have everything. I’ll have to practice trying *not* to have verses underlining themselves every time I touch the screen.

    Once again, thanks for everything.

    • Eddie,

      I’ve resisted the urge to do anything about the format of the download list for PocketBible for Windows on our website because we’re gradually migrating toward downloading books from within the app. We already do that for Windows Store, Windows Phone, iOS, and Android. The future Mac OS version works that way as well.

      I looked at it again this morning and was able to add the ability to limit the list to only a particular reader. So you can just select “Products for PocketBible for Windows” and you’ll see download links for only the products that are available for PocketBible for Windows.

      If you select just products for PocketBible for Windows, you’ll see these NIV’s:
      – “New International Version (NIV)” – this is the latest 2011 edition of the NIV
      – “New International Version (NIV Cross-Reference Edition)” – this is the same 2011 edition but with lots of cross-references
      – “NIV Study Bible Notes” – this is just the notes from the NIV Study Bible (pre-2008 edition) in the form of a PocketBible commentary
      – “NIV Study Bible Notes (2008 Revised Version)” – this is just the notes from the NIV Study Bible as updated in 2008, again in the form of a PocketBible commentary

      There are two other NIV’s that you’re entitled to download (since you own the NIV for at least one of our platforms). The one labeled “New International Version (NIV)” is a special version of the NIV we did for BlackBerry. The one labeled “NIV Bible with NIV Study Bible Notes” is a version of the NIV that has the NIV Study Bible notes included in it as footnotes. We did this version for Palm OS before it had the ability to display commentaries. Since you don’t own Noah for BlackBerry nor MyBible for Palm OS, you can ignore these two.


  10. Paul Hoyle says:

    Thanks for that – will take a look at that when I get home

    That windows download adjustment helps me too – thanks


  11. Rick Lesueur says:


    My apologies, yes your are correct as Bible Commentaries cannot be highlighted in any versions: but they can be bookmarked and notes can be added, at least on the Windows PC (desktop) version.

    It would be nice to have all three, (highlighting, bookmark, and notes for the Android version enabled– my wish). My prior comment was mainly regarding the ability to add user notes to Commentaries in the Android version.

    This is something for the wish list as it is already far and beyond the best Bible Software I have found.

    Continued Blessings,


  12. Rebekah says:

    Hi… I am running this program on my Kindle HD and I cannot see the new navigation menu items, like the highlight managing function. I verified that I am running v1.1.1. Is there something I missed?

    • Rebekah, since the Kindle is a tablet its going to work a bit different than the phone shown. You should see a tab on your lower right to use for viewing and managing your bookmark and highlights. If you are not seeing those, go into Settings and Control Settings and make sure you have everything check marked there. Then go back out and double-tap to see if you get the tab.


  13. Rebekah says:

    I found everything… Thanks!!

  14. Greg Neese says:

    I used to have an iPhone with POCKETBIBLE, which I really enjoyed using in church. I changed to an Android, and I lost a lot of functionality. I was wondering when the Android version will be updated to the functions of the iPhone version?

  15. Gerald Scarbrough says:

    One feature I am really missing on the Android version is the ability to search for words by their Strongs number, to see other times that word is used. From the iOS version, I can search in the KJV with Strongs numbers for G652 and it would show every instance of that Greek word. In the Android version, the result is always “G652 not found in this book.”

    Any chance that feature can be added back?

    • Craig Rairdin says:


      We haven’t yet finished the search feature on the Android version of PocketBible. The primary reason is that since we had to re-write everything in Java and not just lift the C++ code from iOS and Windows, we wanted to take that opportunity to re-think how we do searching. Rather than do it twice, we decided to start with very basic searching then implement the more complex searching algorithm later. I started into it but didn’t get it finished. We had some personnel changes related to Jeff Wheeler’s passing in 2012 and it got pushed down the to-do list. However, in the last couple weeks I’ve finished the implementation of the new search methodology for the Mac OS X version of PocketBible. This will make it easier to do the Android version when we get to it, because the algorithms will be done and we’ll just need to translate the code.

      I did a video update on our Mac program that talked about this new search algorithm. You can see that here: https://blog.laridian.com/?p=2406

      I’ve subsequently published a video that shows the Strong’s number searches you’re looking for, but that video was done just for our Kickstarter backers on the Mac project so unless you happen to be one of those you won’t be able to see it. The point is that even though we’re not working on searching on the Android version, we’re working on the algorithm that we’ll want to use; just implementing it first on the Mac. 🙂

      • Gerald says:

        That all makes perfect sense. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I’m enjoying having all of my library on my Android devices. Thank you!

      • Gerald Scarbrough says:

        Thank you Craig for the response. That all makes perfect sense. I am really enjoying having my library on all of my Android devices. Thanks for working so hard on it.

  16. Gilles says:

    Do you have any rough timelines for when the next update PocketBible for Android will be out?


    • Craig Rairdin says:

      The second beta went out yesterday. We don’t have a specific ship date in mind but that at least lets you know that it’s almost ready.

  17. ann Whitaker says:

    Yesterday and this morning I started having issues with my tool bar at the top of screen minimalizing and then I can’t get it back down. Both times i was just scrolling down to read. I uninstalled and reinstall to fix error. am using a Samsung Galaxy Tab3. Very confusing

    • Michelle Stramel says:

      Ann, the toolbar will show/hide with a double-tap. It may be you are doing this without realizing it. You can turn this feature off under settings in the app (Settings | Program Settings). Also, you can see this feature in action in this video: http://youtu.be/0_YrNfp0I78

      Let us know if you have any further questions,

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