PocketBible 3.1 Now Available on the App Store

Posted on: April 2nd, 2014 by Michelle Stramel 19 Comments

PocketBible 3.1 is now available on the App Store. This update adds some new features and fixes to PocketBible Version 3.0.26.

PocketBible 3 is still free, and for existing PocketBible version 3 or version 2 users it should show up as an available update in the App Store. If you are still using PocketBible 1.4.7, we offer step-by-step instructions to move to PocketBible 3.

New Features:

  • Users with the Advanced Feature Set can change the behavior of the touch zones. The most common customization is to use swipe up and down for page changes instead of swiping left and right. Other customizations are possible.
  • Added buttons for paragraphs, bold, italic, underline, ordered lists, unordered lists, and list items to the Note editor on the iPad.
  • Journal titles are now included in searches (Journal feature is part of Advanced Feature Set).

Minor Enhancements:

  • Changed the defaults for “Sync Bible/Commentaries” and “Highlight Linked Passage” to ON.
  • Reduced the height of the expanded Toolbox in “upside down portrait” orientation so there’s more room for the keyboard to pop up without obscuring Bible text.
  • Allow the horizontal rule tag to appear in notes without requiring the user to take responsibility for inserting paragraph tags.
  • Preserve the user’s customer ID and password when resetting program settings to their defaults. This should reduce the occurrence of users inadvertently invalidating their user data and books.
  • Removed the “launch recovery dialog” that is displayed on launch after a program crash. The program will always retry without giving the user the option of deleting all their settings, which can result in invalidation of user-created data and the need to delete and re-install books.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a crash when user has more than about 70-75 books open simultaneously.
  • Fixed a crash in the Note editor on the iPhone when inserting font size or font color tags.
  • Fixed the list of verses at the top of the Note editor so that it gets correctly updated, especially when the Lock button is turned on.
  • Fixed erroneous cursor position after inserting certain HTML tags in the Note editor. Confirmed in iOS 7; could still be incorrect in earlier versions.
  • Fixed a misbehavior of the pop-up “menu” view on the iPad under iOS 7.1 in which it was not getting properly dismissed when subsequent toolbar buttons were pressed.

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19 Responses

  1. Rafael Moreno says:

    I would like the option to be able to scroll up and down instead of left and right. Nevertheless, keep up the good work. God bless you. 1 Cor. 15:57-58

    • Craig Rairdin says:


      That’s the main feature of this update. If you have the Advanced Feature Set ($4.99 here on the website) you can reconfigure the touch/swipe gestures so that up and down do what left and right used to do. When you configure “swipe up” (or tap on the bottom center of the screen) to be “next page”, the text scrolls up a page.


  2. Joseph Hanna says:

    I would like the option on iOS to display a full chapter at a time on a “page” and scroll up/down to see the chapter. Then left/right would navigate between chapters. This makes reading chapters a little more fluent.

    Thanks for your good work.


    • Craig Rairdin says:

      Yeah, Joseph, that’s not gonna happen. We tried it like that on Android for a while and of all the options for scrolling through the text, that one is the least intuitive. It requires up/down scrolling combined with left/right to move through the text. So Android now has continuous scrolling (up/down) and for iOS we move by pages — either left/right or up/down according to your preference.

  3. Hi Craig,
    You probably hate this question (and I have resisted asking it time and again for the past year) … but … here goes – May is coming… We’re getting close to your planned roll-out month for Pocket Bible for Mac. Your last blog post was back in February… Any updates???
    (For the record – I resisted moving from PC to Mac for many years, but then, about 2 years ago, I did the complete changeover. I’ve never looked back EXCEPT that I DEARLY miss the Pocket Bible App. (Now that it’s April 2014, I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve!
    Thanks for any updates you might be prone to give us!
    At His pace,
    Larry TIndall

    • Craig Rairdin says:

      I was going to move this comment to a more appropriate blog article so more people would see it but WordPress doesn’t let me do that.

      We’ve published an update to our Kickstarter backers since the last one you posted here. I also posted a very brief update in the What’s in the Pipeline article. I have another update I could do regarding navigating through Bibles, reference books, and devotionals, but got interupted while I was working on it and haven’t had a moment to finish it.

      I’ll continue to keep everyone up-to-date on progress and will continue to post more frequent updates for our Kickstarter backers, just as I’ve been doing.

    • Craig Rairdin says:


      I posted an update to our Kickstarter backers today and just for you I decided to make it public: PocketBible for Mac OS Update 21.

  4. Bill Kirsch says:


    I get what you are saying, however, it is not quite the same as most IOS programs that handle text. I like to be able to slide the text up and down as I hold my finger on the screen to move the text. Flipping pages, whether it be by tapping on the right and left or top and bottom, is still flipping pages and counter intuitive to how many other IOS text programs work.

    I would like to suggest this be considered for the next update. To me, it only makes sense as IOS users are used to handling text that way and for me, seems a less interruptive way to read on my device.

    I LOVE the way my IOS devices handle text, and with each update, I keep hoping Pocket Bible would get this part of what it does right. Maybe next release…

    Overall, a great program, and this change would make it perfect! Keep up the good work!

    [Example: I was just reading in Matt 23 in the NIV. The page flip came at the end of V 13, and I went back and forth a couple of times to see what happened to V 14, then finally realized that the asterisk indicated that the NIV didn’t display V14. If the text were continuous scrolling, it would have been quickly apparent what was happening.]

    • Craig Rairdin says:

      Bill, I’ve commented at length on this in the past. The fact is that eBook programs are paginated, just like PocketBible.

      To work around your Matthew 23:13,14 issue, use the “Next Verse” gesture to adjust the screen to where you want it to be.

      We may look into changing this in a future release but given that I’m the only iOS/Mac programmer here I have to allocate my time wisely. Fixing something that isn’t broken isn’t at the top of my list. The new ability to change the direction of scrolling at least addresses the issue we used to have, where people who are used to flipping up and down on their iPhone would accidentally switch books in PocketBible. Now it scrolls as expected (if that’s what you want it to do).

      After playing with the new option for a while I actually have mine set back to working the way it always did and the way all your other eBook readers work. 🙂

  5. Diann McMillian says:

    I love Pocket Bible, and have been a user since the days of PDAs. Wondering if you will ever make it possible to highlight a portion of a verse of scripture – as opposed to highlighting the entire verse.

    Thank you for making the Word of God so accessible!

    • Witold says:

      I agree. When I had it on my PDA, I would often highlight words and phrases that appeared throughout the passage. Also, I often want to highlight part of a verse instead of the whole thing. This is the one option that was the most useful and my favourite when I had the program on the PDA. I sincerely hope that it’s brought back again. To be honest, if I find another Bible program that has this option, I’ll probably go with it.

      • Craig Rairdin says:

        We had to abandon word highlighting as we added more platforms. It became difficult to synchronize word-level highlights between products that used different technologies for rendering text. I’d like to do it in the future and may tinker with it on the Mac version since that’s where I’m spending most of my time these days.

  6. Steven Boone says:

    I know the things of God, in these last days, are easily seen and that being the absence of greed… Your company and work reflects this absence and I thank you from the bottom of my God given heart! Love, Steven

  7. Rick Rump says:


    I agree wholeheartedly with Steven Boone’s comment above. There is no doubt in my mind that my Bible reading and study would be nowhere near what it is today without Pocket Bible. It is so efficient, powerful and stable. And I’ve finally gotten used to changing pages punching the right or left side of the screen. Just like Kindle!

    My Mac is waiting anxiously! 🙂

  8. Terry B says:

    Thank you Craig SO MUCH for your consistent hard work and service over many years!! I started using PocketBible with the venerable PalmPilot. You have been most generous to not charge anything for installing new PocketBible versions on later palmPilot models then on windows PDA and now on the current iOS iPhone and iPad platforms I’m using today. The charge for the extra features set is very nominal and is worth much more.

    It is so great to be able to read and study God’s Word on the iPad at home and have it all nicely synced up automatically to your iPhone for quick reference at work. It’s also great to be able to take several translations with you to church which you can conveniently use to follow along while scripture is being read aloud.

    Thank you for your Kingdom service!! 🙂


  9. Robert Ehle says:

    I’ve asked this before but am compelled to ask again: I have not found a Scripture memorization program that begins to match the flexibility and user friendliness of your “Memorize” program I had on my Palm Pilot! My Scripture memorizing has suffered since!! Please, please, please – will you adapt/build a comparable memorize program for iPhone and iPad (OK, you can do the same for Android users, too, if they actually do memorize Scripture…just kidding).

    • Craig Rairdin says:

      Thanks for the suggestion. Glad to here you enjoyed the Memorize! program on your Palm.

      Memorize! was written by Jeff Wheeler, Laridian co-founder and my programming partner of 27 years. Jeff was diagnosed with cancer in 2010 and passed away two years ago. Jeff’s strategy when learning a new platform was to take on one or two small projects and use them as a way to learn how to write code for a new operating system. Memorize! is how he learned Palm OS programming. We’ve had a lot of requests for it on the newer platforms, but have never found the time. It’s on the list, though. Thanks again for your interest.

  10. Paul says:

    Just wanted to add my word of thanks. I’m really enjoying the up-down scrolling on the iPod. It makes one handed use much more conducive.

  11. Julie Law says:

    please enable ipad to use special sympols for inductive study

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