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PocketBible for iPhone/iPad 1.4.6 Available

Posted on: December 21st, 2010 by Craig Rairdin 19 Comments

That was quick.

On Monday morning I uploaded version 1.4.6 to the App Store. On Tuesday night it was approved. Nice.

This version has just a few little bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug in which the program would crash during synchronization of notes containing certain Unicode characters
  • Sped up wildcard searches (ones with asterisks on the end of the word to match all endings)
  • Fixed a bug in the Toolbox caused by iOS 4.2, in which list selection wasn’t retained
  • Fixed a long-standing and never-reported error in mapping verses from Daniel in the New American Bible to Daniel in the New Revised Standard Version.
  • Did a lot of work under the hood that (hopefully) you can’t see to set us up for some cool new features in version 2.

The wildcard search enhancement is interesting in that it is a direct result of porting the code to Java for Android. As I was going through the code it occurred to me there was a simple and faster way to do it. I implemented it the new way in Java then went back and updated the C++ code for PocketBible so it would have the same enhancement. This particular update also made it into an update of PocketBible for Windows back in October. Just one more way that Android is making the world a better place, I guess. :-)

Don’t get too excited about the mention of version 2. We haven’t said much about it yet and won’t be saying much for a while. I only mention the changes in case we happen to have broken something in the process. That will be our excuse. :-)

What we’ve done is completely re-written the way PocketBible keeps track of what Bibles and books are installed, and how it categorizes those books. For example, we weren’t differentiating between a “Bible” and a “Strong’s-numbered Bible”, nor between a “Dictionary” and a “Strong’s Dictionary”. We are now.

That particular change was needed for these new features I alluded to, but it also will come in handy for Android. I was going to have to do the same thing in the Java code. This way I don’t have to design it; I can just translate Jeff’s work. Thanks, Jeff!

In an unrelated bit of news, look for a new website design coming from us soon. We’re hoping to make it easier to find your way around; easier to buy books; and easier to work with your download account. We’re also making the site easier for us to maintain by reducing the overall number of hand-coded pages from a couple thousand down to a couple dozen. The rest are generated by scripts that run against a database. If you have an iPhone you’ve seen it already but don’t know it; the same technology underlies the “PocketBible Bookstore” that is built into PocketBible for iPhone.

19 Responses

  1. Paul Golder says:

    >As I was going through the code it occurred
    >to me there was a simple and faster way to do it.

    Wasn’t there a guy who started his Bible software career doing something very similar years ago? ;)

  2. Bob Jessep says:

    Great news for the iphone users, eagerly awaiting for Android.

  3. Lawson Culver says:

    I need to get your reviewer to take a look at my app, since he apparently has time on his hands now. I’ve been waiting over 11 days for someone to actually take a look at mine… :-|

  4. Lawson: We’ve found that updates get approved faster than new programs, and that paid apps get approved faster than free ones.

  5. Dr David says:

    Thanks for the hard work & dedication!!
    We love Pocket Bible!!

  6. David says:

    I upgraded from window mobile to android a month ago. I loved Pocket Bible. I bought Olive Tree NIV. I think I’d prefer Pocket Bible. I hope Android comes to the front burner pretty soon.

  7. Adam Goi says:

    Hope to hear some good news about support for WM7 soon cos the other bible apps out there are just not good enough!

  8. John says:

    Merry Christmas and Rejoice in God’s great gift to us in the person of his Son, Jesus Christ !!

    A don’t think you will have much problem with excessive excitement about 2.0 causing a drumbeat of impatient comments lie we have had before. The current iPad version is very solid and powerful. My only complaint is that my wife has commandeered the iPad during morning devotions so I must use the iPhone. That is okay but WHEN IS LARIDIAN GOING TO PRODUCE A OSX VERSION ?? With the new Mac Book Airs selling like hotcakes and the rise of the # of college age Mac users and adults–how long before this is seen as a real viable market? BTW I have two sons who are Pastors and they are LOGOS users (of course). I showed them the iPad Pocket Bible and they were blown away by its power and simplicity compared to LOGOS. Absoultely great products. And again Have a Blessed Christmas to all !!!

  9. Bryan says:

    I also recently upgraded to an Android OS, I miss my Laridian Books and Reader! If there is a need for a beta-tester for the Android OS sign me up! I can’t wait til it is released! It is a MUST BUY!

  10. De'Etta says:

    I have an ipad and have been researching which Bible Study ap I want to invest $ in by adding modules. I currently have Olive Tree and e-sword. Neither allow me to buy tools and use them BOTH on my PC and my ipad. I think I can do that with Laridian.

    What is the best way to do this? I’ve been reading the website. I’ve already downloaded PocketBible but have NOT registered it – in case it would be better to buy the Windows PC platform and register it first? Does it matter?

    When I have both – does it matter which platform I buy the extras from? Will anything I buy in Windows show up on the ipad too?

    Thanks for your help.

  11. De’Etta:

    It doesn’t matter in what order you buy/register PocketBIble for iPad/Windows.

    You can purchase books on our website for any platform and they’ll show up in all platforms they’re supported on. Right now there’s not an easy way to know what platforms each book is supported on, but the new website will make that easier (coming soon). In the meantime, it should be sufficient to know that you can view any PocketBible Bible or book in PocketBible for iPad/iPhone and PocketBible for Windows Mobile. The only series that cannot be installed in PocketBible for WINDOWS is the Ancient Christian Commentary series, due to licensing restrictions. Otherwise, any Bible or book we offer for any platform will work in PocketBible for Windows.

    Let us know if you have more questions. Again, the new website will make a lot of this more obvious.

  12. Ron Harper says:

    anything coming for the Nook?

  13. There’s a chance our upcoming Android app would run on the Nook. I haven’t investigated it beyond looking at a couple FAQ’s, though.

  14. Grace says:

    Merry Christmas! First, let me say I LOVE PocketBible for iPhone (I’m using it on iPhone 4). But, I have one issue and one suggestion. First, the app keeps crashing when I try to view Help. Keeps happening at the second screen after I get into Help. The suggestion: can you enable highlighting, note entry, bookmarking, copy/paste, etc. by word, not just by verse. Another popular Bible app I use offers that feature and it’s so much more useful! Thanks much!

  15. Dave says:

    It sounds like the Android version is getting close! Like many other who have come from other platforms, I am eager to get it on my Droid. Any target timeframe? Won’t hold you to it, just curious 1st Quarter 2011?

  16. mark begemann says:

    I believe you’ll need to at least write a nook wrapper of sorts to get it to run on their platform. An API is already available for when the nook app store goes live in Q1. Posting from my Nookcolor. :)

  17. Shawn Paul says:

    Long time Laridian user. Recently just downloaded the iPad version. Something I would like to see is the ability to not only be able to copy verses, but copy any material in my program. When I am developing a study, it would be very useful to be a to copy and paste any material to build my outline.

    Would also like to see an actual ability to write notes within the program. Notes that are not tied to an actual scripture.

    Have you ever considered adding Thompson Chain-Reference to your library books.

  18. Erik hinkston says:

    I think I started using your product on my iPac pocket PC years ago, I have migrated through palm and now an iPad. I love, love, love that my books all transfer to each platform. I have invested a lot in the available bibles, books and commentaries. I have never used it more than now with the iPad. Thank you for a great product, the only feature that I would find as an improvement would be the use of swiping and scrolling like other reading programs. Until then I’m getting used to the tap grid currently in use.

  19. Erik hinkston says:

    I found the detailed thread regarding scrolling vs. Paging. I understand it much better now, I’m just coming late to this party. Keep up the good work!

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