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Posted on: February 13th, 2011 by Craig Rairdin 33 Comments

Apple just approved this latest update to PocketBible for the iPhone/iPad. iPad users can now hide the Toolbox when in landscape orientation! (Yes, we do pay attention to your requests.) 🙂

Follow up (2/16/2011): For the Android users who have been posting sometimes nasty comments implying that we’re wasting time on useless features for iPad while they sit on their thrones making demands of how we (specifically I, Craig) should be spending our time, let me first say I’ve deleted your comments. As far as the time involved, let me explain how this works. As we get bug reports, we fix the problems in the code. We may not stop and do a release immediately because often the bugs are cosmetic or more of an annoyance than a real problem. We don’t want to take the time to jump through the App Store hoops and have everyone download a new version of the app just to discover there’s no real changes for most people. Instead, we accumulate a few of those changes until we run into one that is particularly bad.

That’s what happened this time. One whole feature of searching was unavailable on the iPad due to a recent iOS update from Apple. The actual fix to that problem was done by Jeff between chemo/radiation treatments. And since we were going to be doing an update anyway, I pulled out the suggestion list to see if there was anything I could do relatively quickly to add a new feature. The ability to hide the Toolbox in landscape mode on the iPad involved changing about four lines of code and had very little risk. I also looked at one other feature but it was taking too much time so I just left it on the list for later.

We know that we have customers waiting for an Android version of PocketBible. There’s no need to reply to every single Facebook post and every single blog post with snarky comments about how you wish we were announcing the Android product instead. Believe it or not, it doesn’t make it go faster nor does it change our priorities, which are already heavily tilted toward Android.

33 Responses

  1. Ken Jeffrey says:

    Awesome App, thank you

  2. John says:

    Thank you. Works great !! John

  3. Ron Priest says:

    That is GREAT news!

  4. ploth says:

    It’s great to see you pay attention to some requests. It seems like I have been waiting for over a year for mine after it was promised…and I think mine is much more important!

    Please please please add an option for changing the swipe to up / down for next page to fit in with IOS. Up down scroll is the way every other app I use works. Everyone I show PB to changes books everytime they get to the end of a page.

  5. Robert Lewellen says:

    I hear you. Take your time. Please make sure that the Android PocketBible works on an 8 inch tablet, not just a phone.

  6. Geoffrey Heaford says:

    You Guy(s) do a great job. Keep up the good work and our love to Jeff.

  7. Ploth,

    As you know from our past conversations, every book reader app works like PocketBible. Also you know I’ve written extensively on this subject here in the blog. The last Kindle update i downloaded actually added page numbers to most books. They’re getting MORE pagey. 🙂

    So I hear you and your suggestion is on the list. It’s not a high priority, though.

  8. Matt says:

    Thank you for your work, even while you are going through this trying time.

    your products are superior to anything currently out there. This is why people are rabid for android. It isn’t an excuse for bad behavior, just an explanation. I hope you don’t take the snarky comments personal. Thank you for all you do.

  9. Stephen says:

    Craig, I’m so sorry that there have been people so self centered to have made those comments. I will wait until the return of Christ to get your Android version. Your quality is unsurpassed. Hopefully others will act MORE like Christ and be more kind and patient in the future. Prayers for Jeff are underway. God bless. Thanks for all you do.

  10. ron beardshear says:

    I love your products and am also rabidly awaiting android. May be for those who have been rude in commenting you could install an APPLY button on their version.

  11. Graham says:

    I’ve been watching and waiting with bated breath for the Android version but I’m not in any hurry now. My Palm TX was stolen after a break in at my church and the insurance people gave me an iPod Touch as a replacement. Love th iOS version. The Lord moves in mysterious ways 🙂

  12. Paul says:

    Craig, I love the IOS version. I have been using your product since I got my first US Robotics Pilot many years ago. Is there any chance of including an option to view multiple planes horizontally?

  13. Richard says:

    I too am sorry for those who are impatient. Laridian is a business not a public service paid for in the rates and therefore is not something for which products can be demanded.

    Laridian has been fantastic in its customer service. I have been having problems recently with PocketBible iOS, but everyone (particularly Patti) have been really helpful. I tried out a rival program that on the service seems more up to date and to offer more features. However, I am back with Laridian. Here’s why:

    1. The sync between handheld and the servers and the desktop works great.
    2. Laridian has a desktop version.
    3. Laridian backs up notes and syncs them.
    4. Flicking up and down moves between open books. This is great for comparing verses between Bibles. I see a verse in the NAB, flick upwards and see it in the RSV, flick up and see it in the NIV, flick down twice and I am back to the NAB. This comparison tool is such a benefit. Open a commentary and it syncs, and you can flick up and down. This is so much better in my opinion that the way other bible readers do it. Never lose that feature.
    5. Looking at notes on the iTouch is a breeze – and its quick. Nicely grouped, easily navigated.

    So PocketBible may not look like the fanciest reader out there – but it works, and it works well. Its core is solid. The small changes are welcomed.

    Thanks for a great product.

  14. Jeff says:

    Your products are the BEST! I just hope my windows 6 phone will hold out until the Android version is ready. My service provider no longer has any windows phone. Does the current windows mobile pocketBible work on the new Windows 7? Or is that a direction you will not be going?

    Jeff C.
    Roanoke, VA

  15. Jeff,

    No current Windows Mobile software runs under Windows Phone 7. You’ll find our comments on Windows Phone 7 through a link in the footer at http://www.laridian.com. Look under “Products by Platform”.

  16. Andrew says:

    Quick question, will pocket bible for iOS be affected by apple’s new subscription policy about in app purchases?

    • Which new policy do you mean? The new subscription model or the one they fabricated out of whole cloth regarding in-app purchasing of ebooks in ebook readers? It’s not affected by the former, and this update was approved after the latter hit the news.

  17. Andrew says:

    Since it was approved as guess it doesn’t matter, but I thought apple might count pocket bible as an ebook reader…

  18. John says:

    Craig keep up the good work. I remember when you said the the iPad was an ideal format for PocketBible. I totally agree. While I use PB on my iPhone all the time, when I use my wifes iPad, I just sigh with contentment. You have made a couple of tantilizing references to version 2.0. We are interested because the current version seems so refined, what could be added? Is the new iPad 2 going to create any issues or iOS 4.3 ?

    • We don’t anticipate any issues with 4.3 or the iPad 2. I’m pretty sure Jeff’s running 4.3 now — he tends to install the betas while I keep a current SDK installed to do our release builds.

      For version 2 we’re looking more at “meta features” — taking advantage of the technology in different ways rather than simply adding incremental enhancements to existing capabilities. That’s all I’m saying for now. 🙂

  19. John says:

    Ohoooooo you are so bad !! Now I’ll have to check the site all the time. Really like the work you guys do.

  20. Rod says:

    I absolutely love the App for the iphone! I had to give up my Palm TX because it died and was concerned about having access to MyBible. The Pocket Bible for the iPhone exceeded my expectations!
    Is there any plans to make it available for the Mac?


  21. Paul K. says:

    I just purchased an iPad(discounted by $100 because of iPad2), PocketBible was the main reason for the purchasing the iPad. PocketBible is the best, now I can take many different Bible versions, dictionaries, commentaries to Bible class.

  22. Susan K. says:

    Craig and Jeff: This is my first visit to the PB blog, though I’m a LONG time user of PB on the Pocket PC. I’m excited to see that you’re working on a version for the Android platform, and that PB is already available for the iPad. I just got an Android phone, and am thinking about getting an iPad for traveling, rather than carrying a bulky laptop computer. I’m glad to know I’ll be able to have a backup PB, in case anything happens to my PPC. Keep up the great work! I’ll lift Jeff’s health in prayer.

  23. Art says:

    Great app for the iPad. What is needed is a way to place images in the notes. (I know it can be done on the PC) Why can’t they be placed in a specific folder on the iPad, and then linked from the note?

    Also the Book Builder should be made iPad compatible.

    • It’s only been recently that Apple has provided a way for you to put arbitrary files onto the iPad, so we haven’t had a chance to think about the right way to implement images in notes. The big issue is that we really need to solve it on all platforms. That is, we need to define a folder on each platform for your note images, then remove any path component from the src= attribute of the img tag.

      The second problem is that the synchronization process doesn’t sync images. We would need to implement that, and again, on all platforms we support.

      So adding images to notes on iPad is easy. Adding images to notes in the PocketBible ecosystem is hard. 🙂

      With respect to BookBuilder, it’s unlikely it will ever be an iPad app. Maybe Mac, but not iPad. If all you want to do is use BookBuilder to create books for PocketBible for iPad, you can do that already. You need PocketBible Pro. And you can include images in those. 🙂

  24. Art says:

    Thanks, Craig, for the quick answer.
    You say that PocketBible Pro will create books for the iPad. But your page at:
    does not mention the iPad as a device that is compatible. In fact, the word “iPad” is not even on the page. I understand that the book creation is done on the PC, but then can it be synced and transferred to my iPad and used within the PocketBible app? Thanks.

  25. Greg Mosby says:

    I really enjoy using the PocketBible on Iphone (after finally “upgrading” from a PocketPC). However, I really want to encourage Laridian to make the Memorize! program available for the Iphone. I have used that for years on my PocketPC and has been so useful for my Bible memory and review. Now that I do not have it on my Iphone, I have really been suffering in the area of Bible memorization. Please consider making Memorize available for Iphone!! Thanks.

  26. Robert says:

    Jeff- I’m sending prayers and blessings your way for a complete removal of the cancer. I pray that you’ll remain strong in the word and physically during this time of your life.

    I’ve been a longtime user of PocketBible on the palm and now on the iPhone/iPad. I’ve noticed that I can not markup or note any of the additional resources books. Are there any plans to implement that feature in the future?

    Thanks again for all you’ve done and have yet to do.

    God Bless,


  27. Larry says:


    Just got a few new add-ons. Wonderful, wonderful program. Especially being able to save. That way if my phone dies or if I get a new phone I won’t lose my study data. I assume that the way to save is to go to “menu”, then “manage my data”, then “back up my data to server.” Am I right? So simple. Thanks.

    Do I need to upload the most recent Bible program? I have a first edition, and it works fine.

    Lastly, what about parsing and tensing? Any plans. Have this ability would make the program truly complete.

    I tell people about Laridian. Great product. Thanks again.

    Larry McClish

    • Larry,

      You can choose to either back up your data to the server or “synchronize” it with the server. The former pretty much just copies your data to the server. The latter maintains a master database on the server so that you can change your data using PocketBible for Windows or iPocketBible.com and have the changes show up on your phone.

      You should always be using the most recent version of the program. The App Store icon on your phone tells you when there are updates and automatically installs them.

      No plans/announcements related to parsing and tensing.


  28. Gilles says:

    I love the program. A few features that I would like to see in the iPad version are:
    1) a sync-now button on the toolbar that works like the desktop PC version.
    2) a way to add notes without having to be synced to a particular verse. Perhaps having the ability to sort these notes in a filing or tag system. This would be useful for managing sermons within pocketbible.
    3) an easier way to do the formatting in the notes editor than having to manually add the HTML coding.

    Keep up the great work!

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