PocketBible for Android 1.2.1 features Enhanced Searching

Posted on: August 6th, 2014 by Michelle Stramel 8 Comments

PocketBible for Android version 1.2.1 has been released to the Google Play Store. If you downloaded the app from Google Play, you should be automatically updated. If you are using a Kindle Fire (or other non-Google Play device), you can download the latest version by browsing to http://lpb.cc/android while on your device.

The major new enhancement to this version is to the search capabilities. We have completely overhauled the search feature to make it more thorough, more flexible, and more usable (no Boolean operators needed!).

Easier Searching, Better Results

Type any word or phrase in the search field. The results you get back will be broken out and ordered by relevance. There are 5 key results you’ll see:

  • Exact – whatever you searched for was found literally in the text, in that exact order.
  • All – We found places in the text where all the words you searched for were present, but they were not in any particular order.
  • Any – These sections contain any key words you searched for. We ignore some words based on how frequently they are used (a, an, the, etc.).
  • Roots – We found these sections based on slight variations of the word you searched for. This accounts for things like verb tenses, pluralization, and the like.
  • Sounds – These sections contain words that “sound” like what you searched for.

In addition, a new display setting has been added to allow you to mark or not mark search results in the text (Menu | Settings | Display). Search hits can be marked by color, bold, etc. and this is a temporary marking while the search is active.

Focus Your Searches for Faster Results

When you are creating a new search, you’ll see that you can limit searches by custom ranges – this would include pre-defined sections of the Bible or a specific book of the Bible. You can also choose to search only verses you have highlighted or bookmarked previously. Plus you can now search your own personal notes.

Search by Strong’s Number

We have had many requests in the past for the ability to search your Strong’s Numbered Bibles (i.e. KJVEC, NASEC, HCSBEC). This feature is also included. If you have open and active your Strong’s numbered Bible, you can search in the following ways:

  • Simply enter the Strong’s number (g26, for example) to see all occurrences of that Strong’s number.
  • Enter a colon and the Strong’s number after a word (love:g26) to see all verses where the word love is translated from the Strong’s word g26.
  • Enter a colon and hyphen plus the Strong’s number (love:-g26) to find all the occurrences of a word that are not translated from that particular Strong’s word.

Complete details on how you can use this new search feature are included in the Help option of the navigation menu in PocketBible.

You can see the new search capabilities in action here:

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8 Responses

  1. Bruce Gilliland says:

    Nice updates – bringing back some of the features that were in the old PB for Windows Mobile, plus adding some new wrinkles such as exact matches. You do need to read the help file section on searches as I did. It has a lot more. Look under Other Books for the help file.

    The thing I like most is that you can now clear the search results by tapping on the X in the corner. I had discovered in the past that a large search cache from a previous search would slow down the opening of the program, but that does not appear to be a problem now. A search for “god” returned several thousand verses, but the app opened quickly even with the search results still in the cache and available for use.

    I have one issue. At the bottom of the search screen there is an “All Categories” menu item. It’s related to the “Limit to Bookmarks” checkbox above it. However, it’s shifted all the way to the left so it appears to be an independent option. It needs to be offset or indented like the “All Colors” dropdown above used for the “Limit to Highlights” checkbox.

    • Michelle Stramel says:

      Bruce, thanks for your comments and glad you like the new search feature.

      I’m not having that same issue with the Categories button. What type of device are you using and are you in landscape or portrait (and does it make a difference)?


  2. Are you going to make it where we can highlight in devotionals too?

    I have several devotionals and would like to be able to highlight sections just as I do in the Bible.

    • Michelle Stramel says:

      Michael, that is currently on our request list and I’ll add your vote to that.


  3. Ray Samuelson says:

    I like the new search features but am having a problem with my Samsung S4. After doing my search, when I select and click on a specific verse, rather than going to that verse, it dumps all the books I have loaded in each of the two screens and shows only the primary bible in each screen. I now have to assign all my books to each of the screens.

    • Michelle Stramel says:

      Ray, we have had a few reports of this and are trying to solve it. If you press the back button after you see this it will stop the app, however, when you reload, everything will be back in its previous state. We are trying to gather information on what is causing this so if you have any details about what you were searching (book and word/phrase with options) we’d appreciate if you can report that to us at support@laridian.com.


  4. Brian says:


    I like the searching capability, but I am no understanding how to do a search from a word in the text itself. On my iPad, if I tap and hold on a word, a menu comes up with an option to “Look up “. I am not finding a similar capability on the Android device. Here, when I click on and highlight a word, the only search option I get is “Web Search”.

    I am sorry if I am missing something obvious.

    Thanks for your help.

    • Michelle Stramel says:

      Brian, we don’t have that “lookup” option in the Android version. Instead you can search a dictionary for a specific word or use the table of contents to look for an article in a dictionary. To use the tablet of contents, you can tap on the GoTo icon with the dictionary open.


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