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Posted on: August 22nd, 2014 by Craig Rairdin 7 Comments

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 6.56.40 PMWe’re pleased to announce that version 1.0 of PocketBible for Mac OS X is now available for download at the Laridian website! You can find out more about PocketBible and hundreds of Bibles and reference books available now for Mac here.

Easier Searching

The Mac version of PocketBible implements an improved search algorithm we first introduced in PocketBible for Android a few weeks ago. Rather than asking you to learn the language of Boolean algebra and regular expressions in order to be able to formulate a search specification, PocketBible allows you to simply tell it what you’re looking for, like “faith comes by hearing”. PocketBible performs about a dozen parallel searches to find not only every verse in which the phrase you’re searching for occurs, but also verses in which words that sound like or have the same root word as the words you’re looking for appear in the same order or close to the same order as you entered them. The result is that PocketBible for Mac OS X is more likely to find the verse you’re looking for than were previous versions. So a search for “faith comes by hearing” finds Romans 10:7 in the KJV even though in that verse, “comes” is “cometh”.

PocketBible for Mac also takes advantages of capabilities of our electronic books that we have never exposed before. For example, you can search a commentary not just for its discussion of a passage, but for everywhere the passage is mentioned.

Download Free

PocketBible for Mac requires OS X 10.7 and is available as a free download. Installation is easy: open the downloaded disk image and drag the PocketBible icon to the Applications folder (just like any number of Mac apps you download from the Web). PocketBible will prompt you to create an account or log into your existing account to gain access to dozens of free Bibles and reference books, or in the case that you are already a Laridian Bible software user on another platform, access to Bibles and books you’ve previously purchased for use in that program. Once you’ve entered your login credentials, you download books directly from the “Cloud Library” feature of the program as opposed to downloading an installation program from our website. Watch instructions below:

Sync your Personal Data

If you have notes, highlights, bookmarks, or devotional reading progress in another version of PocketBible that you have sync’ed to the Laridian Cloud server, you can turn on automatic synchronization in PocketBible for Mac and have access to all your user-created data on that platform as well.

Customize the Screen Layout

PocketBible allows you to customize the screen layout, arranging books into any number of tiled panes. You can open any number of books in each pane. Panes can be resized, and books can be moved from one pane to another by simply dragging the tab corresponding to the book into the tab bar of the target pane.

There’s More to Come!

As good as PocketBible is, we’re not done with it yet! We’ll be implementing a number of advanced features that will be available for a nominal price. These include multiple tabbed layouts, the ability to rename your highlight colors, journal notes (notes that are not connected to a Bible verse), and an expanded Autostudy feature you may have seen in PocketBible for iOS. We’ll have more to say about the Advanced Feature Set in upcoming weeks.

In the meantime, the best way to find out how PocketBible for Mac OS X can enhance your Bible study is to download it today!

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7 Responses

  1. Kirby says:

    Hi. First, thanks!

    It would be nice if toggling the ‘study panel’ off and on remembered the desired width of the panel. Right now if I toggle it off and back on it always goes back to filling half the window (approximately). It would be nice if it automatically remembered that I had shrunk its width down quite a bit before toggling off.

    • Craig Rairdin says:

      If you click on the divider instead of dragging it, it will alternate between collapsed, fully expanded, and the manual width you last set. If you experiment with this you might find a way of showing/hiding that you prefer over using the on/off button, which always goes to the default expanded width.

  2. Ian says:

    Thanks Laridian Team. I switched to Mac 20 months ago and am very grateful for this new release.

    Just arrived in an Eastern European country yesterday to do some training of pastors. Nice to have the PocketBible tool on my primary computer (as well as iPad.)

    I still think your ‘purchase once’ policy on books is outstanding as I’m still using some books bought in 2004 – but have topped up the supply with a couple of new books purchased today.

  3. Timothy says:

    Craig (and company)
    I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your work on this. I depend on PocketBible on my iPad for almost all my daily Bible study. It plays a huge role in my sermon prep as well. Having it available on my Mac is wonderful. I know I’m not a “power user” because the people I minister to don’t care about the detailed study a lot of pastors get into. We’ve got enough to work though with Japanese and English differences. (A Japanese translation or two would be great, by the way.) Anyway, it’s fabulous for everything I need it for.
    Of course, I’ve been adding Bibles and books over the years and they’re all available on whichever machine I’m in front of. That makes me very happy!
    I’m looking forward to the Advanced feature set on the Mac as well.

  4. Pocket Bible for Mac is a massive step forward from Laridian, and a very welcome addition to my bible study resources. I love it that Pocket Bible syncs my Mac bible with the version that’s on my iPhone, and I love the way that Laridian doesn’t make me pay twice for the software – I’ve bought all the books for my phone, and now they’re available at no extra charge on my Mac! So far, though, Pocket Bible doesn’t seem to be able to match my Logos bible software for its power. At present I can’t get Strong’s numbers to show in my favourite English Standard version, and I haven’t yet discovered how to show Lemma, Morph, and MSS info in Pocket Bible. Hopefully, these features will follow, but for now, and great big WELL DONE to Laridian!

    • Craig Rairdin says:

      Hi Chris,

      Glad to hear you’re enjoying PocketBible on your Mac.

      We don’t have a version of the ESV with Strong’s numbers, but we have the KJV, NASB, and HCSB and it’s fairly easy to see which words would go with which word in the ESV. We don’t have “lemma, morph, and MSS” info in PocketBible. We serve the vast majority of Bible readers who wouldn’t know what to do with such features. 🙂

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