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Posted on: October 30th, 2014 by Michelle Stramel 4 Comments

While PocketBible for Mac OS X is our most powerful and flexible version of PocketBible to date, we have put together some additional features to create an Advanced Feature Set that we think will enhance your Bible study even further! The Advanced Feature Set is available via in-app purchase (PocketBible Menu | Buy/Apply Upgrade) or can be purchased at the Laridian website for $14.99.

This video overview takes you through the extra features you will enjoy with the Advanced Feature Set:

What can Advanced Features do for you?

The Advanced Feature Set for Mac OS X offers additional study options that will show up on your menus in PocketBible for Mac OS X after you purchase the set. Some items are enhancements to existing features and some are all new features.

All New Features

  • Library Navigator – use this new option on your Study Panel to get an ongoing report of everywhere in your library the currently active verse is discussed. This is most useful with commentaries but you can choose the type of book or specific books to receive this information about.
  • AutoStudy – if you are using Advanced Features on an iPhone or iPad, you will already be familiar with this feature. Right-click on any verse, passage or word to produce and in-depth study using all (or selected) books in your PocketBible library.
  • AutoStudy today’s readings – use this to produce a document of your day’s readings or devotionals (with Bible verses included). You can then read as-is, print or save to a file.
  • Maximize pane or book – if you used PocketBible on Windows CE or Mobile device, you may remember this feature. It allows you to temporarily zoom in on a specific book or pane – maximize it in your window. Since an actual layout is created, you can save the view to easily return to later.
  • Hover over Bible verses to view the verse(s) mentioned in a verse reference. This is a much-requested feature that saves you time when using cross-references.

Enhancements to Existing Features

  • Journal Notes – add notes to PocketBible that are not attached to a Bible verse.
  • Search all – choose to search your entire library at once for a word or phrase (normally, search applies only to the active book)
  • Rename Highlight Colors – change the name of any of the 16 highlight colors to something more meaningful to you (i.e. change Aqua to God’s Love)
  • More layout options
    • Create multiple, named screen layouts for different purposes (for example, one for devotional reading, one for lesson preparation, and one for note-taking during sermons).
    • Create a special layout for devotional reading that will be activated when the Today button is pressed.

How to upgrade

If you are already using PocketBible on your Mac, you’ll need to make sure you are updated to the version 1.1.0 or later. If you are not, you can check for updates under the PocketBible menu in the program. You can then check under the PocketBible menu and choose Buy/Apply Upgrade to purchase from within the app. Be sure to check your Special Offers while you are there before purchasing (another Advanced Feature is the ability to turn off the Special Offers notices that occur occasionally while you are using the app).

Note: While Bibles and books are “buy once, own forever”, Advanced Features are sold separately for each version of PocketBible. This is to support current and future development for each operating system.

To our KickStarter supporters: if you chose a reward that included the Advanced Feature set, this should already be available in your account. If it is not, please contact us at so we can take care of that for you.

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4 Responses

  1. EdH says:

    I love that concept of different desktops within the tabs. That is a feature I’d love to see come to iOS and Windows.

    One thing I didn’t notice in the video was about AutoStudy. On iOS, when you do an auto-study, it brings up a window similar to what you show for OSX. The issue is it is a static presentation of the data. Often as I am reading a commentary, I find I want to read beyond what auto study pulled up, but I cannot tap on the book name and jump to it in PB and continue without redoing the search for different verses, or closing Auto Study and manually finding where I was.

    Was that ability added in the OSX version, or is that window a fairly static presentation of the results with no hyperlinks?

    The Library Navigator looks very interesting too. I’d love to tinker with that.

    • Craig Rairdin says:

      The Autostudy reports are just as static on the Mac as they are in iOS, but all of the features of Autostudy are exposed elsewhere in the program. Consider the fact that searches on the Mac are quite a bit different than iOS. You can enter a Bible references into the search field to find everywhere the verse/passage is mentioned. Then consider that you can search your entire library at once. So instead of doing an Autostudy on Exodus 20:1-17, you could do a Library Search for Exodus 20:1-17. You’ll get similar results, and you’ll be able to interact with them.

      I think of Autostudy as a tool you might use to take your study offline. That is, you use it to produce a report showing the verse in your three favorite Bibles, one or two single-book commentaries, and a whole-Bible commentary like the Expositor’s Bible Commentary. Print it out and read through it while consulting other titles you only have in print. If you want to do research inside PocketBible and interact with the results, you stay in PocketBible.

      If all my dreams come true, I’ll re-write PocketBible for iOS. I don’t know if that’s a practical idea, but it’s what I’m thinking about. I like so much of what we did for Mac that I’d like to wipe the slate clean and port it back to iOS. But that’s not a settled decision at this point. 🙂

      • Troy says:

        I am thoroughly enjoying the Mac app, including the new advanced features. Thanks for your hard work on it! I’m encouraged to hear that you are considering rewriting the IOS app. I use it everyday but still find it somewhat complicated to use with all the menus and choices available. In addition, I must confess to some jealousy when I look over at someone’s phone at church and see them smoothly scrolling through their Bible, while I have to flip through each page! I am invested in the PocketBible platform, but I normally do not recommend it to others for this one simple reason.

        • Craig Rairdin says:


          Glad to hear you’re enjoying the program.

          The pagination method used on PocketBible for iOS is the same as is used by all the major book readers such as iBooks and Kindle. Pagination improves reading comprehension and reduces eye-strain as compared to scrolling. We haven’t changed it because it hasn’t been a priority since most people either don’t mind it, prefer it, or over time figure out that it’s not as bad as they first thought.

          Those other people you envy probably don’t have access to any reference books because they’re using YouVersion. And they’re using up their data quota accessing Bibles over the internet. You don’t have it that bad. 🙂

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