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Posted on: November 11th, 2014 by Michelle Stramel 14 Comments

Since the release of PocketBible 3.1.0, if you own the Advanced Feature Set for PocketBible iOS, you have the ability to customize your movement through PocketBible Bibles and books.

By default, PocketBible offers specific touch zones depending on whether you are in a Bible or other type book. Bible touch zones include options to move by page, verse or chapter as well as moving to the next/prev open book. Non-Bible Book touch zones include options to move by page and to change books. To view navigation options for the current active book, tap in the center of the book and a temporary navigation overlay/guide will appear.

The Advanced Feature Set adds an option to Customize Touch Zones under the Settings menu. With this option, you are able to customize touch zones down to the book level (i.e. Bible, Devotionals, other), but we also include a set of pre-defined configurations. Here are suggested alternatives but feel free to try them all and see what works best for you:

  • If you find yourself swiping instead of tapping to move through a book, try the Alternative Default (option 2)
  • If you like the default touch zones but sometimes change books when you meant to move to the next page, try the Defaults with No Book Changes (option 3)
  • If you like swiping up to move through books but inadvertently change books, try the Alt Defaults with No Book Changes (option 4). To change books, tap on the title bar in the open window.

Watch the video below to see how to use this customization feature. It shows how to setup PocketBible so that swiping up will move you through the Bible (rather than changing books).

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14 Responses

  1. Jeff Deneen says:

    This was just what I needed today.
    Thank you.

  2. John Morrison says:

    This is awesome! Another great improvement! I’ve been using Pocket Bible since the beginning of the PDA days and it just keeps getting better and better!

    Thanks Laridian!

  3. Rod says:

    Love it! What a great addition. Thank you!

  4. Tim Adams says:

    Sweet! I’ve also been using PocketBible for a long time. Great tip. Keep it up!

  5. Dwight Lehman says:

    This is very helpful thanks. Pocket Bible just keeps improving! Keep it up!

  6. Jacqueline Hunt says:

    It would be nice if this option was on Android also.

    • Michelle Stramel says:

      Jacqueline, Android has continuous scrolling so this option isn’t needed. Are you saying you want the paging option?


  7. Joke says:

    Very very helpful!! Was looking forward to something like this!! Thanks for providing this short tutorial!

  8. Tim Saling says:

    I really wish you could scroll through a bible/chapter as with the Android version. It is cumbersome to sync commentaries as you read without keeping the line you are reading at the top of the page.

    • Michelle Stramel says:

      Tim, thanks for the feedback. We do have on our request list for iOS the continuous scrolling option like Android.


    • Craig Rairdin says:


      Most of the time, real-time synchronization of commentaries with Bibles as you’re flicking madly through the text is just slowing the program down. Ideally, commentary synchronization would only happen when you need it to happen. Unfortunately, we can’t read the user’s mind so we don’t know when that is. So the Android version (also the Mac and Windows versions) spends a lot of its time showing you stuff in commentaries that you’re not going to read.

      You’re right that the iOS version — which paginates the text like all of the other popular eBook readers for iOS — makes it difficult to see the commentary for a verse that is in the middle of the page unless you use the features of the program to work for you instead of working against them. Here are two suggestions:

      1) Turn Bible/Commentary synchronization off and only invoke it when you need it. When it is turned off, you can long-press on a verse to bring up the context menu, then select “Sync To” from the menu. That way you see what you want and don’t waste time looking at commentary for verses that you don’t care about, like you’ll do on Android et al.

      2) With Bible/Commentary synchronization turned on, use the Previous Verse and Next Verse touch zones (usually lower left and lower right, respectively) to scroll to the verse you’re interested in, and of course your commentary will follow along.

      The program is optimized for paginated text and includes these features precisely to accomplish what you want to do. There are trade-offs with both approaches (continuous and paginated). Paginated reading is significantly less processor-intensive and offers improved reading comprehension and reduced eye-strain. Since pagination does not offer fine-tuning of the position of the text on the page, we give you the ability to shift up or down by a verse at a time. Continuous scrolling is the opposite: It is processor/time-intensive, causes eye-strain, and reduces comprehension. While it offers you the ability to shift the text up or down in an arguably simpler manner, it is more difficult to land precisely on the verse of interest.

      I’m not saying we’ll never offer continuous scrolling on iOS. We offer it on our newer readers because features built into the newer versions of Android (and OS X) make it easier. It still has all the negatives mentioned above, and we have people on those platforms requesting the pagination behavior of iOS. Unfortunately it’s difficult to do both and do them each well.

  9. Phil Murray says:

    Once again you always amaze me what you continue to improve. I’ve been with you since the old days of the window phone. Thank you for continuing to make new enhancements. You all are AWESOME!!!

    P.S. I LOVE THE NEW APP FOR MY MAC!!! Another AAA+++

  10. Mike Jones says:

    Having read all of the above I am not sure in scrolling is now available yet with OS X. It is much needed in order to sync properly with the commentary without losing some of the commentary. If you are working on it and will provide it soon, great!

    I love the Mac version. Thanks.

    • Craig Rairdin says:

      The Mac OS X version of PocketBible has continuous scrolling of the text. It’s free — just try it and you’ll see.

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