How do I keep my Bible and commentary on the same verse in PocketBible?

Posted on: November 11th, 2014 by Michelle Stramel 10 Comments

As you read or study your way through the Bible in PocketBible, you should find that your commentaries are moving in sync with the Bible. In other words, when you are looking at Matthew 25:31 in the Bible, an open commentary that has a comment on this verse should be at that place as well. If you are not seeing this, it may be one of two things:

  • No comment available – The commentary you are viewing does not have a comment on the verse you are looking at in the Bible. Some commentaries are verse by verse. Some are passage by passage. And some items we classify as commentaries, such as Study Bibles, will not comment on every verse or passage.
  • Sync turned off – Keeping your Bible and commentaries in sync on the same verse in PocketBible is an option. It should be on by default in most versions of PocketBible but if a Bible and commentary are not syncing as you’d expect, double-check this option in the settings to make sure it is set correctly. Here’s how to do that in each version of PocketBible:
    • iOS – MENU | SETTINGS | BIBLE SETTINGS – make sure there is a check mark next to “Sync Bibles/Commentaries”
    • Mac OS X – POCKETBIBLE | PREFERENCES | GENERAL – make sure there is a check mark next to “Make all Bibles and commentaries move in response to changes in the active Bible”
    • Android OS – MENU | SETTINGS | PROGRAM SETTINGS – make sure the first item in the list “Bible Synchronization” has a checkmark.
    • Windows Phone and Windows Store – SETTINGS | GENERAL – first option listed, slide “Synchronize Books” to on
    • Windows PC – VIEW | SYNCHRONIZE – click on Synchronize to check mark it (or uncheck mark it).

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10 Responses

  1. Fred Schrock says:

    How do I get 2 Bible versions side by side?

    Thank you

    • Michelle Stramel says:

      Fred, if this is on your iPad or iPhone, you’ll want to use the option to split the screen. There may be an icon for that on the toolbar (looks like four windows) or you can choose Split Screen on the menu and then designate the number of panes you want open. In either window, tap on the title bar and you’ll have the option to change books, close a book or open a book. You can use that to set up a Bible in each pane.


  2. Ray Samuelson says:

    An enhancement that would be very useful would be a handy toggle button to quickly turn bible/commentary sync on and off. Sometimes it is useful to have it on and sometimes off. I frequently have need to turn it on and off. Now it is a somewhat cumbersome multi step process.

    Thanks for the greatest Bible software.

    • Michelle Stramel says:

      Ray, thanks for your feedback. We did move this item up to the top of the menu in PocketBible. Did you notice that?


    • Craig Rairdin says:


      It is difficult to have *every* feature of the program immediately accessible. A very small number of functions can be reached in one tap — those for which there’s room for a button on the toolbar. The most frequent items beyond those require two taps (three if you count dismissing the menu). In this case, toggling the Bible/commentary sync feature is one of those 2-tap functions. Tap the Menu button, then it’s about the 4th item on the menu.

      If Bible sync is turned off, you can sync to a verse by long-tapping on it to bring up the context menu, then select “Sync To”. You might find it better to leave it turned off and use this method to sync when you want to.

      It’s a balancing act to keep the most frequently accessed functions easily accessible. Everyone disagrees on what those functions are. In this case, it is literally as accessible as it can be given that it’s not on the toolbar.

      • Ray Samuelson says:

        I did not mention in my earlier comment I was speaking in reference to my Samsung S4 android device. I have an iPad which works exactly as you described and is very useful. You have us very spoiled with all the features on the various devices.

        • Michelle Stramel says:

          Ray, thanks for the clarification. I did think you were talking about iOS. It is less convenient to change on the Android version but as Craig mentioned, it is a balancing act to decide what options should be most accessible. And different features are important to different users. But thank you for letting us know you’d like to see that option more handy. That helps in future decision making.


  3. Jayson Jay says:

    This is great info. Thanks. Synchronizing verses has always been a challenge on mobile devices.

  4. Ed says:

    for OSX, this seems to work on the same tab, but it isn’t keeping things sync’d across tabs. I’ll have to look tonight when I get home to see of there are more options for this. Or maybe I am doing something wrong.

    • Craig Rairdin says:

      You are correct. Synchronization on PocketBible for OS X works within each screen layout, not across screen layouts. It very intentionally does not mess with other tabs when you’re scrolling in the current tab. They are intended to be quite separate.

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